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The Thomas Recipe Alternative, Larry’s Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal


I am detailing what I call the “Larry Recipe”, an alternative to the Thomas Recipe for opiate withdrawal. I used this for withdrawing off Suboxone and what anyone can use for Withdrawing off Opiates. This is the alternative to the Thomas Recipe, because I cannot advocate the use of the Thomas Recipe because it is using other drugs and sometimes self medication can lead to death by overdose. The only time to use the Thomas Recipe is ONLY if it is supervised by a Medical Professional.

I will not include the original Thomas Recipe because it uses benzodiazepines(Valium type drugs), which can lead to overdose and death if not taken correctly. But I will explain the difference between the Thomas Recipe and My Alternative, as well as explaining how mine works as well. It does basically the same thing as the Thomas Recipe except it comes in the natural form of the same type of drugs.

The Larry Recipe is the best, natural way to withdraw off of opiates I know of. I will also include links to places to purchase the ingredients for when you are ready to withdraw.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I prescribe anything for anyone. Use at your own risk and discretion. This is what I used when I was coming off the Suboxone. It REALLY helped a lot, and didn’t include having to use other drugs, especially if I couldn’t get any from a doctor. Which means I wasn’t out hustling for more drugs illegally.

First the ingredients, then the formula:

  • Gaia Melissa Supreme Herbal Tincture – A Lemon Balm tincture used for “Nervousness and to Soothe Excitability, Promotes Calmness During Times of Excess Energy, Promotes Healthy Focus and Attention”. This tincture is so good it really mellows a person out and really calms the nerves and mind. So well in fact I feel like I was on an actual drug. If I could recommend only one thing for withdrawal, it would be this! You can get Gaia Melissa HERE.
    • MelissaΒ  Supreme Supports a healthy nervous system and nerve tissue
    • Gentle Calming Action -calms occasional nervous irritability, sensitivity, and excitement; relaxing muscle and nerve agitation; and calms the mind
    • Supports normal mental functions such as concentration, memory and alertness, along with having a relaxing affect
    • You can get Gaia Melissa HERE.
  • Valerian Root Tincture – Positive results to support a healthy nervous system,Β  a normal restful nights sleep, and reduce stress. An alternative for benzodiazepines, Valerian is used for sleeping disorders, restlessness and anxiety, and as a muscle relaxant. Get Valerian HERE.
  • Glutamine – An amino Acid used for for intestine disorders and diarrhea, helps brain function, and muscle functions. I used the powder, it is tasteless, and is cheaper than getting capsules. Get Glutamine HERE.
  • 5-HTP – An amino acid used for depression, anxiety, insomnia sleep aid. Get 5-HTP HERE
  • Vitamin B Complex(Especially B6) – Supplementation often helps depressed people feel better, and their mood improves significantly. Get b-Complex HERE
  • Vitamin and Mineral Complex – Vitamins and minerals help the body to let go of toxins held by fat, and help to flush the system, get one with potassium and magnesium if you can. If you can’t find one with potassium and magnesium, get them separately. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. Potassium is an electrolyte needed to help with body hydration. The body needs both vitamins and minerals. It may be better to get a vitamin complex and then a mineral complex separately. Complete Vitamin and Mineral Complex HERE
  • Postassium – Being an electrolyte, this will help with restless leg syndrome, which is a type of muscle spasm and is usually a deficiency of potassium and hydration. Get Potassium HERE
  • Coconut Water – The clear liquid inside young coconuts. A natural sports drink because of its high potassium and mineral content, a natural refreshing drink full of electrolytes. (available at Henry’s and other health food stores) Get Coconut Water HERE
  • Immodium – for diarrhea, if needed, I stay away from this but many will find it helpful. It’s a mild, partial opioid from what I understand, but you can’t get high from it, it works on the receptors that stop diarrhea. Get Immodium HERE

Start taking the vitamins right away, even before you start your detox. Especially the potassium. make sure to drink plenty of water, good water if you can afford it and/or coconut water.

Also start your detox with 10-20 drops of Melissa in a 1/2 cup of water, several times a day as needed, helps with anxiety, jitters and depression, may also help with sleep.

Valerian Root will help some with anxiety and sleep, suggest this at bedtime, also through out the day as needed but not when you intend to drive or use machinery.

Glutamine powder or capsules to help with diarrhea and to help with achy muscles and foggy brain. Great muscle food and brain food. Take this daily, several times a day.

5-HTP in the morning and late afternoon, helps the depression and sleep.

Vitamins and b-complex in the morning and evening if you can stomach it, or when you can keep things down.

Potassium once or twice a day.

Coconut water throughout the day to help flush the system and stay hydrated. You will need to stay hydrated if you are puking or have bad diarrhea.

Good luck with your withdrawal and please let me know how this works for you if you use it.


Written by Larry C. - Visit Website
Get my Report on How to get off Painkillers with Suboxone HERE, It's only $14.97

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  1. Hollie says:

    Hi Larry,
    I am 37, and a mother of 4. 4 years ago this october, I was hit as a pedestrian by a ford F350, while taking my son off the bus- someone went around the stop sign and hit me- sending us into the air- my son was ok thank god- me not so much..landed on my tailbone, overstretched my whole back, shattering my wrist.

    I needed 4 hand surgeries within 18 months, 11 weeks after my 4th child was born. Prior to this I never took pills, was athletic, and active. I have controlled adhd with sports, and weed. I ended up on 30 mg oxycodone, and was overwhelmed. I started to take more and more, mixing with norco, valium zanax, antidepressants, you name it. I went to a natural dr for years and came down off everything over the past 2 years, and have gotten down to 15mg of oxycodone twice a day or 5mg 4x a day, and am done- with the mood swings, and all of the other crap that goes with it. have a family that is young 3, 5, 7 and diabetic 9) and a husband who needs me back on track of being supermom.

    I had the recipe for the thomas, and found yours, and have access to everything, and like this idea better. I have been taking these vitamins, for weeks, as I have tapered, and noticed that I am starting to sweat and shake in between doses because I’m recycling the meds so fast- which I guess is good. I am afraid of the detox process and the time, but think I have good head start.

    I’m going to my moms for the weekend, my kids are taking shifts with different friends etc so my husband can still go to work, and I am hoping to be ok enough to function by tuesday- I’m starting this friday.

    Having adhd – undiagnosed as a kid, is hard enough, so I can’t wait to be done and get back on track. I bought a new camaro, and is a great outlet, working on it myself to keep my brain busy- but my body that was like the energizer bunny is like a cement brick in a lake! Just doing a cold air intake was hard, and took half a day, which should have taken me 20 mins.

    Thank you for putting this up here, and mentioning the brain chemistry issues as well to help my family understand this is not a mental addiction but a physical one, that effects brain chemistry, outbursts, mood swings, 10 times worse than adhd… this resulted from a horrible accident, it was not just random, I had no choice at the time needing emergency surgery and being forced to stop nursing my newborn,throwing my life into a tailspin that almost cost me my marriage and family.
    understanding all of these factors is so so helpful!

    I also have been taking neuro replete and cys replete for cycstine, and neurotransmitter repairs, to aid in getting this poison out, I will definitely let you know how I do!

    Is it normal to be nervous and scared? Considering i went my whole life as I did- this past 3 years is nothing in comparision- it just scares me because I was in so much physical and emotional pain, I forgot what not having that numbness feels like. Looking forward to being ‘me’ again!

  2. Alexa says:

    Hi Larry my name is Alexa and I been in tramadol for a very long time I quit but I have a big trouble managing my anxiety. So what you think could help me going through that stage??

    1. Larry C. says:

      I would suggest getting the melissa supreme, that helps with anxiety so much. I still use it when I have anxiety.
      Also if you can get someplace that give vitamin b shots, that will help getting through the withdrawal so much as well.
      You can order the melissa supreme from amazon, it’s over in the sidebar—>

  3. J Cook says:

    I am feeling better as far as the brain fog. I am on day 24 without Hydrocodone. I feel agitated about everything today. I am still real tired. I am currently taking a multi vitamin and extra B12. I had a rough bight with very dry mouth waking up thirsty every night, it might be my sinuses bc my nose is stuffy and running. Im not giving up just ready for my life to be normal. Oh and I am still having trouble being alone, I get very lonely and anxious. Thanks for all the advice, just knowing I am not the only one that has gone through this has helped a whole lot.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Get the melissa supreme, it will calm your nerves. Go get a b12 shot. Things will get better. Also go for walks.

  4. Aim says:

    You’re not crazy. Don’t believe that for a second. It’s snowballing your anxiety. Breath. Get some vitamins like Larry suggested & have you heard of EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique, google on how to do it. It works!! It really does.

    1. J Cook says:

      Thank you. I will try it. I am even scared to take vitamins bc I am so paranoid about everything. I think I am doing some better. Just pray for me please, that is what I keep doing.

      1. Larry C. says:

        Hey, why don’t you listen to some people who’ve been there before? πŸ™‚

  5. J Cook says:

    I am on day 16 off of Lortab 10mg 2-6 a day for off and on 3 years. I had tapered down to one a day at the end. I had a bad anxiety attack and decided to quite cold turkey. I am just now feeling anxiety and depression symptoms. I have tons of panic attacks, heart racing, chest pain, stomach pain, loss of appetite, heartburn, and my mind is just racing with thoughts O cant stop it. I cant sleep and I am very agitated all the time. I need help, I have two children and a husband if 14 years that I have to keep. I cant handle even being alone right now. Help is this normal?

    1. Larry C. says:

      This is all normal. you’re going through changes to your brains chemistry, also known as PAWS(post acute withdrawal syndrome).
      I just found out from a few people that getting Vitamin B12, B6, B1, and Folic acid shots really help you bounce back super fast. One person told me they were on day 4 of being off painkillers and got this combo of shots, in the butt, and within 2 hours felt like he wasn’t going through withdrawals AT ALL. Felt so good he started cleaning the yard then his garage. been clean ever since and still takes the shots once a week. These are the things in those hangover cures you can by at the convenience stores. but a shot is what really helped. Give it a shot, literally. You will feel so much better.

      1. J Cook says:

        Thank you, but I am so paranoid right now. Im scared to take anything I am scared of will make me worse. I tried a half of Xanax that the dr gave me for panic attacks and it made me worse and Paxil that I took before I started taking Tabs, I took the Paxil for two days and it made me have worse thoughts. I keep thinking that something is physically wrong or my brain is damaged and I am not normal and that gets me worked up. I have obsessed and consumed my life the past 5 days with this. I dont know where to turn. I cant be by myself, but cant be around a lot of people either. Im supper nervous all the time. Has anyone else been through this so far out from last dose? Thanks so much. I have to get myself together.

        1. Larry C. says:

          You’re substituting one drug for others. Eat vitamins, drink lots of water, get out and walk, exercise. read the recipe that’s listed on here. get some of those supplements and youw ill feel better.

  6. Marcus says:

    Today is 2 years clean. Hope all is well with everyone.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Awesome! It works if you work it!

  7. Roscoe says:

    10 days clean!!!!!! I finally slept 6 hours last night thank god. I went first 8 nights with 1-3 hours of sleep a night that was starting to drive me crazy but looking forward to going to bed tonight to see if I sleep even longer. Anyway I just wanted to check in for an update. Still get chills once an awhile too. Ok that’s all for now peace

  8. Roscoe says:

    Hi everyone!!! I’ve visited this site many many times in the past. I’ve been on massive doses of pain meds for 5+ years … 12 oxycoden 30mg a day plus 80 mg of oxymorphone a day. I’ve wanted to quit off an on for last 2 years actually left a few posts before too. The reason I wanted to quit was because I wasn’t myself anymore lost 20 lbs of muscle mass, didn’t wanna do anything except snort my 2 30’s and my 40 mg opana and veg in front of tv until I nodded out. Yeah until my tolerance went through the roof and couldn’t catch a buzz off any amount of pills. So I bought all the vitamins and stuff and I tried tapering off a few times but can’t if I gave pills I’m doing pills period! So I said to hell the pills and jumped off day 3 today and I actually feel like my old self somewhat. I’m still having trouble sleeping its 1:22am right now. First 12-15 hours suuuuccckkked but I made a deal with myself to go 24 hours because I haven’t been without a pill for 24 hrs in 5 years and I made it didn’t sleep much bad withdrawal symptoms … All of them … But after I made it 24 hours I said well let’s make it 36 hrs. And the 48 hrs and now I’m 72+ hrs clean. As I said still not sleeping great and occasional leg cramps but most other symptoms have passed. Anyway that’s enough from me for now. I hope my story helps someone to at least make it 24 hrs and then keep going like I did. Good luck … Haveing a clear mind again is worth it for me… Peace out

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s awesome Roscoe! Keep going man, you won’t be disappointed. You’ve gone this far the worst is over.


      1. Roscoe says:

        No sleep last night maybe 1 hour …. Bad day today achy legs and I seem to be hyper sensitive and super alert… Anyway that’s all for now….. Good luck to anyone else going through this too

        1. Larry C. says:

          Did you get the Melissa Supreme? That helps with the anxiety and hyper nerves.

  9. Denise says:

    Is anyone still on this site? I’d like some support

    1. Larry C. says:

      yep… go here:

      check out some of the comments and place your own…

      1. Denise says:

        I have taken Norco for many many years. Never exceeding recommended dose. Never more than 6 and even that was rare. I have also been prescribed morphine for chronic disc pain to cut down on the Norco supposedly. Anyways, I do not have insurance right now and decided to see what would happen if I stopped the morphine. I went from 120 mg to 90 with no problem. Also, they are time releases. I basically went from 90 mg to zero ( today) in a period of a week. Is this enough to make me feel horrible? I hurt so bad I can’t imagine not taking the Norco. In fact I’m taking more than ever. I honestly did not know why I felt so bad and started googling symptoms. I can’t believe it but I have EVERY WD symptom listed. I’m relieved I don’t have some crazy Asian flu, but holy cow I guess I’ve been in denial over the powerful mess of these drugs. I think what shocked me the most is that because I do not feel like I have a psychological addiction at all so I didn’t realize I could still have such a physical addiction. My pain is that I don’t expect to stop the Norco, but def cut down to see how it goes. Are you at all surprised I’m wding so badly even though I’m still taking the Norco? I’m assuming they are dif drugs and I can withdrawal from one while still taking the other? I just know I feel bad and my husband is going to whole foods to try to find as many of your supplies as possible. I’m normally a giver, but for right now I just need to b a needer and ill take whatever you can give me. Thanking God for getting me to your sight. I was praying for His healing and guidance and bam! Here I am.

  10. donna says:

    How long will you need to be on this Thomas Recipe?

    1. Larry C. says:

      There is no Thomas Recipe on here. However I posted a recipe I came up with that’s a Thomas Recipe Alternative. Which I recommend rather than doing MORE drugs. that are usually not available unless you are prescribed or you get them off the street.
      I normally recommend starting it right before you stop and start withdrawing, and stay on it till you are done and feel better. the physical part is over in 1-4 weeks, or longer depending on what opiate you are kicking, and how long you’ve been doing it. I also recommend staying on it till you feel ok getting off it. They are supplements to help you over the rough parts of withdrawal.
      Good luck and check back often,

  11. John D says:

    Ok this May sound stupid but I don’t care because I gotta get thru this. So I’ve been taking Suboxone for 3 years. Nothing more than 4 mgs a day. I weened down to about 1mg or leas. At the suggestion of 3 people who kicked this way, I switched to Methadone pills for 2 weeks. Starting at 4 a day for 2 days. And tapering down to 1/2 a pill (10mg pills) for the last 5 days and then jumped off. In the past 6 days I have taken a total of 12.5 mgs and it’s going into day 4 and I couldn’t take it. I took a crumb. Will the recipe work if I start this now? I have so much going on with family starting this weekend and I have get thru the next few days. Also if I take a crumb of a meth pill just to ease the pain does that set me back?

    1. John D says:

      Oh it’s been 3 weeks off the subs. And i made mistake it was 1 pill for 3 days and 1/2 for 2 days.

    2. Larry C. says:

      yeah Methadone is a similar drug to Suboxone and you should have just kept going on subs. Methadone is hard to kick like subs are.
      I would start the recipe though as soon as you are done with the pills, even before being done if you are having issues.
      Just get off the pills. It’s going to hurt, but you will live.
      Good luck!

  12. Julie says:

    Well it has now been over a year (1/17/12) since I used this recipe to help me get off pain pills and muscle relaxers….NO turning back now..Thank you again Larry for this recipe!!!I often wonder about the others(Felix,Doug,Betty’s son,Marcus and several others) that were getting clean about the same time I was.Hopefully they are still clean also!! I was on these drugs from 1988-2012 for multiple back surgeries.I have to come to this site occasionally to check on comments. I would sit and read these post over and over daily back then to help me get through the day !! This site has been part of my life for over a year now!!Thanks again Larry for being here for us!! Thank you for the recipe and saving my life!!!May God bless!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Most Welcome!
      πŸ™‚ Congrats!!!

    2. Marcus says:

      Great to hear Julie. I was planning on updating this week. I am less than a week (2/9) to be 1 year without opiates. Very proud and excited about that. Rough moments in the beginning but I no longer even think about them. I am unsure if I would have had success without this site and positive people. It’s too bad that there has not been much chatter on here recently. I hope that this recipe is still helping others.

      1. Larry C. says:

        Yes it;’s still helping people but thanks to Google and their BS, traffic to this site has been cut in half or more.

    3. felix says:

      hey.. felix here, still clean, doing better than ever and it keeps getting better. i went thru the hell of wd’s 3x the last time being when i found larrys recipe. definitely a god send and it works, i dnt knw if its the3rd time is a charm or if it was larrys recipe, but i never would go back, i wouldnt even want stuff if the drs. were gonna give it to me. it feels good to be alive. alright just checking in i got an email with my name in a comment. its worth it. take the leap get thru ur hell. thanks larry for your site

  13. JMC says:

    I couldn’t buy Gaia Melissa today but will order it. They suggested New Chapter’s Lemon Balm Force. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this brand.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I would get teh Melissa Supreme not the New Chapter’s Lemon Balm Force. Because the Melissa supreme has things in it that are more geared toward calming nerves and such and is a liquid that you can hold under your tongue for a little bit to help it absorb. The New Chapter’s Lemon Balm Force is just Lemon Balm, which is good of course but for what we need it for the Melissa Supreme is a much better choice.
      Good luck!

  14. JMC says:

    Week 6 of opana er withdrawal, done with doctors orders of reducing by 5 mg a week. I’m miserable. Took your entire list to Pharmaca & spent $125. Will be worth it if it helps. Wish me luck.

    1. Larry C. says:

      So how many days clean do you have?
      Good luck with that and good to wean down, sometimes that makes things easier.

      1. JMC says:

        Not clean yet. Hope to be by end of December. Down to 20 mg, just 4 little pills left. I reduce by 5 mg every Monday. Pain Management Doc suggested I take 2 weeks to wean the 5 mg but I chose to try 1 week. I just took all your supplement & hope I feel a difference. I had already opened the lemon balm so I can’t return it. Will go to whole foods for Gaia. They probably have it. Thank you Larry whoever you are!

        1. Larry C. says:

          The supplements will help you most when you completely stop. but will also help now. but I suggest especially using them when you are completely done with the meds.
          I am the guy who made this site and have been through what you are going through right now. and created this site to help others in the same boat.

          1. JMC says:

            Well I’m going to continue to take them because I need all the help I can get. When my PM doc suggested opana, he never talked of the seriousness of this drug nor the difficulty in weaning off. I am thinking of writing a letter to him asking him to please review the drug completely with patients before prescribing. Thank you again Larry. I haven’t told anyone about my detox though I’m sure my boys are wondering what the hell is wrong with me. It feels good to be heard on this site. Well done.

            1. JMC says:

              Hi Larry: I’m down to 1 little 5mg pill as of yesterday. I can’t believe how awful I feel still. Going from 30 mg down to 10 was a lot easier. My final pill will be Sunday. After 4 years on opana. Do you have any thoughts of what next week will be like?? Figures my first day free will be Christmas Eve. Maybe not such a good day…

              1. Larry C. says:

                I don’t have any experience with Opana, but if it’s like other semi opioid drugs it could be a little painful and well like what your going through now. BUT you can do this. In my opinion, weaning down drags out the withdrawal BUT some drugs you HAVE to wean down from otherwise it would be too unbearable. So once you are total off them you will be in a better place than just stopping your full dose. It will be a drag and it will suck, so know this BUT it will be the best Christmas present to yourself to get off them.
                You can do this!!!

                Please stay in touch and come back for support.
                Merry Christmas!

                1. JMC says:

                  Larry: thank you so much for your reply. I am not someone who would ever talk about w/d from opiates for pain within my inner circle. I do believe that when I rid my body of this awful synthetic drug that I will be stronger & more determined than ever before. Thank you.

                  1. Larry C. says:

                    yeah all this shit you’ve gone through…you don’t have to do again, unless you want to… πŸ™‚

  15. WhatHaveIDone says:

    I’m 21, I’ve been addicted to pain killers since June of last year. I was also addicted to pain killers for almost a year when I was 15. My parents have been on pills my entire life, in and out of jails and my mom being the main problem, has been in and out of rehab and anywhere else you could think of. So, it feels like it was basically my destiny. They’ve always been so easy to get ahold of, and I wasn’t mature enough to think things through. I cant buy all of these things, no one, absolutely no one knows I’m addicted to pills. I have to lie and say I have the flu. I work, I have too many friends, and I feel so helpless knowing I still have to push through all of these things while I go through withdrawals. My boyfriend of 3 1/2 years doesn’t even know. I’m scared, and alone, and I just really need some words of wisdom to help me. I just want to be normal again, I don’t want this life. After this, I have to abandon my family, and that makes it even harder to cope with, but Ill never survive with them in my life. But hey, hard times make you who you’re supposed to be, I just hope this was really necessary. I’ve been a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”, since I can remember, please let it be true.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I would say go to NA and start doing meetings. That’s where you’re going to find the support you need to do what you want and NEED to do. I would also tell your BF. Get honest with his, like you just did here. If he stays he’s a keeper, if he bails, move on.
      You also need to talk to your parents and tell them what’s going on, maybe this, in their face, will be what THEY need to get clean and get right. Like you said, everything happens for a reason.
      Good luck and let us know how things are going.
      Oh and yeah, it’s going to be painful and miserable withdrawing, I am sure you know but you can do it!

  16. felix says:

    the thing that takes the pain away is the same thing that creates it ~ its all in your mind

  17. felix says:

    hey.. just checking in. 4 months now. I heard something like, when you get clean, after you get thru w/d’s, which was about a month for me, first you will go thru honeymoon stage, that’s when everything’s great,you seem invincible. The next stage you hit the “wall” this is the true test of overcoming addiction, you can either climb the wall or smash into it, go back, or get up and know the wall’s there and do what you gotta do to get over it. Just some words of advice, you live & you learn, I did drugs most my life, I’m almost 30 and I’m just now learning to live without them,anytime you do a drug and it gives you that good feeling, your going to experince an equal bad feeling, everything balances itself out, you can try to fight it but one day your going to have to deal with it. God bless everyone on drugs, thinking about qutting, going thru w/d’s, or in recovery. Anyways.. its kind of late, I hope i made sense, or atleast someone understands me and its of some help. I know this website helpd me alot, it saved my life, just trying to pay it forward.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Thanks Felix, That’s why I run this site. Someone helped me, I’m trying to help others… Glad your at 4 months man…

    2. Destiny B. says:

      You made complete sense! If only we would all understand that before we picked up. The instant gratification we all so greatly desire. It truly is astonishing what we put ourselves through. (sigh) If only we knew….if only we truly knew! Everyday is a challenge, but we have to keep reminding ourselves— We’ll end up right back where we started and have to go through HELL all over again. Is it really worth it? HELL NO! Best of luck to everyone.

  18. Ron says:

    Now I just ordered Melissa from ur link … Thanks

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yeah melatonin isn’t Melissa, and Melissa helps in so many ways it not funny. If there’s ONE thing I would suggest to anyone kicking, get the melissa….

  19. Ron says:

    Just got back they didn’t have the Melissa stuff. They had everything else though. I got melatonin instead.

  20. Ron says:

    Hi. I’m going to go buy these products within the next hour. I’m really ready to stop and nervous at the same time. I take roxy and opana I abuse them. I’ve been tapering the last two days. I wanna start with vitamins before I jump off. I’ll let u guys know where I’m at as soon as I figure it out myself.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Make sure you get the Melissa Supreme by GAIA Herbs…You will do yourself good for doing it.

  21. Amber Smith says:

    Hi Larry ~ first off, THANK YOU. I am going to look for all of the ingredients today and plan to start within the next 24 hours. I have herniated discs with protrusion, but the hydrocodone doesn’t help 100% as it is, and plus I have to take more and more to get any pain relief. It’s not like I don’t have access to a prescription, I do and can refill it 8 days, but I don’t WANT to. Does that make sense? I feel it’s ruined my personality and am so worried about my family’s well-being because of this. I am horribly depressed for an assortment of reasons, one of the biggies being my physical health (overweight, high-cholesterol to name the two main ones). Plus add on top of that worrying about how many pills I have in the bottle to keep back the pain enough so I can function. I can’t have surgery on my discs as I am classified as high-risk due to a pulmonary embolism in 2009 (blood clot from caesarian section traveled to my lung). No body with a medical license will touch me because of that, so I’ve been told by numerous doctors that all I can do is have something called a Radial Frequency Ablation (which didn’t work very well the 2nd and last time I had it done), take hydrocodone and suck it up Chuck just LIVE with the pain. Problem is I have little to no pain tolerance. I’ve been like this for my entire life in regards to pain. Sorry if I am blathering, I don’t mean to! I really just wanted to say THANK YOU for this website and all of your insightful and personal experiences you’ve put on it. You are helping countless souls who are in mental anguish. I have my worries about the herniated discs though… I don’t know if I can handle the pain without the pills, but I AM going to try with the help you’ve provided here. Again… THANK YOU. You are an inspiration with your words and your actions.

    1. Amie says:

      Hey Amber-I am right there with you with the herniated disc & bulging. I do have a very high pain tolerance but disc pain is no joke! Exspecially, the pain down the leg. I’ve been on pain pills for too long & your right, you have to increase to get any relief. I have all the items for the recipe & have started. I am going to try & ween slowly. I have given my husband my pills to help. I also just started a new physical theropy that I am hoping I will help me feel better & not be in pain so I can decrease, then stop. I also need to lose some weight. I got this book called the Dukan diet. I’ve been on it for a week and lost 4 pounds, it’s pretty easy to follow I think. And I have not been hungry at all, for the first week you can eat as much lean protein as you want. The first couple days were hard but I felt great the third day! I like it because it tells you how to eat for the rest of yoyr life too. Look it up if you want. Just wanted you to know your not alone. Good luck to you!

  22. Amie says:

    Hi Larry,
    I have ordered/recieved all the items I need in your recipe. I have been taking Vicodon & now Norco for a hernitated disc in my back. The herniation has gone down but it is still protruting, which is still causing me pain. I am taking about 13-15 10mg Norco a day. It is amazing how your body builds a tolerance. I would like to decrease the amount daily & then stop taking them. Hoping the treatments I am doing will help heal and I will start feeling better. My husband had an opiate addiction and does NOT want me to withdrawel without any help. I have failed a couple times decreasing the amount I am taking but have given the pills to him to help control that. He just feels bad when I am in pain and ask for more, but I am not sure if its because my brain wants more. So I would really like to cut down to maybe 4 a day, like the doctor would like me to take & then stop completely, when I have no more back pain. Or do you suggest stopping cold turkey? I think I can decrease if I have someone to talk to, I really, really want it bad. Should I go ahead and start taking your recipe while I am decreasing or wait until I stop?
    Thank you!!!

    1. Amie says:

      Oh, and to decrease, would you suggest decreasing 1 a day?

      1. Larry C. says:

        Some people will go cold turkey, some people can handle that. some people will decrease what they are taking by 1 pill a day and go with that for a week then the following week they go down another pill per day. So if you’re taking 4 pills a day, then go down to 3 pills a day for a week or two and then go down to 2 pills a day for a week or two till you get down low enough that you feel you can deal with the withdrawal. When you start decreasing, you will feel uncomfortable and your brain/body will want more. One reason people will cold turkey it is because they don’t want to drag it out. It all depends on where you are in your life and the support you have.
        I would suggest starting the recipe when you either start weaning or go cold turkey, or when you feel you need it.
        Good luck and let us know how you are doing, and read the comments on each post….

        1. Amie says:

          Thanks Larry. I was trying to decrease One a day, and then I would fail. I’m taking 13-15 a day so you think I might have better success decreasing 1 a week? And start your recipe now?
          Thank you,

          1. Larry C. says:

            If you were taking that many and decreasing one a day you were going too fast.
            Start the recipe now if you think you will have enough when you jump off and go through the withdrawal. Eventually you will be going cold turkey. depends on you.

  23. Marcus says:

    Hello All. Yesterday was my 2 month Suboxone free. Kind of a nice week because I am coming up on 1 year of no Percocet (drug of choice). It feels like its been longer than 2 months. I guess thats a good thing meaning I am not thinking about going back. I would say I feel normal but I am still not sure if I remember what normal was. Its been so long. I was doing great and then about a month in I was feeling low in energy. I had stopped most of the supps and found myself taking an insane amount of caffeine for about a week. I realized that may be the addictive person I am and knew it was not a good idea. I went back on l-tyrosine 2g, and 5-htp daily. This has helped and I am no longer feeling fatigued or buying caffeine drinks. I have said before and say again. I do not think the results would be nearly what they are if I didn’t come across this site. Compared to other sites/boards this one protocol seems to get the best results. Most stories appear to be successful so far. good luck to all. I read almost all posts to stay focused, ill check in with update at 90days.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hey thanks for checkin in Marcus!!!
      Best to you!

  24. the repair says:

    Hello, I’ve just recently found this sight and been inspired by all of you. I’ve been on pills for a good two years. It’s gotten really bad over the last eight months. It all started because, to me, they enhanced my writing. Now I’m a miserable addict who is going crazy I go more than two days without. I recently ran out on Sunday. By the end of Monday, I found you all. Tuesday I bought the ingredients (could only fond lemon balm extract, but It’s has Melissa written on the bottle).

    1. the repair says:

      (Sorry, I’m using my phone to type)
      As I was saying, I bought the ingredients, but on Thursday, I broke down and scored 25mg of oxy, I usually go through 10 10’s of oxy or vicodon a day. I’ve got to get off this shit. I finally told a friend about my problem and now all of you. Thank you for listening and please give any advise on the best way to use this recipe and good routine changes. My routine is getting high and writing screenplays. I’m terrified of the thought of taking a break from writing, but I have to for a little while to get off the pills. They’re too linked together for me. But I don’t know what else to do with my time and the withdraw I’m going to have. Thanks.

      1. Larry C. says:

        Dude, get a tape recorder or something and record your thoughts and feelings and write a new screen play about kicking the shit. It will hurt adn be painful but it could be a very inspirational film….
        Good luck and just do the recipe each day, take the melissa for sleeplessness and anxiety as needed. if one thing to do, do the melissa.

        1. Destiny B. says:

          My addiction to opiates also began with pills first. About the same as you (ten 10’s a day) before I quickly turned to heroine. So, be strong NOW and quit, because TRUST ME, it can get so much uglier! You can do this, believe in yourself. Have a support system, ask for help when you need help! And I think what Larry recommended about the recorder and sort of journaling (outloud) your own thoughts and experiences with your withdrawal could end up being something really incredible and inspiring to write about afterwards. When all is said and done, you will see that quitting was so worth it! Good luck with everything!

        2. the repair says:

          Hey thanks, Larry. I took a little valerian a little while ago. Today so far is not too bad. Then again, It’s day one again. I have everything, but the Melissa is not exactly the same brand you listed (is that okay?)
          But again, I’m so happy to have found this, and everone up here. I’m ready to feel life again!

          1. Larry C. says:

            I don’t know which brand you got but I have found the GAIA brand to be really good, but that is a blend of herbs too. Herbpharm is good.

            1. the repair says:

              Thank you, Destiny! Thank you so much. Like I said, next to no one but myself and the dealer I used know about my problem. I’m battling the mental aspect today, not so much the physical. Larry, if you don’t mind, I’ll reply with exactly what brand I have. I left it at work, which I’ll be going there in just a little while.

              1. the repair says:

                Larry, I have herb pharm brand, both melissa and valerian.

  25. Destiny B. says:

    Well, its been about 21 days for me, suboxone free! The first 2 weeks were HELL. I didnt think I could do it. The past few days I have been starting to feel a lot better. I am beginning to get my energy back- which I havent had for quite some time. I am playing and interacting with my children and husband 100x better now. It is almost like, while on the suboxone, I was a completely different person. Glad to be seeing pieces of my old self once again. A glimmer of hope-I suppose. My symptoms have really subsided quite a bit. Some occassional night leg pain (but an epsom salt bath relieves that) and sneezing like crazy at random times through out the day and I have been unable to sleep completely through the night, but I am NOT complaining! I have been getting more sleep than I was in the past-which is fantastic. I am still taking Melissa and the others, but have cut back substantially. I really only take them in the AM and Melatonin, 5-HTP and Valerian Root before bed. The anxiety has slowly diminished as well. Feeling good, cant wait to feel even better. Starting to feel motivated again. Thanks for all your help Larry. Honest to God, there is no way I could have done this without this recipe. A true life saver! God bless everyone.

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s awesome!!!!

  26. Nate says:

    Checking in— Tomorrow will be 2 months clean!!! I never thought I would be able to say that. This site has helped me so much. I am still taking the vitamins and melissa once in a while. I also started working out alot more and am trying to lose some weight and get back into the fun thing that I used to do like rollerblading and playing hockey. I am finally feeling alot better. It is crazy to go back and read some of my posts to see how horrible I felt. I will never go back to that!!! Thanks to everyone one here for the help and support

    1. Larry C. says:

      Awesome News Nate!!!

    2. Julie says:

      Glad to hear from you!! I know your feelings!! So happy you are still clean!!THAT IS AWESOME!!!Hang in there !!! Every day gets better!!

  27. Julie says:

    Just curious how every one is doing!! Everyone still clean and sober? So far so good …I am !! Praise God! Almost 3 mos for me !!
    Nate,Felix,Jay,Marcus,Doug ?? How are all of you doing?? Just checking ..this site been quite without y’all !

    1. Jay says:

      Hey guys checking in today marks 3 months for me all is well working at a detox center helping people out life is good hope you all are still good and for those of you just starting hang in there it gets better keep your mind busy because it will fuck with you.

  28. Destiny B. says:

    Well, I am on Day 3 of withdrawal from suboxone. I was on suboxone for roughly 3 years. Over the last year I have tapered down from 12mg to 8 to 6 to 4 to 2 and then down to 1mg.
    I have to say that finding this alternative recipe has been a huge help. I experienced a huge change in the way I felt after taking the vitamins and other suppliments you have recommended.
    I am feeling exhausted. No energy. Can hardly move from one room to another without sitting down. Sleep is an issue. Probably for all of us. My legs! Ugh! I cannot take the restless, achy legs. I switch positions about 100x a night and sleep only 20 minute intervals. Frustrating. I did however, take a hot bath with 2 cups of Epsom Salt and it helped quite a bit with the achy legs. I was pleasantly shocked. So, I definitely recommend that be added to your recipe! I have 3 kids who need me and my husband who has been remarkable and supportive, but I can see frustration in him. Which makes me feel guilty and helpless and shameful all at the same time. I hate addiction! However, I have been heroin FREE for 5 years! Thank You Jesus! Sometimes, I wonder if this feeling will ever end?? Im exhausted.
    Well, thanks for your recipe and support. One day at a time!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Rock on and hang in there. It will take you a bit longer than normal opiates to withdraw but it will end soon. Your husband is probably feeling frustrated because he hasn’t gone through what youa re going through? or has he?
      Glad you found the recipe, it does and will get better.

      1. Destiny B. says:

        No! No! No! He has NEVER experienced this! And I would never want him to-EVER! He is my ROCK. I thank God everyday for him. My [past] experience is that it is near to impossible to get & stay clean while in a relationship with a fellow addict. Someone always gives in and then the other one follows right along.
        Thanks again for the positive feedback & reinforcement!

        1. Larry C. says:

          Stick with it. you will be glad and so will he, that you did.

  29. whoisdiana says:

    I feel like I am going to die, I have everything, but could not find Melissa, had to order, won’t be here until next week. Days after I have to be back to work.. I’m scared, my boyfirned hates my face right now for what I’ve put myself through. I hate myself too.. I just want to die. I can’t even type anymore…

    1. Larry C. says:

      That;’s typical to feel that way about yourself right now. As for your BF, don’t knwo what to tell ya. hang in there, but the Melissa will help next week too.

    2. Nate says:

      That is exactly how I felt for a couple days after I quit. It was the worst feeling I ever felt. Trust me it does get better over time. The one thing that helped me the most I think is the Melissa. I started taking melissa capsuls cause no one had the tincture. It really calmed me down. Just stick with it and read the previous posts in here it will really help you out I know it did for me. It has now been over a month since I quit and I feel so much better and will never go back!!

      1. Larry C. says:

        That’s awesome Nate!!!!

      2. whoisdiana says:

        Thank you for the suggestions, I will have to wait until I can get the Melissa in the mail, in the meantime I have been dosing up on Valerian Root & Melatonin, which doesnt really feel like it’s working that well. Physically I feel a lot better, just cannot sleep if my life depended on it cuz I got those creepy crawlers under my skin all day & all night, even went outside today & took a walk around the college… thought it would tire me out enough to sleep.. but I was wrong.. not it’s the insomnia that’s killing me..

        1. Larry C. says:

          The lack of sleep gets everyone. The Melissa should help with all you have going on. it’s worked well for many others including myself.

          1. whoisdiana says:

            I really hope it comes soon, in the meantime a friend of mine gave me some sleeping pill she got from detox, I cannot think of the name right now & wouldn’t suggest it to anyone unless prescribed, but it has helped me sleep.. at least last night it did. We will see.. I do want to let everyone know that it is day 5 & I am starting to feel alive now. I can calm my mind & actually think… things are really starting to come together now & it’s awesome. & From my previous withdrawl, in rehab, from Suboxin & this withdrawl, which is from straight up dope, this was much easier. Why do we give people this drug, to help them with addiction, when it’s harder to come off then the drugs we are choosing to do anyways?! I really don’t understand…

            1. Larry C. says:

              It’s only supposed to be used for a short period of time. not long term. Fucking doctors… Grrr…

    3. Christie says:

      Hang in there!!! It’s hard because I myself felt the same way when I got sober. I thought I could never do it. It might sound corny but give time, time. You will look back and this will just be a distant memory and you have learned from it. Your boyfriend can be supportive and pick up some books on addiction. He is gonna be there or he isn’t. This is not the time to worry about him tho. You need to get yourself well for you!

  30. Kristi says:

    Larry, My name is Kristi im trying to get off soboxon I went to the health food store and got eveything needed for my detox,I am going to start Monday I was wondering do I take all the vitamins at one time every morning and then again in the afternoon,I just want to be able to do this the right way so if you could please write me back soon and let me know,thanks so much Kristi

    1. Larry C. says:

      Before you start let me ask you how far down have you tapered? to get off suboxone you should taper down as far as you can before jumping off. Especially if you’ve been on it for a long time. Suboxone can be a real hard withdraw for some people. it was for me. 30 days of hell, and suddenly it stopped at 30 days, finally.
      Answer that please.
      As far as taking the supplements, I always did them in the morning. but some I did through out the day like the Melissa, potassium and magnesium. It all depends on what you need for what at that time of day.
      Look at what each supp is for, then gauge your body’s need as to how you feel. Let me also say that you’ve probably not been taking vitamins for a while so your body would do well to have them every day, especially int he morning.

      1. Kristi says:

        I was first on Ltabs and perks for 3yrs then I got on the subs and that has been for 2yrs for the past week ive been taking 1 a day sometimes just half I only have 2 subutex left the Dr wont give me anymore because I cant pay the bill and I dont have the money to buy them from people.I think that is f***ed up a Dr can do that to a person and they know how hard it is to get off them,he had me on 3 a day but I told him I only needed 2 but now I get none so I dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

        1. Larry C. says:

          you still hav en’t told me how much. a pill can be different sizes. I was down to 1mg crumbs when I jumped off. I did it in 2 weeks and the resultant withdrawal was pretty painful but everyone is different.
          So how many mg are you on?
          I was on 8 mg a day, and I cut my dosage down by half each week but I had the pills to do that. you don’t. I would say you’re going to have to do a drastic cut down, which will hurt but you will live.

          I did 8, then 4, then 2 then 1 and then jumped off. But I was also ready to be off of them so I was ready for the pain.

          Anyone else have any suggestions?

          1. Kristi says:

            well the dr had me on 3 8mgs a day a for a yr I went to 2 8mgs a day and for the past week ive been taking half of the 8mg and im more then ready to get off these things its just I know how bad it hurts,cause ive had to go a couple of days without. So do you think if I take a quarter of the 8 mg a day for how ever long that will last that will help and while doing that I’ll be taking my vitamins? I’m very happy I do have you to talk to and I thank you so much.

            1. Larry C. says:

              yeah I would go down to 1/4 for a few days then down to 1/8 till I had no more….
              stay in touch.

              1. Kristi says:

                I will stay in touch thanks for all your help

  31. Jay says:

    Hey guy it’s been a month for me I feel great thanks to this recipe. I no longer take any of the supplements only vitamins life’s good never will I go back.

  32. Julie says:

    Took me 7.5 weeks to feel normal again!! Off Melissa,5HTP and L-Thyrosine..only thing I take is the vitamins!! Multiple,B-6,B Complex and Magnesium.Been a looooong miserable 7 wks !! I MADE IT !!

    Thanks to Larry and his recipe!!

    I don’t even think about or want those evil pills any more!! Hallelujah!! Praise God!! I am CLEAN !

    For others “Hang in there it does get better and well worth it”.

    1. Marcus says:

      Thats awesome Julie. Let me ask you a question. What types of symptoms or feelings were you having up until week 7 that made you not feel normal? the reason i ask is that I kinda felt normal after 2 weeks (with exception of getting to sleep some nights). I am now close to 4 weeks and have dropped down to minimal usage of melissa only. I feel normal for most part. I have moments where i feel a bit tired and want to grab a red bull (i don’t). but that is all. I am curious because maybe I am not feeling as normal as i will or can be.

      1. Julie says:

        Not sleeping,tingling all over and the cravings for opiates were bad!! You need to know I had been on “pills”(lortab and soma) since 1998 due to multiple back surgeries.So I figure 7.5 weeks is nothing compared to over 20yrs of usage! I still have some bad days especially if I take aspirin,Motrin or anything over the counter for pain..seems like triggers my I stay away from stuff like that!! I couldn’t use the Melissa daily times it was like a relaxer and made me want the soma or my body think it was I have really been in a mess!! Now I sleep good without anything.So, I have to be careful or what I take, which at this point is “nothing”. Crazy ??YES!!

  33. Renee says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is a “timeline” for use of the Larry Recipe? Is there a danger of using any of the supplements/herbs for too long? Having great success with the Melissa, thank you! Also with Valerian and the 5 HTP. Just want to know what to expect and plan for in the weeks to come. Is this a permanent plan? Thanks again!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      timeline: start using when you are ready.
      not sure what you mean if this is a permanent plan? I still take melissa when I need it, also the 5-htp.

      1. Renee says:

        Thank you Larry. By permanent I meant is this a lifelong plan to be on the herbal supplements or is there a point that one should no longer need them or should work to stop taking them. Thanks again

      2. Renee says:

        Thank you, Larry. I guess by permanent I meant is this a long-term plan and are these herbs safe to take long-term or should I be planning/preparing to stop taking them at some point. Is there a point after stopping pain killers that I should be ready to stop taking the supplements? Or will my body tell me when that time is? Are any of these supplements dangerous to take for long periods of time? Thank you again.

  34. Nate says:

    3 weeks free from the evil pills and I am feeling better. I have noticed that the melissa tincture does seem to work faster and a little better than the capsuls. I stopped taking the 5-HTP because I realized it was making me a little sleepy during the day. My energy level keeps getting better the more I work out. I am looking forward to getting back in shape and getting my life back in shape. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and I have been doing Yoga 2 times a week and it is a great little workout and great for stretching the muscles.

  35. felix says:

    Hey Larry, I just wanted to post an update, 2 months now, life is good. I planned my withdrawls out so I would be clean in time for school and I wouldn’t have to worry about being sick.. so far I’m getting A’s and B’s in school. I’ve learned so much in the past 2 months. I would never want to go through it again but I don;t regret any of it, it was a learning experience and a life lesson. To the people that said I helped them by my postings, I’m happy for you, it’s not easy at all, and if you can get off opiates you can do anything, so do something with your life after this. Life is short. To anybody still going thru withdrawls or thinking about qutting may gods grace and peace be with you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. God Bless you Larry

  36. Nate says:

    Thanks for all the support guys. Yesterday I took my first yoga class ever at the YMCA. It was a really good workout my hamstrings are so sore today. Also I finally got in the mail today the Melissa tincture so i will try that out and let you know if I notice a difference between that and the capsuls.

  37. Marcus says:

    Great job Nate. Today (wednesday) is 2 weeks since my last 1mg sub. I was concerned early on but the Melissa in my opinion was a life saver! Actually I should give the credit to Larry!! I feel I am over the hump. I assume I will have off days but I have been back to work for a few days now and it feels normal. the massive sneezing stopped about 2 days ago but I have been pretty congested. I have much more energy as long as I stay busy. Been going to the gym everyday feeling strong like I used to. Using the Sauna/Steam room everyday as well. Sweating helps. Appetite is back. Sleep is getting much better. I had to tinker a bit with the suggested supplements to what works best for me. When I was taking everything I was feeling at my worst. I will break down my schedule and dosages incase it can help others.
    -Upon wake up- 1-2000mg L-Tyrosine and 100 mgs of B6
    -1hr later- breakfast (form of protein) with banana, coconut water- 5-htp (100mgs)
    -few hours later I will take Melissa Tincture. May do again about 4 hours later if any restlessness starts to kick in.
    -some time in here I go to the gym. As soon as I am done I use a supplement called xtend which includes glutamine (always used this in the gym as a recovery drink)
    …..evening time…
    -after dinner I take another 100mgs of 5-htp and coconut water
    -about an hour and half before bed I like to take half the amount of melissa drops (also banana as snack)
    -half hour before bed I take 1 melatonin and 1 serving of valerian root (has put me to sleep pretty quickly but i will say that I have had some pretty up and down interesting dreams)

    I hope this helps anyone new to this site. I love Larrys recipe and give him all the credit in the world for my success!! I want to also say that everyones situation is soo much different than what you will read online. Do not get caught up thinking that it will take you 6 months to recover because you read someone else say that.

    1. Marcus says:

      Also to note. I am happy to say I have not had any form of caffeine in over a week. I used to be hooked on energy drinks well before my opiate issue.

  38. Nate says:

    Day 14 – cant believe I made it 2 weeks! I am feeling a little better each day but still have anxiety and not alot of energy. I have started to work out alot more than before and that helps alot. I also tried a little Yoga and it is very relaxing and calming. One other thing I have tried for sore muscles and restless legs is taking an Epsom Salt bath and that seems to work the best. Well off to the gym to help get my life back!!!

      1. Jay says:

        Good stuff Nate

  39. Nate says:

    I didnt take any melissa today and I deceided to try a St. johns wort and it didnt agree with me. It made me feel like crap and have horrible anxiety. All day I basically felt like a zombie just going through the motions. I wanted to try something different to maybe make me feel a little better but it made me feel worse. I think I am going to stick with the melissa.

  40. Jay says:

    Today is Day 18 wife just left with the kids to a Bday party hmmm what to do this is when I start to go crazy. I found out that 5 hour energy is great stuff makes me get shit done. I’ had decent sleep last night with the help of melatonin think I slept 7 hours on and off woke up jittery though. Took some melissa and that took care of that. Anyone still sweating at night.

    1. Jay says:

      Also the sneezing has come to a halt good sign

  41. Marcus says:

    good luck the rest of the way. I am in similar boat. Only 9 days in but thoughts of going back is not an option. I do well being out and active. It is sitting around the house that I get crazy. and the obvious sleep issue. I have the melissa tincture to take for work. I just hope interacting with people will be normal tomorrow.

  42. Nate says:

    Marcus I am in an office but I am on my feet alot through out the day. The mornings for me are hard. No energy and no ambition. I tried to drink some coffee in the morning but it only made me feel jittery, so no caffeine for me. If I feel anxiety at work I will take another melissa or just get up and walk around. Things at work are so slow for us right now most of the day there isnt anything to do which makes it worse for me. I do what I can to stay active and busy but my low energy level holds me back also. I have been working out after work and that has been helping alot. I just cant wait to feel like myself again

  43. Marcus says:

    Nate, Work for me is going to be a concern. Are you on your feet much? and when it does get tough what have you been doing? I am concerned I may resort to caffeine drinks. Really do not want to. hopefully the melissa tincture will be enough.

  44. Marcus says:

    My Melissa came today. I was very impressed. I went to the gym this morning for a cardio, sauna/steam room session. got back around 1pm and felt pretty lousy. Head wasn’t right, felt tired and anxious. at about 3pm my mail came and i took the melissa. within 2 hours I was back at the gym lifting weights this time. I had a better workout than I have in a while even before going through the withdrawals. pretty happy to know it may help take the edge off. THANKS

  45. Jay says:

    Dam I can’t last for shit during sex WTF its like I’m super sensitive I feel like I’m 14 again lol. Head touches vagina and Bam. WTF

    1. Larry C. says:

      Jay, I was the same way when I got clean too. It’s weird, and still today, 3+ years later it’s still that way sometimes. I’ve had to really work on not “letting go”. I remember when I was on the pills and could last FOREVER, thinking I was a god in the bedroom, I wonder if maybe I did something that made me this sensitive or if this is my norm? Weird.

      1. jay says:

        Dude yeah when I was on the methadone sex lasted as long as I wanted it too. Now its like WTF kryptonite lol I told my old lady we need to do this everyday because Im not numb anymore. Well see if this works lol. Wow Larry 3 years later and still Im fucked lol.

        1. Larry C. says:

          Yeah I’m not sure if I did something to mess with my sensitivity, because of the drugs. Also I have 2 kids, and one is just over 18 months, so sometimes there’s not alot of time, or energy to “Practice”. hahahaha

          1. Jay says:

            Lol I have 4kids so I know what you mean lol

            1. Larry C. says:

              I’d have another if the lady didn’t get fixed. πŸ™‚

  46. Jay says:

    I’m on day 16 feel good every now an then I get anxiety with kids and all but the Melissa takes care of that I feel great today after working not washed out like prior days. I still sneeze and sleep like crap but the sleep is getting better.

  47. Nate says:

    Day 11 – I finally ordered the melissa tincture today. I have been taking the capsuls for 10 days so cant wait to see if there is a difference between the two. I am tring to exercise alot more but it is very tough still not much energy. Everyday at around 2:00PM I feel exhausted and generally like crap. I start work at 7:30 and can barley make it through the day. I know I just have to keep on pushing and I will make it through all of this. I dont really think about the need to take pills anymore but I do feel the need to take something to feel better cause that is all I want is to feel normal again!

  48. Julie says:

    Larry thanks for the info…how long will I have to take the meds/supplements for the W/D’s??…the Melissa is Great!! But would really like to stop all things!! Am I trying to get off the supplements too soon??

    1. Larry C. says:

      Supplements aren’t like a drug perse’, their more of a well…supplements to help with your help. there’s nothing wrong with taking vitamins daily, you won’t get hooked on them. But you can stop them whenever you want but if their helping you manage your daily life, why stop?

  49. Julie says:

    Better each day NO Suboxone!!! Refuse to take that!! I heard it was harder to get off of!! My heart will race like I’m having a craving and everyday I think I can stop the Supplements and I end up having to take them ALL !! Including the Melissa!! I have had to work the whole time!! The worst day for me was day 7 when the diarrhea and stomache cramps started.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yeah I’d say you’re probably having Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome right now. Check out some NA meetings to help with support. they really aren’t that bad. Might make some new friends…

  50. Julie says:

    Been clean 31 days today. Following this recipe. I did find that for the restless legs at night I use the “Leg Cramps PM ” helps a lot.I still have W/D’s almost daily.How much longer will this last?? I took Lortab 7.5 for 3 back surgeries over a period of 20+ yrs along with Soma (muscle relaxer)..some days I just want to give up…Some days are worst than others,though.I been following this blog the whole time!! Lot’s of support!!! Thanks Larry!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      when you say “W/D’s almost daily”, what part, is it still extreme as when you first started or does it get better each day? did you take any suboxone?

  51. Chris says:

    Jay – good to hear you are back on track, super awesome! Some reason I still get the jitters and my hands shake, don’t know why. Larry, do you why this is happening? I am 14 days clean now which is monumental, owe it ALL to this site and support. Glad to see others are doing the same thing. Overall, the Larry Recipe is WAY better then the Thomas Recipe, hands down. Been through everything with detox supplements (see prior posts) and spent over $500 experimenting, this is the only thing that worked.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Chris, I could say “ONLY 14 days clean” give yourself some more time, your body is still changing. How long were you on the shit?
      Everyone’s different.

  52. Marcus says:

    Thanks Larry. I have coconut water (dislike the taste) I feel great for the most part I am seeing everything so much clearer the last couple of days. Better than I have in a long while. I appreciate the outdoors just by walking to my car. Its amazing. I go back to work in a couple days and that will be the biggest test.

  53. Marcus says:

    Thanks Larry. I went to my local Vitamine Shoppe and was able to find everything but the Melissa. I ordered it overnight with Amazon. I am still just a bit confused. I am on day 8. i didn’t really start supplements until like day 5 (just benzos for sleep). Never felt to awful. No vomit, muscle aches or diahrea. the anxiety was manageable just sleep issues. I do sneeze in pairs all day. I see that most of the supplements are designed to start your day and end your day to help sleep. I am completely drained(sometimes emotional) from the hours of 3-8pm. I want to avoid caffeine best I can. Would you recommend any of those supplements mid day for energy or is it just time/patience I need? Melissa is said to help with sleep as well. You said you take it up to 3 times a day. does it make you drowsy?

    1. Larry C. says:

      The melissa should help with the mood swings as well. You’re going through a huge change with your body getting used to not having opiates in your system so that mood swing at 3-8 is normal. You can take those supplements through the day as needed. Especially the Melissa, Potassium and magnesium. The coconut water is a great thing to drink all day if you can afford it. or try drinking lemon water. Water with fresh squeezed juice of at least one lemon per glass of water. That helps with alkalizing your body , will help with muscle pain and clean your body out. I was eating the supplements during the day as needed.
      The 5-htp I would do on a morning/evening schedule though.

  54. Nate says:

    I went to the gym and tried to work out my legs. Today they hurt worse than ever!! I went out and had to get Aleve liquid gels and I also got some Magnesium. I dont know if I should try to keep working out of take a break for a day or 2. any sugestions

    1. Larry C. says:

      Lemon water to get rid of the lactic acid in your muscles.

  55. Nate says:

    Day-10 I have been back to work for 3 days now. Things seem to be slowly getting better. I still havent gotten the Melissa tincture, but i have been taking the caplets 3 times a day as well as all the other stuff in the recipe. I do think that the melissa caplets are working good. It makes me very mellow. I used to be very hyper and would swear at everything especially traffic! It kinda takes you down a notch in a good way! I havent been swearing much this last week.

  56. Marcus says:

    Slept 5.5hrs naturally last night which is the most so far. did wake at 3:30 and took a clonidine. Going to Vitamine shoppe now to find the missing products (Melissa, Valerian Root, 5-htp) Back to the Gym today. will update how I feel after my normal crashing hours.

    1. Larry C. says:

      The Melissa is also known as Lemon Balm…

  57. Jay says:

    Yeah buddy music is good makes my hairs stand up lol

  58. Jay says:

    Melissa is good stuff Marcus trust me I’m naturally hyper active and it calms me down I’m day 15 clean whooo.

  59. Marcus says:

    Thanks larry. But its definitely weird. I don’t really hurt until about 4, 5pm when i just feel exhausted. Music has been helping me. for some reason listening to my iPod keeps me pumped. I was out of town for the last 4 days visiting family. I think it was good because they kept me busy. (most didn’t know what was going on). back home now. 4 days left until back to work. I had Tyrosine at home and will be starting that in the AM followed by Gym workouts and Sauna/hot tubs. attempting magnesium/relaxing tea to fall asleep without the benzo’s tonight. hope i can make it through the night.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Music is a great way to get the endorphins flowing again..especially emotionally moving music.

  60. Marcus says:

    Just a little more info. I have been having completely up and down days since quitting. I have been getting out of the house and doing things and will feel perfectly fine. right around 5pm or i crash and i feel weird, depressed and emotional. yesterday (day5) was my toughest day. I have taken 10 days off of work to go through this. I love the gym and I can push myself to do more. For the people who have been there, is it important to try and rest more during the day or more important to keep busy?

  61. Marcus says:

    I want to thank Larry and Felix. Your posts are helping me. history is I was on about 60-120mgs of Roxys for about 3 years. I went to a sub doctor. I was on 6-12mgs for about 7 months. then decided it was time to quit. I weened down during about an 8week period. dropping down 2mg/eow. for the last 4 weeks my doc wanted me to stay on 2mgs/day and stop. Thought 2 was to high so I went to 1mg 7 days before quitting. Was doing ok. just felt it about 18-24hrs after dose. My doc prescribed me clonidine and diazepam 3x a day. I did not do that because i did not want to sleep the whole time. I have been taking it before bed. It last about 4-5 hours and then Im wide awake. take half of each and do it again. I am on day 6 completely clean. I am trying to avoid caffeine the best I can. I was not supplementing yet until 2 days ago. I have vitamin b complex, vitamin C and potassium. My question is, I want to be clean of everything and not feel i need to take anything. Is products like tyrosine or the melissa good to take or will i mentally feel i need them longer term? Sorry so long.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Marcus, do yourself a favor and get the Melissa/Lemon Balm. It is not addictive and will help you relax, sleep and not hurt so bad.

  62. Chris says:

    I saw someone post on here about Kratom, don’t go there, not worth it in the least. You do not want to trade one for the other. The recipe on here is to me the only proven way of natural detox VS RX meds or other illicit substances.

  63. Nate says:

    I thought it was just me that was sneezing. I sneeze at least 10 times a day and they are huge!!! I am trying to exercise but it just makes me sooooo sore and completly exhausted!! My legs are still hurting bad. I can bearley make it through the day on my feet and when bed time comes my legs hurt so bad it is hard to sleep. I am still jittery and nervous but seem to be getting a little better

    1. Larry C. says:

      If you sneeze at least 4 times in a row, you’re kicking… πŸ™‚

  64. Chris says:

    Way to go guys! The energy will come back very soon. Only way I found it to come back quicker was exercise. I walked around my neighborhood twice a day during the evening. The sneezing is a common side effect of what you went through, I sneezed so much. I used a nedi pot to clean my sinus, it seemed to help a lot.

  65. Jay says:

    Today is day 13 and I haven’t used anything but vitamins and feel fine I must’ve had allergies in the past and the methadone masked that because I’m sneezing like all the time now. Other then sleeping I’m all good.

  66. Nate says:

    Day 8 -Today was my first day back to work since quitting. I thought it was going to be really bad but it turned out to be alright. I still have a lack of energy, but just enough to bearly make it through the day. All the vitamins and herbs have helped me so much. I am able to sleep around 6 hrs now with the valerian and melissa. I am so glad that I found this site to help me through all of this. Thanks for all the support!!

  67. Jay says:

    I hate the taste of the valerian root tincture tastes like shit.

  68. Jay says:

    Good shit your almost there buddy stick with it and you’ll never have to do it again. I’m on day 12 and feel alright just sleep is my issue. The sups help alot I havent had to use the melissa as much anymore.

  69. Nate says:

    Day 7 – Didnt think I would ever make it to day 7. This last week has been HELL!!!! I am starting to feel a little better. I have a little more energy and a little less anxiety. Just got to keep on doing what I have been.

  70. Jay says:

    I unload trucks on a forklift

  71. Jay says:

    Get magnesium supplement or restful legs and that should take care of your leg cramps

  72. Nate says:

    jaty what type of job do u have? i sit at a desk and can bearly sand being there all day cause there isnt much to do and my legs hurt like a mother #$%$%^.

  73. Jay says:

    What were you taking st johns wort is good shit should’ve got it you should be feeling better in the next few hang in there bud.

  74. Jay says:

    Went to work today felt fucking great now I’m wiped out lol

  75. Nate says:

    day 5- still in HELL. NO ENERGY and my legs are hurting worse. Anxiety is pretty high. I searched every health food place within 40 miles for the Melissa extract. Nothing. Most places just have the capsules. The lady had St. Johns Wart tincture and I almost got that but didnt. I am going to have to order some but I dont want to wait and I just want this to all go away!!! Taking like 5 baths a day for the soreness only helps so much. Any other suggestions anyone?

  76. Chris says:

    Today – I took nothing to see how it worked. Keep in mind, it’s been a little over a week since I quit. To my suprise, it’s been good! No shakes, w/d issues, or anything. I AM FREE! And I give 101% all of my great journey to Larry C and his site. Overall a true lifesaver!

    LARRY = THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your recipe works and I am SO SO grateful I found this site and went for it. No doctor could have prescribed me anything that worked and here I went the all natural route and it worked to a “T”

    What I was weeks, months ago VS now is truly amazing and I owe it all to this site and recipe of the natural products, VERY HAPPY!

  77. Nate says:

    I dont know where you are from but I have never herd of any of those. I live in Wisconsin we really only have GNC, walgreens and some small health food stores and I have tried all of them. I am going to order some and have it shipped ASAP. Tonight i think i might of saw a very little light at the end of a very long hell tunnel. Thanks for the the info everyone!!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      check this, can call some close to you, ask for lemon balm tincture or extract, or Melissa tincture or extract. or get it from amazon here:
      Melissa/Lemon Balm Extract

  78. Chris says:

    Jay – Hey what’s going on!

    I would take 50-60 drops, that’s what I took when I was going through it. I am at 99% now, feel good. I take 20-30 drops daily now. I drag some times, but coffee perks me up a bit, I normally do not drink coffee. I bet by Monday you will feel A LOT better since you are on day 9 today. Just remember what you have been through and don’t go back to the pills, not worth it in the least bit. All and all, the natural way on here is so gratifying, no RX’s and the big plus, it works, just takes a little time. I went the RX route and didn’t work out too well, this way is a lot better I think. I know time drags right now, but everything will be back up to par shortly. You have already went through the crappy part and everything is looking up now.

  79. Jay says:

    Chris I took melatonin valerian root combo which lasted only 3 hrs but that was capsule forms so hopefully these tinctures will be the cure.

  80. Jay says:

    I’m on day 9 and feel good but kind of blue I feel off maybe because I’m sleeping
    Ike 3 hrs a night I have no energy all of a sudden because of the insomnia. Went to dr yesterday and he didn’t give me shit too sleep. If I could only sleep I would be all good. I bought the valerian root tincture and more Melissa thank god for that because I was a mean fuck with out it. I only took like 20 drops of the valerian root and it did nada so I’m gonna up it tonight. Wish me luck as I will have all 4 kids this weekend alone as my wife is going to a funeral up north.

  81. Nate says:

    I did not get the melissa tincture I have just been taking the capsules. no where around here has the tincture. I will keep looking. Is it really that much better?

    1. Larry C. says:

      I/We wouldn’t be asking/telling you if it wasn’t. Have you tried Henrys, or sprouts, or Boneys or any other health food store? why not order some online?

  82. Nate says:

    Still day 4 and still no energy all at. I had to drag my self to the gym just to walk slowly on the tread mill for 15 mins. I have never felt like such a piece of shit in my whole life. Never knew what a stupid little pill could really do to me!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hey Nate, been there, wrecked that. Stick with it, it will get better. One day you will wake up and feel fine. and then one day you will go without thinking about going through WDs. and then you will go one day without thinking about taking a pill.

      Did you get the Melissa Tincture yet?


  83. Nate says:

    What is Kratom?

    1. Larry C. says:

      It’s used to combat opiate dependance. But is also addicting if you use it too much too frequently.

  84. Ronnie says:

    Kratom is the way to go in w/d from Opiates!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Unless you start abusing Kratom and get hooked on that too…

  85. Nate says:

    i sure hope so

  86. Nate says:

    Day 4- I slept like 5 hrs last night thanks to the valerian and melissa and an aleve. This morning i still feel really sore and have no energy. I did make it to the gym yesterday for 30mins on the eliptical. That helped but made me sore. I am still having a hard time getting back to reality. I am depressed and nothing really interested me. I can barley watch tv and i dont really know what to do during the day. I feel so lost

    1. Larry C. says:

      Nate, you’re right where you should be. This will pass too…

  87. Chris says:

    Jay – hey what’s going on? How did it go sleeping last night? I still get the jitters too, quite a bit and hands shake too. What did you come up with and did work? Sleeping used to be 8-9hrs for me, now I am 6 hours if I am lucky, used to it now. I have bags under my, so I wear my glasses all day to hide them. I feel 85% normal. Some days since I stop taking pills it’s been rough, but I manage to get over it with the Melissa. The vitamins are good, but I urinate a lot more, especially at night. Not sure if that’s a symptom of something. Take care and hang in there! Chris

  88. Nate says:

    Day 3- In some ways if feel a little better in others i feel worse. I actually slept like 4-5 hrs thanks to Valerian and Melissa. This morning I have a little more energy than yesterday but I have horrible anxiety today. I cant stop thinking about bad thoughts. I just want to be happy again. I am still not going to work in this condition. I am going to try to make it to the gym today to see if that helps. Thanks everyone for the support!!

  89. Jay says:

    Hey Chris nice to hear from ya today was a week for me I feel fine the only thing left is the insomnia and I’m making a concoction before bed of valerian root melissa and melatonin. I get the jitters every now and then I take the Melissa for that I went thru a bottle quick.

  90. Chris says:

    Tinctures are the way to go VS the capsules. The absorption rate is night and day, gotta use the Tinctures. Even though it said to take 30 drops on the bottle, I was taking 60 drops each time I took it. I am down to 20 drops per serving. I have NO idea how long I will take all of this, and honestly, I don’t care = As long as I am away from the pain meds, cool with me! I have a little box that holds all of my tinctures and vitamins, more or less my life line in a box! The first 3 days, I took off of work, not knowing what to expect and I noticed something on TV, every other commerical is about drugs… Gez, you wonder why poeple get on so many types of RX’s? That’s all we hear about and getting brainwashed at the same time.. My little rant I guess.

    JAY / NATE – KEEP GOING DAMN IT, don’t let some little evil pill win you guys over! I was one pain meds for nearly 10 years straight until a couple of weeks ago. If I can do it, I promise you can do it with no problem!

  91. Nate says:

    I didnt end up going to the doctor. I knew he wouldnt really be able to do anything for me and I dont want to take another perscription. I took one Melissa capsules and fell asleep on the couch for an hour. I woke up feeling a little better. I am going to put all my energy into trying to get up and take a walk then sit in the hottub.Thanks again for everyones help. I dont know where i would be right now without this site

  92. Jay says:

    This website is truly a life saver I did this all on my own wouldn’t off made it without this site.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Glad we are here for you man…really!

  93. Jay says:

    Larry I believe the capsules suck I’m buying the tincture I’m almost out of the Melissa so I’m going to buy more of both tinctures. I feel fine just the lack of sleep really messes me up.

  94. Jay says:

    Hey Nate what the dr say

  95. Jay says:

    I’m a week into this and Ive slept 6 hrs in the last 48h I have a doctors appt tommrow hopefully hell give me something for sleep the valerian root only gives me about 2.5 hrs sleep then it’s no longer effective regardless if I take more. Tinctures would be better?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yes tinctures are way better, it’s the concentrated extract of the herb. Try some melissa too!

  96. […] made an Updated Post for: The Thomas Recipe Alternative: Larry’s Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal, Please refer to this for a complete list of supplements to help you get off […]

  97. Betty says:

    30 Days ago today, I sat here on this computer surfing the web looking for any way I could find to help my son. The name of this post caught my attention, due to my fathers name was Larry, and he was everything to my son, losing him to cancer killed a part of my boy. I read it all twice, shared it with my son and entire family. We had an appointment set up for a rehab for the following day, we went and due to insurance reasons they wouldnt let him stay. It was heart breaking to watch my 21 yr old son and father of my only grandchild cry and beg to stay. We left there unsure of what we were going to do, on the way home my son talked alot about his grandpa and we talked alot about this post. We went directly to the health food store before coming home. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO SAY ON THURSDAY, MY SON WILL BE 30 DAYS CLEAN!! We have our son back, my grandson has his Daddy back, but most importantly my son has hisself back! I want all of you to know its possible and so worth it. My son started using Vicodin 4 yrs ago and spent the last 18 months using Suboxone (and none were ever prescribed to him). HANG IN THERE!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s Awesome Betty!!!!
      Thanks for the update!

  98. Nate says:

    Thanks to my wife I finally got the melissa in capluts. i just took one so we will see if it helps. I also had to take a Aleve cause the pain was so bad. Would you recommend IB profien or Aleve for the discomfort? Do you have any other recommendations to do so I can get thru this HELL? I was so bad this morning I also went to the doctor. I do feel slighty beter but not much

    1. Larry C. says:

      Liquid is always preferable to capsules. Get the tincture if the capsules don’t do anything. the tinctures is readily absorbed via the mouth, throat and stomach. Using the tincture is almost immediate, almost.
      Good luck and let us know if those capsules work or not.

  99. Nate says:

    Thanks for the support. Day 2 drug free and I feel even worse. Last night took the valerian root and it didnt help me sleep at all. Finally at midnight my wife gave me some night time thereflu and that let me sleep like 3 hours. I am so weak and have no energy I might haave to dall in to work. i just took the morning vtamins and herbs so we will see if thry help. I have never felt this bad in my entire life. I feel like I was hit by a bus!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Withdrawal doesn’t really hit until day 2-3, so you are on the right path for the opiate withdrawal timeline. Get past 72 hours and you will be fine.

  100. Chris says:

    I am over a week now with this formula, working great. I found that my intake of the Melissa and V.Root has increased by 2 additional servings in the last 2 days, getting the jitters for some reason, but that combo eliminated it.

    Nate – yes it’s the same thing. FYi, there really isn’t a limit on the intake of them, so if you get to feeling like crap, go for it. Read my prior posts above, I went through everything you could think of to get off the opiates (spent 100’s of dollars) and nothing worked except this. Worst case for you though, to get an RX called Clonidine, this is a blood pressure med that helps out A LOT in the beginning. I was taking the same pain as you, but quite a bit more. After 3 days, you are over the initial hump, then 5 day marker you can see the finish line. Day 3 to 5 is supposed to the be the worst days for withdrawal, but the vitamins, Melissa, Valerian root are a MUST. Sleeping, the Melissa and Valerian root combo will take care of the ‘crud’ feeling and you will sleep. FYI – this is my opinion based on my experience. I will be on this site for a while helping anyone I can because it helped me as a last resort, I thought I was toast, no help in site and stumbled on this site and truly a LIFE SAVER! For support, read all the prior posts. I did at least 3-5 times a day for ‘mental support’ It works in the worst moments. Bottom line, the years of pain meds working on your body, you are trading that for 5 days, so it’s worth it for sure. Hang in there, you are almost there! Thanks – Chris

  101. Nate says:

    The only other thing that seems to help a little is alcahol. I had 2 vodka and tonics and feel a little better but I dont know if it will help my sleeping or not. Should I drink any or not? What do you think?

  102. Jay says:

    Go to the gym the more you sweat the more that shit comes out of you sit in the sauna. I came down off a harder drug methadone in 2.5 wks of 140 and the supplements really helped and the vitamins help the fat release the toxins. I feel your pain I’m almost a week clean and feel awesome today. Keep your mind strong as each day goes by you’ll feel better. I actually got most of my energy back on day 3 but I must tell you drink lots of water or Gatorade. That’s the only way to flush out toxins quickly along with the supps and use that sauna.

  103. Nate says:

    I went to the gym and did the eliptical for 20 mins. My legs feel worse than they did before. The only thing that helps is the hot bath that I took. I am so exhausted that I am laying down writing this. I feel horrible. I keep thinking I need to that just one pill so this will go away and I can sleep tonight. But I dont have any. I am going to try the Valerian root to sleep tonight. Hopefully you wont see me on here until tomorrow. Thanks for all the help

  104. Nate says:

    I went out and bought some of the stuff on the list. I got basically everything except the Melissa stuff. The guy at gnc siad that Melissa is the same as any lemon balm. is that true? Right now my muscles are contracting uncontrollably and they are so sore. I am going to try all the suppliments and try to make it to the gym today and let you know how it is going.

  105. Nate says:

    I need help!! I have been taking 6 of the yellow 10mg Vics for the past 2 years. Yesterday I finally deceided to quit for good. So today is the first day without anything in 2 years. I feel like HELL! I have no energy my muscles hurt so bad I can barley concentrate enough to write this. I dont know if I should go to the gym and excersice since I can barley move. I feel tired now but when it comes to night time I know I will not be able to sleep. I ony slept like 3 hrs last night due to a lorazapam.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Well you’ve come to the right place for some support. I would at least try to go for a walk. Any form of exercise will help.
      Good luck and check back with us and let us know how you’re doing.

  106. Jay says:

    140 went down 20ml until 90 then 10ml each day, I feel great today no physical pain only sleep that’s it no more body temp fluctuation either.

  107. Jay says:

    I believe I sweated almost all of it out plus 75 liters + water and juice and the supps

  108. Jay says:

    Yeah I’m good the sweats stopped I’m almost 100 percent only thing is lacking sleep deprives the body to repair properly. I did find out that marijuana works well for sleep I fell asleep at 530am good dreaming and all until the alarm went off at 645 πŸ™ . And hell no I’ll never go back. I came off 140 in 2.5 weeks taper 20ml then 10ml then zero.

    1. Larry C. says:

      “I fell asleep at 530am good dreaming and all until the alarm went off at 645 :(”
      Hahahahahaha, sorry but I know exactly how that feels.

      Damn that was a fast taper. but you’re doing good now? Or better than you were? how’s the physical? pain, legs?

  109. Jay says:

    So today is day 5 methadone free I feel ok just the sweats and no sleep I work out in the morning and sweat even more. Feels good to sweat it out I have too much energy though so the Melissa works on that. So how much longer until normalcy is my question? Because I cannot stand these sweats.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Jay, you just came off 140mg of methadone right? or did you get lower than 140mg when you jumped off?
      Anyway Methadone is a lot like Suboxone, the half life is longer and the withdrawal can be almost twice as back as a regular opiate from what my friends and doctors told me. So you may have a couple of weeks of physical detoxing. I expect it will be longer than a normal detox. But you are on day 5 going on day 6? well those 5 days you don’t have to do ever again, unless you want to. πŸ™‚
      You are that much closer to being completely free.
      Stick with it man,

  110. Jay says:

    Every time I take my supplement I sweat like a beast?

  111. Jay says:

    Every time I take my supplement I sweat like a beast

  112. Jay says:

    By the way they taste like shit lol

  113. Jay says:

    I bought the valerian root last night I slept 5 hours so I stick with that till payday

  114. Chris says:

    Jay – you could get some of the stuff called Sleep C, it’s at Walgreens, it’s a packet you mix with water, do double dose of that and 101% sure you will sleep. It is packed with ALL natural products. Directions say use only one packet, but do 2 of them. It has Valerian root in it. Good stuff and box of it is under $10. Try it out.

  115. Jay says:

    Day 4 just bored to death worked out in the morning now I’m bored need something to do lol still not sleeping well but that’s just about it wondering how everyone else is.

  116. Jay says:

    Need to get some Valerian root as I still can’t sleep

  117. Jay says:

    Melissa is my new love lol

  118. Jay says:

    Well guys I had a break thru today I got almost all my energy back and no longer feel like crap. Nor do I have e chills feels awesome to be free on day 3. Julie taper down best thing to do because you won’t feel all the widrawls at once. Good stuff. I had a talk wi e wife were all good.

  119. Chris says:

    For sleep, the Valerian Root is the best! 40-50 drops X 2 within one hour with a 1.5 cups each of water. Doesn’t matter WHAT you have been taking, you will sleep. I just got this stuff yesterday and woah, powerful and NATURAL way to sleep, felt like a million + $1 this morning! lol.. I have tried nearly every way to get off opiates with out RX meds and this is the ONLY thing that has worked. Trial and error, spending around $500 on all that other stuff. Larry you are the man for posting this info, such a damn relief. Y’all have a great weekend and hang in there. You only live once and DO NOT let some small janky ass pill control you any longer

    1. Larry C. says:

      Right on! Glad I was able to help with this formula. it worked for me, so I’m glad it’s helping others.

  120. Julie says:

    Chris /jay thanks for all the advice and encouraging words its nice to know im not alone in this viscious ugly cycle! im proud of u guys,ur strength is helping me find my own. im Writing out a plan for tapering down until i can jump off.pray ffor me,and u guys keep up the good work!its inspiring to me

    and im sure anyone else who is reading!

    Jay i know how u feel with the nagging i dnt think thwy mean harm, they just have no idea how u feel and whats goin on with ur body!my boyfriend and i have had this issue.and its only getting worse the more pills i take!it will all come together in time, good luck!

  121. Jay says:

    Today’s hell I have my wife nagging me bout getting a job which I have already but can’t go until I’m done with this last thing I need is a nag some people will never understand what one has to go thru before normalcy can be reached.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Have you subscribed to the 7 day email newsletter? if not you might do that. It has a few emails and tips for loved ones who are on the other end of the stick. she might benefit and you might to from her reading those.
      Good Luck!

  122. Jay says:

    Day 3 had another shitty nights sleep and night sweats but all and all I feel ok I just wish this would hurry up and pass.

  123. Chris says:

    Yes, I quit on Monday. The way I looked at it, I put my body through hell for years and it’s payback… So I am trading years of abuse for 1 week (at most). I quit 4 weeks ago and couldn’t handle the not sleeping, so I started up again 2 weeks ago, a lot less then I used to take. I was taking up 20 a day for years of Norco. When I restarted I was taking 5 and pissed at myself how I let a drug control my life that much. I searched online and found this site and took the jump from 5-7 a day to ZERO. The Melissa is good stuff! To answer Larry’s question, I was taking 40 drops in 1 cup of water, did it like a shot glass X 3 daily and 1 time before I went to sleep. I cannot emphasize enough how complete the list is, about 100 dollars worth of herbs, OTC = worth every dime. It takes away 90% of the w/d, so don’t let the 10% work on you. Set goals by hour, daily or week, write them down. One of my goals “to be alive at the end of day” lol. Hang in there folks. Sleeping is off/on every hour but it will get back to normal after a week. I actually slept 6hrs straight last night, miracle for me, dang it felt good! Hot baths are very good, especially before you sleep. I am talking HOT baths. Every little bit helps.

  124. Jay says:

    Day 2 is almost over I hope I get to sleep tonight lol yea right

  125. Jay says:

    Julie that’s funny that’s how I started this vicious cycle by way of car accident.

  126. Jay says:

    I keep a towel on my head so I dont get the chills also I’m unemployed right now but have a job training on Monday so I hope to be ok.

  127. Jay says:

    Julie I’m on day 2 off 140 mg of methadone the Melissa works wonders I haven’t snapped at my kids yet:) I have a 3 and 4 year old so I must have my sanity and melissa provides me that. I tapered down from 140 in 2.5 weeks. I feel alright I’ve tried cold turkey and I always relapsed this works if you can taper down go that route and you won’t be as uncomfortable. also keep hydrated this way your legs won’t hurt.

  128. Julie says:

    Chris,thanks for the reassurance.just wondering if u are still tapering down or have u completely quit?also i tried the tapering and i just dnt do well i take whatevrr i can..i just want it to be over!

  129. Julie says:

    I,havnt quit yet,im afraid!im gathering supplements,waiting for super depressed already so am wondering what will happen during wd and after.planning on na meetings. I just need to bring it an be strong but i feel so weak..i think its years of drug use among other so mad at myself for letting pills ruin my li fe- i never thought it would happen to me.i never touched a pill until i gt n my.accident, no excuses tho! I need strength!

  130. Jay says:

    I masterbated too sleep and I came again in my dream lol

  131. Jay says:

    20 30 melissa drops is what I’m taking

  132. Jay says:

    I got the Melissa today it is great I’m feeling good just sapped. Three years of methadone will do that I guess. I went thru worse withdrawals with nothing which is why I always went back. But the clinic was good and weaning off was the best thing I did even if it was too fast. I just hate hate the damm hot cold spells.

  133. Chris says:

    Julie / Jay: I have been taking the supplements for 4 days and doing good. The Melissa tinture is good stuff. Stick with that they have on here. I was a little hesitant at first and decided to jump in and give it a try.

    1. Larry C. says:

      how much are you taking of the Melissa? I was taking 20-30 drops in a small amount of water when I did mine. I still do that much when I have an anxiety attack.

  134. Jay says:

    Hot cold sucks sweaty sucks

  135. Jay says:

    Day 2 had a terrible nights sleep sweating tossing turning took Unisom didn’t work so I took another and I dreamt of banging my wife which in turn woke me up and I couldn’t sleep no more. I slept maybe 3 to 4 hours tops lack of sleep sucks woke up at 7 and chugged vitamins and cereal and Salba. I feel to hyper and need to get my hands on this Melissa tiincture to calm me down I feel like I’m gonna fly outta my skin.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Masturbation sometimes helps to get to sleep. πŸ™‚

  136. Jay says:

    Today is day one of being off methadone I went with the taper down approach while at the clinic I went from 140 mgs a day for 2 years to 0 in 2.5 wks. I’m feeling alright legs hurt body temp fluctuates on and off I’m going to pick up some of these sups to help with the anxiety and flu symptoms. Reading this really keeps my mind at ease I have no cravings and have eliminated the source of my addiction which was my job I hated it and took the meds to deal with the work place bs. I am now excited not to be owned by a drug any comments would be appreciated.

  137. Julie says:

    Thank u and please excuse the typos im using my cell and the keybo&rd sux!

  138. Julie says:

    Hi my name is julie. I am 28 years old. I am vicodin.i statef taking it 6 years ago after my car accident. I cant remember the person i used to be which disturbs me highly. I have a one year old daughter who deserves a mother who us mentally all there for her and the guilt of everyrhing that comes with pill

    addiction i$ eatingme alive.i have been
    researching and teying to find a way to quit without rehab and i stumbled across this site, thank god!i just want my life back, i want to be able to be happy again anf just nor stressing on my next days fix.i need any suppirt tips or ideas on ho@ to go about this.will i be able tocare for my daughter if i go cold turkey? This and my pain is what im truly concered taking 10 ir more 10s each day.any advice is appreciated.i really need and want help.really afeaid thi. I dont know what @ill happen with my body it seriously depends on the pills. Thanjtty

  139. Chris says:

    Larry – you are correct, amazing! Been clean and good to go so far! The Melissa Tinture is great, now I know why you recommended it over everything else. Anyone else reading this, GO FOR IT!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yeah I STILL use it. πŸ™‚ I am prone to anxiety and such and whenever I feel like I can’t concentrate I use it. It’s also GREAT for Herpes outbreaks. Shortens the time of the outbreak by a week or more.
      Thanks for your words!!!


  140. Felix says:

    Congrats Steve

  141. Chris says:

    I saw this site and was glad to see it. Curious on everyone’s comments, I was taking 10 norco a day, quit for 2 weeks and back on to 5 a day. The sleeping, jittering and anxiety was ripping me up to where I started taking them again, relapse I know, not the best news in the world. For the last week I am taking 5 day, with this recipe above which I bought all the items, how do you think it will be? I am excited to do this and will give 100%, just wondering how ‘bad’ it will be? Thanks guys, Chris

    1. Larry C. says:

      The recipe will definitely help. just read everyone’s comments who have used it. As to how bad? everyone’s different. If you’re ready it won’t make a difference.
      Good Luck.

  142. Steven says:

    I’m on day 15 from 3 years of 30 hydros a day, then 32mg of Suboxone a day for 4 years! I feel better each passing day, sleeping is the hardest fight right now. It is so nice to see life without the fog anymore!!!

  143. felix says:

    thanks for the update betty, & im happy for you both too. It does feel good, life is so good. Anybody reading this and thinking about quitting, its so worth it. I’m on day 20, it was worth it for me. Thanks Larry.

    1. Marcus says:

      Hi Felix, your logs and results seem to be the most similar to what I have been experiencing. Even the Sub taper was pretty much the same. Was wondering if you still read this site? I am on day 18. been doing fine. slept the last 3-4 night without any supplements. having the mid day blues and feeling a bit down. the melissa doesn’t help as much as it did originally. Just wondering how you been and if you have any advise. assuming all is good you should be right around 2 months?

  144. Betty says:

    Day 13!! I finally have my son back. I cant stress how much finding this “recipe” has helped. He is still having some issue with sleeping, but even that seems better. He is eating and for the first time in a long time he is finally putting some weight on. He says he is ready to start looking for a job, and living life again. Felix, he to is learning how to have fun and enjoy life without drugs. I am so proud of you both. Keep looking forward, and enjoy the life you have back πŸ™‚ Larry, THANK YOU!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s really awesome Betty. I’m happy to hear it’s helped another person. πŸ™‚

  145. Jessica says:

    Thank you. I didn’t notice that on the site. I went to a walk in clinic yesterday and the doctor was no help whatsoever. She treated me like something that was stuck to the bottom of her shoe. But thank you.

  146. Jessica says:

    Thank you!

  147. Doug says:

    26 days today going off oxy 20s ER. For a year and 7 years hydrocodone 10s taking 7 or 8 a day. Feeling better everyday although stiilhaving problems with sleep

  148. Jessica says:

    I have gone cold turkey from both oxycodene and hydrocodone in the last two days because my prescriptions ran out. I am in complete hell! I am desperate to end this nightmare. My question is: is the 5-htp safe to take along with Cymbalta?

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s probably a question for your doctor. Also this site says to avoid:,5-htp.html

  149. Felix says:

    What are you on Mark? I was on suboxone 4-6 mg a day and I tapered down to 1mg a day over the course of a month before I jumped off completely. With the help of Larrys Recipe it makes your withdrawls alot easier to deal with. I’m on day 13 now and I already feel back to normal, I’m just trying to learn how to live without resorting back to drugs now, since thats what I’ve been doing most of my life. Going to meetings really helps me and I feel good after I go to them. Well I’ll pray for you Mark, make a plan and get off when u can.

  150. Mark says:

    i hate this viscious cycle! i jus wanna be clean!

  151. Felix says:

    Thats grrreat Betty! I’m so happy for both of you. I’m proud of my accomplishment too, day 11, I’m still having sleeping problems too, I cant sleep without taking Unisom, I cant complain though. Life is good. Betty tell your son he shud be proud too and he can pat himself on the back, he should be past the worst of it now. Thanks for the update betty.

  152. Betty says:

    We are at day 6!!! Hes not ever made it this far!! Its amazing how much this has helped him! I can say I am starting to think there is light at the end of the tunnel. The sleep is still a big issue, but I know in time this to will get better. Felix, you should be very proud, I cant wait til we can say day 9!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Being at day 6 is HUGE. Being at Day 1 is HUGE too!!!
      24 hours without is gargantuan!

  153. Felix says:

    day 9 it feels good to say that. everyday it feels good to make progress at this, I put it in the work, and now its starting to pay off. Im still taking it easy, i feel pretty much back to normal, i’m drug free and today was a good day.

  154. Felix says:

    a good support system is important and exercise helps too.

  155. Felix says:

    Betty it means alot that im able to help thru my experience, I was helped by Larrys Recipe and the posts on this site by others, and I remember just reading through all the posts, and trying to find someone who made it, and I could track thier progress and where I should be, and that just helped me out so much, so.. thats why I posted my whole experience on here. I’m on day 8 I feel great, there is light, If he can’t sleep, somethings that work for me are, take a hot bath, take the magnesium before bed, stay hydrated, Unisom with doxylamine succinate “not” with diphenyhydramine. I take 1 or 2 25mg pills 1/2 hr. before im ready to go to bed, I also tried a drink called neurosleep. One more piece of advice tell him to remember everything will eventually pass, like sometimes your happy, sometimes your sad, but your always going to be happy again, nothing lasts forever. Day 8, I still have sleeping problems too, and lack of energy but I feel 10x better and so will he in a couple more days, it might get harder before it gets better, it did for me, just keep going like larry told me. I finally started cooking again today, normally I cook everything at home, but I havent been this past week until today. Betty it sounds like you and your son are determined to get thru this, just keep going πŸ™‚ thanks again Larry

  156. Betty says:

    My son is now at day 3, today was actually better than yesterday. he has told me he worries how tomorrow will be but that he knows its worth it. The insomnia seems to be the hardest for him to deal with. He seems to sleep 3 hrs and thats it. I can say the Melissa seems to keep him calmer and easier to be around. I love my son, and have to say this is hard to watch. Felix, pease keep updating you are showing me there is light.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Sleep deprivation is great for torture!
      I did about 20 drops of melissa in a little water and chugged it down, about 2-3 times a day.

  157. Felix says:

    Day 7 things keeps getting better and better, i still have symptoms, but theres no way I would ever turn back after this point, it feels so good. Last week on this day I took my last 1mg peice of suboxone. I know from othrs experiences it’s still going to be awhile until im back to normal, but Ill make it now, thanks to larrys recipe, and the posts on this site from others going thru this, so.. thanks again.

  158. Felix says:

    Yea Larry I agree with you about jumping off subs at too high of a dose, I think that’s been my problem in my past attempts. I’ve been taking 4-6mg of suboxone for the past 6 months, and before that I was taking vicodins, oxycodone, and morphine. Anything I could get my hands on, anyway I weened myself down too 1mg of sub a day, thats a really small peice off of an 8mg strip, so.. I went from 4mg to 2mg for 2 weeks then 1mg for maybe 4-5 days. Youre still going to go thru w/d’s but they’re alot more comftorable when you ween down. Another thing I like about weening down is the w/d’s hit you right away. So yea I take all the stuff on Larrys recipe and that helps alot too, dont know if I could of did this without it. I’m on day 6, Day 5 seemed really hard but I made it through the day and I got a pretty good nights sleep thanks to some unisom w/ doxylamine succinate instead of diphenyhydramine, I dont want to make a habit out of it but i really needed some restorative sleep so I would recommend it when insomnia starts. Day 6, I feel really good today, I’m living proof Larrys Recipe works its still hell but it makes it that much easier, I made it this far so.. No way am I turning back now, I never want to relive this past week, I’ll remember it though. Thanks Larry and Thank God

    1. Larry C. says:

      I’m glad it’s helping. Thanks for the kind words and keep on going.

  159. Betty says:

    My son is withdrawling from Suboxone, he is at day 1. He is taking L-Tyrosine and the B vitamins. I am going to the store tomorrow to get the things mentioned on here. He has tried before but have never seen him want it so bad like he seems to this time. I would appreciate any advice you can give me to help him through this hell. Is there a certain day that it gets worse or better?

    1. Larry C. says:

      How low has he weened down too? Suboxone is a hard drug to get off of if you jump off at too high a dose. day 2-3 will start hitting hard. be prepared.
      Good luck and please report back.

    2. Larry C. says:

      Heck have him read this site and the responses and post him self too!

  160. Felix says:

    yea the glutamine helps. Insomnia is setting in, only got a couple hrs sleep last nite. Every day I get less and less restful sleep. I took 5 baths in the past day, whenever I feel anxiety, I take a bath, until my heartbeat slows down, seems like my bloods not circulating very good either, I keep getting lightheaded. other than that remaining positive, the weathers really nice, that helps. I took my dog for a long walk, she pulled me most of the way and I let her today, it helped. Day 5.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Did you get the Melissa? that might help your sleep.

  161. Felix says:

    one more thing I dont take the immodium either since its an opiate, I dont want anything setting me back, I made that mistake last time I tried to quit I started taking tramadol cause I thought it was a non- narcotic thats what the docs told me, but turns out its an opiate too. just some advice.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Glutamine in higher doses stops diarrhea. Good luck an keep us posted.

  162. Felix says:

    Day 4 anxiety was high on and off today, went for a long walk to the store to get some L-tyrosine. I got all the vitamins and supplements i need for Larrys recipe now. Woot. I also read something on this site somewhere, about the Master Cleanse Diet, so I downloaded the book, and read it. Kinda had a paradigm shift reading the end. This site has really been a Godsend, all the info Ive found is really helpful, I feel like a new chapter is starting in my life, and im the author and in control again, no more drugs for me, and im going to continue going to meetings, which is actually what made me want to stop taking suboxone in the first place, and then by the grace of god I found this site to help me deal with my w/d symptoms and read about others experiences. Thanks Larry and Thanks to everyone that posts on here. Good Night.

  163. Felix says:

    thanks Larry, this blog seems to really help, when im having a hard time I just read some of the posts on here and I remember why I want this soooo bad. Thank you, Day 3 and Im not going to complain, I know it will get better.

  164. Felix says:

    grreat recipe chef πŸ™‚ Your a Boss. Thank you so much for sharing this & thank god I found this on the internet. Im slowly acquiring all the vitamins and supplements. I got the Valerian root with passionflower and mellissa(lemon balm), and 5-HTP. also taking multi- vitamin and drinking lots of power-ade. I even got a bottle of coconut water. Im on my 2nd day of w/d off Subs that I tapered down to 1 mg a day before jumping off. Overall I feel ok, I know taking all these vitamins is helping cause Im alot more comftorable than last time i tried, I feel like w/d’s came on alot faster this time so hopefully i get them over with quicker, I give it 2 to 3 weeks of w/d and insomnia before im back to normal. Next on my list of vitamins is B6, Magnesium, Potassium and then Glutamine, L-tyrosine, and maybe L-theanine when i get some more money $$$ the natural health food store guy reccomend Holy Basil I might try that too. I also highly reccomend Ben-gay on your knees and ankles or any other joints that are bothering you. Good Luck to all and pray for me if you read this. Thank you Larry

    1. Larry C. says:

      hahaha, your welcome Felix. I’m glad it’s helping. I came up with this through my own hellish experience and it made it much more tolerable.
      Good luck and keep us informed as to your progress.

  165. Doug says:


    13 days today feeling more normal than I have over the past 8 years. I will continue to follow your bloc and pray for others just starting. I have been taking hydro 10 five or 6 a day for years and then went to ER oxy 20 mls 3 times a day before going cold turkey Christmas day. My wife has been with me every step of the way and I found your site on 26th. Thanks for doing what you do.Maybe you should be a CNN hero.
    Ionosphere’s there are still tough days ahead but I keep remembering this is one day I will never have to do swain UNLESS I WANT TO.

  166. Doug says:

    Wd. 10 days today. Very active job with little or no sitting.Constant. problem
    Solving I.coped in occupation. Things are improving but I like to have a sort of target date to shoot for in my mind. I am slightly goal oriented.

    1. Larry C. says:

      what were you taking? You should be done in about 3-4 more days, then everything will be back to normal. whatever normal is. Honestly it’s different for each person.

  167. Doug says:

    How long does the fatigue and spacey feeling usually last? I have been working 10 hour days and just hanging on.

    1. Larry C. says:

      how long have you been withdrawing? usually lasts about 2 + weeks…depends on how much exercise you do too.

  168. Doug says:

    I am a 59 year old on hydrocodone for 6 years then 1 year of ER foxy 20 Mg 2 or3 per day. Went cold turkey Christmas day and God directed me to your site. Eight days today and stating to sleep 4 to 6 hours at night.
    It hasn’t been easy but I have gotten through the bad parts. I just wanted you to know I wouldn’t have made it without your positive approach and you ability to put things in perspective. With your help, the love and help of my wife, and THE GRACE OF GOD I’m going to make it.
    Thank you as I know many of us sit here silently being encouraged.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Awesome Doug, Keep up the good work, you’re almost done.

  169. Justina says:

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yeah ive heard it to referred to as deathadone. Im so scared for him… Hes had to kick before cold turkey but Not methadone… Does anyone know if its unsafe to use these kinds of supplements while hes tapering off the methadone… If they start taking him down 3mg a week which im nott
    Sure if this is unheard of or not but he could be off by the 30th. Going down 3mg per week he could be off by then. All I know is going down 2mg per week he feels discomfort im wondering if he can take these supplements at the same time to ease the pain, help with his anxiety, stomache and sleep or would that not be safe.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I thinks it’s safe to use. I’ve heard many people on here start using the supps before they start WD.

  170. Justina says:

    Hello larry,
    I need some help. My significant other is on methdone hes dropped down to 14mg per day ive been vigoursly searching for alternatives so he can quit the methadone he has to turn himself in on the 30th of Jan and I was trying to find a way to get him off the methadone prior to him going so that he wouldnt have to face the withdrawal symptoms while incarcerated. Im very scared for him and all i have seen is the moderate to mild pain he has after he drops down a couple doses. I cant imagine what its gonna be like having to come down completely i doubt they will supply him with methadone while he is there. I came across your recipe along with the withdrawal ease which i found as a link attached to your post. I also came across pure health group… You used this method for your withdrawal from suboxone do u know if anyone has tried this for withdrawal off methadone. How exactly does this work… I mean does he stop going to the clinic and start taking the supplements or does he continue the methadone and then… I dont i need instructions. Im desperate as is he but hes deathly afraid of the withdrawals. I realize all this stuff is natural is it possible that any of this stuff can hurt him?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Methadone from what I hear is one nasty withdraw. Some liken Suboxone to Methadone, but I only know painkillers and suboxone. My thoughts would be to get down as low as possible and then get off and use the supplements. I am not familiar with Pure health group. But the recipe of natural stuff I did and it greatly helped me. Either way, when he gets locked up they will not give him methadone. so he will kick whether he likes it or not. And being in jail while Wd is not fun. I’ve seen it. It’s not pretty.
      Keep us posted how he does.
      good luck.

  171. Jamie says:

    Hey Larry! I hope you are well today. As you know I planned my detox for yesterday Thursday 12-8-11. I got the melissa supreme in tuesday and started taking it. I only had my morning pills that day. I was still doing great wed. but then yesterday I ran out. I had to drive 60 miles to get more and I was very sick. Not a fun day. Anyway I ended up taking more pills. Shame on me. But im not giving up Just a minor set back. Anyway one store only had 2 bottles. I wanted at least 4 cuz My husband wants to do this too. So I finnally found some at an eat rite store. They changed the name and label. Its called Attention daily now and has a kids label on it. I was skeptical even though at the bottom it said formerly Melissa Supreme. I got 2 more bottles. It taste the same. This stuff really curves the cravings. Thanks Larry. Tomarrow is now my official quit date πŸ™‚

  172. says:

    Thank you for posting this, Larry. I am a 46 year old grandmother – addicted to hydrocodone (approx 30 mg per day -give or take.) and am so ready to get off this this rollercoaster. People might say that 30 mg per day is a low doseage but I have had this same routine for over 10 years. I am going to try your method as well as apposed to the Thomas recipe because I really don’t want to take any more drugs- don’t have access to valium, xanax, etc. anyway. I will post and let you know how it worked for me. I wonder if Trish tried it?

  173. Trish says:

    One question- where can I find coconut water somewhere besides Amazon? Like, in real life I mean. The little dairy by my house sells it in individual cans, but I want to buy it in bulk… a gallon or something if possible. Would health food/organic food stores be the best place to look? The closest one to me is about 20 minutes away lol so I want to make sure before I venture over there. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for posting this; it’s awesome to have options for natural remedies as opposed to more prescriptions.

  174. Trish says:

    Thanks for posting this! My official quit date for Suboxone is June 8th. Only 18 days away! I definitely plan to try this out. I am already prescribed benzo’s and have been on them for about a year, so I can’t stop taking them cold turkey since it’s dangerous. But if I can, I want to minimize the amount of benzo’s I have to take while I’m withdrawing, because I know I’d probably need twice the amount than I need for my regular anxiety! It seems Valerian root and the Melissa stuff will be helpful in that. This way I can keep it at only one or two Xanax a day or one Valium and not have to worry about developing another hard core addiction. I’ve heard of the Thomas recipe, but I’ve always been a fan of going the herbal route if possible. Besides, I used it for hydro withdrawal and some of the stuff the Thomas recipe suggested did nothing for me, so.

    Oh, another thing I think you should add (just a suggestion) is St. John’s Wort. That stuff is a miracle herb, let me tell you. I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was 16, and St. John’s Wort cured it completely on it’s own; I’ve been depression free for over 5 years now thanks to that stuff! So I think it will definitely help with the PAWS and the mental part. Anyways, I’ll go out and start buying all the ingredients and I’ll let you know how this works when I finally quit for good on the 8th! Thanks again for posting this; it looks like it will work!

    1. Larry C. says:

      thanks for the input Trish, and I thought about the St. Johns Wort but didn’t use it myself so I didn’t put it in there. I htink I will though as a n extra measure, I know many people have had great success with it. The Melissa is one Herb I would recommend to anyone over the other stuff for the anxiety, depression and muscle tension for the withdrawals.
      Keep us posted on your journey.

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