Pain Killers: Getting off is hard to do...

How to get off painkillers naturally


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How To Get Off Painkillers Naturally

People keep asking me how to get off painkillers naturally. Well the thing is, you’re going to go through a bit of pain no matter what you do but you can do something to ease that pain.

I’ve recently updated the list of How to get off painkillers naturally, please see this post right here:

For a list of these please see my post here called The Thomas Recipe Alternative – Larry’s Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal


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  1. Kayla P says:

    I have been abusing an extremely strong painkiller for almost an entire year now…The name of the pill is Opana, which is a mix of Oxycotin and Morphine. Before getting addicted to these, I was regularly doing large amounts or Perkocet, Vicoden, Methadone, etc. I have been struggling with opiate addiction in general for 4 solid years now, and I am only 20 years old. I have tried to quit several times…both trying to stop cold turkey and trying to gradually come off of them. But every time I have tried, I go right back to doing them within a weeks time. All because I cannot deal with the withdraws. I want to find a healthy way to get off of these, FOR GOOD, without having to use other drugs. If you know of anything that can help me, PLEASE let me know.

  2. Wil White says:

    Ive been trying to get off vicodin for years. If you can help please email me asap..i do run and excersise regularly. I also mainly just drink water. I can tel you more when you contact me..I need your help asap..Thanks Wil

    1. Larry C. says:

      You can tell me about it here Wil…everyone else does. You’re not alone.

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