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Buprenorphine Therapy Costs


While surfing the net reading some sites I follow, I ran across this article about buprenorphine treatment and costs. Yes it can cost a lot of money if you don’t have the right doctor. There needs to be better access to the public via welfare type funding or medicaid/medi-cal insurance for the under privileged. If we make it available to the person who wants to get off pain killers or heroin, then theres a good chance that person is going to get off and stay off with buprenorphine therapy. However when your Buprenorphine is costing you $15 a day, some people can’t afford this and will not benefit from teh therapy they so desperately need. Finding a doctor and cost strategy is all talked about in my report available under the page called The Solution. Check out that article and see what I am talking about. It’s one of the reasons I wrote my report.

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