Pain Killers: Getting off is hard to do...

How Long Does Opiate Withdrawal Last?


How long will the withdrawal from painkillers last? Whether it’s withdrawal from Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percodan, Codiene or any other painkiller or heroin, that’s kind of a loaded question.

The main physical withdrawal effects, such as the pain, sweats, chills, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea usually last only about 5 days to a week. The other part, the longer term withdrawal or PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) can last from several weeks to several years.

This part is sometimes what keeps people going back to the drug. After the initial withdrawal or detox, then you have residual detox and the brain trying to function normally, but it just can’t. At least not yet, and it can take months or years for a persons brain chemistry to get back to normal.

It is this period of time that can be the most difficultfor many to STAY OFF of the drugs, because it is here where the nagging and gnawing little voices start talking. I am not talking hallucinations, but I am talking depression and anxiety and the want to just be happy again.

What happens when a person is addicted to pain killers is their brain stops making endorphins, the bodys natural pain killers and the thing that keeps us from getting depressed. When a person starts taking pain meds for an extended length of time, their brain stops making endorphins because opiates look just like endorphins to the brain and the brain stops making them.

After so long the brain stops making them and the pain killer is now depended upon for endorphins or the imitation endorphins. Clinically the opiate dependance is spelled out like this:

“Opiate addiction is recognized as a central nervous system disorder caused by continuous opiate use. Extended opiate abuse leads to the nerve cells in the brain to stop functioning as they normally would and stop producing natural endorphins. Because the body is receiving opiates and is no longer producing endorphins, the nerve cells start to degenerate and cause an opiate addiction.”

So what happens is the brain doesn’t make endorphins anymore, the person who was addicted may be depressed and have anxiety for a period of time after getting off the painkillers and after the physical withdrawal is over.

It is during this period of time the person occupy themselves with something constructive. The person will most likely not want to do anything much, but once they start they start to feel better. It forces the brain to start making it’s own endorphins. Physical exercise can help to jump start the endorphin making process.

It is also of great importance for the person to get SUPPORT in the form of either a 12 step program(Highly Recommended), or through some form of group counseling. There is power in numbers and being a part of a group really helps immensely.

Many people feel they don’t belong in a group with other drug addicts, but the fact is, they do, they were once addicted or are currently addicted to drugs. They may feel they are not like the other people., but they are, in that they were addicted.

I also want to make one thing VERY clear, Just because you or someone you love is addicted to painkillers, doesn’t mean they have a moral problem. Opiate addiction is NOT a moral issue, it’s a medical one, and one not to be trifled with. Give them a break and support them emotionally, and get them the help they need.

I’d also Suggest reading this post: Opiate Withdrawal Timeline

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  1. Mike says:

    I started with a car accident in 92/ Not sure theres a pain pill I haven’t tried so tired of it being the highlight of my day from oc`s to opana and now vicodin and tramadol. I never dreamed tramadol was that potent I have a lot of pain and live where dr`s don’t trust anyone. If I had one wish it would be to wake up one am w/o needing anything does that make me a weak minded man??? I sure hope not

    1. Renee says:

      Sooo know how you feel, I’m on 75mcg Fentanyl and wanted to go to 100mcg my Dr. Freaked and said a 75mcg patch should last 4 or 5 years, I was like are you kidding me. She is pissed.

  2. MONKEYqpHUNTER says:

    I am not ready to go into detail and discuss my problem yet. I will say it is pain pills. Right now I am trying to reduce the amount I take daily. With the goal of getting my self to only take one when my knee is killing me. One thing I noticed that helps me is reading. Like this forum all the experiences you guys talk about keeps me focused and passes away a lot of time.

  3. Jack says:

    I was taking Norcos for the last 6 months for a back problem. Then the last month my neck became severly stiff and radiates pain into my shoulders and upper back. I googled neck pain and norco and found stiff neck can possibly be a side effect of norco. I’ve been cold turkey for 3 days, I’m struggling but the worst part of it is the pain in my neck and shoulders is still killing me. Anyone have any experience with this drug induced neck pain? Any idea how long it usually lasts once you quit the pills? Any response would be appreciated. God Bless Us All!

    1. ken says:

      I have neck problems as well Jack. It wiil get better in the second week sometime. It is tough but if you just hang in there it will get better.

  4. shawn says:

    hi I have been on week 2 an I am really feelen like crap still I was doing anywhere from 15 to 20 p30s a day went to the er an they gave me some stuff to help sleep but I am out of it my legs wont stop hurting my back won’t ether I feel like just going back but what is stopping me is all the stuff I did to my family please help me find a way to quit for good without feelen this bad please I need help I have feel out more then once from this problem I have so any help would be great thank you so much

    1. Larry C. says:

      Shawn, sign up for the newsletter adn get the recipe for detox and recovery. it’s supplement and herbal based so no medications are needed. I also highly suggest going to NA. You will get the support you really need from others who have been where you are.
      Good Luck!

    2. Stan says:

      Shawn – hang in there brother. I know you don’t think so now but the worst is already over. Don’t reset the clock by using again. Stay strong. Listen to Larry. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I liked the p30’s too. My story is on here… This site kept me focused. Keep coming back. I’ve been clean for 8 months now and finally have my life back. You can beat this.. you need to find something positive to focus on. Start with some easy exercise. Even just a walk around the block for now. I know it’s the LAST thing you feel like doing but it will help with everything from the restless legs, aches, pains, insomnia, and most of all your mood. It feels impossible to get off the couch but trust me once you get moving you WILL feel better! You need to realize taking that much pain medicine numbed every ache and pain you had so you will naturally feel sore as you dry out. Advil and warm showers helped me with the pain and imodium curbed my stomach issues if you are having any of those too. Stay hydrated. Stay positive. Exercise produces endorphins. It is key to long term recovery and a healthy life. Read up on PAWS and be ready for it. I can’t stress the importance of exercise enough. It saved me. I’m here for you my man. Keep us posted. You got this.

      1. shawn says:

        thanks guys I really do need the support right now I was one just about everything you could think of I was on methadone for 5 year subs for a year and the 30s for 7 years I also did the zannys to an I try to walk everyday an been going to counseling because it kinda helps but all I can think about is the life style of the running for stuff 5 to 7 times aday I have seen an did so many stupid things to my friends, family, kids, girlfriend, so forth that I cant look any of them in the eyes I would do anything to get my life back I don’t no whether to go get help at a rehab or go out of state to a place that can work with me I am willing to try anything at this point in my life my parent have said they will do anything to help me get back on my feet again but the nights are the hardest I really do want to do this I even went as far as telling everyone I was getting stuff from to never call me again an if anyone knows a place I could go for mental support an then work myself back up I would love the info so thank you so much you guys are doing a great job by helping people keep there heads up on here keep the good work up guys

        1. Larry C. says:

          ughh…yeah Suboxone made me never want to detox again. It really helped me to get away from teh regular opiates and was a good thing but the withdrawal for me was a whole 30 days of pain and lack of energy. On day 30 it all left. it was weird after that I was good.

          1. shawn says:

            yeah that’s what I heard Larry I am now on day 12 of being clean but it is still killing me I am a outdoors men an I try to keep myself busy with deer season coming in but why I am in the woods by myself all I think about is how can I get money to go get 1 more an I really don’t want to I really want to quit I have did to many stupid thing to my parents an the are the most loving caring people an I sit an think about what I have did to them an that make me just want to run because I feel like I cant make things right with them till I make thing right with myself so if you can tell me what the right way of doing this as for anyone that could help me with what I should do I am in really bad shape an could use the best advise any1 can give I am willing to try anything thank Larry an Stan you guys are helping me through a lot right now

            1. Larry C. says:

              working out in the gym really helped me to get over it faster and got my endorphins back to normal. Walking really helps too.

              1. shawn says:


                1. Larry C. says:

                  I don’t believe I did, you might want to have a doctor check that ….then again maybe it’s bad heart burn? but have a doctor check that!

                2. Stan says:

                  Shawn – I never experienced any chest pains. If you are get to a Dr ASAP. If it is accompanied by numbness or tingling in your arms/legs or you feel a shortness of breath call 911 right away. That’s not something to mess around with.

                  I’m not trying to freak you out. I’m just looking out for you brother. Hopefully it’s just some heartburn like Larry said.

                  Otherwise how are you doing? Be honest.

                  We’re hear for you..

                  – Stan

                3. Stan says:

                  Shawn – How are you doing brother? We haven’t heard from you.. I’m worried about you.

                  Please check in.

                  – Stan

            2. Stan says:

              Shawn – it sounds like you have a great supportive family. That helps. Make sure you apologize to anyone you feel guilty about. It will help close that chapter of your life. Don’t dwell on the past anymore. We can only control our present and future. Again, 12 days clean is GREAT!! It seems to me you are finally tired of being sick and tired. Stay strong. Where are you from?

              Like Larry the gym did wonders for me. If you prefer to be outdoors jump on a mountain bike. I ride 20 miles a day 6 days a week now. It takes me just over an hour and I absolutely love it. It’s my me time. I break a sweat, clear my head, refocus, and plan the rest of my day. It will help tremendously with the leg and sleep issues you are experiencing too. If you don’t have a bike check Craigslist. You can pick up a decent one for less than we’d spend on a days worth of p30’s.

              I’m glad our words are helping. Larry and the others on here got me where I am today. I’m happy to return the favor. Stay strong bro! We can beat this! Together!

              Keep us posted. Please. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

              – Stan

              1. shawn says:

                well im still struggling tryn not to do anything most of the withdraw is gone still getting the restless legs an arms thought but other then that tryn to keep my brain from thinking about it been tryn to do more thing with my kids an tryn to stay away from the town where I was getting everything from went to the er over the pain they said it is stress from everything going on still haven some pain there to but I really want to thank you guy for the support you guys have gave me it really has helped me get through some tuff time an I will tell you what if I ever see another pain pill —- drug again I will rem all this an what I have went through I will keep in touch an once again thank you !!!!!

                1. Larry C. says:

                  Eat Bananas and drink coconut water, not coconut milk, to help with the RLS. Or take a potassium supplement…
                  Your body will hurt because of the withdrawals, this is normal.
                  Keep us updated…

                  1. shawn says:

                    I went to the heath food store an got a few thing they said would help with the withdraws an they seem to be helping so I am going to start eating healthy.I am moving next week so I hope that will help keep my mind busy doing that so I need to get my energy up so if there is anything you can tell me to get would be really help full but im an day 17 an I pray to god every night to keep me away from this hell I have put myself through an my parents I never thought I could do the things I did to them to support my habit but they have forgive me for what I have done to them an told me they would help me with whatever I need to get through this an my girlfriend soon to be wife said she would go to the NA meetings with me so I have one hell of a support team behind me 100% so if there is anything you can think of for me to get please post it so I can go get it thank you Larry an Stan !!!!

                    1. Larry C. says:

                      Shawn you are super stoked to have that much support from your family. Now go to those meetings and make it happen. I’m not suure if you subscribed and got the recipe but you can also look it over here:

                      I especially recommend getting the Melissa supreme if nothing else, it will help with the anxiety and anger and depression. Also will calm the nerves and muscles.

                      Keep us posted, we’re here for you!

                    2. Stan says:

                      Way to go Shawn! Keep it up! Anymore chest pains?

                      Exercise, a healthy diet, and lots of water are key right now. A gallon a day is not uncommon. It cleans the body and helps the brain function properly. Listen to Larry. I would also add Milk Thistle to a multi-vitamin for your liver. It’s taken a beating the last few years.

                      Don’t look back, keep your eye on the future. It can be whatever you want it to be. Do something nice for your family. Make them dinner or something. It will make you feel good and them proud.

                      Congrats on your progress. Read up on PAWS and be ready. Keep moving and you’ll be fine brother. Don’t let the couch suck you in. Keep us posted. We got your back.

                      – Stan

                    3. Larry C. says:

                      Day 17…well, 17 days you don’t have to do again, unless you want to…

                    4. Stan says:

                      Shawn – how goes the battle?

        2. LeaninonGOD says:

          I have found that turning the problem over to GOD has helped and truly surrender to him listen to some inspirational music Chris Tomlinson “amazing grace my chains are gone” a great song to listen to and make you want to sing it and it really be true The Lord never fails promise u that

  5. Emma says:

    I’m on about my 9th month of Norcos, they’re so deceiving considering how small they are compared to vicodin yet more powerful. I didn’t mean to become dependent, pulled a muscle in my back – friend offered up some vics, lulled me into a false sense of feeling better, wrenched by back two more times after that and then came the Norcos. I’ve been weaning the last week and a half. My max dose was 40-50mg a day, now I’m down to 10mg daily (disappointing, I expected to be further along) and none in the evening. I see why family is forbidden to see patients at rehab for the first week or whatever- they’re making it hard to stick with my program. I find it difficult to address even small requests from people but I am saying ‘no’. I was doing pretty well (I thought) until my cell rang and it was a relative and immediately my blood pressure went up, I started to sweat, I got super pissed – oh how they DO NOT get it. I managed though and didn’t slip. I didn’t answer the phone nor did I call back. I work full time, caring for a 6 year old, took four days off in a row (alone) to wean off more since going CT was absolutely not an option (tried, several times and one weekend was not nearly enough time to make it through something like that). I see how difficult it will be now even with weaning. I have benzos on hand – never had much of a problem with them so they help clip the edges when necessary and I never take too much of that anyway. I’m so lethargic is almost alarming. What a god damn mess. Funny how at first you get so much done, it is so great, then they turn on you. I wasn’t expecting that. At least in the last couple of days I see a light at the end of the tunnel. One thing – I was taking them originally for back pain – when I wake up the pain is pretty bad but I suspect that is because the pills have worn off so I’m taking half a norco and Motrin or just Motrin later. I think the aches are from the withdrawal more than anything – I didn’t realize that at first. I have a pile of Norcos on hand, don’t feel the need to take a bunch so that’s good. But if my family bugs me in the next day and harasses me with their demands, I could easily slip. I almost did earlier today – all over a phone call that I didn’t answer. Any suggestions as to how to get family to back the hell off? Clearly telling them directly what my plan was and what my situation was didn’t work (and I didn’t even want to tell them in the first place). I scheduled my detox around a two week vacation where I would be alone – I had it all worked out but they keep popping up when all I really need to be alone. That put me behind two days with weaning which has thrown a wrench in everything. I am still tapering though, plan on sticking with the 10mg for the rest of the week (I break them in half) and then I guess smaller pieces after that until that’s it. Wondering how long this alarming lethargic shit is going to last.

    1. Larry C. says:

      The longer you drag it out, the longer it will last.
      also benzos are highly addictive.
      But good luck!
      Keep us posted.

  6. Randall says:

    It has been 1 month and 2 days since I stopped taking Hydros. I was taking 8-10 10mgs a day, for about 3 years. The first 2 weeks was a living nightmare. After the first week I had to make myself to even walk around the house, and gradually work my way up to walking around my neighborhood. I’m feeling a whole lot better. I catch myself craving every now and then but after that craving passes everything is fine. I’m just happy I am no long tired every passing minute of the day and it actually doesn’t bother me to run errands or go to work. I did this cold turkey and have no intention to go back around for another withdrawal.

    1. Steve says:

      Amen Randal and every one who is Quiting the devils medicine because when you first take these you think its the greatest drug ever sent from heaven but not knowing hell is waiting for you at the end.
      I admire every one who has been able to quit DONT go back no matter what it will ruin your life forever im 50 years old never touched anything for 48 years diabetes had done a number on me and i have nuropithy real bad in my feet and i started taking viks for the last two years just so i can work im on my 15th day without any pain killers and its been hell.
      so i hope great success for all of you and any body thinking about taking any pain killers run from them as fast as u can and never look back.

  7. JJ says:

    Larry, one year ago today was the last time I took narcotic pain medication. After I recovered from surgery a year ago, it was a hell of a struggle not to give in and get a script from the doctor when I had pain and they offered it. But as more time passed it became easier. I broke a finger a couple months back and the dr. wanted to rx me some norco for the pain. The thought of taking it actually made me sick, I told him just give me some motrin. What helped me to not fill the rx was the journal I kept of how I felt when I stopped taking the meds a year ago. I read it and said no way am I gonna go through that again. You should know your comment you don’t have to do this again unless you want to stuck with me and when the urge came I repeated it to myself. Thanks brother.

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s awesome!!! Happy Birthday!

    2. geri says:

      HI JJ Congratulations and a Happy Birthday on a NEW YOU. I went cold turkey I think it was June 16th, forgot all about till I got this email. It was a really ruff ride as none of the herbals helped me, I had to just tough it out, lots of prayers and sleepless restless days and nights, worst was the mood swings, low back and leg pain and restless legs. I lay in bed sometimes and see how calm my legs are now and am so Appreciative of my body being Normal.

      I still think some of the fricking drug is still lingering in my body as in this not too often feeling that starts to rise up from my upper back, over my shoulders and up my neck tnan stops. Not annoying or painful ..almost like a reminder about this wicked drug and it’s hold on us.

      No matter what surgery, what pain I will NEVER allow the establishment to give me that crap..

      Thank you JJ for sharing and God be with all of us here and with all those addicted to this devil.

      Hugs, love & blessings to all….


  8. Molly says:

    I am on day 6 of not having an pain medication. I had been on 1-2 Vicodin per day for the past 3 years or so… I am still struggling. Not as much physically as in the first couple days, but I am still not feeling normal. I feel very anxious when I go to the store or leave the house. I am hoping this feeling will not last long, does anyone have any comments about feeling anxious? No one in my life knows about my pill problem and I do not plan on telling anyone. I just need some advice.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Get the Melissa supreme to help with those nerves and anxiety, it’s over there—–>>>>
      in the sidebar available at or sometimes at your local health food store, depending on where you live in this country.
      1-2 vicodin a day is a small habit, BUT a habit is a habit no matter how small, it still hurts and it still messes with you like it does with others.
      Good luck!!!

    2. Stan says:

      Molly, six days? GREAT job! My story is below, after just going through what you are I know EXACTLY how you feel. I tell you the worst part is over! Stay with it! Nobody knew about my little secret either. Larry and the other people on this site REALLY helped to get me where I am now. That’s almost six weeks clean. What helped me get over the anxiety, nervousness, and lack of energy I felt was going to the gym and tanning. I started to feel happy, healthy, and CONFIDANT again. That helped me face the world and get back to my old outgoing self in social situations again. Eating right and drinking a lot of water helped too. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

      1. Molly says:

        Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I guess the hardest part was not having anyone to talk to about how I feel. Looking through everyone’s stories on here and seeing the positive side really helps. I know it is time for me to get off of these things and I know it will take time to feel normal again. I will look into the “Melissa”. So far I have been drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins to help.

        1. Larry C. says:

          sign up for the newsletter, it’s 7 days of support tips and tricks, and the recipe is included:

  9. Lyric says:

    so i stumbled across this page trying to research a little more on what i have gotten myself into. I go on house arrest next week for one, my family looks at me like a junkie (i think they are disgusted with it although my wife takes them also just not as much as I), and I have spent enough of our “extra money” on them which has worsened in the past couple months. We are struggling so much all because I would rather spend it on pain killers instead of rent and bills. I really became aware that I was developing a problem when I would start making excuses for my behavior all the while feeling so ashamed of what I have become and yet still not changing it. I have tried to get off of them a couple times in the last couple months and failed after about 6 days both times telling my family that I did good to go a week without them and that next time I would go two weeks and so forth. That never happens. So I am being put on house arrest for driving while suspended here in the next few weeks and now have no choice but to stop taking them which is what I have wanted to do for awhile, just didnt have the courage to go through it. I fear I still dont. Tell ya the truth I am scared shitless to go through it. Ive been stuck taking them because of that reason. I dont know how to push myself to climb out of this hole even though I know I have to, want to, and need to. Sorry for taking up a lot of your time, but my question is, how do I keep myself from giving in to the urges and easy fixers for the pain thats heading my way? How do I count on me not letting myself listen to the cravings when I am the one who got me to this place in the first place…?? It comes down to not trusting myself to be able to do this… help!

    1. Larry C. says:

      A habit is a habit, not matter how big or SMALL.

      I would suggest some NA meetings to get you the kind of support you need. oh wait, you’ll be on house arrest BUT if you ask the judge to allow NA meetings, he may say OK, and then you will get to leave the house for 1-2 a day as long as it’s for NA meetings.
      You can do this, you just have to want it bad enough.

      Good luck,

  10. Stan says:

    To Larry and everyone who posted about their progress, THANK YOU! You have all been a huge inspiration and a great resource. The timeline was critical. I am on day 5 without pills and day 2 without subs. I know I still have work to do but I hope the worst is over. I slept for a solid 8 hours last night, went to the gym this morning, went tanning, ate a whole meal, and feel GREAT! To those reading this wondering if you can beat this dreadful addiction. I now say YES YOU CAN! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The people on this site are some of the bravest people I’ve ever come across. You should all be proud of yourselves for getting to the point where you realized ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

    My story sounds the same as many.. I hurt my back years ago and got hooked on Vicodin, then Percocet, then I went to the street for Oxy I liked to sniff “blueberries” (p30s), I even sniffed H when the others weren’t around. I never shot anything. That was a line I personally wouldn’t cross. In my circle of “friends” that use, I was the only one that didn’t make the switch. I’ve witnessed some close friends really fall apart because of this crap. i’m 35 and I’ve been using some sort of opiate daily for about 4 years now.

    Like so many have mentioned: I finally grew tired of walking around in a daze, not having any real joy in my life, lacking motivation, sex drive, etc. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. I was in great shape before I started down this path now I’m 60 pounds heavier from doing nothing but laying around on the couch watching as much TV as I could. I had it all. I’ve managed to hold down a job, keep a place, and a car, but it hasn’t been easy. Every dollar I had went to this crap. Enough is enough

    Here is my withdrawal experience so far. Perhaps those ahead of me could reply to let me know what to expect.

    Day 1 (Weds)
    I sniffed 3 p15’s at 8am and went to work. Felt “fine”
    In the afternoon the hot/cold sweats started so I went home early
    Miserable night, some call it, DEMON day, that’s about right. No sleep.
    Day 2 (Thurs)
    Rough day, took 1/2 a sub, stuck to the coach all day, went to work for an hour, right back to the couch
    In and out of it all day, no appetite, got a headache from lack of food, no sleep, horrible cough
    Day 3 (Fri)
    Did not leave the house at all this day, cranky, miserable, still not sleeping or eating, headache, and that cough
    Took 1/2 a sub and got some sleep
    Day 4 (Sat)
    I was up all night again, had a call for work at 7:30am, made that then passed out for a few hours.
    I spent most of the day on the couch but did head out for some “meds”. This is what I picked up:
    Potassium pills, Imodium, Advil, a mult-vitamin, tons of Gatorade, water, bananas, fruits, etc. I wish I would have made this trip sooner! The Advil killed the headache and the pain I was feeling. Imagine that! I didn’t need 80mg of Oxy to cure a headache! Things are looking up! The Imodium cured the cramps, gas, and diarrhea as advertised. My muscles feel better probably due to the increased potassium and other nutrients. I smoked some illegal grass around 8pm which finally allowed me to eat something. I went to bed at 11:30pm and slept like a baby…
    Day 5 (Sun) today.. WOW. I slept for 8 hours straight! I haven’t done that in years! I didn’t wake up in a soaked thru with sweat bed either! I took my Imodium, Potassium, Vitamin cocktail and ate a banana. Feeling great! I jumped in my car, went to the gym, just did 30mins of light cardio, then hit the tanning salon, the warmth from the lights felt great! (I live in the NE and its freezing out). I’m sure the vitamin D will do me some good too. After that I took a trip to Best Buy to purchase myself a little present. $300 Bose headphones. I’ve wanted them for awhile but never had the extra money because of the need to buy pills… Well, my friends, NEVER AGAIN!

    2013 is 2 days away and I see myself getting back into shape, killing it at work, and making up for the lost time I was in “Zombie Land”. I hope the worst is over but I don’t care if its not. I’m NOT going back to that life. My determination is also unwavering. I WILL do this! Thank you all for sharing your stories and Larry for having this forum. Knowing I wasn’t alone is what got me this far. Best of luck to all of you. I will keep you posted on my progress. God bless! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s awesome, and thanks for the share!
      Here’s to an awesome 2013!


    2. Stan says:

      Hey Larry, still going strong. No drugs, no subs. Just potassium pills, a multi-vitamin, and tons of gatorade. I have some lingering “flu” like symptoms and I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Still not much of appetite. Lacking energy. I took a “Hydroxycut” from my weight training days a couple hours ago. BOOM! Just the kick in the pants I needed to get off the couch. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s like legal speed. If you are not a coffee drinker this stuff will give you the shakes. At least I’m off the couch and heading to the gym. Good luck to all those going through what I just did. Don’t give up. I’m probably 75% of my old self but I’ll take that over being a zombie anyday. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      1. Larry C. says:

        Great way to start the new year!

        1. Stan says:

          HAPPY NEW YEAR LARRY!!! Today makes a week 100% CLEAN! No pills, no subs. Just vitamins, two gym sessions a day, supplements, and a lot of water! I’m still fighting a bit of insomnia but that is my only lingering symptom. Nothing a little grass can’t fix. 🙂 No depression, anxetity or PAWS to speak of. I’m proud to say I’ve inspired two of my friends to jump on the wagon too. They are on day 3 & 4 respectavly. From what I’ve read I think I’m VERY lucky to have come so far so fast. Maybe it was the shape I was in before? My unrelenting determination? Divine intervention? Whatever the case I feel blessed and hope I inspire more of your readers to kick this dreadfully addiction! You can do it people. I am living proof. Just over a week ago I was sniffing 10 p30s a day and eating OP80s. Sure it sucked for a few days but having my life back is priceless! Good luck to you all! Godspeed in 2013!!!

          1. Larry C. says:

            wow that’s awesome Stan! 1 Week and no PAWS or other? that’s awesome! Keep it up!
            and Happy New year!

  11. Doug says:

    8 days and ill be clean 1 year. No desire for oxy or hydrocodone and withdrawal is long past. Still lack some energy but am free.
    Thank you for this site and your ability to listen and respond


    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s awesome Doug!!!
      Keep up the good work!

    2. Geri says:

      Awesome Doug. Isn’t it Great to feel like a human being again and back in Control?

      Have a Joyous and Blessed Christmas

  12. Ellie says:

    Day 9, ct. I still feel very tired and no ambition to do anything. Often anxious. Please someone help.

    1. Larry C. says:

      HI Ellie, you’ve addicted your body to painkillers and it’s gone through some major physiological changes. 9 days will get you through the hard part but it’s going to take a little while to be fully 100% again. hang in there, this is 9 days you don’t ever have to do again. Unless you want to.

    2. Geri says:

      Hi Ellie, hang in there just like Larry says, mopst of us here have gone thru what you are going thru, yes it is mighty Tuff, and YOU WILL get thru can b like a living hell and YOU can GET thru it. I have no car and I went nuts at times, but got out took walks, slept, , tried all kinds of things, and just had to get thru it, I am CLEAN and STRAIGHT since June 15th and OMG I have my life back again… Still have very little of the psychological stuff but that is because I do not wor, and working thru the healing process of getting both of my hips totally replaced.

      For the most part I do NOT have family support, so I do understand more than most. I did lots of praying, moving around, comingto this wonderful board. and I DID GET THRU IT and SO WILL YOU>

      SOmetimes things just are hard.and YOU CAN DO IT. Hang in there eventually all this crap will stop ..just stay away from the lies that your mind will tell you to get back on this fricking Devil Drug. They give this vicodin and Norco for just about everything now, it is sickening..My 2 grandchildren were prescribed Vicodin 10mg for 4 wisdom teeth that were extracted, he is 17yrs, the other is 14 yrs old, she got Vicodin 5mg, for nose surgery where they scraped off a small bone spur.

      I know of one 29yrs old that had menstrual cramps and they gave her vicodin..the stores go on and on..however I spoke to about 10 people yesterday at a fmaily get together and I a sptreading this news about this poisen to everyone who will listen. Even mentioned it to the guy working at 7-ll and he said he was hooked on it and got off of it after a bilateral hernia operation. Said he realized his life was out of control.. It is amazing how many poeple are affected by this crap and say nothing..however when you open up boy oh boy people begin to spring up all over the place..that have been affected by this drug.

      Hang in there it is all worth it to get your life back again. We are here for you and I am praying for you… hugs I love U…

    3. John says:

      Ellie,hang in there it gets better,my opiate madness started 5 yrs ago after 8 yrs of marine infantry service.eating proper,time,and working out WILL heal you if dont give up.there is a great life beyond the opiate demon. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE

  13. Geri says:

    Finally got some sleep using Power to Sleep PM by Irwin Naturals ( all natural ingredients) can get on line or at some health food stores, got mine at Fruitful Yield health food store. The salesperson told me this not only helps u sleep but also stops the mind racing

    I had the best night sleep in a long time, I have been off the Norco 10mg since June 15th and the one big symptom that still exists is the wanting to crawl out of my skin and restless legs and depression. I am also starting to take vitamin B6 that helps with the depression.

    Just to let u know, last night was the first night to take this shall se what happens each night. Last night I got up several times to urinate, my legs still felt creepy and my back between my sholder blades, but I Fell back to sleep and slept well each time. The restlessness in my body did NOT keep me awake.

    Hope this is some help to any and all of you who may b having problems sleeping during this crappy w/drawal.

    Love 2 U all…..geri

      1. Geri says:

        Hi it is me again, as I said I would update you on this sleep herb that worked so wonderfully (Only the first time I took it) it has not done the same since, even double dosed it. I just do not understand but that is how W/drawal is..I guess, day 25 for me at 6:AM this morning and working on day 26 of being clean and off of Norco 10/mg.

        Did not sleep well again last night, it seems , I have a decent nights sleep for 1 or 2 nights then WHAM.. get hit with the creepy crawleys running thru my upper back, legs and arms..what a frickin trip this in……any way I pray you all just hang in there and stay off of this devil drug. The mind dehamnization is lessening..but still hanging in there…no energy to even do any excercises…

        love 2 U all… geri

  14. chad says:

    day 12 clean but massive panic attacks to the point I cant think and feel like my heart is going to explode. have my own business and people that depend on me. i have been exercising like crazy but little to no sleep in 12 days have tried all the herbal stuff to no avail plus vitamins and minerals. any suggestions?

    1. Larry C. says:

      How much Melissa are you taking?

      1. chad says:

        none what is it?

        1. Larry C. says:

          You said: “have tried all the herbal stuff to no avail ”
          if you don’t know what Melissa Supreme is you haven’t tried everything. 🙂
          have you subscribed to my email newsletter? it will give you teh recipe we use here.
          or look over there——-> for the melissa supreme link to amazon to order it. It’s lemon balm and a few other herbs that will help with anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness etc…

          1. chad says:

            thanks larry i will for sure try. do you know how long typically the anxeity will last. been on oxys for over 3yrs due to 2 shoulder sugeries plus over medicated but flushed em down the toliet june 18 and it has been hell on earth ever since my head feels like its going to explode strange enough no shoulder pain think im to worried about my head and anxiety got so much work to do but cant concentrate long enough on anything

            1. Larry C. says:

              It can last anywhere from several weeks to several years. It’s part of the PAWS. Post acute withdrawal syndrome. but the more you exercise and eat right and stay off the meds the faster it will go away.
              read this:

  15. Michael says:

    I am 9 days clean now from an 800mg to 1000mg of oxycontin and up to a half ounce of heroin a day habit which I supported by selling the 360 30mg oxycodones that were prescribed to me every month by 3 pain specialist. I just wanted to say that if I can do it so can you! Megaload free form amino acids to replenish neurotransmitters(endorphins, dopamine, epinephrine), loperamide for diahrea, .4mg of clonidine, 900mg gabapentin and 2 25mg benadryl for sleep/restless legs, 300mg Wellbutrin + 50mg ephedrine via bronkaid + 250mg caffine & 85mg asprin (ECA STACK) for energy which puts me at near opiate energy levels. Just a warning mixing Wellbutrin and Ephedrine is not recommended as they are both CNS stimulants with similar properties, also they Ephedrine can increase the seizure risk from the Wellbutrin but if you’re willing to risk it the energy levels are worth it. Wellbutrin has also been shown to be useful in reducing neuropathic pain along with the gabapentin has been a lifesaver for my back.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Better living through chemistry? hahahahaha

      1. Michael says:

        Hahaha.. This combo has been great for me, I have never had such an easy time getting off opiates. Now that being said I hate being on any form of prescription medications and I really enjoy the more natural remedys that you provide here on your site which I have used time and time again.

        1. Michael says:

          The Wellbutrin & ECA Stack combo really warms you up and regulates body temperature, I’ve been walking around in shorts & teeshirt when its 50-60 degrees out at night with no problem.

    2. Part timer says:

      Michael, that sounds a lot like what I have been taking to get over withdrawal. I have only been through 2 bad withdrawals in my life but this last time I stopped taking Norco (in which I was taking about as much Norco as when I had one of my bad withdrawals) it’s only felt bad for about 12 hours…from about hour 28 to 40. I take a workout supplement called M5, and whatever’s in that is amazing! Also I take 600mg of Gabapetine (sorry about spelling) at night before bed and that has worked great.

  16. Geri says:

    Hi everyone, glad 2 b here and read all of what ur going thru. Larry thank you so much 4 putting this site together along w/your recipe during w/drawal. I have the Malissa & uit does not help me 2 sleep, I have used Skullcap tincture w/o results, I have used the Valerian root capsules, w/o results. Thank God Fruitful Yield keeps allowing me to return these items when they do not work.

    I have gone thru the diarrhea and used the Imodium w/success.
    I used powdered ascorbate acid along with equal amounts of L-lysine powder as per Dr Linus Pauling and it instantly stopped the depression and cryibng taht I was going thru ( I did not know about Larry’s site at this time).

    I have Horrible RLS ALL day& ALL fricking night long. I am up & down & walking and bouncing and -pacing and putting my but against the wall and having my legs straight up against the wall to get some relief..I am WORN out I had a HALF of the LAST Norco10mg at 6:AM 6/15/12..I did NOT wean down as suggested. I was only taking 3 halfs w/in 24 hrs..then one day took only 2 halfs next day had the half and NO MORE.

    I had catnip tea and Yogi bedtime tea, helped to relax but not the legs. Today was reading a RLS blog and learned what others were doing for RLS, so I took a Vit E capsuel and a VitB12 w/folic acid and that seenmed to calm my lets down a bit. We shall see what the night brings. This is not fun & I also have the creepy crawlies in my arms and upper back..when will this ever end, I was not taking that many Norcos in a day.

    I had both of my hips TOTTALLY replaced at the same time, anterior approach, March 8th, they gave me all kinjds of pain drug including a morphine drip first 24-28 hrs do not remember, gave ne Demeral and Oxy and Norco because nothing was stoopuing the pain and extreme cold and shaking my body was going thru 2-3 days after surgery. I walked with a wlked bent over like a 90 yr old woman for 12 yrs with bone on bone in both hips never took any meds at all..then I took the Norco 20 mg at 8 am b4 physical therapy and another 20 mg 4 hrs later for anfternoon sessio0n, not havingh a clue what I was doing with this drug, anyway 2 weeks later took myself down to 10mg about 3 X in 24 hrs. I would take the Norco when I started to feel crappy, and nauseated and a deep deep bpne pain in my lower back going to my hips, I thought it was my body healing. I think it was w/drawal, but did not know, no one to talk to and just thought it was the healing.

    Finally started to do some research because something did not seem right after being on these for 3 months…and here I am so glad to be off these drugs and pray I Never have to have a surgery where I have to take any narcotics.

    I WANT my life back. I do not feel righy yet, I know my legs and walking will be a little better at the 6 month point and will take about 12 months -18 months till I am totally back to normal, but do NOT need pain meds …Just want to wake up feeling good and feel good all day like I used to. Yes this is a real challange.

    Went to a 12 step last night, it was AA, but an addiction is an addiction and I was addicted and di not even know it. Now working on getting my endorphines back again.

    Love to all of U, just keep hanging in here it will be worth it.
    Here is the site for the restless legs syndrome(RLS) if ur interested it may help:

    Eating plenty of whole live raw fruits and veggies also help get the body back into balance, I would say stay away from caffein, chocolate and sugar..yep I know it is hard..but try to add more fruits and veggies into your diet.



    1. Larry C. says:

      I would try Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium for the rls. try bananas. Magnesium will help you sleep too.
      how much melissa were you taking at night? I would try using the at the start of the day, and as needed throughout.

      1. Geri says:

        Thank You Lary, I am using a powdered Calcium w/Mag which stops muscles cramps, but not the restlessness, also use Magnisium Citrate powder and have to go EZ with it because it gives me diarrhea, which I use the Imopdium for, I eat LOTS of bananas, I just do not know why none of this is helping.

        Last night had the Millassa ( full dropper ful) The calcium powder, 2 extra strength excedrin ( helps me sometimes)..right now having a green smmothies, with lots of cilantro 4 bananas, strawberries and mango..went on put on my Ted hose hoping for some releif.. I am so tired ..Thank you again for your kindness and suggestions. My daughter mentioned Tylenol PM, I am going to llook into that. I bought the benydryl and brough it back because anti histimines do the opposite for me, they make me stay away and jittery, I guess my system is but backwards..I am 68 yrs young.. love U…geri

    2. Steven says:

      Geri, I know exactly how you feel. Every vein, muscle, and tissue in your body is crying hell right now. It will get better I promise you. Think of where you were and how far you have come.

      I am recovering from 6 years of 32MG daily of Suboxone myself. It’s been 4 months for me and I am still not fully recovered. The depression and sleep problems are behind me, now I am struggling with overall fatigue in my arms and legs. My mind is so much more clear these days, I’m seeing life in a whole new way for the 1st time in over 15 years. Please just keep pushing thru this. God bless!

      1. Geri says:

        Thank you Steven 4 your words of encouragement, I will never go back to this devil drug..even tho the temptation is ther, Yes I do feel like I have part of my life back and not locked in those chains. and thei RSL is hell on wheels..and I am doing a lot of praying and pacing and going to get some funny moves to watch to get my brain to start producing endorphines . When I read that this drug starts to destroy the nerves that totally blew me away and got me angry..this drug ought to be abolished.

        Yes, thank you I will definitely Stay the Course and I am so ever grateful 4 U & Larry and all those suffering thru this hell that have come to this blog and My prayers and Great Empathy for all those put on this medication and those Hooked on any drug..

        Love U… Geri

        1. Geri says:

          I really, really need some help right NOW, I slept about 2 hrs last night this is 9 days with bearly any sleep due to these legs/restless legs, I am up against the wall, I am nervous and going out of my mind I want to die, I can not do this anymore.

          I have tried everything suggested and got NO relief. I looked up valium w/drawel so I do not want to get a prescription for that, I am thinking of takin half of a Norco 10mg for some relief and sleep & call the MD tomorrow for a prescription for the suboxone to help me getr thru this. I just do not know what to do, I feel crazy and not stand another night of no sleep. PLEASEmlet me know what I can do here I desperately need help..

          1. Larry C. says:

            Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. You’ve been off opiates for 9 days right? completely off? then don’t take another one. you’ll be starting from day 1 again. sure you’re prolonging it a little but these are 9 days you don’t have to do again. If I were you I’d wait another couple days if you can manage it. suboxone is good for SHORT TERM help, but do not do it long term if you must. Suboxone can actually be harder to get off of than regular opiates. try this:
            hot baths before bed,with magnesium(sleep aid), and sleepy time tea(chamomile), also do 2-3 droppers full of melissa supreme, not just lemon balm. Melissa Supreme is a combo of several herbs that will help you sleep much better than just Lemon Balm Alone.

            Melissa Supreme is :
            Lemon Balm Herb (Melissa officinalis), German Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria recutita), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Skullcap Herb (Scutellaria lateriflora), Wild Oats Milky Seed (Avena sativa), Gotu Kola Leaf & Root

            1. Geri says:

              Hi Larry thank you so much for your reply, it was 9 days at 6:AM CST this morning, going on day 10..have not taken a Norco, really, really afraid, , I have 2 and half bottle of Malissa, has not done anything so far will use your suggestion. Just reubbed some lavender and rosemayr oil with cocnout oil on lower back and muscles. My son in law suggested some whiskey, ( I am totally NOT a drinker), so far I feel some calmness..

              I will smoke a toke if I have to better than taking a Norco. No I do not use any drugs ( hemp) included, it was suggested and no side effects like Valium. Norco or Suboxone..Yes u know a whole lot more than I do as I am New 2 all of this hell….Suboxone may Not b an option. No money for health membership, been taking about 23 mile walk amost every day, with my gran daughter..not EZ but I do it, Yes I have to get the endorphines created

              Thank you again Larry, If I have to do whiskey or hemp, I consider it better than the norco of valium or any other prescription..I will keep you updatede, Please Pray 4 me. Love u Geri

              1. JJ says:

                Geri, I am no expert but I took Norco and MS Contin for a little bit longer then you and it took me two weeks before all the physical symptoms subsided, but they lessened each day. I am on 23 well almost 24 days and I am sleeping normally again. Hang in there you can do it I know it is hard but if you give in and take that Norco it will probably lead to you taking another. And as Larry said the nine days you have done–don’t have to be repeated unless you want to.

                1. Geri says:

                  Hi JJ, thank you for your sweetness & support as well as Larry & Steven, it is really important and needed as I am sure ur aware… About my previous post I do Not walk 23 miles Ha ha.. I was supposed to be 2/3 miles. I did not give in to the devil, I was petrified and in need at the same time, as I am sure u all know how that feels….anyway just broke down in front of my son in law suggested Smoking pot & I said I had thought of that, no side effects like the Norco or Valium or Xanax etc. Thjan he asked if I wanted to try a shot of his best whiskey, I balked, I do not like the taste of booze, but I said I would try it, I did, it got me thru the day yesterday. Also found on the net an oil combo with Lavender, rosemary and ginger, I had some lavender and rosemayr and mixed it w/cocnut oil and added some cyopress and rubbed it in my lower back upper back arms and legs also used some ice packs on my lower back and took several dropersful of Malissa Supreme thru out the day, did some up and down the stair excercises that I learned in PT after my surgery, later went to the park with my grand daughter. Felt nauseated all day..but kept going and resting. Slept pretty well last night, getting up for the bath room, no more diarrhea. Still taking 2 “Xtra strength Excedrine 4 Migranes”, that has held off the pain. Need to be carefyul of how much tylenol we take to protect our liver, Have to stay under 4000 mg which is 4 grams..drink lots of water. Anyway today I feel Wiped out and the pain in my hips, down sides of my legs and lower back and sacrum are NOT being releived by the tylenol.. bed in bed all day, going to take a hot shower and then put on the oils and ice packs….

                  On the whole even w/all of this going on, I feel the Norco does NOT have a HOLD on me like it did b4..this is going on day 11 ( since 6:AM this morning) WOW I never imagined this would Ever happen 2 me in my entire life.. Weird how we get these curves thrown at us..However I would have NEVER even come close to understanding what another human was going thru w/addiction and w/drawal.

                  I am a retired RN ( registered nurse) & even w/that education never knew this went on, always thought I was a “Know it all,” and thought it was about self control.. boy was I has filled my heart w/empathy ..Boy what a way 2 learn a lesson….

                  Anyway as far as feeling Wiped out & having this Real not know if it is part of my surgery healing ( called and left a message for the surgeon) or if it is part of this w/ is weird how this drug mimicks My real pain.

                  I had Both of my hips Totally Replaced at the same time ( 3/8/12), which is a pretty violent surgery for one hip, more or less 2 at the same time. Sawing drilling, shoving in an implant than putting it all back together.. plus all the nerves, muscles, tendons, blood vessels that were yanked around during the procedure. I was fortunate enough 2 find out about the ANTERIOR approach for hip replacement..they Never cut one single muscle or tendon as they do in the “Posterior approach”. Healing time is much faster. The operating table is robotized, the surgeon can see thru xray b4, during and after..on what he is working on..Pretty Awesome stuff. The PA asked I was afraid of the table, I said No, why? He said the xray is so strong on that table taht it can see the Pin number on your debit card….. name of the table is the “Hana table”

                  Anyway thank you all again..just taking one day at a time and will be so happy when I can b back to my Normal self and wake up and just feel good 2b alive and Normal energy. Love u all..geri

                2. Geri says:

                  Hi again JJ, UR so right, last night was a bummer got about 2-3 hrs of sleep, relstless again but Nothing like the other night..took several droppers of the Valerian root and rubbed oils on spine and hips and legs and took 2 Exdedrin x-tra strength..still nothing. about 5 AM took some powdered calcium in water, nothing. finally took about 1/8″ piece of xanax someone gave me, fell asleep for a couple of hrs, but the strangest thing was when I woke up myu legs were Worse than b4 I took them. Thank God i just took thqt tiny piece was a Big warning to Stay away from any of those relaxants. I will stick to a littel one oz. shot of whiskey with ice if I need to,. I hate the taste of it but if it will relax me now and then till I get thru this, that is the best bet, no addiction ther, no w/drawal…

                  I will b so glad when this is all over & way in the Past..13 day clean of Norco as of 6:AM this morning..working on day 14..hope this is over for this physical stuff..

                  I am getting a flat tire fixed on my bike to see if I can ride it after all these balance is not back to normal yet since this double surgery. I will see what happens once I get the tire changed at the bike shop. I hate all these extra bills, have to wait till the first when the social security check comes in.

                  If I can not ride it, Ha Ha , I thought of this great idea, I will get training wheels put on the back wheel, like a little kids, so I can get out and ride, build my muscles, get my endorphines produced and do not give a darn what others think, I will be laughing with them.

                  Have no idea where to get them or if they even make them. My son is a welder maybe he can make some up for me. What a trip we have to go thru for the simple things in life huh?

                  I Pray ur thru with all of your w/drawal symptoms and on a road of Happiness & freedom from this devil drug.. It is not ever worth going back to. love u….geri

                  1. JJ says:

                    Geri, glad to hear you still have not taken any Norco!! You said you have been taking Excedrin. You may want to check the ingredients I know Excedrin Migraine has caffine in it and that could be contributing to your lack of sleep. Remember each day gets better not worse. You are on the right track-physical activity helps with all the symptoms especially the mental ones. Like you I did not abuse the pain meds, but they still created an altered mental state for me, which leads to taking them not only for physical pain but too feel right in the head. At almost 28 days I feel like my mind is comming back and I don’t crave them anymore.

                    1. Geri says:

                      Hi JJ so very proud of you and will B so very happy when I get to my days off that number in the twenties..Whew.. :)…Yes I understand about the Mental feel good thing, yep I do admit to being Addicted to that..and then it hit me one day what the heck am I doing..along with the NOT feeling in Control anymore. That is what really burned my britches to get off this poison. I am so glad u and the others woke up to our God given wonderfulness w/o this devil drug.

                      Yes, ATU I do know there is ASA in the Excedrin..I will take the x-tra strength tylenol which i have from Walgreens, no ASA (medical term for asprin) in this product. It might b the case but don’t think so, as I have been taking the Excedrin all along and did not have the problem think it just is the frickin w/drawal, but I will not use the Excedrin for a couple of days and see what happens. Actually even the Excedrin is NOT taking away this deep. deep sacral area, hip, and but bones ( bones that I sit on) pain..Ice seems to help it, I have these wonderful Gel packs about 1footX8inches got while I was in Rehap, they are expensive about 70 bucks ( what the nurse told me), but my insurance paid for it & I LOVE them. My gut tells me it may be from the w/drawal..but who knows. Maybe my endorphines have not kicked in all the way and this deep pain is coming thru..But No No desire to take any darn norcdo. that babye is gone 4 ever.

                      Hugs and tu and KEEP GOING STRONG we r all 4 U. love u geri

                3. Geri says:

                  Ha Ha JJ u must think I am wacko I mentioned ASA (asprin) in the Excedrin and I meant to say Caffeine. Guess the brain still isn’t working right Ha ha on me. love u stay sweet…geri

        2. Steven says:

          Don’t you dare give in to the devil. He is standing over you just screaming for you to throw in the towel.
          Have you taken any baths with epsom salt? Use ALOT of epsom salt and stay in there as long as yo can.

          1. Geri says:

            NOT giving in, thank you Steven, I think I am done with the Heavy duty physical w/drawal. Feel much better today than yesterday, have a migrane, took excedrin 4 migranes, worst case scenario it will end tomorrow,m have had these in the past mostly lasting 3 days. The DEVIL has no more control over me, nor his drug. I AM FREE it is now day 12 going on day 13 as of 6:AM this morning.

            Just weird how the hip and low back pain is Popping up NOW..guess, the endorphines need to be made. I am doing some mental work on getting my brain to Create lots and lots of endorphins. No have not taken epson salt baths yet, not safe for me to get up and down in a tub, due to lack of strength in my leg muscles, but the Hot showers help and walking and putting on ice packs and keeping Mentally busy. But I feel 1000% Better, thank you all and my prayers are with everyone here and those not here. Love You…Geri

    3. Corelle says:

      Hey everyone, I have been taking about 70 mg of any painkiller I could get my hands on in a day, I have spent 500 bucks every other week on this habit and I’m tired of it. Last pill was taken at 8 pm last night and I feel like I can not do this. My back, body temp, diarrhea, I can not do this I want to break down and call someone. I have had 6 cosmetic surgeries in 3 years back to back trying to make myself look better and all it has done was get me stuck on these pills. Someone please tell me I can get through this, for myself, for my daughter, for my family!!

      1. heidi says:

        corelle, i know what you are going through. been there many times and am finally beating this thing. iwas taking way more a day than you and if i can do it anyone can!! just try not to give into the cravings. it sucks really bad i know, but really look at it this way, it is a never ending cycle. you will always end up with the same results, you will always try to make sure you have enough to last you til you can find more, you will run out and go through this all over again and you wind up right back where you started! its a never ending cycle until you lend it and you can i promise.. and those of you that suffer from RLS try getting your dr. to give you requip of mirapex.. saved my life and all the females in my family suffer from it as well its a genetic thing but withdrawals make it ten times worse.. i wish you all luck and you are all in my prayers!!

  17. JJ says:

    21 days Larry finally sleeping good and no more sneezing lol. I had to go to the MD yesterday due to possible infection at the surgery site. MD said that must hurt I can give you something for the pain. If it was two weeks ago I would have said yes and got some pills, but I told the MD Motrin and Tylenol along with staying off my feet was good enough. All I kept thinking was I finally feel normal—if I start taking pain pills now I will have to repeat the first two weeks of detox over again. Your saying stuck with me and helped. Thank you.

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s great!!!

      1. Geri says:

        Awesome JJ, stay strong and AWAY from the RX. Keep up the great work UR Wonderful…hugs geri

  18. JJ says:

    Almost 14 days Larry, you were right about the Melatonin I think it hampered my ability to stay asleep. I will sleep 7-8 hours one night and only 5-6 the next though. At this point I am not taking anything for sleep. I find myself sneezing alot I wonder if that is still detox?

    1. Larry C. says:

      A sure sign of kicking is sneezing. As my junkie friends say, if you sneeze more than 4 times your kicking…hahahaha
      I used to have these crazy sneezing fits when I was detoxing…
      Keep up the good work.

      1. J.R. says:

        I was put on Norfolk/10 mg a couple years ago and got to where i was having to take more and more to stop my back pain so my Dr. Put me on oxycodone 15mg I have only been taken em a couple months but realized how addicted I was getting so i quit taking em. I feel horrible. I think I am on day 3 now. The worst thing is no sleep and feels like my skin is crawling….it is horrible. When should this stop?

  19. Steven says:

    My long lost friends! I have not posted on here in awhile but I am still kicking. Kate, CJ I hope you are all doing good. As a reminder, I was on Suboxone for 6 years. I stopped in Feb and have been fighting the fight ever since. It is June and I still feel the ramifications of my problems. I am sleeping well, not too depressed but my legs and arms still feel fatigued a lot. I am hoping this is the last of it all.

    Tom, I hope you are doing great as well. You guys need to stick with it. It does get much better and when you can look back and be proud and happy of what you did it is amazing.

  20. JJ says:

    Larry C. I emailed you last August when I stopped taking MS Contin thank you for your response. It took longer then expected for the insurance to approve surgery, had it almost three weeks ago I feel great the pain is gone. However, in February I went back on the MS Contin 15 mg 3X’s a day, and norco 10-325 4X;s a day. Following surgery for about five days I took the MS Contin and took between 6 and eight of the norco. The next five days I DC the MS Contin and lowered the Norco. The next 5 days I slowly weened myself from the Norco. As of Friday June 01 I have taken no opiates. My two questions are I am taking Immodium alot of it I when will it be safe to stop taking it? I have not had the runs or vomiting. And when will my insomnia end? Any advice would be great

    1. Larry C. says:

      I’m not a doctor so I can’t really diagnose or tell you when to do anything but Imodium is for diarrhea right? if you have no diarrhea, then why are you taking it?
      Insomnia, well that can vary from person to person, I’d get some Melissa Supreme and that should help you sleep.

      1. JJ says:

        I tried the Melissa and Melatonin I slept a little better still not what it was like when I was taking the pills. By far the best piece of advice I have seen you post though is every day that goes by is one day that does not have to be repeated–unless you go back to the pills.

        1. Larry C. says:

          I’ve heard people say they have a harder time sleeping with the melatonin. You got the Melissa extract right? not pills or powder.

          yep, just one more day you don’t have to repeat, unless you want to of course. 🙂

  21. kate says:

    Hi every one hang in there I am almost 4 months off Opiates, I did it and you can do. I now realize those things made me hurt worse then ever.I no some of you got on these things because you really had pain from a injury.My doctor now has me on GABAPENTIN and it has been a life saver. For those in pain ask your dr about them. You can do it guys I did and so can you.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Good for you Kate, I just wanted to bring you to the wiki pageon that medication. long term usage can lead to withdrawal issues like benzos…
      congrats on 4 months!

    2. Steven says:

      Good job Kate! I knew you could do it, you sounded very determined. I’m at 4 months with ya! There is no turning back for us now.

  22. Caroline says:

    K I am on day 2 from vicodin and dilaudid. I feel like I want to die. I have no energy slept like 3 hours and I am in pain all over my body not even to mention the anxiety is so severe I can feel my heart pounding.

    My problem is I have to fly out to London tomorrow and I have no idea how in the hell I am going to do that. I can’t not go, I am under contract and I have to go. I’m so scared that everyone will know or that I will get so sick on the plane. I don’t have any family to talk to and my friends well that won’t work. The worst part is when I land I can just scroll my ass to the nearest pharmacy and buy codeine over the counter. I am in hell. I don’t know what I need , kind words, inspiration, support. Advice anything. Thank you.

    1. Larry C. says:

      well you picked a fine time to stop. But you can do it. We are resilient. I’d suggest at least getting some melissa supreme or lemon balm extract. Those are the same and will help you.
      Should last about 5-10 or so days then you are out of the woods. the worst is usually the 2-3 days, 4-5 are getting better and 6 and on are even better still.
      Good luck and check back in.

      1. Caroline says:

        I didn’t have a choice it was now, I’m sick of not feeling anything and having to take them to function. I want my life back. I had no idea things could spiral out of control like this. I didnt know it gets this bad. My work is important to me and other people depend on me showing up so I have to do this. I’m going to get what you recommended. I’m also going to look up meetings in London. I’m only there for 3 months but I think I need some support. I have been trough a lot in my life but this is one of the hardest things I have ever done and that’s coming from someone that has seen and lived trough some really bad things. It seems I’m rambling my mind is foggy. I can deal with sadness and depression but I’m not good with physical torment. I know it will end but it seems so far away. Thank you for reading.

        1. Larry C. says:

          “I want my life back” is what most of us said. Get the recipe I put together, it will help you immensely.
          Sign up for my newsletter. it’sd only like 8 emails, 1 a day for 8 days. that will give you a recipe you can take with you to the store.

  23. Haley says:

    Hello everyone I know now I AM Addict. Yep thats me but I am on day 7 of being clean and I feel very well today by far my best day 🙂 Day 3,4 and 5 was really hard I NEVER would have thought about taking the easy way out but I did the only thing was I could not live my sweet kids and there dad alone 🙁 Thanks to everyone on here and all the stories I have read I am doing better lots and lot of being on my knees asking god to help me. I know now I am on the right side of the road. With luck and yes Larry NA I will stay this way 🙂

    1. Luke says:

      keep it up Haley, i am on day 19, it comes in waves but i can deal now, i stopped taking lorazepam about 5 days ago. I had really bad anxiety after the physical withdrawal. still a little but as like you i have a son to take care of. Him and my wife were my motivation. even if you have a down day just take it a day at a time and you will make it. Keep your mind occupied with constructive activity. Best of luck to you.

  24. […] others to withdraw and get off painkillers with his website that he writes on. You can find out how long does opiate withdrawal last at his website and also find out about the thomas recipe too. Posted in Health Tags: […]

  25. Haley says:

    Ok I am 32 hours in this AM I really felt ok I have bad diarrhea and even the anti diarrhea meds just slow it down but does not stop it….I am so restless and can not be still my mind is nagging so hard but I am strong and will not turn around I am also Very mad on the edge I dont like this feeling. Will I always have this nagging? And I feel like I am in so much pain I know I am not

    1. Larry C. says:

      You are in pain, withdrawal hurts. and the nagging I assume you mean craving. It does go away after a while. But it also helps if you go to NA.
      or some other form of support.

  26. Haley says:

    Ok so this Am I took my last pill Lortab 10 I have been on them for the last 2 years Dr have giving them to me but last month he told me he could not call anymore in and i freaked so like everyone on here i still found a way to get them i “needed” them. Last night i seat my husband down and told him i was on painpills bad he had no ideal i keep it from everyone very well i am in my late 30’s with two kids and noone knew but last night i cried and i want to stop i was not on a high dose but was taking 3-5 a day i have only have had 1 today and i can not stop cring he said he is here and always will be but dont know how to help how long will it take.

    1. Haley says:

      I feel like i need to talk this out my mind is going crazy and i feel like **** i would love to just take one more but flushed EVERYTHING i dont want to have to keep taking pills everyday i dont like the feeling of NEEDING them thats why i want out to say. I have a life to live and i still have to work will i feel like working sorry for taking up so much time but i feel useless right now

      1. Haley says:

        Sorry me again i know i can talk to my husband but to scare to let him know how bad i want to use I am so out of my skin the way you feel when you know you r running low i ate one today than flush the rest i did not know by tonight i would be crawering out of my skin. i have valium i can take but to scare the dr has had me on the for the past year 3 a day. i also have ambien 10mg i can take i have been on them for 8 years i take 2 a night to sleep because of the lortabs have me so UP i can not sleep but dont want to take them either i am so loss i am just plian out scared but I WANT MY LIFE BACK

        1. Larry C. says:

          Be careful using those other drugs. don’t OD on them…
          you will probably not sleep for a few days, so be prepared. it will get worse but it will also get better after about 3-4 days.

      2. Larry C. says:

        Talk as much as you want.
        maybe go to NA too…

    2. Larry C. says:

      Read some of the more popular posts over to the right—>
      like opiate withdrawal timeline.
      Hang in there.

      1. Haley says:

        Thank you I seem to just wright what is going over and over in my mind and dont care at this point if it is even spelled right. 🙁 I just want to cry. i was thinking and what has my by the tail and out of concrol my mother had a whole bottle of prc 10 she did not want and i told her i would take care of them well i did 120 of thim with in a week and 1/2 than i went ans got 40 lortabs and had them gone in a week so the last month i have lost it all i want is more i so hate this feeling. and me working with doctors and older ppl should have know better but i hind it so well my husband still has no ideal how many pills i was taking and that scares me. how did i hind it so well and when i would put them in with my makeup so noone would hear a pill bottol open i knew i was in trouble. i would have them all around me so i could just go by and pick one up i feel like a dope head and have let everyone down. thats for this page i prayed so hard to find something on the internet and when i got home this was the first web page that popped up

        1. Larry C. says:

          Well I’m glad to be here. This is why I made this site, for people to find some measure of support.
          You might try going to NA for more support too. Sounds like you could use it.

        2. Lee says:

          Hey Haley,
          You sound a lot like me. I was taking perc 30’s like candy. It took me a long time to admit to myself how serious a problem it had bvecome. One day I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. Like you, my husband had no idea how many I was taking and how much money I was spending on them . We have 4 kids and and a business and a lot on the line. Valentine’s Day morning I took my last perc and came clean with my husband. I still don’t think he realizes how much I was taking. The first week sucked. Absolute hell. hot baths were a HUGE help. I took like 3 a day. It was the only time I didn’t feel like I was crawling out of my skin. I had muscle relaxers that were prescribed to me for my back that I took at night. It would take a slight edge off. About a week into I thought I was home with my kids alone and I took a piece of suboxone to get through the day.I had a harder time with the PAWS than the actual physical withdrawal. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. I had no energy and didn’t want to get off the couch. I was taking some a daily vitamin. I wanted to get a couple of other things I had seen on this site. But really didn’t have the energy to look or even bother. What I did get was Withdrawal Ease. Honestly, it was amazing. I wish I had gotten it earlier. It cames with a daytime vitamin and a nighttime vitamin. The nighttime one really knocked me out and made me groggy the next morning so I didn’t take it. But I wished i had had during those first 2 weeks. The daytime one combined with exercise did wonders. My energy level went up and mood turned around too. I can’t stress how important exercise was in this process. The whole process sucks. But in my case, I did this to myself and I had to go through every shitty moment of it to get myself out. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It was worth every second of hell to take back my life. Once the pain goes away, the depression, and you get your energy back. The clarity you have after not having it for so long is amazing. I had to face the feelings I have been surpressing and issues I haven’t wanted to deal with all these years. I have realized I need to and overhaul to my life and now I’m not afraid to do it. This whole experience is humbling but at the end its empowering. Getting control of your life after so long and being able to think and see things clearly is empowering. I know you feel like absolute ass right now. But you can do this. It will get better. I was afraid I was going to always want one. That urge would always be there. But honelsty, I don’t. Does it pop in my head every now and then? Of course. But then I remeber when I was where you are. I don’t want to go through that again. I read these posts on a regular basis to remind myself I’m not alone. I’m a stronger person today than I was 6 months ago. Hopefully, I still am 6 months from now. 6 years from now. You really do have to take it one day at a time. Just remember it does get better. Its gets easier. And You should be the only thing in control of your life. In my opinion, half the battle is taking that first step in deciding enough is enough. Hang in there. You’re not alone. Good Luck

          1. Haley says:

            Thanks Lee. Today is day 5 and I am doing good with everything but the depression that is by far the hardest for me. I am just so sad I want to leave my job and just stay home. I went out and had my hair cut and ready to be me again I am just having so much trouble with depression. I have found some ppl I can talk to but I got myself into this and I have to get myself out. I am just happy I have made it to day 5….Now I have to get out of this slump I am in

            1. Larry C. says:

              Have you tried going to NA for support? also exercise is great for depression, try walking for 30-60 minutes a day in the mornign or mid day to get the endorphins flowing.

              1. Haley says:

                Hello Larry I have been walking and I would love to find a good NA group but yes I live in a very very small town and I am sorry to say but I dont want anyone to know that is the hard part and my poor husband which has NEVER done any kind of drug would??? well not to sure how he would take it. I have been talking with a very few family members about this and that is helping and I am going to take a sick leave to beable to get myself together I am glad I made it to day 5 but I will not lie I think about taking a pill everyday but for my kids and husband I will not.

                1. Larry C. says:

                  well of course you think about it everyday, you’re an addict like the rest of us. You would be lying if you said you didn’t think about it.
                  Good luck and keep going…

  27. jaylyn says:

    hi im on day 2 having hard time these things (pills) are in my house always begin my husband is disabled and he needs them ive been down this raod beore wishing that i would of learned the first time how do i do this i just cant leave my husband ilove him but this pill thing eats at me help

    1. Larry C. says:

      Have you thought about trying NA?

  28. Doug says:

    Larry, today is day 30 for me. I stuck to my guns and I’m getting back to myself again. Instead of the daily routine of waking up and taking pills all damn day I’m now on a different routine, a clean and happy one. I’ve checked your page everyday since my first post and things have gradually gotten better. I’ve broken all ties with anyone associated with pills and I think that has been one of my best moves. I just want to wish everyone on here the best of luck in quitting. I was in the same position thirty days ago and this whole process has not been easy, especially with limited help. Still, if you have the determination to quit it can be done. Take that time, money and energy you all were wasting on pills and focus it on something positive. That’s what I’ve been doing and it has kept my mind clear of anything opiate related. Again, 30 days clean and I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life. Thanks again!

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s awesome Doug, Congrats!!!!

  29. tj says:

    Hello everyone! I am 18 years old and I am on day 2 without any painkillers. For 5 months now I have been hooked on 30 mg oxy. I am feeling all of the withdrawl symptoms. I haven’t slept in two days and have the chills, aching pain, you name it II am dealing with it. I feel awful that I have put myself in this position. I have stole money and lied to my parents just to get pills. I am determined though to quit. I just want my life back and be happy. I have a 8 year old brother and I couldn’t even sit through his first little league game cause I felt so miserable. I feel a little better getting this out. With some determination. I know I will get through this. God Bless.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hey TJ, congrats and keep on going. I’m sorry to hear about the ball game but you are seeing a glimpse of “Addiction yet to come”. It gets worse adn worse as time goes on and you only hurt those around you. I hope you stay off and keep moving forward man. You AREN’T ALONE. Hang in there…

    2. Doug says:

      You can do it bud! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You see that bad feeling you had about your little brother’s game? Imagine overdosing or going to jail over those damn things and he never gets to see you again. That would suck wouldn’t it? But that’s the reality of opiates. I’m in my thirties, established in life with a great family, nice house, good job and plenty of money to get by. I almost lost it all man. But like you I knew I was wrong and fixed my problem. I can tell by what you wrote that you too are remorseful. Stay that way! Get a hobby, get into college or find something else to channel that energy. Even better do all three. Either way you’re doing the right thing. I was in your shoes thirty days ago and I can tell you that in a week or so you WILL start to feel better. Each day that goes by without those things will make you feel better about yourself as a person. Stick to it bro and stay strong. Your little brother needs a role model and it’s your responsibly to be a good one. Best of luck to you!

  30. Jeff says:

    Well I’m back.:( so sad lifes a bitch can read my previous post around november.Well I got clean about a month or so. And lo and behold behind my computer monitor I found a norco script with 15 pills in it.Then next thing you know im in the doctors office getting more and now 5 months later and half a thousand pills or more im in shame.My last visit mr doctor prescribed me fentanyl which I did try but didnt like it,so he didnt want to continue prescribing norco long term.So I said I guess this is the end.It’s day 5 going cold turkey and honestly I feel pretty shitty.I cant believe how easy it was for me to forget the previuos withdrawal hell I went through and get back on the pills. I know I could of resisted the tempation but I just like those damn things.But this is the end this time IM so sure of it,and to those of you who supported me before I feel sad I let you down,and let myself down. But tomorrow is day 6,day 7 was my magic number last time,heres to 2 more days of misery. ty everyone for your posts.please pray for me. damn im cold and sweating hows it possible to fail again?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hey Jeff. Welcome back and keep it up.

    2. Larry C. says:

      You know what they say, hang out in a barber shop long enough your going to get a haircut. 🙂 how you doing today??

      1. Jeff says:

        Well It’s day 7 and I feel soo much better,almost normal. But I did have an arsenal this time around to help me through. I had,clonidine,tramadol(which i took 1 tab days 2 and 3)ativan,klonapin(prescribed in 09,but never took)but it says it helps with restleg syndrome(akethesia)took those on days 5 and fiance had ordered withdrawalease for me and was taking that the whole time.l-tyrosine,b-6 complex potassium pills.Plus recently in december i was prescribed seroquel for a bipolar disorder and its knocked me out every night so I havent had trouble sleeping yet,which is awesome cuz last time@this time i hadnt slept for 3 days. But overall IM feeling human again. ty God im getting over this. Semmed like days 4 and 5 were the worst.
        Anyways anyone who is not feeling relief the herbal route clonadine really helped in the chills sweaty 3 baths a day from the start(18 baths in 6 days helped too.)ty the wosrt is over.Please God give me the willpower and strength to never use again,those 5 months of 800 norcos 10-12 a day,isnt worth the week of I was on them for a year and a half before,so i guess they say each withdrawal is worse, but my first detox I had nothing to help but a multivitamin lol. thx larry c. for your encouragement and concern. I think ur great no matter what they say:) j/k

  31. gianna says:

    Ugh I don’t know where to begin…today is my first day off roxi 30s. I was taking 5 a day for almost a year. I’m depressed as hell…I need to stop taking these. I feel like I have no idea who I am.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Most of us feel or felt that way when we stopped. It does get way better but you will have to go through the withdrawals fuirst. maybe a short 7-10 days…but it’s well worth it, I guarantee it.

    2. Doug says:

      Larry is right, it WILL get better. If you have a plan on quitting then stick to it. If you don’t have a plan then get one quick. I can however attest that after a week or so you will feel so much better. Hang in there and I wish you well.

      1. gianna says:

        Doug, what did u do to help ease withdrawal symptoms?
        & how r u doing today?

        1. Doug says:

          Unfortunately I didn’t use anything to help with the withdrawals, other than alcohol and cold medicine. By the time I found Larry’s recipe I had already been into the detox phase for a couple days and really didn’t have the time or energy to get what I should have gotten. Basically I just dealt with it. I do however think that the alcohol prolonged the whole process because I felt like shit for almost two weeks. Once I started drinking more water and working out a little I started to feel better and got my energy back. Still, it was the toughest thing I have ever been through. The whole time though I knew that I wanted to quit. That’s what kept me going. I was in your position before trying to quit a couple times and went right back because of the crap feeling. At my worst point I was taking 5-6 blues, 30mg oxycodone, a day and snorting 60mg morphine pills. I was really messed up. What I did before hand was taper down to just a half a blue a day. That took me a couple weeks but I think it helped. I would take a little to wakeup and wait as long as I possibly could to take more until I got down to just needing a half a day not to feel sick. Then I just sucked it up and acted like I had a bad flu for two weeks. Now I’m at day 16 and feeling somewhat normal again. It was certainly not easy, but like I said I wanted to quit. My advice to you is to wait for your appointment and try to taper down as much as you can before you go in. You’re here so that means you are ready. Do it and don’t look back at those things. Trust me once it’s all out of your system you will start feeling better. Take it one day at a time and make today better than yesterday.

    3. gianna says:

      So I went through two days of cold turkey withdrawal & it was hell. This early afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore. I took 9 oxycodone 30mg today. Normally I take about 5. I feel terribly ashamed. Haven’t once even gotten a high feeling. I called a ton of places to try to get help for withdrawal and the earliest I could get an evaluation is April 17th. And the woman I spoke to said ill most likely have to go on a waiting list. This is crazy it was hard enough to try to get help and now that I want it it seems impossible to get help! I’m so frustrated, stressed, ashamed, I just don’t Who knew know what to do. Now here I am in bed just laying here feeling stupid and hopeless. Who knew trying to get help would b so difficult-_-

  32. George Martin says:

    In Apr 2009 I admitted myself to detox/rehab for opiate abuse. I was taking upwards of 40-60 pain pills per day. I had seizures and other issues. My doctor in rehab just substituted one opiate for another, Suboxone. I have been addicted to Suboxone ever since. Albeit Suboxone doesn’t control my life like the other opiates, but never the less it does control. The sickest part is the rehab doctors and staff never advised me of the consequences. Had they informed me from the beginning that I’d continue to be on opiates after rehab, I would have asked for another type of treatment.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Getting off suboxone can be done. many have done it and you can too. I did it. It was harder than regular opiates but I still got off. it. Try using the recipe and some support like NA.
      Good luck and check back often.

      1. George Martin says:

        Thanks Larry. I posted an update. I’ve been in an out of twelve-step meetings for years and have had a couple great sponsors–it all just didn’t work for me. I know they are lifesavers for many, though and I do recommend addicts attend enough meetings (and different types/locations) to determine if those forums are beneficial to helping them recover.

        1. Larry C. says:

          I wonder why they didn’t work for you?

          1. George Martin says:

            If you’ve been to enough of them, you learn there are many factors to the success or lack thereof of the meetings. I don’t know why they didn’t work. I’ve been to more than a hundred, I’d guess. I’ve been to CA,NA, and AA. I could relate to the CA folks the best. If (most likely when) the cravings start, I’ll go back. Right now, I’m trying everything. I don’t want to end up on pills like I had been more than three years ago–“lost” my wife and son, then… I fear if I went back, I’d never return… I love life too much now. Suboxone did help, but damn, DAMN the doctors for not advising me.

            Thanks Larry

    2. George Martin says:

      With my primary care physician’s help, I’m doing extremely well coping with the withdrawals. He prescribed and Clonidine to minimize the anxiety, sweating and chills; and Lyrica for to help reduce the “skin crawling.” I’m also on an Vyvanse which helps me think clearly. I had been trying the big doses of D3, L-Tyrosine, St John’s wort, Cayenne capsules, electrolytes, along with walks, jogs–it all helped, but not nearly as much as the prescribed meds. With the exception of blurred vision, feeling spacey and nauseous, I am about 90 percent functional. My recommendation, visit your physician. Good luck all.

      1. Larry C. says:

        Yeah, my doc prescribed all that for me too. after the first does of those things, I tossed them and went herbal. I personally felt much better than the prescibed meds whiich have a lot of side effects, on of which can be addicting depending on what meds you get.
        Thanks for the update.

        1. George Martin says:

          I don’t like the side-effects of the meds and would like to go the herbal route–just don’t know when that time will be. One day at a time… After my spine surgery in 1995 I trusted the pain management doctors. I had no clue that I would become addicted. Ten years after that when I told the Neurologist and other pain management doctors that I “had a problem” they gave me BS like, “Quality of life over the benefits pain medication side-effects.” And they told me switching to Fentanyl patch would help–instead, I found that one didn’t work, two didn’t work…ended up going, with five patches, to tell the doctor Fentanyl wasn’t working and that I was in withdrawals… All he did was chastise me about risking my life and put me on Morphine which didn’t help much. I ended up doing my own “pain” management with Tramadol.. I found that detoxing from Suboxone a lot easier that Oxy and Hydrocodone I found Tramadol to be the worst…I was dosing 40-60 50mg/day before I checked myself into rehab–perhaps it was the intense dosage… anyways, I feel really great about my progress, but I am no fool about the nature of addiction… It had bitten me after the two other times I went through detox/rehab…It’s a “funny” thing–none of my pain management doctors seemed to have cared that had to be detoxed–each time I went back the had no problem re-prescribed opiates.

          Now, I have a great family and support system who all understand and do not enable. If I loose them, I’ve lost the game of life.

          Thanks Larry

  33. Markus says:

    Hey all! Great reading all your stories. I am on day 3 off Roxy 30’s. I was up to 4 or 5 a day. I am doing well with the help of a small amount of suboxone and some neurontin. I also take a tiny bit of klonopin for my anxiety. So far so good. I am staying active, so hopefully I’ll be out of the woods soon and get back to normal life. It does feel great to not be sneaking around and spending an unbelievable amount of money to get pills all the time. I’m getting myself back to life! I had already relapsed 2 times.. But no more! It ends here!
    God bless you all! And good luck!

    1. Larry C. says:

      How much suboxone?
      Let us know how you’re doing…

  34. Sherry says:

    There is this eye/mask thing that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond that really helps. You put it in the microwave for about 60 seconds and spray aroma therapy spray on it (should be included) .After about 30 minutes my migraines tend to get tolerable. Hope you get some relief. I’m unfortunately having a bad day myself as I found out yesterday that the Oncologist needs to do two more surgeries and I’ll be starting Chemotherapy next week so they gave me my normal rx’s of Morphine and Dilaudid today which I had weened myself off of the last 4 weeks and I’m dreading what the future holds, such as me needing to actually take them or not. Prayer, prayer, prayer!!!

  35. Linda says:

    I was on 90 mg of MS-Contin per day for 8 months after I lost my right leg.About a month ago I tried to go off cold turkey which was horrible.I have a doctor helping me now.I am into my 2nd week and as of 4/6/12 I should be off completely.I had been doing great until yesterday when I started having these terrible headaches.Nothing seems to help.Does anyone know how long these can last or how to get relief? They are so bad at times I find it hard to function at all.

    1. Doug says:

      While I can’t tell you an answer to your question, as it has only been 7 days for me, I can however tell you that I’ve read just about all the stories on here and your’s hit me the most. I couldn’t imagine the thought of having to deal with this horrid experience along with losing a limb as well. My heart goes out to you and you are obviously one tough cookie, to say the least. It’s great that you’re doing what’s right. I sure hope you make it past the headaches and don’t look back at those damn things. I truly wish you the best.

  36. Doug says:

    Hey all,

    My name is Doug and today is my fifth day off opiates. It started for me about a year ago when a friend gave me a couple perc 10’s. The first time I took them I was working on my house and felt like Superman. I’m sure you all know that feeling. Well, I didn’t really get hooked until a few months later. My wife and I had a baby and the doctor gave her a script of perc 5’s afterwards because she had a c-section. My wife never took them, so I had the liberty of taking them myself. It started with just one after work with a few beers to feel good and then progressed to taking them in the morning before work. When I did start taking them before work I was really on the ball. My productivity went up and I felt as if I couldn’t be stopped on these things, boy was I wrong. Once that script was gone I thought I could simply stop, another bad concept I had. The next day I was so sick that I phoned a friend who I knew sold the blues, roxys whatever. Then it just blew up in my face. I couldn’t function without them. I was up to five or six a day and paying 20 bucks a pop for them. Then I just took whatever I could get my hands on, percs, vics, morphine etc. As you all know that is quite an expensive habit. I looked at it as, “hey I’m successful enough and I can afford it.” Another misconception on my part. All the time I was doing these damn things I knew I was wrong. I’ve had so many friends lose everything over pills that I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. About six months in I got my hands on some Suboxone and tried to quit. It worked for maybe three days and then I got a call from a friend telling me they had a ton of blues for cheap, I caved in. I also think the Suboxone made things worse for me. Well, a few more months went by and I just couldn’t take this anymore. I had to quit. I have a good life, beautiful loving wife and a little girl who needs her daddy. I lost my dad at a young age from drugs and I just couldn’t let myself repeat the cycle. So I tapered down the best I could and last week quit cold turkey. Today was probably the worst, but I have to say reading you all’s stories here have gotten me through the worst part I think. I still feel like shit, and could easily get more pills, but why? I keep telling myself there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that I lived long enough without these damn things so I can certainly do it again. The only thing that I’m not proud of is that I have been taking Xanax to sleep. Yes, I know it’s not the best but without that I probably would have made it this far. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and I just really wanted to say thank you to all the commenters here. Reading your posts for the last five days has let me know that I too can do this. Nobody knows what I’m going through and I’m trying my hardest to keep it that way. Again thank you to everyone here.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hey Doug, did you get any of the recipe for yourself to kick? It really does help and make things more bearable.
      Good luck and check back often,

      1. Doug says:

        Larry, I’m doing quite well thanks. Today is the end of day 7 and my body is in major pain. My mind, however, is the best it’s been even before the pills. I haven’t really taken anything other than OTC stuff, but at this point I’m not even worried about the aches and other BS. I came to an awesome realization yesterday that I’m done with those things and on to the next chapter in my life. I’m so motivated mentally right now. I know that eventually the pain and whatever else will go away, and I’m looking at it as this is my payback for being so foolish. What’s really kept me going is my mind, as everything just seems to look so much better. I keep re-reading my post above, and that reassures me that I’m doing what I should be doing. I wished I had the luxory of a support group, but there’s too many people who depend on me and I can’t let them see my weakness. I got myself into this hell hole and I’m getting myself out. One day at a time brother. Again, thank you. You have no idea how much your site has helped me. I don’t know you, but I DO know you’re a good person.

        1. Larry C. says:

          Moments of clarity are awesome huh? 🙂

          1. Doug says:

            Larry, my moment of clarity was awesome. I’m just about at day 14. I’m not going to tell you it has been easy, because then I’d be lying, but I have however been feeling better each day. There was a few days that were rougher than others, but somehow I managed to keep myself going. I was drinking heavily over the past two weeks and I think the alcohol only prolonged my detox. Still, I did what I had to do and cutting the drinking out has really given me my energy back. I also spoke to a professsional about my addiction. I never in the world thought I would tell anyone, other than the people here of course, but this person really helped me get it all out there. This said person is someone that I never in a million years would have considered telling this to either. Speaking about it really did help though.

            Honestly, minus the aches, pains and fatigue, the last two weeks have been the best I’ve been on a personal level in a long long time. I feel mentally like a better version of the old me. Don’t get me wrong I’m still struggling every day, although each day is better than the last. I just hope that somehow my ramblings here will help someone else make the decision I made. These damn pills are a horrible monster of a drug and I would never wish the shit that I have been going through on my worst enemy. But there is in fact a light at the tunnel and it keeps getting brighter. Again, one day at a time brother and thank you.

        2. mark fox says:

          god bless and respect too you all. mark. n keep on pushin cause you will get back too the other side.

    2. Gwen says:

      Dear Doug my name is gwen and I’m on week 6 of sobriety and I was a very heavy user I didn’t care what is was I have 2 young kids and they need me just as your daughter needs you every little girl needs their dad its hard soooo hard the cravings kill me still the pain and discomfort will fade if not already it took me a couple weeks meetings meetings meetings they help this is my first time at sobriety in 5 yrs on opiates and before them meth and I’m only 24 had a good run but anyways I went to rehab and am doing outpatient look into outpatient but I can’t stress enough how much meetings help when I started I thought bs a class but they do help and you will have people to relate to and you can talk with face to face and you can get numbers there also and I know I had no energy to do anything but make yourself you won’t regret it once you do good luck I still need it everyday

      1. Doug says:

        Gwen, first of thank you. It’s kind of nice to know someone out there cares. I’m going on day 16 and just now starting to feel some normalacy. I have been consulting with someone daily on a private level. This is the only person who knows and understands about my situation. This person is also someone who works in outpatient treatment everyday and let’s just say they have been a part of my life for a very long time. You are right though, talking about it really helps. Hell even writing about it now helps. I’m slowly getting back to the me that I liked. I respected myself as a good person before and I’m gaining that respect back each day I say no. The cravings have really gone down the past few days. Larry’s site has really helped too because I keep re-reading what I wrote above and know that I am in a better state of mind compared to when I wrote my first post. I’m trying my best to beat those things and become part of the percent whose done it on their own for the most part. Every time I’ve gotten the craving, which honestly hasn’t been too much, I pick up my kid to reassure myself that I have been doing the right thing. I know now that this can be done and it is going to take some time. I truly thank you for your response and I wish you the best of luck as well. Thank you!

  37. ellie says:

    Today is day 4 of ct. I am a wife and mother of three grown children. My family knows nothing of my little secret. Today I still feel as though I am walking through a cloud and my balance seems to be a bit off. I am also feeling quite anxious. Stomache issues seem to be going away. I also do not want to engage in coversation with others, isn’t that odd? This is my first time posting. When will my energy come back. Seriously, I feel like I can barely walk.

  38. LN says:

    I just found this page & it’s pretty inspirational. I had been using Vicoprofen for the past 11 years. At first it was one pill during my monthly cycle, then two, then one per day during my cycle, then two, then three, etc. it got to the point where, for the last 4 years, I was taking 3-5 per day. Some days it would be 6 or 7. I finally had a partial hysterectomy last year because I didn’t want to keep taking the meds. Plus, I knew my body was developing a tolerance. It’s been 9 months since the surgery & I had to just quit cold turkey. It’s been almost one week & I’ve been doing pretty well. I see that there is a pH balance book listed. I was using a different pH book for overall health. The supplements I’ve been taking have really helped. You guys are right about changing your diet. I hadn’t & that’s when I would throw up everything I ate. I cut out sugar, gluten, meat & started drinking more water. In addition, I just started juicing veggies because my body needs nutrients. I also have an app on my iPad called Brain Waves & that’s helped me to relax. I don’t have any cravings anymore–even for sugar (I didn’t realize what a sugar addict I was). I also started working out.

    Like everyone else on hear, I never thought this would happen to me. I used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep & worked for the company that made Vicoprofen & Vicodin. I knew all the dangers of addiction but didn’t think I was that person. My perception of an addict was not someone who held an advanced degree, had a great job, & was from “Suburban America”. Well I was severely wrong–it can happen to anyone at anytime.

  39. Sherry says:

    I am currently in Day 4 from Roughly 210 mg daily of Morphine ER and roughly 16 mg Dilaudid daily. I am currently going through treatment for Stage 3 Bladder Cancer which came after dealing with Ovarian Cancer. I have had had over 30 Surgeries, several rounds of Radiation and the topper on it is roughly 8 years ago I was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I feel like I’m in a living hell. I of course am dealing with the Physical withdrawal symptoms but the worst is the depression, motivation, energy. To be gross I haven’t showered in 3 days because even the thought of the water hitting my body kills me, this is partly due to my MS which makes me even more sensitive to things. Strangley reading other people’s stories help yet scare me at the same time.

    1. bunny munro says:

      THAT is such alot that you have been through and to add getting clean to the mix?
      Is really so much of an inspiration.
      When I read just how much you have been through with all the surgeries etc.. I just
      thought God Bless that woman, it certainly helps give perspective to my situation.
      Really, prayers are with you, what a strong person you must be.
      AND YOU WILL SUCCEED and so will I.

  40. Josh says:

    Hello All,
    I came across this website on a sleepless night. I am on day 4 of withdrawl of perc 10’s. On them 7 months. However I have also been through withdrawls from oxycodone 30’s….about as stong as it gets. As I am reading the posts, I see many of you are able go through the detox process within the first few days but it seems most people struggle with mental and physical symptoms (insomnia, depression, RLS, GI problems, mind racing, etc) that occur afterwards. I think I may be able to help. I have been through this many many times before and the first time it took me about 3 weeks to finally feel normal again. I now have the process down to a science. I can feel absolutely 100% by day 7. Let me explain.

    A little about myself. I am an avid fitness enthusiast. I have a BS in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. I have trained numerous professional athletes. For a long time, working out WAS MY DRUG. I would could go to bars with my friends watching them down drink after drink and I would simply just drink ice water (it made it look like I was drinking vodka tonics 🙂 It never appealed to me. I craved the rush of endorphins I would get from working out. 6 years ago I was serious accident and I tore up my shoulder and ulner collateral (think tommy johns surgery…you know for pitchers…) anyway the entire 1 side of my upper body screwed up pretty bad. I had to have surgery. This was my first encounter with prescription drugs and believe or not I didn’t even finish them! I don’t have a particularly addictive personality. However about a year after surgery I pushed myself too hard in the gym. I simply didn’t want to accept that my 1 shoulder would never be as stong as my other anymore. While I was working out, I seperated my acromioclavicular joint completly (basically your shoulder joint) and I tore my infraspantus (one of the 4 muscles that make up your rotator cuff). Ok enuff talk about antatomy and physiology….I am sure you are all wondering….what is the secret. I am getting there I promise. So I was forced to have surgery a 2nd time. Long story short, I simply can no longer work out my upper body without the use of pain killers. I have so much scar tissue in shoulder it just isn’t possible. The pain is so intense I just cant do it without meds. Normal everyday life is bearable, somedays its even fine…some days no pain at all if theres no physical activity but working out became impossible without meds. So I was forced with a tough decision, begin taking pain meds (any dr who sees my mri will give me just about whatever I want) or give up the 1 thing I love more than anything in the world. So what has happened over the past couple years is my brain has a battle with itself. I will take pain killers for about 6 months so I can work out…and and then I will start saying to myself….wait a second….Josh you arent a drug addict….what are you doing. This is crazy. You need to get off these things. I stop for about 6 months until I lose lots of muscle mass in my upper body, become disgusted with the way I look and how I feel and I start up again. Needless to say, I have been through these withdrawls quite a few times and I have discovered how to get through them FAST.

    DISCLAIMER – I am not a DOCTOR. I am simply telling you what has worked for me and nothing more. Take this advice at your own risk!

    Days 1 through 3. FLUSH THE TOXINS FASTER.
    > Drink lots of water. I carry around a gallon of water to keep track of how much I drink
    > Get Milk Thistle – available at any vitamin store. Help restore liver function. Remember opiods are digested through your liver.
    > Gineger Root – also available at any vitamin store. Helps with nausea
    > Papaya Enzyme – also avaiable at any vitamin store. Helps with ‘the runs’

    Days 4 – 7. Get MOVING. Get a designated buddy if possible to help get your depressed butt out of bed. I love working out and even I need my wife to physically drag me out of bed. On day 4- 7 it is 3 fold: DIET, SUPPLEMENTS, WORKING OUT.

    WORK OUTS – I am working out in some way shape or form 3x a day! yes 3. Now I can’t do upper body (bc no pain meds) but I will wake up go to the gym and use the bike, I will go for a run at lunch and night time its back to the gym for some core/abs. Yes I know. Who has the time to do that? I have kids I have a job. We all have the same 24hrs in the day. These are looong days. I start at 6am and don’t get home from the gym until 9 or 10. Personally I like it that way. It keeps my mind off of how depressed I am. I hate when I finally come home and stop moving! I am not talking about keeping up these 15hr days forever…I am talking about for 3 or 4 days. Thats it. It doesnt matter what you do, it just matters thats you break a sweat. If you cant go to the gym, go for a walk! Go for a run. Do something! Play Wii. Trust me I have been there. Someone telling you to simply go to the gym…it seems like they might as well be telling you go climb mount everest because they both seem equally difficult when you are feeling depressed and tired and you just wanna die. Ive been there. Trust me, once you get out, even if you simply go outside and walk down the block, you feel better. Get an ipod. Get some music going during your physical activity! Your body produces endorphins naturally, the same thing that you get from ‘high’ feeling from pain meds. Nothing restores your Serotonin and Endorphin production faster than physical activity. This is a great website to see some of the things I am talking about, it’s reputable as well.

    SUPPLEMENTS -All of these are available at GNC or any vitamin store.

    St Johns Wort – This helps with depression and mood. I litterally begin feeling better within a few hours after taking this!
    5 HTP – will help restore serotonin production faster! Serotonin make you feel happy. Trust me you want all the serotonin you can get.
    Vitamin B12 – helps with energy production.
    Multi Vitamin – needs no explanation

    Ok time for sleep….but you can’t. Mind is racing, anxiety, restless legs, etc. Try these, they will help.

    Valerian Root – helps with anxiety and helps you sleep
    Meletonin – Helps support restful sleep

    DIET – stop eating crap….even if its simply during the time your a going through withdrawls. Once the withdrawls are completely gone, go back to Burger King but for now, you need a high complex carbs and lean protein. I know the last thing you feel like doing is cooking, here are a few easy ones. Brown Rice (Minute) – it comes in a bag. You put the whole bag in boiling water for 10 min its done!. Wheat pasta also works well. Buy an already cooked chicken (rotissorie), thats something you can simply pick at without cooking. Try to eat more chicken than skin. The complex Carbohydrates will help with your energy levels.

    I follow this routine religiously and by day 7, I have no lingering effects. WARNING….these results are not typical. I keep my body in very good shape and I am not telling you this to brag, but simply to warn you that my body responds to these things I have told you about much quicker than the normal person. However I truly believe (after checking with a DR. of course) this regiment can cut down on the amount of time it takes to go thru this horrible process!

    Today is day # 4 for me, not too bad. I have a bit of a tough time sleeping but otherwise not horrible. Yesterday was pretty bad. I had to call out of work I was so depressed, but I kept myself moving, I kept myself occupied by working out and I got through it . You can too.

    I realize many of you may be suffering from injuries and that your pain med use may stem from that. I would be more than happy to answer any questions for you regarding a workout regiment that may be safe and effective for you. I don’t know the policy on putting personal email on here, but if Larry is ok with it, I will provide it.

    God bless – josh

    1. Larry C. says:

      I don’t mind you putting your email address out the. We have a recipe you should check out on here Josh, works pretty darn good. The St Johns wort doesn’t always work for everyone, including me. check out the Melisa/Lemon Balm.
      Some people are getting off suboxone which is a big more intense getting off of, more intense than just a regular opiate. Been there, wrecked that..
      .Thanks for the input…

      1. Josh says:

        anyone who needs any advice on working out, I have worked with clients with just about every injury you can imagine. Just email

        Hey Larry,
        I completly agree that what works for 1 person, may not work for another. I figured I would at least share what worked for me. I will def check out the recipe you have on here.

        I think what you are doing is an amazing. The world needs more people like you!!!!!

        With that being said, please don’t take what I am about to say the wrong way. Sometimes in email, without hearing voice inflexion and tonality, things can be misconstrued.

        Based upon the praise you have received from so many people, you must be helping. The one thing that concerns me a little bit as I read more and again please don’t take this the wrong way, but are you educating people on the fact that Suboxone is actually a partial opiate?

        For 5 years I lived in Pinellas County Fl, for those who don’t know, it’s the pain killer captial of the country. More oxycodone is prescribed there every month than all of the other counties in Fl combined. I know many people who are addicted to oxycodone or are recovering and I know many people who have been on Suboxone as well, including me. As an athletic trainer, I worked side by side with physical therapist and doctors and many doctors conveyed to me that suboxone is really just substituting one opiate for another (yes I know it is only a partial opiate). As you even mentioned in your reply to my post, many people are dealing with Suboxone withdrawl which can be worse. This is just my opinion and nothing more but substituting one drug for another doesn’t seem like it may be the best option unless it is used for an extremely short period of time.

        Did you know the number one leading cause of death of people in AA is lung cancer? It’s because most of them have substitued one vice for another vice, drinking for smoking.

        I agree anything that helps people get off pain meds and stay off them is a good thing but I wouldnt go as far as to call suboxone ‘a miracle’….its a drug and thats why it makes you feel instantly better. I have taken the orange 8mg subs before myself and then went thru withdrawls off of them. In my opinion I wouldve rather kept taking percs and only gone through the withdrawl once.

        What are your thoughts on that?

        1. Larry C. says:

          well for mew it was a miracle drug, but I should change the words I use. For me it really helped me to get away from regular opiates, which the depression and lack of endorphin production are what keep people coming back to lplers.ainki The suboxone really tuyrned my attitude around almost instantly with the way it works on the brain and I went from a loser piece of shit to a productive person. The other saving grace with suboxone with me was I had no cravings or urge for opiates when I was kicking. So substituting one drug for another worked for me for several reasons. I know some people actually go back to regular opiates to get off suboxone. the switch from alcohol to coffee is well nteddocume, same issue in NA too. which is why they say don’t try to quite too many things at once. stop smoking after a year of clean time.

          I’d gone through withdrawals from opiates several times, and I’m a tweeker. it kept calling me back because of the depr aend lassionck of endorphins hich is what stops depression. So going to suboxone to get away from the full opiates worked well for me. but I agree with most of what id,y agaion, ueach personsa is different and what works for you doesn’t work for her or him. But I totally agree, suboxone should only be used for a very short time.

    2. going crazy says:

      hey Josh..can you email me? Been on high levels for almost 14 years..down to about 15mg to 30 a day and my body just won’t let me’s horrible! Don’t know what is real pain or “withdrawls”..feel so alone! Please help!!

      1. Josh says:

        Hey “Going Crazy”

        my email is

        Reach out to me and hang in there. You are not alone.

      2. Larry C. says:

        Hi Going Crazy, you should also get the recipe we have on here by joining the mailing list. For the reasons you spoke of is why I formulated the recipe for my own withdrawals.

  41. Lynn says:

    Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since i have been here, but i just wanted to stop by and encourage everyone too stay on the path of wellbeing. You are more powerful than you realize and you can do it. It’s been three months for me now and I am doing very well now. I also learned from my Naturopath that I am very sensitive to EMF/EMR, so I took steps to harmonize my home from harmful postive ions. Also, I wear a pendant and Ener-Band whenever I am out, foor protection. What a world of difference it has made in my anxiety level. No more anxiety! wish I would have known about this a long time ago, but hey, life is one big learning process. I also get a very deep sleep now and I am sleeping 8 hour nights without disturbance. If anyone is interested, I harmonized my home with the Geoclense Harmonizer from Australia. I als took the initiative to harmonize my children’s homes and cellphones. On another note, I almost lost my 29 year old daughter to methadone. She had a heart attak and actually passed away for approx 20 minutes. Her boyfriend did CPR and revived her, then they lost her again in the ambulance. She spent 9 days in critical care and is now in a good rehab program. I am so happy that I am sober and that I am here for her. She never wants to touch another pill either, but she has a long road to her recovery. Everyone is different in their journey. Everyone take care and please believe in yourself 🙂 I will come back to read more when I have some time.

  42. mo says:

    itll be 4 days clean for me in 5 hours ive just got a question ive been throwing up anyuthing i ingest the past 2 days when will this stop?…its getting pretty bad mybody needs vitamins i went to 3 hospitals till i found one with a detox center and when i got there i realized all those people were there for was methadone which i dont wanna substitute an opiate for an opiate im only 22 and ive had a 60-160mg roxi addiction for the past 3 years hardcore but ive always loved vics and percs since i waws 15 but they where to hard to cop so i left it alone…but once they became popular i jumped rigfht back on them justifying my use with the classic “back pain” now ive just been reading this site for support and its really helped so i decided to share my story with you all i can truly say no matter hjow much pain discomfort and violent vomitous episodes i go thru ive never been happier im coming out of this evil fog ive been on and i feel like ive thrown away the best years of my life keep me in your prayers and thoughts as i will all of you sorry about the lack of grammar but you know at 4 days your focus aint back yet…peace love and happiness p.s to all of you i know that being out of the fog will overcome anything i have to go through to enjoy my nieces and nephews the way i used to will be the greatest “high” ever so find something in your life to look forward to no matter how small it may be and just look forward!!!!

  43. kate says:

    Day 23 thanks every one and glad to hear we are all doing this. I swear I have 1 good day then 4 bad, I just keep telling myself that my body is going through a lot of changes right now. It sure isn’t fun. My mind wants to do what I could takeing the pills but my body won’t let me. I am trying to drink more water but it is hard as I hate it. I am reading a few books and thought I’d try some zeolite again. I did it in the past and it sure didn’t hurt. Also I just read that I was useing bottled lemon and it says that don’t work like the real lemon so kinda back to start on that. Any how I have made up my mind not to go back to the hydros so that is not even in my mind any more. Glad to hear every one is doing well thank you Steven and cz for every thing.

  44. April says:

    I’ve been reading some of your alls posts. I’m
    On day 14 and I still feel crappy. I need energy bad. I worked everyday this wk except today. I’m calling in today. It takes all I have to make it through my 8 hr shift. I really hate the way I feel. If anyone could please tell me when I’ll be back to normal so work is more pleasant it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks do much. I can’t wait to hear back. I hope it’s not many more days. I’m going to my family doc tommorrow Monday to get excuse for the whole week next week.

  45. Anna says:

    Larry I cant find my post ? Im on my 12 day !! Yay !! And I cant read the newest posts.. Thank you again Larry for helping so many of us !! And for everyone sharing theire storys.. Excuse my spelling but im an scandinavian.. : ))

    1. Larry C. says:

      Sorry Anna, I’m on the road to Alabama with my family, on a family vacation. I’ve not had access for two days till tonight. I’ll have access from here on out, though.

      1. Anna says:

        Have a great time with your family Larry !! : )

  46. kate says:

    Hi Every one, Ok I’m on day 21. Larry I could care less about the pills but I am not so sure about this pain. I mean it is bad, I can hardly do any thing. I went on these pills for back pain and other problems and I can’t help wonder if my problems got much worse over time. To be honest I have tryed the things you talk about and now reading the book and I can’t see where any of these are helping. I haven’t read a lot of the book but so far you may as well stop eating and useing every I want to know if what I am feeling now at day 21 is the pain I will haave for ever or is my body still adjusting? If this is what I;d be feeling then it wouldn’t be worth it. I can’t call this liveing.I have taken every over the counter thing I could try for pain and nothing is helping. Like I said I could care less about the pills I just hate the pain.Help.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I can’t say what it is Kate, you’ll have to see a doctor most likely.If it’s getting worse maybe you should see a doctor right away. I’m not a doctor so I can’t help you there, but I would say try to find a doctor that will treat the source not the symptom.

    2. Steven says:

      Kate, try to remember that some of this pain you are feeling is the WD effect from not having any opiods in your system. I know that is hard to hear, doesn’t help you feel better. I don’t have any real physical pain to speak of and my whole body just feels like crap on some days.
      My dad has very bad back pains, bad enough that he really can’t move around too well. He had a procedure done where they inject a steroid into his spinal cord. He is now almost pain free. Can you ask your doctor about it? Have you tried a Chiropractor? I see one regularly and it helps.

  47. Lee says:

    I still feel like crap. Not as bad as the first few days. I dragged my ass to the gym finally a few days ago. The first 10 minutes were excruciating. But then I felt good. Really good. Then an hour later I was in a slump again. I have no energy and I don’t really care about anything. I understand the chemistry behind it so I try to remind myself that this feeling isn’t forever. I can see why people cave when they want to just feel normal again. Trying to stay strong. This is tthe the worse thing I have ever been through. Ashamed that I would put myself in this position to begin with. I wish I could go to the gym everyday but I can’t so I go as often as I can. I started the b complex and daily vitamin. It’s only been a couple of days so I guess i’ll see if it helps. I ordered the Melissa too. I hate the feeling of not wanting to get off my ass. My family deserves better than this.

    1. CZ says:

      Don’t give up!! I know its hard but you can do it. Look how far you have come already. Trust me, its a pain in the ass and it sucks and you are miserable and it is hard to see the point, but everyday you fight it is a day you don’t have to go back. I’m proud of you. You are getting your life back and it is going to be so much better than it was before. Try to remember that your body is better and tell your brain to just keep quiet!! Sometimes when the exhaustion feels overwhelming I have to ask myself, am I really tired, really? Or am I just depressed? Chances are if I am depressed the best place for me is the gym, or outside in the fresh air. I don’t know if you feel that way, but it works for me. Anyway, you are doing really well. Stay strong! We are all cheering for you!

      Today is 23 days for me. I keep battling a headache, but I know I am not drinking nearly enough water. I think I am ready to try some vitamins now. Going cold turkey and suffering so much makes me leery of taking anything at all. But like Lee, I’m tired all the time. My body is a stranger to me. I have no idea what is going on half of the time. I always have a stuffy nose now, I sneeze constantly, I have gastrointestinal issues that are enough to make me want to never leave a bathroom (between extreme pain from gas and loose bowels) and it doesn’t matter how much I sleep, I want to sleep more. My mind still tells me I need to use, but only when the tension around me feels unbearable, I want to go back into my cave. I’ve taken up playing the guitar and writing…seems to help. Anyway, if anyone can tell me when my nose will be normal and when my guts will be normal and what I can do for it I sure do appreciate it. I can deal with the tiredness.

      As always, you all are in my thoughts. Steve, how are you doing sir? Kate, you are a rockstar. I know how much you hurt, it will pass. Have you tried water exercises? The water helps take the pressure off your joints and back, knees, hips, etc. And exercise will help your brain start making endorphins again. Just a suggestion. I’m proud to be among this group of people fighting to have our lives back.

      Larry, you are a saint. Thank you!

      Tashe Delek

      1. Steven says:

        Tashe, I’m still kickin! The sleep issue is my worst enemy these days. I am sleeping at least 5 to 6 hours a night but my body feels worn out. I’m so tired of being tired. I had my appt today with my counselor and he tends to think I am working too many hours. Tuesday-Thursday I worked 14 hour days. Here is a new one… I have started to snore at night really bad. I have never snored in my life. My wife stared sleeping back in our bed since my sleep has gotten better but now she can’t sleep because of my snoring. It’s always something. He told me I still have at least another 4 to 6 weeks until the physical pains are pretty much all over. My tissues are so full of all the toxins it’s just gonna take time. I found a real good support group by the name of Celebrate Recovery. It was founded by Rick Warren. Look into it and see if there is a meeting near you.
        I’ll check in later. Thanks for your thoughts.

        1. Larry C. says:

          Steve can you get tested for sleep apnea?

          1. Steven says:

            My counselor suggested that as well. I’m gonna look into it and see. I have always wanted to get my sleep analyzed.

            1. Larry C. says:

              I’ve got Sleep Apnea and sleep with a machine every night, I love it!

        2. CZ says:


          I’m glad you are doing so well. I’m sorry about the sleep issues. Sounds like you are heading in the right direction though. Your wife and my husband deserve metals! Make sure you are taking care of yourself. I hope the work isn’t a substitute for using. Too much work and stress are just as damaging to you. Good for you for finding a support group! It makes my heart happy to hear good news from you. By the way, I like how you refer to me as Tashe. Tashi, or Tashe Delek is a Tibetan Greeting. As always you are in my heart and thoughts!

          Tashe Delek,

          1. Steven says:

            You taught me something new today about Tibet!

    2. Steven says:

      Lee you will start feeling better soon. I know it sounds like forever and ever, but time will pass very quickly. Every minute of the day is one less moment you have to go thru this again. One thing you have to keep in mind is that once you start feeling better the crappy feeling will come back in little waves. Just stay strong.

  48. Anna says:

    Larry ! This forum has and are a life saver !! I’m on day 9 from going cold turkey from 25-30 10s norco a day. I just read other ppls posts .. Until now, thank you all people out there for sharing !! It helped me thru so far !! I did Larrys vitamine suggestions and forced my self to eat snack bars and drank alot of water. Went to the er second day no use at all.. Doc gave me a pres for tylenol 3 !!! And thats after me saying over and over again nothing with opioids in it !!

  49. kate says:

    day 17 and still going strong. I really don’t even want to go back to hydros. drinking lemon and water but that don’t seem to be doing much. Books on the way. Still dealing with a lot of pain so can’t do the things I could while taking my meds. Anyway glad to see every one is doing fine. God Bless and stay strong

  50. Doug says:

    Today marks 58 days sober from using hydrocodone and oxygen for better than 8 years. I received doctors script for most but would search when needed. I found your site just before Christmas last year and read daily for the first 30 days and submitted several short inquiries.
    I now feel like I have made it back. I still have problems with sleep but no desire for the drug. Initially my energy was gone but has returned 80% and I make it through every workday.
    Thanks for doing this for everyone. I made it so Ionosphere’s others can do it although I leaned heavilly on your site.

  51. CZ says:

    Way to go Steve!!! I am so happy for you. Lee, it will get better everyday, we all can guarantee that. I have to pat myself on the back…went out with my husband Friday and Saturday night and only drank water. It was really hard at first, but when I think about how sick I was last Sunday and how hard I fought to get through the withdrawals I realized that it wouldn’t be worth it. I’m still struggling with the PAWS but my NA group helps with that. Sometimes my husband says things that make me wonder if I was just a really convincing addict or he just has no clue about addiction. I still think about using constantly…it is on a replay loop in my head. I have learned that I have to be totally clean otherwise I will relapse quickly. Needless to say I have had to cut contact off completely with almost everyone I’ve ever known. I feel isolated and lonely but at least I am alive!! Seems like sometimes the isolation is a little harder on me than the withdrawals. But I think this will pass too. Still having a hard time at the gym. Maybe once Spring is here and I can be outside instead of inside I won’t struggle so much. I need sunshine!! Anyway, I hope everyone is still heading in a good direction. As always you are all in my thoughts.

    Tashe Delek

  52. Lee says:

    Ok. So its day 6 and I feel like I need a V8. I feel like I’m walking sideways. My equilibrium is out of whack. other than that I feel mostly ok. I get the sweats every now and then. It just comes out of no where. Saturday I took a small piece of a suboxone. I felt like I was cheating. But I was home with my kids alone all day. I felt like shit and completing a sentence seemed almost impossible. Focusing on anything and trying to make sense of it seemed impossible. It’s funny though I bought one took a piece and flushed it so I wouldn’t be tempted. Everyday does get a little better. I quit smoking too. Felt like if I was going to feel like ass I might as well do it all at once. That and my 8 year old thinks i’m dying cause I smoke. I was terrified of stopping the pills. Now that i’m passed the hard part. I’m terrified of not going back. I deleted all my contacts but its only a matter of time until they call me. I was paying their rent for Christ’s sake. Not worried about the near future but more like 6 months from now or a year when I think “just a couple will be fine” i’m not that person who can only take one or two. I know that. But it’s amazing what you tell yourself to make it ok. One day at a time I guess. I just want to be clear headed again. I can’t think straight. And I have too many people who depend on me thinking straight and being responsible.

    1. Larry C. says:

      So it’s not day 6, it’s day 2 right? Saturday, Sunday, Monday…hang in there…
      Oh and 6 months from now when you feel like a couples ok? that’s why we suggest a 12 step program, for the support and help that it brings…

    2. Lee says:

      Suboxone isn’t my drug of choice. Percocets were my thing. I just really wanted to go cold turkey. I flushed the rest of the Suboxone cause I know they can be just as addicting. If not more so. I thought about seeing a doctor for them but I know people who get prescribed them for years. It just seems to defeat the purpose. I didn’t want to get out of one trap to get caught in another.

    3. Jason says:

      Lee I’ll tell you man it is tuff and dont think just a couple is fine cuz its not thats what im going through rite now and im wicked pissed at myself for it.What can you do it’s an easy thing to go back to real easy trust me.
      I’m on day 7 of my second real detox,You know cuz i had a little detox every once in a while when i couldn’t get anything. Yeah really feel like poo with 2 smalll childern is pretty tuff but im fighting through it.


  53. Steven says:

    You ass! LOL

  54. Steven says:

    I think i’m turning a corner! I have slept thru the night the past 2 nights. I still woke up at my usual 3:00 but only for a minute. I have gone to bed at 10:00 and woke up at 5:30 and feel like a totally different person. Yesterday I was able to work all day without feeling exhausted. I own an automotive repair business and I have to exert a lot of physical energy. I even went out to dinner last night from work! Larry, I’ve had no leg pains in 2 days either. Man does it feel good. I’m still gaining weight. I have gained 23 lbs in just over a month. That is nuts…..The people I run into that I don’t see on a regular basis say that I look 10 years younger and ask f I have been working out. I just tell them it’s good lovin and eating!

    I honestly feel like my life is coming back. That sounds crazy and weird but it is so true. I have been on some type of medication for close to 15 years and I am just now realizing that I have been in a fog for a lot of those years. Our 20 years anniversary is coming up and I want to make it the most special day of my wife’s life. For what she has put up with? It is inspiring to say the least, she is my angel from up above.

    Hang in there everyone. The light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter and brighter everyday.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Just make sure the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train. 🙂

  55. kate says:

    Joe I was just wondering how you are doing? I don’t get a lot of time to read these except the mornings. I see your haveing a really hard time and it has been a few days since you posted. I’m worried about you.I hope your hanging in there and don’t give up. If you feel you screwed up come back and start over. You can do this. It took me 10 years to put my all into it. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life and you may feel thats it’s far to much but trust me if things could go wrong for me while trying this they sure did. It almost feels like some one has been testing me .No shit. On top of that I have had people come to my door wanting to know if I wanted to buy some.It felt good to say no thanks. Hard as hell to believe I said that.I kinda played a little mind game with myself and told myself that they had taken these things off the market and their is no more around. lol Kinda helped.It seems each day I have some new pain coming to visit me.I just keep saying they have to end sooner or later.Getting off some thing is hard. Dam hard but if we really want to we can do it.It may not be easy but it is one more reason not to turn back. I watched funny movies when I first started. I needed a good laugh as many of us do.Your having G/F problems/ Kids so on. Just look at it this way. You are doing this at your weakest point. That makes you stronger then you even know.When this is over you can say you did it regardless of all the ups and downs that were in your way. The people on this site are great.Steven, Larry, Cz , Each and every one of you. I like so many found this site because I was sick to death of needing these pills. I was shocked when I ran into this site. I felt I was finally around people that were not here to judge me .People that really understood. Larry you have done so much for so many of us by putting this site up.I think before Doctors give people a script for this shit instead of saying they can be habit forming they should hand people a copy of this site. At least the people would be hearing the real truth. I see many are going to n/a and to be honest I wish I could go but where I live there is to many people that could cause me a lot of problems.I have this site to help me and I thank every one that has told there story. I know I to have a long road ahead of me but I am one big step ahead of what I was 2 weeks ago.I have you people to thank for that because I’m not sure I could have got as far as I have with out yous. I pray yous have a great day and I will be thinking of all of yous. Thanks again .Joe we are with you.Don’t give up on us.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Thanks for the kind words Kate.

    2. Steven says:

      Kate you sound like an amazing person. I wish and pray for nothing but the best for you and your family. You are so correct that if someone would sit down and read this site they might just not take any.

  56. kate says:

    I have a question for any one that can help. I have fibromyalgia and my doctor was going to put me on cymbolta. I didn’t want to try any thing new while trying to get off the hydrocodones. Now that I am off them I was wondering if I would be safe to even try these? My sister had been on them for 2 years and said they worked great for pain. She also got off them with no problem because she just couldn’t afford them. While I am doing good I do have the pain that put me on the hydros to start with. She was going to try me on 20 mg then go to 30. They have sat on my desk through all of this because I was just to scared to try them. Has any one heard of these and what do you think?

      1. kate says:

        Thanks Larry I ordered it plus a couple more. Who knows it might help. When I wrote about the change on the site I was reading before the change and lost my page number as they don’t have them now. Plus it just seemed backwards, lol all is good . Thanks again

        1. Larry C. says:

          yeah opk right, yeah now the newest comments are at the top not the bottom. which way do you think it should be?

          1. kate says:

            Been tring to post all morning but can’t. try later

  57. kate says:

    Hi Larry what happened to the page bud? Looks like the dates are backwards? Gary if you can find this way down here hang in there your doing good and you can do this.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Not sure I know what you mean? I finally got around to fixing the nested comments, newest comments come first, is that going to cause problems? I also made it so when you reply to someones comment it shows as being replied to in a nested fashion. and 100 comments per page, then hit the next page link…

      1. Steven says:

        I think it’s a good idea Larry, just gotta get used to it!

        1. Larry C. says:

          Yeah I wanted everyone to be able to follow conversations. The way it was was a little confusing when replies were 10 messages down from the original comment.

          1. kate says:

            Hi Larry and friends,

            Larry don’t worry about the change in the page. I just found I can’t get to the next page of old comments. I was on page 518 and just got printing paper when it had been changed. I knew some one that didn’t get on line much and knew they would never find this site. I knew just how much it had helped me so I wanted to print it out and let then read it on there own time. I felt it might help as it did me. Any way I said when I felt a little better I would tell my story. As I think what took place over the years had lead me to where I was at. When I was 18 years old I lost my first new born to S.I.D.S when he turned 4 months old. For being a young mom this child was my world. When I lost him a part of me went with him. Once I made it through that with the help of my mom I thought I had to be the strongest person going. If I could handle that then I could handle anything. In 98 I lost my dad.He died while I held him in my arms. I felt so helpless.I made it through that also. I was and have been always the one anyone could come to with problems.I heald my feelings in regardless of how much I hurt. In 2000 I hurt my back really bad putting me out of work for good. By 2002 I ran across a doctor that put me on pain meds. 6 hydrocodone a day/ 4 soma/3 methadone. I took them all but hardly took the methadone. It was around christmas time. At this time I had just ended a bad relationship I was in.It was the day after xmas that my little brother was sent to the hospital.. He was a alcoholic and a bleeder, Reason he was sent. I watched my brother for days laying there bleeding from every hole in his body. I was so scared of loseing him. I had begged him a year before to please take part of my liver but he would not hear of it. After staying in the hospital for almost a week he had a day where he was doing better. My sister and I went home hours away to get more clothes and go back. The next morning when we walked into the hospital I could tell by the looks of my mom that he had passed. I just couldn’t except that. I went to his room and talked to him for so long. If some thing like that were to happen I wanted to be there.I WASN’T. Oh God that bothered me. He was my baby brother and I loved him. This couldn’t be happeniing. I went home and tryed my best to be there for the family I had left. I tryed to be so strong for every one. It wasn’t long I took notice that when ever I took my pills they didn’t only help my back but they helped me to cope with things I just couldn’t handle. One day while driveing I ran across a man walking down the highway that reminded me so much of my brother.I almost got into a accident when I had seen him. I went home and soon I found myself going back that same road. I ran into him at a store. Don’t ask me why but I took him to a family outting and the next thing I knew I was taking this guy that was homeless in. I guess I just missed my brother. I soon realized that he may have looked like my bro but he was far from him. I began to think I was stuck and noticed when I took my meds I liked him more. I know crazy as shit right. Anyway next thing I know my doctor gets shit canned.Now I get the worse case of the flu I ever had. I mean I was in bed 2 weeks. Funny thing was never really taking pills before I even questioned myself if it could be withdraws I was haveing. Then I said can’t be my mind is still the same I think. Ok so a while passes and a long comes another doctor. More hydros and soma. Things are once again easier to deal with. 2 years later my oldest brother gets sick.Never smoked in his life but he has cancer that for 6 months they thought was some thing else. By the time they found it it was to late to help him. I lost him also 2 months later. 2 days after his services another family member gets in a accident and remains in a coma till this day.Now just before my bro dies of cancer my sister gets cancer. She walks into my home one day with this cute pink hat I still have today. I wanted to cry so bad but they all needed me to be strong. Inside I was already dead.I never wanted to feel .It was just way to much. Next thing I no again I lose my doctor. Now I am paying cash out of pocket. Problems keep on going my way. I knew I had to do some thing.I felt alone and had no one I could turn to.I always did all the things I should be doing.Each year I put flowers on many graves but I was never really there. Mean time I became a gram. I went 6 years doing all the right things for this child.This child is my world. This month is the first time I have been able to look in her eyes with clear eyes. Do you know how good that feels? When I hit my 4th day I swear I spent the whole day crying. I cryed so much I ran out of tears. I cryed for all the ones I lost. I also lost my mom. The woman that made me the person I am today. So you see I had alot more pain then I could handle. I some times think things happen for a reason. I pray to them to make me strong and help me through this. I feel like God has given me a second family when I found this site. I have a long ways to go but I am doing good. I never want another hydro as long as I live. We all have our own reasons and storys but I feel we can make it. I can’t thank the people on here enough. Maybe I had to get a sickness to understnad my brotheers I don’t know. I just thank God for where I am at today. God Bless and every one stay strong.WE CAN DO THIS.

            1. Larry C. says:

              were you able to figure out how to navigate, there’s links to older comments above and below the list of comments.

  58. Lee says:

    Hi everyone,
    The last time I took a pill was early Tuesday morning. About 4 days in. This is the most horrific experience of my life. I have been abusing painkillers on and off for about 6 years. About two years ago it went from a nice little energy boost to a need in order to function. Once I realized I needed to put end to this, I always told myself “once these are gone I’m done.” Or just get through the next couple of days. I have 4 kids and a business and there was just never any time to get ” the flu”. My husband didn’t know the extent of my problem. He thought I grabbed a couple here and there but he didn’t know how much I was doing. I had a reality check last week that I just couldn’t ignore anymore so I went cold turkey. I think the worst is behind me. Now I have the annoying cold sweats and i’m easily irritated. I have to say the only way I have made it through the last few days is by reading the stories of everyone from this forum and others like this one. Whenever I thought about finding a perc I go online to see what others have to say. It’s amazing how you find comfort from complete strangers. Thank you all for sharing. I feel a little less alone in this battle.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Didn’t you post this same comment in another post? hahahahaha….welcome…

      1. Lee says:

        I wasn’t sure if I posted in the right place. Sorry. Brain is not functioning right.

    2. Steven says:

      Lee, it sounds like you might be thru the roughest part. For the next several weeks you may have waves of the crap coming back for a day. Larry tells us that the mental side of all this is when most people go back to there choice of of the pie. Just be strong and you WILL beat this. Good luck and we will be pulling for you.

  59. Gary V says:

    I’m sorry Larry for yelling, you have a great site. It helps a lot of people. Thank you again.

    1. CZ says:

      I just want you all to know how amazing you are. There is most definitely a very special place in my heart for each of you! Stephen, your story inspires me. I’m honored to be counted among your “peeps”. Kate, thank you for not judging me. (oh how I wish it had just been beer though!) I have been attending as many NA meetings as I can. I almost wish you all were physically there with me, you are my “home group”. I know without question that I am 16 days because of the love and support from my new family on this forum. Yes, I did the physical work, but you glorious people are helping me with the mental challenges. The desire to use is still with me, I think it is because I am now tackling the issues that are the reason I wanted to be in a fog in the first place. But I just go one minute at a time. Today I don’t want to leave my room. Tomorrow will be better. Thanks again for the support. I’m proud of every single one of us. And Larry, I don’t know what kinda mess I’d be in if not for you. From the deepest of my soul, even though it sucks sometimes, thank you. They say in NA “you can’t keep what you don’t share”. Thank you for sharing.

      Taste Delek….

      1. Larry C. says:

        Most welcome, keep coming back and you can’t keep it if you don’t give it away… 🙂

      2. Steven says:

        Wow, this withdrawal period sure does make me emotional. I teared up reading Kates and CZ’s comments. I’m back to having my lousy sleep patterns again. I went to bed at 9:30 and was wide awake at 2:30. My legs are still aching like crazy, mostly my calves. When will this leg pain stop???

        My wife about blew a gasket this morning when I told her I was on the verge of going back on Clonazapem for sleep. It seems that it’s the only thing that works for me. I have tried countless prescription types with no luck. They are non-narcotic which is why they probably don’t work for me. I never had a problem taking this or coming off of it which amazed some people. I really do not want to go back on it but I can’t perform my work and personal responsibilities without sleep.

        I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. We are strong and we can beat this.

        God bless us.

        1. Larry C. says:

          Steven, I hike for exercise several times a week, and my calves used to hurt like MF’er. I started doing lemon juice in water, fresh squeezed lemon juice from one lemon in a glass of sparkling water. within 2 days my back pain stopped and the pain in my calves stopped too. Even when hiking now my calves don’t hurt. I do the juice of about 3-5 lemons a day, usually at night though. It’s my “Cocktail” I deserve at the end of the day.

          Give yourself some time with the sleep thing. I know it’s a bitch but don’t go back to a pill until you absolutely really need it. Just a thought but in about 2 months if you are still having issues with sleep, and if you wake up at night and just sit there and think, go see a psychiatrist and have them test you for ADHD or Anxiety disorder. Just a thought. before I was on my ADHD meds I would lay in bed wide awake, wake up and just sit there and stew on stupid shit too.

  60. GARY V says:


    1. Larry C. says:

      Gary, I review the comments before approving them to keep spammers off of here. All comments, unless they are spam, are always approved and show, typically within 6-8 hours.
      One suggestion, stop typing in all caps, it’s like yelling.

  61. kate says:

    Hi Every one, I had some reading to catch up on this morning. Today is day 12 and I am feeling much better. I want to thank Steven, Joe ,CZ. Thank yous for all the kind words and prayers. Today is day 12 and I am doing much better. I still have the leg thing going on between 6 and 9 at night but not as bad as it was. That is some crazy shit. I read Cz you felt like a hypocrite because you had a beer. Sweety don’t.We have all beat our selfs up for so long over pills.I hate beer and I even gagged 2 down one day lol.I have also took 1 muscle relaxer for my legs . I never had a problem stopping them and I have always hated beer or any drink that made my body and mind feel like that. Any way I have gave all of this much thought and I am going to be honest. First off it really does feel good being off the hydros, It feels great not haveing to worry anout running out or taking enough with you when ever you go any where. Each day I just tell myself that I don’t need them. I know it will take my mind time to change it’s way of thinking.This didn’t happen to us over night. I was so sick this time when I stopped and I never want to go through that again. CZ I also have anxiety, trust me you will find that you can get by with out the meds.They had me on zanax for years and myself I got off them years ago with no problem what so ever.I had no withdraws or any thing. I find it funny how some can get hooked on some thing and others have no problem. I guesss what it comes down to is if you like it watch out lol.I;m glad to hear your also doing so well Anthony. Again I want to thank every one and I will stop back in when I get more time. I have a lot of things I want to say but just have a full day today. God Bless every one and also thanks Larry. We have all came a long way .

  62. GARY V. says:


  63. Steven says:

    Just checking in. Today is 1 month for me!!!! 4 1/2 years of Suboxone at 32Mgs a day and I’m clean as a whistle. I am back to loving life again. My wife and I spent the entire day together on Valentine’s day. It was so awesome to see and feel her all over again without being in a fog.

    I’m still sleeping until 3:00 am. I wake up every single night between 2:50 and 3:00! It doesn’t matter if I go to sleep at 8:00 or 10:00. I go to sleep right away thank god.

    I went to work at 6:30 this morning and feel pretty good. Sitting in Starbucks right now with my legs propped up taking a breather. I hope everyone is chugging away. We MUST all remember that we did not get here in one day and it will not go away in one day. No matter how hard we want it to.

    CZ, Kate, Anthony, Larry, and Joe I pray for each of you. Funny story…. My wife and I go to a couple’s group on Monday nights in which it’s a small intimate sitting with some very wonderful people. At the end I said I wanted to say the closing prayer. I said my thing and at the end I asked for peace, strength and patience for the 5 of you. My wife looked at me like I was from Mars. She said” who in the heck are these people? We all laughed and I said it’s my peeps on larry’s site. They all know of my recent struggles so it’s all so cool.

    Take care my friends till next time.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Awesome and Thanks Steve, glad to hear you are amongst the living today….

  64. CZ says:

    Way to go Anthony!!!! Steven, how are you doing? Kate I hope you are feeling better. Joe, everything alright? I’ve been thinking of you all. I’m doing much better. Sleep is returning. The gym stills overwhelms me and my mind is constant noise but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. As always my thoughts are with you all.

    Tashe Delek

  65. Anthony says:

    ahhhhh Day 15 legit new person i finally sleep like a baby, no temptation to do drugs at all everyone who is still going through pain dont worry it will get better before you know it take it day by day minute by minute, seriously you all can do it

  66. CZ says:

    Be strong. I know you think you hurt. It’s your brain thinking of any excuse it can to get you to take drugs again. I promise if you get moving you will feel better. I promise. It isn’t fun and you will feel miserable but nothing is as miserable as the addiction. You powered through the withdrawals, you can get through this. We are all here with you.

    I am 13 days without pills. Saturday night we went dancing and I suppose I “relapsed”. I had some drinks. Drinking has never been an issue with me but apparently I got a little carried away. So I feel a bit like a hypocrite now. Anyway…no more drinking for me either. I had said I wasn’t going to but as I’ve never had a problem I didn’t think it would become a problem. Once an addict, always an addict? Let me just say I felt so awful yesterday that drinking is no longer a temptation. I was so disgustingly sick I’m ashamed. Anyway, it’s a new week and I can stay clean. Minute by minute.

    All of you are in my thoughts. We can do it. Thanks for your encouragement.

    Tashe Delek….

  67. Steven says:

    Kate, my leg pain, aches were the thing I hated the most. Besides insomnia of course. They will get better. Mine were hurting pretty bad at day 7. Load up on vitamins and extra Potassium. I also take Magnesium Malate. The detox center I was at one time swore by it and it helps big time.
    I wrote a big reply on here the other day but now it’ gone….

  68. Steven says:

    I’ve been busy for several days and when I came on here this morning I was thrilled to read that everyone is doing better!

    Joe, I told you I didn’t think you were clean yet. I hope you feeling better today. Just keep telling yourself that each day you push thru this is one day farther away you are from the pills. You are in a gut wrenching time right now but you can do it.

    Kate and CZ, It looks like it’s getting better! Isn’t it amazing what we put our bodies thru and the good lord above just keeps rewarding us with recovery in so many ways. He is truly a savior in my eyes. I wish both of you so much continued happiness in your journey’s.

    My anxiety has gotten better thankfully. I only want to beat on 5 people each day instead of 10! My 14 year old son is not helping with this though. How can he be so moody??? This has got to be the worst age of all of them. One minute your so happy with him and the next you want to put him in a room for several years….
    I went to bed at 9:00 last night and was able to sleep without waking up until 3:00. I tried to go back to sleep but no can do, I was wide awake. I think I am feeling the same thing as Kate when it comes to my body. When I am at work the thought of doing something physical is exhausting to me. After I push thru it I realize it wasn’t that hard and it makes me feel good knowing I got it done. My muscles seem to be so achy and sore most of the time. Did I mention I have gained close to 15 lbs in the last 3 weeks!!!! I needed to gain some, so I don’t regret it. My doctor had me taking Vyvance to help with some ADHD issues. It is a pretty strong stimulant in which it made me lose weight. Then he had me taking all that Suboxone plus Clonazepam at lunch time and bedtime. My brain didn’t know what to do. I am starting to think so much clearer now it is amazing. What really has helped also is I am seeing an addiction counselor every friday. He is really helping to explain alot of my issues with this fight.
    Alright, enough of my rambling on. Everyone is in my prayers!

  69. kate says:

    Hi Joe were in this together.Larry well I can deal with no pills but now I feel like I’m right back to start again. My back and legs are killing me. Reason I was put on these to start with. I,m doing the lemon thing and started the mellisa today. My pain is still unreal. I can hardly walk and it just drains me to do any thing. So my question to you is now what are we going to do for the pain? This is not even liveing. It is day 7 should I feel like this still because of the pills I was taking? Or is this the pain I will have to live with? Honestly if my pain is this bad I’m not so sure I would want to. Boy it sure makes things hard. Hang in there Joe just let on we have joined the pain train. lol. Not even funny . We may as well laugh about it or we will cry.. God Bless and good night to you all.

  70. Joe Childs says:

    Itits crazy how Perfect strangers are there more than a lot of people who should b there 7 days jus like u Kate congrats I’m proud of u I won’t front I took an adavant last note but was proud tht I had a chance 2 take some methadone n didn’t I slept 14 hrs last nite I needed it so bad I think we all should find a way to ban 2gether n get these off the market this a slow legal suicide they cant kno wht they are doing 2 people and families I think me n my girl of 8 yrs is gonna leave 2day wht ever tho ishe always rAn from the issue so it’s prolly best if she leaves I love her always but she never tried 2 understand our situation everybody keep ur heads up n ima do the same thank u very much Kate ur words meant a ton

  71. kate says:

    Hi Joe, I know how you feel trust me, I had a day where I spent the whole day crying over every thing. I hurt like hell ,I felt like shit and to be honest I missed my so called helpers. I wasn’t sure I liked seeing the world with clear eyes.Today is day 7 and I am still having problems at night with my legs. I also hurt from my injury I got in 2001. In fact I can hardly walk.I just keep telling myself that it took me over 10 years to get to this state of mind so my way of thinking will also take time to change. Don’t feel bad that you cry. Hell your human.Be happy that you feel and have a heart. I found when I was takeing pills that was always the first thing on my mind as soon as my eyes opened. I think that is going to take some time to adjust to but feel with time as long as I put my all in this that to will change, This time going through this I swore my heart was going to beat out of my chest for a few days but after around 4 days it finally settled down. Stay strong Joe if I can do this so can you. I think we all ran across this site trying to find a way to kick our habit. I was so glad when I seen that others just like I are doing this also. I just kind of tell myself that there is no more of these pills that they were taken off the Helps a little. For any one that likes movies the first day in I watched Benny & joon. Now that is funny. Also the new movie Drive was good. Perfect Host. That was good . Funny as shit in a way. About this guy that trys to rob a guy at there house and it just happens that the guy he robbed is a nut case and shit back fires on him. Gotta watch it. I watched a lot of movies to take my mind off things.I found my first day doing this was my worse, next 4 were not much better. Lots of muscle rub and benyodrel.I also took a swig of pepto bismol as soon as I started getting the shits and that put a end to them. Did that for 3 days and never got them back. I ate a ton of bananas but not sure how much they helped. I’m sure they did but like many my legs drove me crazy. I am into day 7 and they are getting better but they tend to be worse at night. Well every one stay strong and try to have a good day. God Bless. Thanks Larry for letting me know about the drops. For those that have to order mellisa online.Do it asap because I have yet to get mine after 7 days.

  72. CZ says:

    Find an NA meeting. And cry it out. Strong daddies cry because they have feelings. Good daddies cry because they love. Stay strong. You will make it. It feels like the loneliest moment of your existence, but the moment will pass.

  73. Joe Childs says:

    Damn I so wanted 2 die earlier evry thing hit me @ once I hope I never do this again even after going thru this many times I kept going back 5 yrs is a long time to b a junkie I’m surprised I never moved on 2 heroin thought about it but couldn’t find a connect it’s funny how when become an addict how easy it is 2 find dope I’m afraid tht ima have heart have a heart attack from the caffeine pills I’m 6 foot five way 170 a week ago I weighed 183 I’m sorry bout the negativity I kno people come here to find encouragement I just don’t have anybody 2 talk too I’m so emotional rite. Now my daughter walked in on me crying 2day n all I could tell her was I hurt my self her reply was daddies aint posta cry wich made me cry even worse I hate myself 4 wht I did on top of tht I’ve. Been dragging my ass to work 11 hr shifts on 3rd of all shifts w/ 3 kids one of wich gets outta school @ 11:30 evry day if this don’t stop ima off myself thts all I thought about 2day IM FUCKING DYING!!!!!!!!

  74. CZ says:

    If I had any doubt as to whether or not I’m an addict, let me clearly state, my name is Carrie and I am so very much an addict. It was a good suggestion Larry to recommend NA. Thank you. You may have been the catalyst that saved my life. Although 95% of the physical symptoms are gone, the mental addiction is even more powerful. The strongest message for me at this first meeting was if you question whether or not you are an addict, most likely you are. People who aren’t don’t typically question it. (painfully simple, huh?) It seems like most of you have support at home, and thank goodness for this forum, but there is nothing like the acceptance and grace of other recovering addicts. All of the sudden I was understood and embraced. That goes a long way towards silencing the raging beast in my mind. If you wonder whether or not you should go…go. You have come this far, you are worth the peace an NA meeting will bring. As always, y’all are in my heart and meditations.

    Tashe Delek….

    1. Larry C. says:

      ahhhh….NA is a place I can let my hair down and relax. as you said, it’s other people understanding and accepting other people just the way they are. Understanding what you are going through, what you’ve been through and saying ” it’s ok”…is what really helps. As I’ve told many people before, unless they’ve been addicted or been through what we’ve been through, they will NEVER understand. And NA is a great place to get that understanding…

  75. CZ says:

    Hang in there guys. Don’t give up. Please don’t give up. Once you get to the other side it’s much easier. Heading to my first NA meeting. Y’all are in my heart.

    Tashe Delek…

    1. Larry C. says:

      Enjoy that meeting…

  76. kate says:

    Hi Every one, Day 5 . I read that 74 hours in your good to go. Omg Larry I have had chills, crys , shits and hurt so bad I can’t move. Been takeing lemon juice and water once a day but not doing anything for me. I ordered mellisa but will be lucky if it comes tomorrow. Kinda late. My question is when it comes how do I use it Larry? How many drops? I wish every one the best. I sure know how hard this is. It is the worse hell any one should have to go through. How are you doing Steven ? I wish yous all the best. Thanks for all the help.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Kate try drinking the juice of a whole lemon in a glass of ice water, several times a day, not just once. I usually go through about 4-5 lemons a day, or more. depends on my mood.
      The tincture, most people are suing 20-30 drops in a small amount of water, several times a day, or as needed.

  77. Joe Childs says:

    Holy shit this is the worst thing I have ever had 2 put myself thru this is terrible I wanna fucking die I’d rather eat a bullet I spoke 2 soon I’m tired of not feeling good for my kids my house is a wreck nobody even knows wht I’m going thru what is suboxone is it an opiate or wht about a methadone clinic wtf do I do I’m cryin 4 no reason so Many emotions overloading my head how is it ok for Dr’s to prescribe death even w/ pills I was always in pain how is this legal do they even know what they are doing to people these things should b illegal i just wanna die

    1. Larry C. says:

      If you signed up for my email list you will get the natural recipe most people on here are using. Stay away from suboxone or methadone, you don’t need it, and you’re already going through the WDs stay the course.
      You should be better in about 72 hours.

  78. CZ says:

    Hi everyone. First of all, thank you so much for all the concern and words of support. Day 9. Still sneezing a lot but at least the goose pimples are leaving my bones in peace (mostly!). Sleep has returned somewhat. I have decided to take the pressure of training off my mind. I think I was pushing myself entirely too hard and could see trading one addiction for another. This week my focus is on becoming more disciplined with my time. Next week we will throw training back into the mix.

    Right now I hate everything and everyone. I don’t even have a fuse anymore, I go right to explosive. Help. What do I do? I know that although I’m getting more sleep I’m still exhausted. The constant whirring in my brain says to just call the doc and the suffering will end…until I get hooked and then is the suffering really over? So my question is this, does NA help with shutting up the bitch in my head that continues to endlessly taunt me with respite from my pain and suffering? I can totally cope with the snake in my spine…it’s the evil woman in my head I can’t shut off. She is never quiet…always taunting me.

    Tashe Delek….

  79. Steven says:

    I don’t think your body is totally clean yet. If you were taking 25 norcos at least a day, you will have withdrawls. Believe me. Good luck!

  80. Joe Childs says:

    I am on day 5 ive been an addict for the past 5 yrs after a back surgery it started with norco then progressed to anything I could get after they took the script away 5 days ago I had about 75 ml of liquid methadone I am takeing over the counter speeders to help w/ my tiredness this weird @ the end of this recent cycle I was @ my worst I took 25 1000 mg. norco @ once but this time I ain’t felt a lick of wd’s except 4 being tired no RLS no more sneezing than normal why is it so easy this time by he way this about my 6th time quiting cold turkey is it cuz I put myself thru this many times b4 ?

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  82. Steven says:

    Kate, I am on day 23 and still do not feel “normal”. I’m not sure when that day is going to come but I can say after about day 14 I started to feel much better each day. The lack of being able to sleep is my worst enemy and challenge these days. Although I am sleep a little bit better each night. I am waking up a lot during the night. My times of sleep are getting longer and longer though! I actually felt ALOT better today for some reason. My outlook on life is much improved, i’m happier, losing some anxiety along the way. However much you don’t want to hear this I feel you need to give yourself more time. I promise you it gets better everyday. look ahead, not behind.

  83. kate says:

    Hi Everyone, Wow I made it to 82 hours but I still feel like crap. Yesterday I just hated the world. Not happy like I thought I’d be. When will I feel like I once did? Or will I ever? Glad to see everyone is doing better. CZ I did order some of that stuff off amazon but it hasn’t got here yet. Figures .Anyway I just wanted to touch base. Hope today gets better for us all. God Bless

  84. Nate says:

    cz, I hear ya. I am on day 7 too. It is the lack of sleep that is killing me! But I am trying to push through and still get to the gym and get those endorphins going, I believe at this point it isn’t about the miles we run but about the act of starting to run. I am not sure how long your run on opiates was, mine this time has been about 2 years, I have accepted that it is going to take more than 7 days to undo all that time. Give yourself time, it will come back. At least, that is the Mantra in my head.

  85. Steven says:

    Were you able to sleep at all Tashe? mine was a little better than the night before but I woke up with a sore throat of all things!

  86. kate says:

    Hi Every one, 56 hours in. Boy I pray this is the last time I ever do this.Hang in there every one it was each of you that has helped me to stay strong and do this. I did order the Melissa the very first hour in but it still isn’t here. I might get it when this is done. lol. I went cold turkey because I want this over . I know I haven’t wrote much on here as far as my story but when I’m feeling better I will fill you’s in. I came across this site when I was searching to find out how long it would take to detox as it had been awhile . It’s funny how so many of us will not even talk to the people close to us yet we are so free when we find this site. Thank you so much Larry. Every one is so understanding on here. I wish each of you the best. Stay strong you can do this if I can. God Bless and have a nice day.

  87. CZ says:

    I did it. I finished. I feel good. I won!!! The pills are not in charge of me. It was hard, but tomorrow will be easier than today. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Steven says:

    CZ—Please hang in there! Look at where you have come from instead of where and how far you have to go. YOU can do this. Being an athlete you know all too well how to push yourself thru something. Use you knowledge my friend. I wish you so much luck.

    I did not sleep worth a flip last night. it’s 7:00 PM here and I am so ready for bed. I’m going to try to make it till 9:00.

  89. CZ says:

    I can’t even finish my training circuit. It’s debilitating. The anguish is going to be my undoing.

  90. CZ says:

    …going to become my undoing….
    Refer to top….

  91. CZ says:

    You go girl!!!!!!!!! You absolutely can do this! This is day 7 for me. Upon waking I felt like I had been hit by a Subway train, and it’s most likely due to the fact that I essentially hadn’t slept in over 5 days. So I decided to stay in bed since I was still tired. And blessedly more sleep came. I would strongly rcommend taking Larry’s advice and get some Melissa. I didn’t because I’m stubborn. (as an addict, aren’t we all?) Why make your suffering worse? The sleep will return, sporadically and restlessly, but it will and you will make it. I promise. Don’t give up…you have come so far already. We are walking this path with you. You are not alone. 🙂

    Now for my question…
    I did sleep last night. About 4 hours, then got my son and husband off on their day and went back to sleep for about 4 more hours. 🙂 My body is exhausted. It takes every ounce of energy to sit up. It doesn’t make sense to me that I’m absolutely exhausted but I can’t fall asleep. More than that though, why, why, why, is working out so difficult. This is substantially more emotionally distressing than the physical withdrawals. And honestly the only times I consider calling my doctor (he doesn’t know I was addicted let alone have gone cold turkey, and I still have refil scripts available to me) are early in the AM when I can feel the snake’s tongue down my spine and right before I head to the gym. I mentioned once that I can spend hours at the gym doped up senselessly, but being sober is excruciating for me. Why? It is jacking with my brain. I’m an athlete. It’s what I do. I think the mental anguish at the gym is going to becomey undoing. Help. Please. I’m crossing my fingers that it is simply because of the lack of sleep and once it returns I will be back at it full throttle. But I need the gym because it’s my release and when I can’t do it I feel useless and frustrated and incredibly angry. I feel discouraged because all of my life I’ve done this and now it’s like trying to climb Everest in one day without any gear!!!!!!!

    Sorry about the negativity. You all seem to grasp what I’m trying to say. If I express it this way to my husband he will lose rockstar status real quick and I will be in a facility! (I know it’s because he is concerned). Fortunately the irritability is being held at bay. It’s more a sadness now because I’m seeing that all of my hard work was for nothing if I can’t participate in my sport of choice as a sober person. I was only angry (almost violently so, but only towards self and inanimate objects) when I was high….can’t figure out why and no longer really care as that anger seems to have disappeared. This is really hard. And I am really frustrated. If I could just figure out how to wake up relatively pain free and function for even 45 minutes during training without feeling that bitch snake in my spine…..

    Tashe Delek

  92. Nate says:

    thanks kate! hanging in there, just tired and no energy but im following the advice here and getting myself to the gym and taking vitamins and mellissa and some herbal mix with passion flower and im feeling alright. day 6 off suboxone, 10 days off full opiate…an end seems to be in sight

  93. kate says:

    Thank you Steven. Just now 33 hours in. Far from over. Nate hang in there 100 hours you should be so happy. Good for you. Did get a little sleep last night and as far as irritable Steven sure am, no one likes this but we can do it. Thanks Larry, Chuck and my new friends. Every one stay strong and hope yous have a better day today.

  94. Steven says:

    Is anybody else dealing with being very irritable? Some things just hit me and I want to blow a gasket. Wife isn’t too thrilled about this one…

    1. Larry C. says:

      Been there, wrecked that…

  95. Steven says:

    Kate, The fight begins, but we are much tougher than we give ourselves credit. Hang in there and let us know how it’s going.

  96. Steven says:

    CZ, I highly suggest you do what you have to do in order to get some sleep. Your mind will be so much stronger and better equipped to handle the stresses of what your going thru. It’s miserable to begin with, why make it harder. LOL No matter what you decide or how you handle your personal journey, I wish you all the success to beat this shit.

  97. Nate says:

    1.5 hours of sleep. But, I made it past the 100 hour point. That has to count for something.

  98. kate says:

    Hi everyone, Been up since 3 am a normal for me, Now no pills thats a different story. Already starting with the cold chills and stuffed up nose. Gotta love it right? I can see myself in a few hours under the covers wishing this was day 4. Anyway I tryed to plan this out so I have a good 5 days at least to walk around this house feeling like the walking dead. Most likely looking it Any how I am glad I can come here and know I am not alone. We are all in this together and some how it helps. Once again thanks Larry /Chuck and every one here for this site. With your help I pray I can do this. Kate

  99. kate says:

    Tonight I took my last pill so when I wake up in the morning the fun will have begun, I am so glad I found this site . I know this will help me so much. This has scared the hell out of me for so long but I know it is some thing I have to do. I have been on opiates for almost 10 years, also soma. I was put on these because I had hurt myself. Little did I know when they put me on these I was hurting myself much more then anyone could ever know. After finding this site I see I am not alone in this world. I have been reading everyones story and if yous can be this strong to do what many of you already have then I am going to put my all into this. Like Larry said it is some thing I will never have to do again if I do it now. Thank you for those words. Chuck you have also helped with your words along with so many others. I will keep yous posted but I have a feeling that tomorrow I won’t feel much like writing. Tomorrow I am going to start to take my life back. Thanks every one and keep me in your prayers because I will need them. I am going cold turkey because I want this over as fast as I can. I don’t want to ever have to do it again. I pray that I can be strong enough to take my life back and once again find the person I left so long ago. Thanks every body GOD BLESS. Kate

    1. Larry C. says:

      Good luck Kate and check back with us ok?

  100. Nate says:

    went and got some passion flower and lemon balm and other herbs the lady at the store thought would be good. So far, tolerable. I think that getting those 7 days before did make a bit of a difference… though I wish I hadn’t slipped up, I’d be done by now. But I can only do right moving forward.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I hope what you got was a lemon balm tincture. it’s what usually works the best.

  101. CZ says:

    Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you.
    You inspire me. Keep it up. 🙂

    So can anyone explain to me why I was able to spend several hours at the gym after surgery (Sept 1) while stoned out of my senses and now 30 minutes has me on my knees. I refuse to take anything at all. No sleep aids, no ibuprofen, no tylenol, no weed, no wine, nothing. Have had about an hour of sleep in about 5 days. Eating healthy but not enough…no desire really. Trying to wear my ass out so I can get some sleep. It’s not working. Today is 4 days for me. I can see a pinprick of light into the old me…bring it on chick…not gonna lie…pretty terrified. Any advice? Thanks everyone. I am proud of and pulling for all of you. You and your loved ones are in my daily meditations. I know this may sound counterintuitive, but its an honor to be “among friends”.
    Tashe Delek!!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Did you get any Melissa ?
      Don’t be terrified, it’s all going to be ok.

  102. Steven says:

    Good job Nate! Day 3 to 7 is the worst, if you can make it to day 7 you got it beat physically.

  103. Nate says:

    Made it through the night. Been 3 days since suboxone. Not doing too bad, feeling super groggy from the cold medicine I took last night but things are tolerable. I soak up the good hours so I can stick it out through the tough ones.

  104. Steven says:

    Night #2 with SLEEP! My wife and I went on a ate last night. Grabbed a movie and then a real good dinner. Dear lord did I pig out! I came home, took a hot bath, drank my tea and gatorade and then we crashed around 10:00. I was asleep by 10:30, after some lovely physical activities, woke up around 3:30 for a few minutes. We both awoke at 6:00 with so much excitement! My wife has been sleeping in our guest room because of my constant fish flopping in the bed due to not being able to sleep. This is a BIG step in y recovery process mentally as well. We will be married 20 years in April and it pained me big time to sleep in different beds. Talking about hitting home!

    The name of this sleep aid that is working for me is made by Peak Life. It’s called Somnapure. It’s a natural sleeping aid. It has the following ingredients in it.
    Valerian Extract Root 500mg
    Lemon Balm 300mg
    L-Theanine 200mg
    Hops Extract 120mg
    Chamomile Flower Extract 50mg
    Passion Flower 50mg
    Melatonin 3mg

    This stuff has allowed me to go from 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night to 7 to 8. Insomnia sucks beyond it all, at least to me.

    Here is a link to it at GNC.

  105. Anthony says:

    goin on day 4 havent really slept yet, but i read the posts about suboxone and i wont touch those it just prolongs the process nd then the withdrawals are worse, just go cold turkey nd be ready for what is to come, and withdrawal is very tircky one hour youll feel great and the next you feel horrible but give it about 5-7 days of pain and you will feel your old self coming back. i cant wait for that feeling i some what feel it now i havent spent any time with my family recently nd i have been with them every second for the past 2 days i cant wait till i have my old life back.
    and about sleep medication its better to just stick out the no sleeping becasue if you start to take sleep medication it could easily mess up your sleep pattern, nd some people who use sleep medication it does the oposite to you , you might fall asleep but then keep waking up so what ever you do just do it all natural, the brain is a smart and powerful thing it will fix everything its only a matter of time just take it day by day, minute by minute and you will be there in the end looking back at it in the past.

  106. Nate says:

    hey everyone. I have been reading through the posts most of the day. i made it 7 days before and then went back to stamps (H) for 2 days. i took a suboxone over 5 days, skipping days between the last tiny pieces and I am bracing myself for what is to come. So far it has been nearly 45 hours and not that bad. But knowing how suboxone works I am very sure I am not out of harms way by any stretch of the imagination. I’m hoping to stay busy this weekend. I have thrown myself into SMART recovery which is a lot more of a thinkers group than NA is.. and I am committed. Last time I lost my mind over the inability to sleep.. I am hoping that those 2 days didn’t start me all over. But, we will see. I’m ready for whatever is next.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Your best thinking got you here…addiction has a way of tricking the mind so thinking you are ok is just a facade. You should check out NA.
      But if it works for you awesome…

  107. Steven says:

    I’ll get it from your link. I did find something at GNC that made me sleep last night though! When I get home I’ll look up the name. It is amazing what sleep does for you. I feel like a human today!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Was it the GNC Herbal Plus® Standardized Natra Sleep™?
      That’s great if it worked for you. The Melissa is a tincture though, a liquid which is readily absorbed but helps more than just sleep. it helps relive stress, tension and nervousness. I’m definitely going to check the GNC Natra Sleep though.
      Let me know if you continue to use it and how it does I may have to include it in the formula.
      ROCK ON!
      It’s FRIDAY!

  108. CZ says:

    Goose pimple bones…
    Does sleep ever return?

  109. kate says:

    I just ran across this site and plan to join yous soon. What a great site and so proud of each of yous

  110. CZ says:

    And now a headache too? Really?

    1. Larry C. says:

      No it is NOT. I has *some* in it but what you want is the straight Melissa Tincture. It absorbs quickly and is easier than taking a pill or capsule. If you look over there ——>>> on the sidebar there is the Melissa Tincture you can get from Amazon. I do get a small commission when people buy through the link, but it helps for the hosting cost. and traffic.

  111. CZ says:

    Thanks Anthony.
    My brain feels like a steamy, hot bathroom after a really long hot shower and the mirror is foggy and it’s so steamy in the bathroom that it doesn’t matter how much I wipe the glass it fogs over again. And along with that the constant whirring of “I need a pill”.
    52 hours…

  112. Steven says:

    Yes I did taper down as best I could. I was half way thru my last prescription, taking 4 8mg’s a day, that it was going to be my last. I was just explaining to my wife about the 7 day cycle you discuss and it fits for me as well. It feels like yesterday was the 8th day. I feel better than yesterday and hopefully i’ll be better tomorrow. I am going to the health store in just a bit to get some Melissa.
    Like I said, if it wasn’t for my constant leg pains and insomnia I would be pretty good. We just have to keep fighting the fight. Thanks so much my friend, your a tremendous help!

    1. Larry C. says:

      No Worries. 🙂 Glad I am here…
      Remember the Melissa may also be called Lemon Balm on the bottle.
      and there are several companies that make it.

  113. Anthony says:

    I started off taking 1 30mg roxy (oxycodone) sniffing it for a while then my tolerance started to build up and i would go up and up till i reached to about 4-6 of them to feel a good high, i stopped cause i was sick of it and got clean for about 3 months and recently i got back into it and the same thing happened again i was taking about 3-5 a day and I’m not prescribed i would buy them off the street at 25 a pill which was breaking my bank i went to my parents and told them i had a problem and i am now almost 3 days clean i go to a psychologist and write a journal every night and i am thinking about going to NA meetings, only thing that really bothers me is hot flashes and cold sweats during the day and the horrible sweating and at night the restless legs and not being able to sleep i took a nice hot bath this morning when i woke up and ran on the treadmill for about 15min and now am just relaxing drinking a lot of water, i hope this ends soon. last time i went through this everything felt better in about a week and a half, besides my mind mentally telling me that i want pills but thats easy thats all will power well wish me luck and i wish everyone the best just always remember as much as you want to do pills to ease the pain the longer it will pro long you from getting back to normal, just stick it out its not the end of the world you’ll get through it nd be looking back saying wow i did it i finally feel great without drugs

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yeah I would go to some NA meetings, it does a mind good.
      As they say “an addict alone in his/her head is in a bad neighborhood!”

  114. Steven says:

    Larry, I was on Suboxone for 5 years at 32mg daily. Hydros for several years before that. If I would have known that Sub was so hard to come off of I would have lowered my dosage myself. I have to say that it worked on the mental part though, I have no cravings at all.
    Yes, I have been clean for several weeks now. The Friday before MLk day was the last day I took my Suboxone.
    Last night I went to bed at 9:00 after drinking my SleepyTime and taking Melatonin. I awoke at 10:30, 12:30 and then at 3:00 I decided to get up. Been up ever since. This no sleep is gonna drive me crazy or either kill me, one or the other!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Wait, did you taper at all from 32mg?
      I was only doing 8mg a day and tapered down to like 1/2-1 mg a day and then jumped off. and that sucked! You have got to be losing your mind.
      The sleep deprivation thing is why they use it in torture, cause it works so well at breaking people! Get your hands on some Melissa if you already haven’t.
      So it’s been how long? a couple weeks since your last dose? it took me 30 days to the day to finally feel done with the withdraw from Suboxone.
      Each day was a little better but it went in Cycles. 7 days and I would feel great and then it would start all over again on day 8, but not as bad. I felt like I was in groundhog day the movie for a month. It sucked.
      But yeah I had no craving what so ever.
      are your WD’s going in cycles too?

  115. CZ says:

    Another sleepless night…

  116. CZ says:

    30 hours. Flushed the last of my pills. I’m in hell. My husband is a rockstar. I am ashamed that I thought that he was one of the reasons I turned to the pills. My brain feels like mush.

  117. Steven says:

    Wow, I’m getting pretty tired of this stuff. I am going on a little over 2 weeks and still can’t freakin sleep and my legs are always so weak. The only good news is that I have gained over 10 lbs in the last few weeks. I needed to gain some anyway.

    Larry-Have you got anymore tips for my always tired legs and insomnia? I have about 4 different meds for insomnia from my doctors but nothing works.None of them are Benzo based, made sure of that one!

    Hang in there guys! It is getting better by the day in alot of aspects. My mind is so much clearer these days.

    1. Larry C. says:

      What were you on again? I forget. What are you doing so far for yourself in the recover part of this? You doing any exercise? any supplements? Drinking plenty of WATER? have you been completely clean the past 2 weeks?
      Give me some ideas of what you’ve been doing or not doing.

  118. CZ says:

    I’ve been “coming clean” to my husband today. We discussed the alternatives to just suffering through this, such as the Melissa, etc. I’m in my 26th hour of sobriety (sounds kinda silly but as sick as I feel every second counts, right?) anyway, I’m going to suffer through. I want to crawl out of my skin and I can’t stop wiggling. I got about 45 minutes of sleep in 2 days and the way I feel I can’t put into words. That in itself is making me crazy because words are my thing. I feel so out of sorts right now. My husband talks and I can’t focus on what he says. I’m in my own self created hell. And maybe I have decided to suffer because I deserve this. I did this to myself and I’ve made the 2 people I love most in this world suffer with me. This is cake compared to what they have been through.

    1. Larry C. says:

      72 hours is the magic number for most people. Get the melissa and some potassium or bananas and that will help. also drink lots of water and go exercise, like walking, that will make you feel better. I guarantee it.

  119. CZ says:

    Found it! Thanks.

  120. CZ says:

    Thank you Larry. Can I get it at the Health Food Store/Holistic Market? And it’s called Melissa what again?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yes you can get it at Henrys and Sprouts and other health food and stores. It’s called Melissa Officialis and also goes by it’s regular name Lemon Balm. Some herb companies call it Lemon Balm on the label and that threw me the other day when I was in Henrys looking for Melissa. They had changed the name on the label.

  121. CZ says:

    Oh, I’m doing the cold turkey thing. John Lennon had it right!

  122. CZ says:

    I feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s 3:06 AM where I am and obviously I’m suffering some insomnia. I’ve read every single post. Wow. I am scared…I am a full time mommy to an amazing 7 year old son who is most likely raising me. Tonight is my second sleepless night. Of all of the symptoms I’ve read about, it’s my irritability that worries me. Since realizing that I am addicted to my percocet and my soma (back surgery 5 months ago) I have become acutely aware of my increasingly short fuse. Has anyone else noticed this symptom of w/d? It seems 72 hours is everyones “magic number”…..if you suffered the “short fuse symptom” please, please, please tell me 72 is/was your number too…please. My poor son and husband shouldn’t have to suffer anymore for my addiction. These two men (yes, my 7 year old is a man, he has taught me more than I could ever teach him) deserve a whole healthy mom and wife. I suppose I’m just hoping someone out there can throw me a line…

    Thanks for all of the inspiring posts.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yep Short fuse and all…Get the Melissa and that will help you with everything…

  123. Deb says:

    Hi All,

    Its really good to read all of your posts. I have a question for anyone who can answer it. I have chronic pain from pelvic adhesions and scars. I also just found out that I have ulcers from all the advil I had been taking for the pain. I can no longer take advil and because I was once addicted to painkillers I am afraid to go down that route again, but I think I have no choice. The pain is too severe to live with. I can’t take anything that is an NSAID so I think the docs are going to give me tramadol and from what I have read from some of your posts, it is addictive. Have any of you actually come off of painkillers and still have chronic pain? Do I have any other options? I hate to go through another withdrawal!

    1. Larry C. says:

      I had Chronic and Acute backpain after withdrawing, which is why I started taking painkillers. I learned that a good orthotic insert, stretching and drinking lemon water to make my body less acidic , all three, did it for me. I am in no pain at all.
      Lemon water is freshly squeezed lemon juice from a lemon per glass of water.
      Stretches are from the lose the back pain website on the right sidebar over There—->>>
      and Orthotics I got from Costco, custom fitted.
      Oh and a new pair of good running shoes every three months.
      I am so pain free it makes me mad I didn’t know about this sooner.

  124. Dennis says:

    i have been off and on opiates for a yr and a half or so ago and used occassionally before then. im a straight wk clean now and feel better than i have in a long time but still have trouble sleeping for any length of time and must be constantly active (studying, working out etc) in order to occupy myself, otherwise all i can think abt is getting my hands on ANYTHING. 100% honesty though, i still want drugs to get me throught the day. i would go to treatment but im in a study program which precludes me fr doing so bc of the rammifications of admitting myself. Suggestions?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Try a few meetings of NA.

  125. Rex says:

    To 40, you were asking about Kratom a week ago. Taking for ten days should not be a problem but taper quickly and stop after ten days. I abused large amounts for close to a year and the withdrawals were really bad. If you want any more info about it let me know! Don’t be fooled by its legality it is a very dangerous plant!!!

  126. Steven says:

    Thanks Sarah for the support and opening up your blessed heart. I am taking one day at a time the best I can! I do feel better with each passing day though. I will beat this, I will not Satan stand over me and have his dance any longer.

    Larry…The opiates gave me bad constipation but the Subs did not????Weird how each of us is different. I had my 1st session today with my therapist, it really helps to talk this stuff out. I cannot begin to tank you enough Larry for giving us such a nice place to let it out. I am forwarding your daily emails to my wife and family to help them understand what this mess is all about. It has really helped them big time. It is so amazing how the email hits on exactly what I need it too. Such as the Suboxone today. I am trying so hard to explain to them what it’s all about. Even though I was taking it 100 legally, it is still the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

  127. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to say i am praying for all you out there still suffering from this disease called addiction….I was once addicted to Opiates, and i finally Overdosed to where my heart stopped twice, and had to be revived. That was my eye opener. I sent myself to rehab 2 days before xmas, knowing i wasnt going to be there with my kids, or family. I was addicted for a good 2 years, and snorted any kind of painkiller i could get my hands on. I know the feeling of it not being fun anymore, but more like a job to where you dont feel “normal” unless you take a pill, and when your out of them, OMG it sucks!! so I just got out of a 28 day rehab a week ago, and i feel totally back to normal. I think you have to really want it, or it wont work. I had very minimal withdrawls this time around, but had the worst withdrawls when i was stll using. now that im clean i will NEVER go back to the drugs! i feel better now then i have in 2 years….take it ODAAT. ONE DAY AT A TIME. and remember…god, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Keep your heads up! it get better!!

  128. Steven says:

    larry, What is your experience or knowledge about the long term effects of being on suboxone? That is one thing I really don’t see. Are they the same for regular opieds?

    1. Larry C. says:

      my own personal experiences were ok. I was on Suboxone for 8 months and I felt that was too long. What I experienced on it was extreme constipation, I likened it to the feeling of an anchor being dragging across a desert, in my gut. Another issue was lack of sex drive which all opiates do, but this was really bad.

      On a good note at least for me, when I went through my withdrawal from suboxone, I had no urge to do an opiate at all. None. No cravings or anything! I don’t know how other people are but THAT was it’s saving grace for me. The depression was not as bad as it was I felt with regular opiates which was another plus. But everyone is different.

  129. Steven says:

    Tiffany–Please please please do not stay on the Suboxone. Once you feel that you are over with the withdrawls of the Opiates, start weaning off of Suboxone. Do everything possible to stay positive and stay clean once you are off the Suboxone. I wish you so much luck!

    Larry– If you remember I was taking 32mg Suboxone for a little over 4 years. On MLK day I was taken to the emergency room for panic attacks and with-drawl. I was given a shot for my anxiety and felt so much better. I have been getting better each day! Epson salt baths, good eating, staying hydrated has all helped. I can honestly say that this morning I feel like a total different person than just yesterday. I will say this about my body, my legs have been the biggest pain. Everyday they feel like I have run a marathon.

    If someone gets on Suboxone, please get off once you are feeling better and in a good place mentaly.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I would have to agree with that…

  130. Tiffany says:

    i actually meant to say that i am only 25 years old

  131. Tiffany says:

    This is week 2 for me. Have been on the suboxen since ive quit percocets. Im not exactly sure how many mgs total i was taking a day but i do know that every little bit of money i had in my hand was going straight to getting high. Im ashamed of what i have done. It started off just having a little bit of fun with me and an ex of mine and ended up being constent for 2 years. Im not 25 years old and have lost everything my life has consisted of. Lost the trust of my family and the worst thing is i lost my kids. i havent seen or talked to my kids in over a year now cause i let drugs over power what i had control of the whole time. I was living in ohio for 12 years up until 2 weeks ago when my dad took me in and moved me back up to michigan,where im orginally from, to get myself together. I have been through the withdraws plenty of times due to lack of money or someone not being able to supply me with them. Now that im doing a little better (not completely cause im on the suboxens) I look back and i hate myself cause i just let everything that has every mattered to me slip away. My ex boyfriend is in prison because he was also doing them while on probation and wasnt going to see his probation officer. My withdraws consist of sweats,chills,diarreah,sleepless nights,restless legs,pains in places i never knew could hurt. Im just afraid now that im going to get addicted to the suboxen but i quit taking the for a couple days since ive taking them and i was so warm (feverish) that it hurt to touch my skin. So i dont feel completely over my withdraws unless im now withdrawing from the suboxens. I feel for each and every one of you that has left comments cause i to have been through it all. Im now clean of percocets and able to think better and working hard to getting my kids back. June 2011 i went to a detox center in columbus ohio spent 4 days up there (was also there on my birthday) and within 2 weeks of being out i was right back to using again. Couldnt handle the stress i was going through then so i said the hell with it and got high. I highly believe in god and i know that he works in amazing ways. I have faith in each and every one of u all and also in myself. just stay strong and dont let it overpower u. Ive always called percs “the devil”. Not to far from the devil. Just thought i would share my story. And if anyone has any advice on the whole suboxen thing i would appreciate any thoughts or medical advice on them. im just afraid to go without them cause they do make me feel “normal” again. just dont want to get addicted to them either. I take a 4th of one every day so im not abusing them, im taking them to keep the withdraws away. but when do i know its safe to stop taking them?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Suboxone withdrawals are harder than regular opiates. how long have you been taking them? Don’t take them too long or you will have a hard time of it getting off those too. My suboxone withdrawal lasted 30 days. 30 days of pain, sleeplessness and misery. I weened myself down to 1/8 of a pill really quickly, almost too quickly, but i got off them after 8 months of being on them. Their great to get away from the regular opiates but you will have to withdraw at some point. You should get off them as soon as possible, but talk to your doctor.
      They helped me to get away from the pills and get my head in a place I was ready, but the withdrawal was what I wasn’t ready for with suboxone. Man that was fucking rough.

      Good luck and check back and update us. You will be so much happier when you are off them and have your kids back.

  132. Avis Whitsel says:

    I’m okay. I haven’t felt “normal” in so long, so it’s kind of hard to define how I feel. My husband has been a trooper, but I feel like the past three days have probably felt like years to him. I have just read up on all this many times and done some research, so some of the things I read a few moments ago really caught me off guard. There are just so many drugs out there. I’m amazed there aren’t more of is in this particular situation. I’ve taken my supplements, so now I’m off to take my half an Ambien. Sweet dreams (hopefully) to All.

  133. Aria says:

    Yeah, it’s gotten better and energy is slowly coming back. I’ve been easing back into doing chores which feel like they take so much out of me but the more I do the more I feel I can do. I guess it’s really a lot about keeping busy. But the chills/cold sweats have subsided and I’m hoping it’s all uphill from here. The insomnia is a killer but I try to just focus on my breathing and that tends to put me to sleep. Clear head makes it easier. Thanks 🙂

  134. Avis Whitsel says:

    Day 2 or 3 for me… clean calculator says 2, but I took my last six Tram on Wed. night, so… At the end I was taking close to 25 pills/day at 50 mg a pop (so close to 1350 mg.). Anyone else have experience specifically with Tramadol? I’ve read some things that indicate w/d can be worse from this specific drug due to the way it binds to receptors but have absolutely no real world comparison.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I’ve no experience , but how are you doing so far?

  135. Aria says:


    Larry – thanks for all the advice you have given on here. Seems to me you’ve got a handle on all of this which made me want to post here. I’ve tried quitting my pill habit numerous times only to go back to it and it just got worse and worse. I think I was taking a minimum of 160 mg oxy a day…max 300-350 oxy a day. It all kind of became a blur at the end. I ended up having a seizure which was a huge wake up call but still wasn’t enough to make me quit. I finally pulled it together and basically Im on day 5 of withdrawals from oxy’s. Doing it cold turkey this time. I’m through the worst of it and finally got a little sleep last night. Weird fucking dreams. All kinds of things. And truthfully what’s bothering me the most is the chills/cold sweats and unbelievable fatigue. I tried to go out for lunch today and was WIPED OUT by the time I got home. I know everyone is different but when do the goosebumps and chills go away? It’s driving me fucking nuts! More than anything else. I can’t stay warm enough and I’m in SoCal. Not exactly getting snowed in right now.. Ha.. Anyway. Keeping a positive mental attitude about this but any advice would be really appreciated. Just want to feel normal again.

    1. Larry C. says:

      day 6 now right? should go away in a couple more days? Each person is different, and some take a little longer than others. But these past 5 days you don’t have to do again. Unless you want to…
      Good luck.

  136. Ash says:

    I’m on day 7 now and I feel a hell of alot better then I did before.. Day 4 and 5 were the worst for me but I’ve been just taking it one day at a time!! That’s all you can do!! Good luck and you will get through this cause i am.. By next week I hope to be me again 100%!!

  137. Avis Whitsel says:

    Day one for me. I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would, so the supplements seem to be doing their work (physically.) Mentally, I have no urge to do anything. I dread the hour my girls get out of daycare. My husband is picking up the slack right now, but I am terrified of feeling like this. For those of you that have been through this, did you wake up one day feeling better, or did you have to peel yourself out of bed or off the floor and start doing things? I’m trying to give myself time, but I feel like I’m wallowing.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Day one is not bad usually, it’s day 2-3 that are hell. Day 4-5 start to get better. It gets better every day after the initial few days. Just hang in there and keep taking the supplements. This is one day you don’t have to do over again. By this time next week you will be so happy you did it, if you just stick with it. Sometimes it feels like it’s never going to end and the simplest thing to do is just take another pill. But it’s just a trap. Just keep going, it will get better. I promise.

  138. Ash says:

    Well today is day 5 for me.. Ive been taking pills for as long as I can remember.. I’ve tired before to stop but always went back because I couldn’t deal with the wds but I’m finally gonna do it this time!! I have a loving husband and a 3 year old daughter who I need to be there for!! Noone in my family knows I take them except my mom because I needed someone to help me get through this!! The more and more I think about it the more I get upset because how can one little thing control me this much?? I’ve been high for everything.. My wedding day.. Every big moment my daughter has had I was high.. I’m embarrassed of myself and that’s why I know I can do this!! Believe me I feel like shit right now and I’m a stay at home mom so I have to take care of my daughter while I go through this which sucks…thanks for all the positive feed on here cause I’m in need of it!!

  139. 40 says:

    Hi my name is 40(james), I I decided to quit takin opiates(15mg oxycodone) 2 days ago and I have been taking kratom for the Wd’s.
    So far so good I guess..
    Question: if I take this kratom for 10 days will I feel the bad Wd’s after I stop this medicine?
    Please help

    1. Larry C. says:

      You might want to read this entry in wikipedia:

      “dependence to its opioid effects is known to occur with frequent use” and “Today, kratom is scheduled in category 5 of the Narcotics Acts (1979), in the same category as cannabis and magic mushrooms (the least punitive category). A related species, Mitragyna javanica, is often used as a substitute to get around the law, but it is not considered as effective.”

  140. Steven says:

    Yea, tell me about it. I actually figured the dates out last night. I was on Suboxone for 4 years 8 mos.

  141. Steven says:

    What a great site to sit down and read. My story is pretty much like everyone’s else around here. Took HydoCodone, OC’s, Demeral for several years. A doctor put me on Suboxone at 32Mg a day for over 3 years. I weaned off of it as best I could as my doc stopped practicing. I was able to string out 120 tablets over a 3 month period, but that stuff is just so freakin powerful. That Suboxone has got to be soaked into my tissues. I am on day 5 of no Sub, but here is what I did which I don’t know yet if it was good or bad. I was able to get some small doses of Hydrocodones to help me with the withdrawls. I honestly have no idea if it would be worse without them. I am on day 3 of not having anything in my system. On MLK day I was so bad I had to go tot he emergency room. I was having panic attacks along with withdrawls. I honestly thought I was going crazy, never have I felt like this before. The doc gave me a script of Vistaril after that is what they shot me with to get me to calm down in the hospital. It helps for sure, but I must take a pretty healthy does. The medicine is not addictive. The Doc was actually pretty cool.
    The worst part is the lack of sleep. This just might make me go crazy! I can fall asleep for about 2 hours and then I might sleep for 10 minutes every 2 or 4 hours. I would feel better if I could just get some rest. Although, if we were to get so tired to where we have to have some sleep, I feel our body would make us sleep. Who knows??

    I have very restless legs, high anxiety and lack of appetite. The sweats have actually stopped, but my palms are alot more clammy than normal.

    The best part of this for me is that I can honestly say I do not feel like taking any drugs for recreation purposes. This is where I think the Subs really worked. It made me mad as hell to take a little but of Hydros to help with the withdrawl from Suboxone. I honestly know and realize what those painkillers did to me and my life.
    One more thing. 2 seperate doctors at the hospital told me that NyQuil has a Opiate form to it. I stopped taking that for sleep after they told me that.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Thats what suboxone did for me too, I had no desire to take an opiate whatsoever when I was coming off them. But yeah Suboxone is a hard drug to kick. WOW 32 mg of suboxone a day? that’s crazy!!! I was on 8mg a day and that was hard enough. Fuck!

  142. Joe S says:

    I’ve recentlty withdrawn from several years of oxycodone use prescribed for chronic pain. During that time frame I was always uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Been off the oxy for about a week now and still experiencing hot and sweaty symptomns. Has any one else had this side effect, will it eventually go away, how long will it take? Thanks so much for any feedback.

  143. Ren says:

    TJ, I want to be where you are. I’ve weaned to 40mg, it’s not bad but a sort of cramp in your belly all the time. I’m sick of this poison.
    I’m not sure if I’m an alcoholic as well. I have done without booze for 3 or 4 days, but I have a hard time sleeping. Didn’t feel any physicals, so not sure of an alcohol addiction as well.

  144. Tj says:

    I love this site! I’m still going strong, 5 weeks n 2 days! But still think about it a lot, only when I have nothing to do, that’s why I’m posting now. Hell, I literally dream about catchin a buzz. But I’m not goin back, cuz I have my life back again, goin out on a couple dates this week too, 2 different chicks, got my confidence back. I’m so happy!

    Hang in there everybody!

    T. J.

  145. Ren says:

    My first time and post on this site.
    I have been using percs, oxys and other opiates for 3 years. Started for legitimate physical pain, and then learned it also helps with emotional pain and depression. But what a cost! I have sold or pawned anything of value, and I’m so far behind in property tax that I may lose my home. I have lost 50 pounds, went from a muscular and husky 200, to a skinny 150. I have no appetite, and when I try to eat even half a bowl of soup, it sits in my belly like a stone all day. About the only thing I can eat is fruit.

    At the peak I was taking about 120mg a day. I can barely walk 3 blocks, and haven’t worked in over a year.

    I quit for 4 days last spring, went through all the wd symptoms here described, but had terrible panic attacks, and even became suicidal. It looked like there was no end to them, the emotional ones way worse than the physical.

    I’m thinking about going to rehab, but since I have a drinking problem as well, I’m concerned about giving up 2 addictions at once. My health is poor, and my heart not the best. I’ve written down all the suggestions for easing wd symptoms, and going to an addiction clinic for advise and counselling.

    I’m 48, and want desperately to get my life back. Your postings have greatly encouraged me.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Yeah with that being said about the 2 addictions I would definitely seek the treatment and care of a rehab or addiction specialist. I not heard about anyone dying from opiate withdrawal, but people do die from stopping drinking suddenly. IE Amy Winehouse being the most recent notable.
      Good luck to you and you can do it.

  146. Rex says:

    Mike and Dylan, Hang tough and keep us posted on your progress! Jeremy, your past the 2 week mark and sounds like your doing great! Congrats! Its amazing how 2 days turns in to 2 weeks! It does get better but you do have to fight!

    Denise, I hear you on how doctors prescribe this stuff without warning you. I stopped on 1/2 so tomorrow will be 2 weeks. This sight has been great motivation and a good place to visit when your having a weak moment.

    Stay strong everyone we can do this!!!

  147. Denise says:

    Hello! I broke my shoulder rollerblading on10/30/11. I have been recovering at homesine then. I was given Percocet and OxyContin. I was on them for 10 weeks and had been taking less and less from when I was first given them. I decided my last one was on 1/3. No one told me what I might be in store for. Seems like the doctors should at least warn you! So today is day 11 I guess. I had to google to figure out what was wrong with me. It does get better. I am now just dealing with some insomnia and diarrhea. It does get easier. Hang in there everyone. Your liver and body will treat you good again. They were needed at the time but are definitely the devil when it comes to getting off of them. Good luck. There is hope.

  148. Mike M. says:

    How are you doing Dylan and everyone? Ya still hangin in there with me?

  149. Mike M. says:

    Dylan, Everyones a little different but I personaly think you’ll be fine. Just my opinion though. Im no doctor. But Im kind of in the same boat your in. I did take the methadone to get off everything and havent taken anything for 55 hours or so and I feel fine. I get sweats here and there and have the ‘craving’ still but Im not ‘sick as a dog’ so no worries so far. I can handle the cravings. The sweats are just a nusance to me but no a big problem. Better than not being able to function like my last cold turkey withdrawl. Any way, this seems to be working for me so far. Its been I think 7 or 8 days since my last oxy and a little over 2 days since my last methadone. I did have a six pack of beer a few nights in the middle there. I found it took my mind of but thats just me. My blood pressure went high for a while but nothing too bad. (The wife and I are EMT’s and she was worried because naturally I have high blood pressure and opiates knocked it down quite a bit)
    So for me this was the way to go so far. But I’ll keep posting as days go on. Let me know how it goes for you Dylan. Thanks.

  150. Dylan says:

    Last line should say thank you for respondin I really need someone to talk to since this addiction has been a secret of mine.

  151. Dylan says:

    Thanks Mike, I’ve been off Roxys’ and Oppanas for three days. I took 1 methadone 10MG the first day, one and a half 10MG the next day, and today started the morning with a half of a 10MG Methadone. No withdrawal so far. I pray this works, and thank God I have some time off of work. When I go back Monday I’m hoping I’m not on anything at all. Is this realistic? Thank you for responding Mike. I lly need someone tohas been

  152. Mike M. says:

    Dylan, Thats what I did and I feel fine so far. Its been 48 hours since my last methadone and Im sleeping fine so far and dont feel bad at all. I dont know if the bad feelings are coming later but this seemed to work for me so far anyway. I was taking about 200mg of oxy a day and tried weening down with oxy to about 40mg a day but I just noticed I went into withdrawl earlier. Although it helped me get a few hours of sleep I think it might have dragged it out but maybe it helped with the symptoms not being as bad if I didnt ween down. So I wasnt having any luck and just wanted to feel better and get off this junk so I got 14 methadones from someone and took 4 the first day. Then took 2 for three days, then I ate the last four the last day (should have took one a day then until they ran out but Im being honest here) Anyway, like I said its been around 48 hours since I took anything and I dont feel bad at all. Feel fine. So I know methadone has a longer half life but with oxy’s around 24 hours I would have terrible chills, RLS, and the works as far as withdrawls go. Last time I went six days cold turkey and didnt sleep the entire six days. That sucked. So hopefully this is it but I’ll give it a few more days and report back but since I was on suck a high dose it was very difficult to do cold turkey but not impossible. I just had a hard time taking off work so I tried it this way and so far so good! I did use LARRY’s recipe with melatonin as well, so that helped. Other than that I hope everyone is hanging in there. Just thought I would pass on what worked for me but it might be a little premature. I’ll come back tonight and tomorrow and let you know how its going. Hopefully this helps someone else, dont give up, I almost did a few times but glad I didnt. This is what worked for me and I dont think they give methadone and suboxone for withdrawls for no reason. Never tried suboxone but so far methadone has worked for me and I hear suboxone is better if its not abused.

  153. Jeremy S. says:

    Rex & everyone else,

    Hang in there! Im approaching 2 weeks and feeling better each day. I feel fucking great today actually! Got back in the gym & feeling fantastic. If not 4 this site I would not have had the confidence or strength 2 push on sober. Thank you everyone.

  154. Dylan says:

    I’ve always had a problem with opiates. For the past six to eight months I’ve been using heavily. I snort at least two Roxy 30MG a day, or snort at least one and a half Opanna 20MG in quarters all day, or snort an Opanna 40MG in quarters all day. Yesterday was the first day with nothing… until about 5PM, took a Methadone because I felt absolutely awful, and I have a three year old boy to raise on my own. I was wondering, if I take one Methadone a day , for three days, and then taper off, will I still feel the restless legs, shakes, chills, and as awful as I did that first day? I just want to get better, and in a week I would like to be off everything.

  155. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for the replies. I meant I had been taking 1 5mg hydro daily for like a week . Down from 3 30 mg oxy daily. I weaned down on those til I switched to hydro And today I have been ok . I have read through some other posts. This site is great. When I was weaning down i would wait 24 hrs to take another , then challenge myself to wait the 24 hours and add an hour . So by the time I ran out my “time” to take it was bed time. And then I would take a sleeping pill or hit the hubbys pipe ( yea I know one drug for another) but it helped me sleep.
    I hope that not feeling near as bad as I have this last week is a sign that the w/d wont be near as bad as the have in the past. Does that sound feasible since I have been weaning down for about a total of 3 mos but have only been getting 5mg daily for a week and havent had anything in about 28 hours. I have energy ( somewhat and my mood is good, still edgy. My body hurts like hell. But if my mind is good I can handle the pain. Also I havent “wanted ” it . Just want to feel like me, not like I did on them. Sorry to ramble it is soo nice to know that someone understands and that I am not alone.

  156. Avis Whitsel says:

    One more quick thing (for accountability and in case anyone else is actually paying attention to my ramblings.) It has been one whole day since my last Tramadol…. and…. I have another 180 ct. being mailed to me for receipt today. Before you lose heart, this will be the last. My husband is aware, and we are setting a date once he gets back from his trip to give me two weeks to get through the beginning stage and discuss long-term communication and coping skills. I’ve quit many times before for as much as a year and a half, so for those of you who think you can give it another shot (if only for one day or month or year) know this, I have not touched these drugs for more than a year and a half, and my w/drawal (just this first 24 hrs) has been so much worse. I know there are sometimes legitimate reasons for waiting to stop, and when it really makes a difference, as it does for me this week, I get it. But, I am still thinking daily about what happens if this is really my last chance. Is it worth one day?two days? You have to answer that question yourself. I tend to lie when it comes to substances, so I’m doing my best to put myself in a situation where I can’t. Good luck everyone. Now send some back. I could use it.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Well, you won’t have this day to do over again. Just one more day you don’t have to re-do, unless you want to.
      Keep checking back frequently and let us know how you are doing, vibes are with you!!!!

  157. Avis Whitsel says:


    Not really sure how this is done, but I hope this is not out of line. If you would like to talk or email I would love that. Maybe we can help each other (although I realize from an NA perspective it may be a no no outside of a supervised location. I know we’re out there, but I have met so few mothers who are also struggling with, specifically, narcotics. Probably for a combination of reasons. I’ll hold off from advice since that just seems the height of stupidity from someone in the same boat (sort of,) but maybe we can just talk. Just know that I completely understand. Our situations, while different, are also very similar, and, for me, it’s more about with the long-term addiction issues and management. I’ve always had addictive tendencies, and I am also the first one to ask for help. If it’s given, I will usually work as hard as I can, but, if met with resistance (i.e. lack of support, misunderstanding, etc.) things become much more difficult. Is there anyone who can offer you support (physically or mentally.) I just talked to my Dad this morning and my sister last night. I feel like I’ve talked to them about this time and time again as my husband is somewhat like yours. Maybe I just wasn’t being clear. Well, there’s no mistake about it now. I also had a heart to heart w/my husbband right before he left to go out of town for the entire week on business and told him I was going to do this with our without his support. It was just the difference b/t maybe being able to do it at home and checking myself in. I would have gone through with it, but I also know (as boneheaded as he can be,) he loves me and does want to help. He just doesn’t know how or how serious it is. Maybe that would be your husband too? If not, you can still talk to me (and I’m sure anyone else on here.) No judgement I promise. I will try and be as honest and helpful as I can while trying to maintain my own sanity. I’m sure you really want to contact me now, don’t you? :0)

  158. Tj says:

    We’ve all fealt like a failure at one point or another. Truth is if you realize your disease and want to conquer it then you’re moving forward. It’s when you’re in denial where you might be doing something wrong. I had to take a week off from work, and I was just about good, all I did was exercise everyday, it really helped. I’ve never tried, but this website offers supplements to help ease your mind and pain, scroll through previous posts and check it out. Don’t let yourself down. Your husband will more than likely never truly understand, nor will anyone else whose never been addicted. Just ask for his love and support. Challenge yourself, everyday will get better! It did for me!

  159. Rex says:

    Hi Donna, Not sure if your taking 5 pills or 1 5mg pill a day. Regardless you need to have a plan and have the support of your husband. I’m on day 7 today and having the support of my wife and this site has helped tremendously. Visit Larry’s list of herbal supplements and get those. I find when I get out of the house early and stay busy is better but that’s easier said than done. I was fortunate enough to realize what I was doing again and stop about a month into it. I have a cold now and some depression but I’m hanging in there. You have a lot of people counting on you so you need to do it. My daughter is my motivation!

  160. Donna says:

    Here is a little of my story. My addiction is very selfish. I started using oxy and hydro to cope with family life. My husbands 13 year old son came to live with us last year . And he is HELL. He seriously has turned our family inside out and my husband (of 12 ) years and I have fought pretty much everyday this year. We NEVER really fought before. So I started using.It calmed me down and gave me energy to cope. Now a year later I have weaned down to a 5 hydro per day. Seems like I should be able to just let that go right? HA I cant. I feel ok for the 1st 24 hrs then its BAM full blown w/d. I feel like a failure . We have 5 kids combined ranging from 16 years to 19 months. The youngest 2 being ours. He isnt supportive at all. Mostly because he doesnt understand. And since a 5 is such a low dose he makes me feel like crap cause I cant let that go. I wanna go ct but I am scared of the w/d. He works 2nd shift for 2 weeks per month and I work 1st everyday. Which means for 2 weeks I have the whole house andkids along with all of the responsibility by myself. Any advice?? By the way I took my last pill tonight.

  161. Rex says:

    Thanks for the response Larry! I actually got some sleep last night, still got the 4am wake-up. Heading to church with my family and actually feeling alright. Whether I got the cold or withdrawal or a combo of both, your right I will live! That’s what this is all about, living!! Much appreciated…

  162. Avis Whitsel says:

    Can any of you tell me if you are the sole caregiver of children (esp. toddler age?) How did you manage? Any recommendations when you’re in the throws of withdrawal?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Avis, My mom gave birth to my first sister, and I already had a brother and three weeks later my dad went to sea for 6 months on west pac. I don’t know how the hell she did it. She was super mom. Going through withdrawals and tending to children can be hard as hell. However if you have a higher power it will get you through this. I would hit some NA meetings and ask the same question.
      Anyone else?

  163. Avis Whitsel says:

    Thanks Larry. I would love, if you’re comfortable sharing, to hear about your recovery. First step is to talk to my husband. Does anyone know of anything I can have him read to help with his understanding of addiction. He is very analytical and loves to read, but he also has a difficult time focusing on anything in which he’s not really interested (i.e. shorter and informative is better.) In the end, I am going to probably have to offer up some sort of ultimatum. I think it’s either going to be, I need you to help me with this, or I am going to have to check myself into a detox program. My relationship with my girls is strong enough for me to take this time to get better. Plus, they (and my husband) deserve it.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Avis I subscribed you to the free newsletter. You should have a confirmation in your inbox now, if you don’t it’s in your spam folder. You need to confirm it that you want it, it’s only 7-8 emails, one per day. In there you will find one or two for your husband to read, especially one about why we can’t “just say no”.
      It should be good reading for him, short, to the point.
      This is not a moral issue, it is a medical issue, a disease that most people who’ve never been addicted, just don’t understand. He will NEVER understand what you are or have gone through unless he himself gets addicted. Only then will he understand.
      Good luck with that, and yes, he does need to help you through this and support you. after all aren’t that what the marriage vows where all about?
      Give him an ultimatum and if he doesn’t agree then just leave. Go do what you nee to do for yourself. You’re right, they do deserve this.

  164. Rex says:

    This day 5 for me and I’m struggling. I’m not the type of person to stay indoors or in bed for that matter so today at noon, I made the decision to get dressed go to the gym no matter how much it hurt. I managed to do a futile attempt at my old routine and made it to the sauna to try and sweat out some of the toxins. I’m back home now watching the show Intervention which is putting me in tears. I would never think a 1 month relapse would cause so much pain. I feel as though I have a really bad flu and my body aches like never before. If anybody has some advice I need it. I took NyQuil and Lunesta last night to sleep. I have been taking light doses of Xanax, .25 mg’s about 3 times a day. Haven’t got the Melissa in the mail yet but have been taking vitamin and mineral supplement. Really not sure I can pull through this. The first 3 days I was good but now I’m paying the piper!!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      You can pull through this. It will hurt but you will live.
      I don;’t know what your old routine was, but just do some ellipticals or walking. work up a sweat. no lifting, just get the blood moving.
      I used to do the jacuzzi instead of the sauna, the sauna made me feel miserable. When you get the Melissa it will help those raw nerves.
      Make sure you are eating bananas or taking a potassium supplement.
      and lots of water.

  165. Scott says:

    Day 12,

    I feel great. Everything physical is gone. I can actually sit there and not get that on edge jumpy feeling. It feels good not to be slave to them anyone. This site and others like it have been amazing. It really helps to know you aren’t the only on trying to do it. But just remember hot baths/showers and a loving girlfriend got me through this. I have a ways to go for my recovery but I feel sooo much better. Sleeping is still not an easy feat tho

  166. Avis Whitsel says:

    Just ordered the recommended items for the Thomas/Larry Alternative. I know people here are not doctors, but does anyone know about the use of 5-HTP and antidepressants (spec. Pristiq?) I remember reading somewhere that the two should not be taken in conjuunction since you run the risk of a dangerous increasin in serotonin. I will, of course,check with my doctor as well but thought someone hree might have some insight Thanks in advance for any information.

  167. Rex says:

    Jeremy sounds like you are doing well, you have a lot to gain by kicking this, not just financially either! Yesterday was day 3 and my wife has been home with me over the week which really helps, she is my backbone and keeps me sane! We have been getting summer like weather here in CA, so yesterday I jumped in the pool a couple times which is freezing cold, thought the cold shock would help me out. Last night I felt like I was run over by a truck, very flu like probably from going in the pool. I took some NyQuil in hopes of getting some sleep! Didn’t work, took another dose of NyQuil at 7 this morning and slept an hour or so! My wife went to work, kids at school and I’m at home feeling like total s!@$, anxiety ridden, no appetite drinking coffee so I don’t withdrawal from that, my stomach is in a knot!

    Time seems to fly by when your high and now 4 days of dealing with myself without the narcotics has seem like 2 weeks! I thought I was getting through good until this 4th day, definitely the hardest.

    I have to say getting the responses back has made all the difference. Thank you It helps tremendously knowing others are in the same battle!

    One last thing, for those who feel like giving up or going back to the abuse, don’t! Once the opiate receptors in your brain get the drug back in the case of a relapse, I think its even harder to detox the next time! My first tour was over a year, withdrawal was nasty. This last tour was a month and I thought stopping would be a breeze! It’s been tougher than expected but thankful I made the decision now rather than later! Hang tough!!!

  168. Doug says:

    14 days today WD from 8years of 6 hydrocodone 10s and one year of ER Oxy 20s. Went cold turkey Christmas day and Hod lead me directly to your site first try. You and those writing inhave given me the courage to see this through along with the strong help of my wife and the Grace of God.
    Last night was my first full night of sleep and I feel great. Thank you for all of your time and compassion. I know many of us are silently following along and pulling for everyone pf you.

  169. Jeremy S. says:

    Im putting down the shovel…. I guess you could say. As in…. Im tired of digging myself out of a hole. So, I just put down the old shovel 😉

  170. Jeremy S. says:

    Rex….. I have been taking for 9 years but going real HARD for the last 4. I take 30 milligrams a time every 2 or 3 hrs a day that im awake. I do not have a prescription so you can imagine it is getting rather expensive. Im tired of being a slave 2 the drugs. Tired of spending up to 1,200 dollars a month… And thats not counting the alcohol I buy & consume either. Im so done done done done. Ive spent so much money im way behind on bills & with out my wonderful wife there might not have been a christmas. Im approaching day 6& im feeling better & better. The desire is there & will always be… I think but, im standing strong & desire is not that strong. By tge way…. I went cold turkey & the 1st 3 days were hell but today was the 1st day I had some energy. Hang in there….

  171. Avis Whitsel says:

    Thanks Larry. I am very familiar with that definition. No, I am not still on Suboxone. It was very easy to abuse that as well, and I probably never should have been on it to begin with. I’ve stopped taking any drugs several times and gone through very minor, considering my dose, withdrawals, but it’s the mental part that gets me every time. It’s two weeks to a month in when I start realizing I am never going to be able to use again, and I don’t see an end in sight (with regard to the weariness and general lack of desire.) Everyone says, “oh, that’s just what it’s like with small children.” Or, as my husband says, you just have to “suck it up.” I wish someone had brought up treatment when I was hospitalized with my seizures and admitted to all there was a problem. I had neurological testing done to ensure there was no damage, but no one ever said, “hey, maybe you should do this.” Every doctor I’ve seen subsequently has apologized, but it’s time for me to stop blaming anyone else besides myself. I just need something to go on. I wish it was enough to say the lack of drugs is your reward, but I need to know what kind of general timeline I’m looking at. When people say it can take years, I know you know what years feel like to an addict. This does not mean I don’t seriously want to quit. I just feel very trapped. I have very little support, and the last therapist I went to see wound up having a breakdown and calling me after hours to talk to me about all her worries and cry. When I discontinued seeing her, she contacted child protective services. I’ve reported her and had several doctors who stood behind me, but it’s made it very difficult to trust anyone anymore. I do need help, and I am not sure where to go, what to expect, or whether I can even do this without doing things a certain way. Please forgive my long ramblings, but this is the first time I’ve talked to anyone who actually understood my issues and has some sage advice and insight. With regard to your question about my family, my husband and I are not on the best of terms. I’m not sure how much it has to do with the drugs and how much of it is our current situation, but I know they play a part (financially and emotionally.) With my girls, I know I am more present and involved when I am using (fully functioning) than when I barely have the will or any desire to drag myself out of bed and am feeling sorry for myself. I know it’s better for them long term, and I want them to have a mom they can be proud of and respect. I have no doubt this runs in our family (depression and addiction), but it was really never discussed. I do have to work, but if I had some sort of timeline, it would be easier for me to find a way to manage my time and come up with some sort of plan. I just don’t think anyone can really give me that. It is what it is. I could go on and on and on, so I better just shut up. It doesn’t change the basic truth. I am amazed and in awe of those of you that have made the decision to do this and are at whatever stage in your recovery, and I know that there are plenty of people who’ve had it much worse and much better. You all have my prayers and complete support and well wishes.

  172. Rex says:

    To Jeremy S., your 2 days ahead of me. You have to think each day you survive during detox is a day you don’t have to do again!! How long and what were you on?

    I went to my workers comp doctor today in hopes of getting back to work. He asked me if I needed any more pain meds, which he hands out like candy. It took a lot to say no! If I said yes it would have been 2 bottles 60 in each that he dispenses out of his office!

    My symptoms have been insomnia, the runs, tired and lethargic, depressed and some anxiety! I hope my symptoms don’t worsen but if they do I will just deal. I am hanging tough right now, bring on day 3!!!

  173. Avis Whitsel says:

    Larry, you are absolutely right. I know why I do the things I do, and I am very good at recognizing and admitting my problems. I keep doing the same things over and over again. This may be one more of my rationalizations, but I have asked for help time and time again. I’ve told doctors what’s happening. I was, in fact, prescribed Tramadol after I came clean about my issues with prescription drugs, then I was put (unnecessarily) on suboxone by a Harvard trained “addiction” specialist (doctor)who was recommended by an addiction counselor who turned out to be someone unstable. I’m kind of lost. I understand the simplicity, and when you actually talk about it, I think, “yeah I can do this.” In the end the depression when I fall short and lack of a true confidant to encourage and call you out is keeping me from healing. Ive asked my husband about treatment plans (in house,) but he doesn’t understand any of this. He doed’t understand why you would just stop. Everything you said is correct, but how do you look at those sweet little faces when you’re miserable and not able to do the things with them that you normally do? How did you do it? I need a plan of action ad a place to start, or when things start to go south, I’ll just give up one more time.

    1. Larry C. says:

      “I keep doing the same things over and over again.” and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.

      have you subscribed to my news letter? in there are some things that may help you and your husband understand why you can’t just stop. But you can if you really wanted to get off, but you would need his help. When I did it I was on suboxone and it took 30 days to withdraw for me. My wife who was pregnant with our 2nd girl was very understanding and I was in bed for a good chunk of that time especially at the beginning. You will need your husband to be very understanding and if he can’t understand then he need to be very accommodating. You will be able to “look at those sweet little faces” during and love them, and then after when you feel better and you will be so thankful and glad that you did what you did to get through it. How do you look at them now? Is the drug use robbing you of a truly happy family life? If so, then maybe you should just quit when you are ready. If you don’t work you should be able to manage. Are you still on Suboxone?

  174. Kim C. says:

    Today is 1 month for me I am very excited I have no desire what so ever. My heart breaks reading the stories that contiue to come in. What a sad world of Drs. we have that continue to give us all these awful pills. All the pain I thought I was having is gone even the burning in my back is gone. While on the pills I took more and more and for some reason my back and knee hurt worse. Now my knee is still to big for my leg but uless I bump it I dont even know I have a problem. I got thru this with all the advise I got from this site I never even thought of getting off the pills til I found this site. Now I did not go cold turkey I weened off and it worked perfect for me, dropping a pill a week util I was taking half of a 10. I bought the Melissa, Potassium, Magnesium and cold medicine..oh and anti dirrhea meds.. I put my melissa in my organic nighty night tea it worked awesome..One thing I still do is sneeze from time to time but its only been a month but I feel great…PLEASE HANG IN THERE EVERYONE.. I promise it gets better…

  175. Jeremy S. says:

    Wow! This site is amazing & has given me such confidence to stagy off for good. Ive been clean for 4 days now & im starting to feel a little better but highly tired, lethargic, depressed and since other symptoms but honestly I was considering going back on them but after reading this…. I feel much more confident.

  176. Rex says:

    Into my 2nd day with no Pain killers. Had some trouble sleeping last night but otherwise feeling alright. I am very thankful I caught this early, less than a month of abuse, but very disappointed in putting myself in this situation again. The first withdrawal was a major one with over a year of abuse and I never want to go down that road again. I was getting a verbal lashing from my sponsor yesterday and he said to me: There is a heaven and hell here on earth. Heaven is a life of sobriety while hell is in the control of addiction! We each have the power to choose.

    I plan on constantly addressing my problem with helpful resources, there are a lot out there. Thank you all for your posts! Larry thanks for the link! I did order Melisa from Amazon but don’t know if I will benefit from it by getting it 5 days or so into the recovery!

  177. Avis Whitsel says:

    Thanks Larry. I’ve had more than one person tell me I haven’t hit rock bottom yet. I’ve had two seizures, and I was in a car accident tht almost killed me (hospitalized for five months.) It was non-drug related but essentially what kicked this whole addiction thing off. I don’t know how much more serious I can be. I still have to think about my family. I didn’t know about taking my girls, but a three year old and a one and a half year old in a room full of strangers is not very conducive to having discussions with people. I don’t know. At this point, I can’t tell the difference b/t a legitimate reason and an excuse. BTW, I’ve been taking up to twenty -five Tram a day.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I take my 3 and 1 yr old to meetings, and it is totally conducive for conversations, especially with the women. Women love children. Again, more rationalizations are what I am hearing. “I still have to think about my family. ” if you don’t make your recovery #1, you’ll have no family eventually. or if you do it will be dysfunctional. Maybe if you attend a few meetings, you might understand this. without recovery your family life will slide downhill more than it is now.
      They say you’re done digging when you put down the shovel.
      Try 90 in 90.

    2. keith says:

      Hey guys day 20!!! Starting to fell some what normal again i have doing this to many times to remember someone once told me you have to walk out of the woods just as far as we walk in so its going to take some time to get back to normal. Dont be discouraged. This will be the biggest fight you will ever go through but in the end it will all be worth it trust me go for alot of walks exercise. Exercise exercise. Trust me sitting around makes it worse also get ur ass to a na meeting if you are reading this you have a problem with drugs meeting help other sober people are good in early recovery i have faith in u good bless it get betterunless u pick up again then you are running backward

  178. Avis Whitsel says:

    I have been taking Tramadol for a few years now. I beat it once, right before I had my first child, but, after having a pin removed from my right knee, the ortho offered it, and I jumped right back on. I swore I would never again take something like this, but I had been abusing Claritin D for several months before that. I have two small children, a husband who travels frequently (overnight) for work, and we live in a somewhat stressful living situation. I’ve deluded myself by saying I’d just stay on it until my youngest was a little older, but that’s my addiction talking. I know about NA and need to do something, but I also work full-time and can’t afford to miss work to go to meetings (let alone the issue of being by myself with the girls.) Writing all this it just sounds hopeless, so I’m really hoping someone can give me something positive. Baby is crying, so I’ll have to return later. Any and all advice is appreciated.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I hear your addiction talking, chase your recovery like you chased your drugs. When the pain of addiction becomes strong enough, you’ll do something. Sounds like you’re not ready to get off otherwise you would find a way to go to meetings, after work, during lunch. You can even take your girls. They are welcome at meetings, I know, I go to meetings every week, sometimes bring my daughter.
      Hopeless dopefiend, or dopeless hopefiend? you choose. It sounds like you really want to get off, but you are the one who has to make the decision and the steps toward recovery. Make your recovery first, without that you have nothing.

  179. Lovemyfam says:

    True that!!! Don’t take em Debbie! Get clean and find other ways to manage your pain. I have severe chronic pain as well and I’m pregnant which makes it SUPER tricky. Opiates will never be the answer. It’s an instant relief only to prolong the inevitable. I promise! I was only lortab 10mg for 3 years prior and when u don’t have them it aweful! Larry has great pain alternative options on this site. Get clean and give them a try. Stay strong!!! Don’t give in!

  180. Debbie says:

    Hey there,

    I found this sight by googling flu-like symptoms. I have been having flu-like symptoms…severe muscle aches, low-grade fever, most recently chills. I have been taking 10 mg hydro, 5X a day, for a year. When I don’t have any, that is when my symptoms are the worse. I can’t go to work, and all I can do is lay in bed and cry. I went to the dr and he treated me for fibromyalgia, with cymbalta. He also gave me some hydros for the instant pain, I was feeling so bad. Now the hydros are gone and I’m just taking the cymbalta. My pain is eeking through…feeling like I’m running a fever, eyes burning, slight aches…not as bad as before. But, I am wondering by reading all of this, if I am having withdrawal from hydro instead of fibro. I have been doing this off and on for a year (after I started taking them). I hurt real, real bad when I don’t have any, and then when I get some, I’m okay. I was blaming it on arthritis in my hip, and menopause. But, I am really thinking that withdrawals is what is going on. What do you think?

    1. Larry C. says:

      “10 mg hydro, 5X a day, for a year.”
      I’d say you’re going through classic opiate withdrawal. Anyone else?

  181. Tommy says:

    Hi guys,
    Im obviously writing this cause I need help, and advice from others to get through this. It all started when my step mother hurt her back. I started taking her percs from her drawer. That lasted about three months.. Non stop eating anywhere from 1 to 4 a day..I started to get dizzy a couple times so i promised myself never to eat more than 2 throughout the day. That last about another month. After that her script was over, so I had to obviously resort to something else.. I started snorting roxy 15’s eventually went to 30’s. That didnt last long cause i was introduced to a drug called opana. I’m a very lean athletic build, was very athletic throughout school. Metabolism is still very high. Anyway, I ate opana for roughly 4-5 months, went from the pill lasting about a week, then before ya know it was i was up to 1-2 throughout the day snorting them, every couple hrs. And obviously I started to get dope sick. I tried to quit cold turkey, didnt work. I then tried niacin (the flush kind to clean my system) I am now on a schedule with my girlfriend, she gives me a qt of a pill every 12 hrs. I am now on day 4, my withdrawal symptoms are already better. The withdrawals use to start happening sometimes up to even 8 hrs, but usually within 10-12 hrs. Now that Im on this schedule my withdrawals are very little by 12 hrs. I am curious to how I should keep weining myself, like how long should I wait now? And I obviously know to keep cutting the dosage. Any advice would be great. Thank you so much!!

  182. Scott says:

    Day 6 of not having any p-sets and I felt so much better today. I took a shower and it didn’t even feel that good. I feel as if I hadn’t been to far into them but also feel that an addict is an addict weather it is for 1 month or for years and years. Having gone through the WD was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do however telling my girlfriend and realizing what I had done to her hurt
    More. I know so many people that are hooked to the stuff and half of me wants to laugh at them because j know what they are going to have to go thru and half of me feels sorry as almost everyone has said I wish for no one I
    Know to go thru what I have been thru the past 6 days. Day one didn’t really suck but day 2 and 3 were the worst for me. I said earlier in this post that the showers do not help this munch today do I reallllllly think it is getting better. The first couple days were some of the hardest things I have done. With the massive diarrhea and stomach aches it sucked so bad. I have wanted to go back and hit up one of my friends to get one
    But haven’t. It feels so good ti not be on them. I don’t
    Know how to explain it but i do know that it is the best thing j have felt in the past 6 months. And I do know that if you are going to quit cold turkey you need to have someone there that you can talk
    To. Day 2-3 I didn’t have any energy to do anything besides when I was in the shower. I hope and pray that everyone that reads this forum gets better. But I do know for damn
    Sure that you can not quit something like this of you si not want to because my gf tried so many times but j did not want to stop. But 6 days ago I did want to wit and j haven’t touched since. I deleted all the numbers out of my phone and I feel so much better. Those percocets had
    Me on top of the world or atleast thinking that I was on top, but I was really on the bottom and
    I now are light and I love the way I feel. Good luck everyone and I
    Hope these post have helped you as me. Good luck everyone e

    1. Larry C. says:

      Awesome!!! keep on going…

  183. Rex says:

    First post here! I have been reading these posts for about 2 hours now and its great stuff! In August I stopped a 16 oz. a month Kratom addiction which I did for over a year! I used Subutex, along with all the other detox meds. After 6 six day Sub I was cold turkey and couldn’t eat, sleep and had horrible anxiety for about six weeks! If you don’t know what Kratom is don’t even bother to look it up because it is horrible and legal!

    In November I injured my neck at work as a firefighter and went to workers comp doctor December 6th. He prescribed me Xodol 5/300, in large quantities 240 pills in less than a month. With my horrible addictive behavior I’ve been taking 6-8 a day, sometimes more. On Christmas day I finally realized what an addict I am. I have a great family, job, and life and I need to find a way to live life pure. Starting yesterday I have weened to 2 a day and already feeling the effects of withdrawal. I have a appointment this Wed. with Addict Doctor who I used for Kratom withdrawal but I am not sure if I should go. I think the Sub is worse then the substances I’ve been abusing which has been less than 30 days! Any advice would be very helpful!! Want to kick this before it gets really bad if it isn’t already. Thank You

    1. Larry C. says:

      Welcome and hope to see your progress online here.

  184. Lovemyfam says:

    Um I feel ok. Not great but I feel like its starting to get way better. Comes in waves. I’m 6 months along, baby is good, I went to the hospital on day 2 just to make sure. I was honest with them and told them what was going on and they reassured me the baby was fine. I have another appt tomorrow so I’ll find out again then. He is moving at his normal times and heart beat is good so I’m confident he is ok. I got my self down to about 2 or 3 norcos a day for about 3 days before I just quit. I have to go ct because I’ll take em if I have em. I have been sitting in my backyard for as long as I can each day. Thank you for your support. This baby saved my life! I have 3 other daughters, 9, 11 and 13 and they deserve to have a sober mother however medical issues and hardship has been preventing that. It’s time, and this baby has shown me that. I did not take meds during my other pregnancies. My husband is so supportive, I’m really far more blessed then I deserve and I have been taking advantage of that. Mike- don’t envy me. I have made alot of mistakes but I do want to tell you how I got to day 4…. Every second counts! Those seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours and hours into days. Time will not stop. Tomorrow will come and will the day after. If you go 10 min without calling a hook up or taking a pill you ARE successful!! The time will tick away and you’ll be in the clear before you know it. Kick and scream it out! That does help 🙂 whatever you do stay STRONG! You are more important then some shitty pill that will only give you a false sense of reality. WE have to push through. I don’t ever want to experience the last 4 days ever again. Your desire to stay clean has to be stronger then your desire to use. We are here so read these over and over when u can. I pray strength and tenaciousness to come over you and fill every cell in your body!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Good I’m glad to hear your baby is fine. I would suggest hitting some women’s NA meetings if you feel the need. They are great support and you might find some new friends. Not to mention it will help your head. A LOT. Yeah my daughter was 6 months old when I did my WD, it was hell on my wife but she stuck it through with me and I am so grateful she was there.
      Keep on!

  185. Bobby says:

    Hello, as a part of my new years resolution, my goal is to quit all opiate painkillers 100%. I have a question of how to make my work day tomorrow easier? When i get to work, it will be 24 hours sinse my last use. I am 22 years old and i work as a temp to pay for a car and school at a warehouse job. I have a lot riding on this goal. I would appreciate it greatly.

    1. Larry C. says:

      theres some good info here:

      get the melissa, and some other things like vitamins and drink lots of water.

  186. Mike M. says:

    I envy you lovemyfam, at least your on the tail end of it. It can only get better for you now. What a waste these pills are. They take so much. I was 40 hours into getting my pilots license before these took serious control. I drag race every summer and havent done that for 2 summers now. It took all my hobbies from me. I cant wait to kick this and get back to LIVIN’! Everyone please keep posting on your progress. Thats the only thing keeping me going right now. You know what they say. Misery loves company…

  187. Lovemyfam says:

    Woke up in a pile of sweat today. Yuck. Day 4. Hope it gets better. Hey Larry, anything you recommend I take? Being pregnant Im not sure. My dr just wants to give me lortab. But we all know that’s not a smart thing at this point. Would it reset my withdrawal? What am I saying?? Of course it would right? He wants to start me back on lortab 5/500 and wein me of slowly. Problem is if I have them I’ll take them. It’s hard for me to wein. Any suggestions?? Thanks you for all your help!

    1. Larry C. says:

      I’m not a doctor so I don’t know what would be best since you’re pregnant, but I know having a baby born addicted is not awesome. and in some states they take your baby from you. If you’re on day 4, how do you feel? How far a long are you? how’s the baby doing? are you feeling any better today? I’d sat go for a walk and DO NOT take Melissa while pregnant.

  188. Mike M. says:

    By the way, Thanks Larry for your recipe. I grabbed some Melissa, 5-HTP with st. Johns wart, Melatonin, L-Tyrophan for more relaxation and positive mood, and Velarian root tincture. Also have some bananas, Immodium and benadryl standing by. lol So pissed at myself for letting it get this bad. I have no pain. Just got bored with drinking. I tell ya what, I might not feel this way after 7 days but I would rather go through Marine Corps boot camp twice then go through this again. And I’ve already done both once before! lol sigh Here we go. Thanks again all

    1. Larry C. says:

      Most welcome Mike!!!

  189. Mike M. says:

    My god this sucks. Its only been 24 hours for me and didnt sleep worth a shit and RLS is killing me. What worries me is its gonna get worse before better. But I was terrified of the withdrawls before going into to this so that probably didnt help me prepare mentally. I was taking around 200mg of 40mg op oxy or when I ran out of that 400mg of morphine sulfate a day. Planned on weening down a bit but ran out before I got too low. I got down tp 80mg a day and took that around 11:00 am on Sunday. I planned on stopping Tuesday cuz I can take work off the rest of the week and ride this crap out. But it looks like I’ll do it sooner than I planned. Pills are such a waste of time and money. Luckily I’m commited and my wife is supporting me. Poor her, she’s got to deal with me tossing and turning, Rls, and everything else each night and she doesnt even touch pills. Man this is going to be a long road. I get motivation and positive attitude in waves it seems. The worst is definately the night but during the day I bite my lip and try to keep myself busy. Even though you dont feel like doing anything, I feel like Im dealing with Jupiters gravity. Im aroun 20 hours is all but i think because I weened down a little that Im going through them a little early cuz I stopped such a high dose. Who knows, I went 6 days once before cold turkey just cuz I ran out so I know I can do this. Tired of wasting money and always worrying about running out. Stupid. Anyway, I stumbled on this sight and everyone of your stories helped me go for it. I planned on starting on tuesday but it looks like I dont have a choice but to start now. Alot of encouragment here and the knowledge that so many have done it and logging each day is helpful so I figured Id try. I dont know how you guys had the energy to post feeling like this but I’ll do my best to come on and check in every day through this. Please let me know you guys are still on here so i have someone to communicate with. Wish me luck all. Thanks for your stories.

  190. Lovemyfam says:

    Today I hit my 72 hour mark at 6pm. I feel ok. Not great not awful. Last night was def the worst so far so here’s hoping to tonight being a little better. I’m 6 months pregnant and weaned myself off the norcos. My pm dr wanted me to go slower but I’m just plain done. It’s been a long time coming and after detoxing suboxone last year, which was way worse then this, withdrawal lasted, FORever, I realized I’m headed no where good AND I’m pregnant. My baby is far more important. The messages here have been so encouraging and I’m so glad I’m not alone. Thank you everyone for sharing thier stories. Keep the encouragement coming some of us really need it 🙂

  191. Jim says:

    Hi Larry, I was taking 18 10mg percs a day for 6 months and stopped cold turkey 7 days ago. I still feel like I am in hell but I feel good at the same time. The one thing that is making me insain is my damn restlis legs! It sucks cause I have no trouble turning off my mind but the legs wont stay still. I have been working out every day since my 3rd day off cause I heard that helpped with it, but it dose not. Any suggestions?0

  192. Taylor says:

    Joey, you’re cutting it really close. It takes about 5 days for it not to show up on a UA.

  193. Taylor says:

    Hello, this site is an amazing source of encouragement and comfort. I’m hoping to get some too. I’m about 48 hours into my detox. I don’t have any of the classic symptoms of WD except for a HORRENDOUS backache. I haven’t even got the diarrhea and I was looking forward to that lol! Anyone that has taken opiates knows what I mean. I was prescribed vicodin and then all the way to oxycontin 160mg a day post surgery.

    I’m really bitter right now as it took so long for me to get approved for surgery. Over a year and a half. I don’t know if it’s normal for that kind of tolerance in that amount of time, but I was in a world of pain. I had a 9lb tumor the size of a basketball sitting on my femoral artery. Not to mention the back pain.

    Anyway, I tapered for about 6weeks from oxycontin 160mg to 20mg of vicodin a day. I thought I was home free and it wouldn’t be to bad. I still have more vicodin, but I really didn’t want to go into 2012 on any opiates and taking pills every day is tiresome.

    But now, my resolve to quit is getting smaller and smaller with this severe back pain. I can’t sit, lay or stand without being pain. Not to mention, I can’t sleep. So this 48 hours has been the longest of my life. And those stupid little pills are just screaming at me “take me and it will all be over”. Which I know is a lie. My body will do anything to get me to take them again.

    Has anyone else experienced no other withdrawal symptom except for back pain? I’ve never heard of this before. I don’t have chills, stomach pain, RLS, anxiety … nothing. I can expect this to start getting way better after 72 hours? Dear gawd, no wonder people can’t get off this shit. Just typing 72 hours and knowing I have so many more hours to go, feels like eternity. Ridiculous!

  194. Scott says:

    Hello, I’m a 21 year old male and have been taking percocets so 6 months. I took them a lot back in highschool but just stopped and didn’t have any w/d or anything. So I never really believed it. I’m am now on day 5 of my detox and I actually feel a little better. I have for the most part done this cold turkey. I had stopped a few weeks ago while using subs for 3 days the next day I felt fine but I came home to my parents for the holidays and ended up getting more percocets. I started by taking a 15 every 2 or 3 days and got up to 45-60 mgs a day for the past 2 months. I still have access to them I just told myself I didn’t Want that life anymore where I plan my day around if I’m going to have Percs or not. It didn’t ruin my life and my gf didn’t even know and I still managed to get a 4.0 this semester in college but like I said I didn’t want this life anymore. I came forth and told my girlfriend on day 4 and we both cried a lot. I could deal with the physical wd it’s just I couldn’t believe myself for what I had put my girlfriend through. Since day 1 I have been looking at websites like this and it helps a lot to see other people going through the same thing and most have stayed clean. I can almost see a light at te end of the tunnel. Haven’t really slept much but the hot showers are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thanks for everything and all te information and stories and I think I will e able to stay off the Percs

  195. jenny says:

    So glad to say that I am starting the new year at 7 days clean! This is my first post. I have throughout this process been reading posts daily. The stories of addiction have gotten me this far and gave me much inspiration! I have struggled for 6 years to get clean and although I know my journey is not over, I know that I will never again have to suffer the agony of withdrawals again. Thanks for the repeated phrase, “that’s (5, 6, 7) days that you’ll never have to go through again. There is power in words! Never thought I would make it this far! Stay strong those who are still struggling, it will get easier. Learning to live again is not easy but defintely worth with!

  196. Sally says:

    I’ve been on Vicodin 7.70 for over one year. Had two major neck surgeries in the past one and a half years. My lat surgery was on OxyContin and the Vicodin along with Valium. Have been off the OxyContin for maybe a week to a week and a half. Still taking the Vicodin but don’t want to because I start feeling withdrawal symptoms when i started to cut down on the amount. I take about six A day and am trying to cut back. Get no high it’s just a matter of controlling the withdrawal symptoms. I’m presently three months out of surgery and still feel major pain but I can deal with that. I think. Any thoughts about what I’ll feel or how long before I’m not feeling withdrawal ?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hi Sally, if you read the previous post comments, I am sure you will find how you will feel and how long it takes till you are feeling better. Usually about a week before feeling almost normal. Withdrawal signs and symptoms are here:

      Let us know how you are doing,

  197. Joey T. says:


  198. Joey T. says:

    NEW HERE….I have been taking appx. 15/30 mg. per day percocets for about 2 years. I took my last 1/2 a 10mg. Sunday morning because I been wanting to quit for one and two I found out last Friday I am getting my job back I been laid off from the last 2 years. Couple question I have are 1. should my urine been clean Wendsday at 11 a.m. when I took drug test if I took my last 5mg. Sunday morning, I drank a ton of water all day Tuesday and Wend. morning???????? #2 as the job I have using any type if drug is a HUGE NO GO….and I will be tested quite often, and just for myself I want not to go back and grab a few, should I see about getting suboxin to help me out. I don’t have horrible symptoms, was a little sick Mon. and Tues. and now it is mostly restlessness, no energy to do anything and ***F&#KIN INSONMIA***…….any advice…… I hope my will power alone is gonna be enough to get me through but don’t want to take any chances………….THANKS…………….

  199. Tj says:

    Yes, Larry it feels great! Can’t imagine going back.

    And for everyone going through it, I cannot stress enough about how much exercise helps. Get those endorphines flowing again, as your body forgot how to make them while being on the evil drug. I exercise every day, I picked up weight lifting too. I feel so good after doing it!

    Endorphines, for me, are a natural pain killer and keep me from going down in the dumps.

    Julie, don’t feel bad, I did the same thing after three days into it… like Larry said, tomorrow is another day, and if you’re determined, you will succeed.

    I’ll be 3 weeks on Saturday, I’m pumped!

    Keep on keepin on everyone!

    T. J.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Everyone, please read what Tj says about exercise…
      Thanks Tj,

  200. Julie says:

    I had a doctor appt today and I have been in lots of pain and was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Mentally I felt amazing today without any pain pill but unfortunatly I was in so much pain I had to take one. I feel so disappointed in myself now that im not in pain.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Tomorrows another day to start again. Don’t beat yourself up.

  201. Angie says:

    I had cervical neck fusion when I was 24, I’m 31 now..I started taking norco for pain in 2007, then the doc gave me morphine. I had bad pain, but I also was doing things I shouldn’t have. Like lifting, jumping, running. Now I know how to control my pain, and just take norco, no more morphine. I really dont feel like I need the norco any more, but still take them cuz I like the high and happy feeling I get from it. I always hear people say that poeple who are addicted hate themselves, but I don’t. I live who I am. Im funny and have always was a friendly happy person. but now I really don’t know who I am..And if I’m the same person. Right now I justt feel numb. I stopped taking the norco 2 days ago. This is about my 3 attempted to stop taking these darn things. I would have to take the pain killers where ever I go; to go shopping, get food, put gas in my car..ect. I’m just so warn down from them. I was only taking 3-4 10/325 a day. I have been taking pain meds for 3 and half years now. I have no idea who I am. A fake happy person, I guess. I want to be a real happy person, none of this fake crap. I have social anxiety too so taking the norco was like a courage pill for me. I have been on zoloft for 3 weeks now, so lets hope that works so I can get the courage to get to the gym and college start’s up agine jan 17th. 2012. I’m ready this time; I’m just not sure if I should go to an outpatient rehab or just try it on my own. My husband is worried that my pain will be bad, but I told him that my pain is low and these pills are making me crazy, so I have him to talk to but he does not quite understand. He does not think I’m addicted to them. I put on a good front huh. Just like my eating disorder he was clueless about. Well, No more calling my script for pain killers in. I’m ready. Let’s do this!!!

  202. Julie says:

    Oh good. I just can’t believe what this can do to you. My legs feel like I have been running a 10k! The mental part is the worst, if you can just tell yourself it will all be over and push through anyone can get over this. Thank you for taking the time to hear and give me advice.

  203. Julie says:

    Just three days. Today is the first day without anything. I can already kind of feel the withdrawl setting in a bit, hoping it doesn’t get worse then this. Just hope to get over this fast. I have been doing some reading online and I have read it could take 4 weeks for the physical part to be over OR 5-7 days. Guess it just depends on your body?


    1. Larry C. says:

      Julie, if you were on Suboxone it can take a while, for me it was 30 days to the day, but everyone’s different. some it only lasts a week. If you were taking a regular opiate it usually last 5-7 days.
      The height of withdrawal usually happens around day 2-3. Once you get past day 3 your getting better from there on out.

  204. Julie says:

    Hello! I am new to this site and I came across it by searching how long opiate withdrawls last! I have been reading and I am very hopeful about getting off these painkillers that cause more pain! Today is my last day of Suboxone, I am going cold turkey after this. I have been taking pills off and on for a couple of years now. This year has been non stop though. I do have a question. Before I started taking the suboxone I was taking Percocet 10mg and I was running low so I took less and less every day. Then I switched to Lortabs but only a few a day. Since I weened a little bit are my withdrawls going to be as bad as someone taking 10 a day and going cold turkey? I have had withdrawls before and Its so hard for me! I have had it though. Just looking for some ease during the withdrawl period. Thank you!

    1. Larry C. says:

      how long were you on Suboxone? You want to ween yourself down off those as they can be hard to get off of.
      Good Luck.

  205. Donna B says:

    I dont know what i Would do without you guys, i have been using for four years , narco. 10/325 sometimes 13 to 15 a day … I cant do it any more i ran out yesterday , i couldnt sleep and MY legs hurt… I have no choice but to go cold turkey . Every thing hurts so bad i read a lot of posts so i guess i need to know where to get this Tiffany stuff. Please help

  206. Tj says:

    2 weeks 1 day, ahhh, life is great! Keep on movin along everyone. I always read to see what’s goin on.

    T. J.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Keep on…it does feel good when it get’s better doesn’t it? 🙂

  207. Lynn says:

    Anna, Your *daughter* Don’t know how I came up with *niece*

  208. Nisha says:

    Hey everybody!

    If only doctors told you the truth about these drugs before they prescribe them right? If only they told you how they play with your endorphins, your emotions, and everything else including withdrawals. I don’t know if I would have accepted them. You?? Anyway, I am feeling GREAT! It’s been 2 months with no drugs!

    KIM, it may sound crazy but drinking water can help with your headaches, as well as lying down with a cool cloth on your head. And I mean a lot of water. Also, if you have someone to massage your feet and hands, there are pressure points there that relieve headaches. I find this helpful, as I also suffer from chronic migraines and headaches.

    EVERYONE, I cannot stress the importance of a good diet, low in sodium and sugar. Stay away from processed foods and eat lots of fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and fish. I say this because you will feel 75% better, I promise. Oh and I’m not talking about the food from the grocery store, that shit is crap, cloned, and void of any real nutrients and therefore you will still feel like crap. If you are eating crappy food you’re going to feel crappy because what you’re putting inside, is what you’ll feel outside. “You are what you eat” right? I used to have a diet of all fast food, or processed food and was depressed often. Since I have changed my diet I have felt better mentally, physically, and emotionally. All around! Also, if you can, getting in the sun for at least 15 to 30 minutes twice a week will give you all the vitamin D that you need for the week, and it helps with feeling crappy as well. I know people always talk about eating healthy, exercising, and blah blah blah but I am a believer because I can’t tell you how great I have felt these past couple of months and I know it’s all due to, staying clean, and taking care of my body, inside and out, through a simple shift of diet. Believe it folks! It will work for you too! I’m proud of all of you. Change is not easy but it’s worth it. I am here for all of you if you need ANYTHING. I don’t know you but I know your struggles, as you know mine, so that being said, I love you guys and keep up the fight!! 🙂

    ANNA, as far as your daughter, all I can really tell you is to continue to show her as much love and support as you can, without enabling her habit. Us addicts tend to lose the love and support that we have because our loved ones become fed up. It’s something she’ll appreciate when all is said and done. You should direct her to this site so she can see all the pain and suffering these drugs will cause a person. I wish you both the best. God bless!

  209. Lynn says:

    It has been 3 weeks and 1 day for me now and I really feel GREAT 🙂 I am so happy that I did this for ME!

    The one thing that I cannot stress enough is that it is so important to do some form of exercise on a daily basis. If i miss a day, I notice that I don’t feel as up. Exercise is a lifesaver and will REALLY lift your spirits high.

  210. Lynn says:

    Kim, my advice for your headaches would to be to try taking a good magnesium powder, such as Natural Calm. Most headaches are a result of magnesium deficiency. And the drug consumption will really deplete one of such a vital nutrient! Magnesium is responsible for over 300 metabolic functions that take place in our bodies on a daily basis and more than 80% of the population is depleted.

    Tj and Mark and Kim, way to go! keep it up:-)

    Anna,Compassion and understanding and open communication are very important. Also, I would see to it that your niece is eating a wholefood diet that has plenty of omega 3 sources in it and getting some exercise and fresh air on a daily basis.

  211. Anna says:

    My 19 y.o daughter just admitted she’s addicted to Oxy about 90 mg day, has tryed patches, cocaine, “Roxys”, even admitted to shooting up oxy a few times. This has been daily since April, but she has “quit” 2 times before. Turns out she has been using on and off since she was 16. She has been depressed, has taken Remeron with good results but then stops. She sells them to support her habit. Sucks all the way around, but she wants to be done with it. She stopped 2 days ago, slept 15 hrs and now her bones hurt. I really hope she wants this. I’m going to get her inpatient on Fri., meanwhile her and her brother are going to my parents in FL. I checked her stuff and she’s not holding anything. I told her I will drug test when she get back. Any other advice.

  212. Tj says:


    Damn nice, I’m jealous, three months… that’s awesome. One day at a time, hittin the gym everyday, feels good.

    Keep pushing all.

    T. J.

  213. Mark says:


    You can do this. Along with the help that Lynn mentioned just add to your psyche absolute resolution and you will pull this off. I had severe stomach pain for 3 weeks. It’s all withdrawal symptoms. It WILL pass. I ate a lot of chicken soap, ate Tums, and tried to get comfortable in a chair and just got involved in a movie or something to help distract me. Eventually it passed. I’m approaching the end of three months now, and all those symptoms are gone. So hang in there.


  214. Mark says:


    You did it! Great job! You brought yourself down nice and easy and it paid off. I certainly understand your elation and desire to never go back. Most of us here feel that way. It’s always go wonderful to hear another success story. I’m so glad the taper method worked for you. You definitely were patient through it and stuck with it. Great Great job!


  215. Tj says:

    Day 4 done! Feeling pretty damn good all day today. I’ve exercised hard every single day. Running 2 miles and lifting pretty hardcore, and wow! I cannot stress enough for anyone going through this how good it feels after you work out! Takes me a little bit to get going in the morning though.

    My spirit has been lifted so high, damn I was so happy today on nothing but endorphines! Laughing and dancin to good music, oh ya I would definitely recommend listening to your favorite songs too, as it lifted me up. As for a few, they hit me kinda hard, tearing up a bit thinking of my Mother. However, It’s great to have feelings again as I ignored them before by hammering myself up to 600 mg of oxy a day, WTF!

    Now I went through this with nothing but a few benzos during the day for the first 3 days and Unisom sleep melts at night. However I had to take a little over double the dose, Larry is that a safe thing to recommend. Worked great for me. The days weren’t so bad, just the nights, especially with RLS. That’s why I did so. I tried the normal dose and it didn’t work at all.

    Also had a question about immodium, since its a partial opioid, would that prolong withdrawal? Never took it but just curious, I have some friends I’m working on, and want the best for them.

    Good luck all, and God Bless
    T. J.

  216. Kim C. says:

    Hi everyone!!!
    Tomorrow will be one week doing very well I do however have the worst headaches ever as good as I feel mentally the headaches are keeping me form doing daily chores and puts me in a real funk…So close to xmas I really need to be on top of things. NOTHING helping these headaches I have tried everything… ANY SUGGESTIONS???? Have a blessed evening


  217. Shaun says:

    I have been on suboxone for about a year. Before that I was on vicodin for a few years. I recently quit the suboxone cold turkey and am now having some pretty intense with-drawls from them. I have been off them for about 7-8 days and I still feel very tired, slightly nauseated, no appetite. What should I do? It’s pretty damn miserable.

    1. Larry C. says:

      If you’ve been off them for that long, I’d stay the course and not go back. Suboxone is a hard withdrawal and going back to it will prolong your agony. My WD from Subs was 30 days long, each week getting better and better until one day it just stopped. Not saying yours is going to be that long, maybe shorter, everyone’s different. I would try the melissa extract, and start walking everyday, several times a day. Exercise makes it better, go here and read this and get some of the things that might help your symptoms:

      The melissa is great.
      Good luck and stay the course…

  218. Lynn says:

    Just one more thing that I cannot stress enough here. Real food is so important in your recovery and thereafter! Processed and GMO food (genetically modified) will hinder your wellbeing. I have found that what works best for me is the intake of my diet has to consist of at least 50% fat on a daily basis. Healthy fats are raw nuts and butters, grass fed, organic beef, avacados,butter, olive oil,coconut oil and coconut milk, pastured, organic eggs and raw milk organic cheeses. The rest consists of veggies, both raw and cooked. Always a huge organic salad too! And I am back to drinking my lemon water (pure water with no chlorine or fluoride). The one thing that I learned from a friend of mine named Shane Ellison, The People’s Chemist, is that our brains are 50% fat and they require lots of healthy fats to stay healthy! You can find many of his videos on YouTube and hee also has a public Facebook. He is straight forward and he NEVER sugarcoats! But he is one hell of a caring guy! There is much to be learned from this man. His website is also

    Hope this information is of help 🙂


  219. Tj says:

    Wow, thanks Lynn, will try it all and see how it goes. First didn’t think anyone would answer. It’s day two, and its great! I’m loving withdrawal. Ha not! Woke up from the two hours of sleep I did have from horrible unbearable abdominal pain, but it went away, thank God.

    God bless you all.

    Ain’t goin back.

  220. Lynn says:

    AWESOME Kim C! Keep up the fine job! I hear you about people who are addicted…the first step to recovery is admitting one has an addiction. Glad to hear you are doing better. I’m on day 15 now and can’t even imagine going back to pills. YUCK! Just the thought brin gs on nausea! So glad I went cold turkey to experience the pain and agony of the withdrawls!

    TJ, I’m not here to judge anyone. I let my ego go many years ago. I understand how you feel and can offer a few suggestions, but the rest is up to you to go through with this.

    Powdered magnesium, such as Natural Calm, will help you with the anxiety, RLS,and sleep as well. Make sure to take potassium with it. Potassium is a catalyst to magnesium. For the stomach cramping, the magnesium may help with that too, as will a quality enteric coated probiotic and a complete enzyme supplement, such as pancreatin 10x. You may be very depeleted of gut flora and that may be why you are having issues here. The probiotic will help. The enzymes will help your digestion process so that your pancreas and digestion system do not have to work so hard. Also, find a good quality wholefood supplement to take. I take Vitamineral Greens and I also take Lewis Labs brewers yeast. Start on some Milk Thistle to help your liver repair too. And if you have sleep issues, get the MELISSA SUPREME that Larry suggested here. I just ordered 2 more bottles from has so much information on holistic health and healing. Use their search engine there and you will be AMAZED at the information! Mike Adams is the editor and I have been a member of that site for 8 years now. He created his site to help educate others 🙂

    Best wishes to all and I am here to read and help you fine people!

  221. Tj says:

    I’ve been using for about 6 years for recreational use. And have been wanting to quit for about a year now and finally realized that I’m passed the getting high part. I’ve tried about six times, and ended up in the ER for severe stomach pains, mainly an over production of stomache acid.

    Does anyone know the best thing to quit from, suboxone, opiates or methadone. I learned methadone sucked really bad… I just stopped from suboxone 3 days ago and its getting horrible. And unfortunately relapsed tonight, not for the buzz, promise, but I wanted to try stopping off percocet. I took one 15mg perc IR. because I’ve heard that opiate withdrawal is more intense for the first few days but doesn’t last as long as suboxone or methadone, which would make sense due to the half life.

    I cannot stress enough how much I want to stop these evil, evil drugs. I’m absolutely ready because I am going to join the navy once I’m done.

    I’ve tried going 13 days off methadone about three months ago, and never fealt relief. So what is the best to come off of, I guess since I just did that perc that I’m trying that.

    Are there any vitamins or supplements that will help with withdrawal symptoms, because goodness gracious, they’re awful. Maybe ibuprofen? Vitamins? Anything?

    Please help, I’m very serious and confident I will succeed this time, and I WILL, as I’m excited to start my new career in the navy, and want to do it very soon.

    Any suggestions? Please, I just want some support and no downtalk of how taking that perc was wrong, trust me I know it probably wasn’t the brightest idea, but now I’m done for sure. No doubt. I’m ready to get this behind me.

    Please support!

    May God Bless Everyone!

  222. Kim C. says:


    I am happy to say I made it to my 72 hour mark and I am mentally so much better. I still have a little RLS and a little stomach sick and a little headache…BUT I MADE IT!!!!!! I will never pick up another narco as long as I live and if I ever have that other knee surgery they better figure out another way to control my pain..Hang in there all and I will continue to be here off and on to help in anyway I can..Right now I have a daughter, sister and a niece highly addicted to pills I dont talk to any of them right now I had to stay away from them while I tended to myself I would love nothing more than to help them and share all your stories with them but none will admit to a problem. So I will be here the day when they are ready but and until then I will worry about me and those of you who may need a pat on the back…Have a blessed day and thank you all….Kim C.

  223. Kim C. says:

    Morning ALL…

    Well I am coming up on my 48th hour..Lastnight RLS kicked in was in tub and drinking nighty night tea and melissa and what do you know out like a baby for a few hours..Not the best night but I know most of you have been thru hell and back with your withdrawl…I pray for each and everyone of you to stay strong and know that we will all be back to normal soon. THATS WHAT DRIVES ME!!!!..Kim C.

  224. Lynn says:

    Well Larry, you are right about the Melissa. It arrived and I took my first dose last night and I slept for 7 hours total. I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in 10 days. If anyone is sitting on the fence over this, don’t do it! This stuff is simply put, AMAZING!!! Thanks, Larry 🙂 How’s everyone doing? Don’t give up my friends! I have marked this page and will keep reading and supporting you fine folk’s!

  225. Kim C. says:

    I am almost at the 24 hour mark without pills I have not had many symptoms. Larry I put the Melissa in organic Nighty Night Tea lastnight at 10:30. WOW I normally wake up 4 or 5 times a night I only woke up 1 time to use bathroom at 1:30 did not wake back up until 5am was almost late getting BF up for work. I did have some stomach cramps this morning and to the bathroom 2 times and sneezing but I took OTC meds for all those symptoms. I am drinking Melissa in reg organic tea now no caffine> AS my daughter decided to stay home with this fake sickness not a day to mess with me so tear were flowing alot more than normal..I already feel better from the Melissa (LOVE THIS STUFF)NO RLS…I am so shocked at that I have to credit POTASSIUM PILLS…they really work…I will login later after I see if I get any new or worse symptoms. PUSH FORWORD FOLKS!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  226. Kim C. says:

    I will def do it when I get back up then…I will post later in the day I am so excited for this new phase in my life. as I have said before and continue to say you are a REAL LIFE HERO!!!!!. God Bless you Larry without you and me finding this sight I had o intentions of getting off of these demon pills. Kim

  227. Kim C. says:

    Well wed at 5 will be my last half of a 10 maybe I will save it for 8 ish so I know I will get thru the night fo the last time for days maybe weeks….lol I sure hope its not that long…Been on 1 10 broke in half for a week so I am ready for the withdrawl I have kept withdrawl out of my day for up to 14 hours man I was high fiving myself hard…I have been taking Potassium pills for a week now maybe that has help as I have had no RLS and thats the first thing I normally feel. I will start the Melissa tomorrow (wed) before bed I am sure this will help. Tapering off was so the way for me and Mark you are so right about going as long as you can before you take the next pill. I really feel so much better after passing the hour I would have normally taken a pill when it is time for one it des nothing for me except make me mad that I took it…I am so proud of all of you battling this with me you can do this I promise you can…I am sure Iwill be on in the middle of the night for a week or so. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!

    Kim C.

    1. Larry C. says:

      HI Kim, start doing the Melissa in the morning. I used like 20 drops in a small cup of water and just swigged it down. A few minutes later I was like …wow, I’m so mellow, hahahaha really helped a lot!

  228. Mark says:


    For the depression, a doctor is needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to a doctor and what you are trying to do. He’ll support you with the depression and the detox.

    As far as being tempted to obtain more opiates, that is an internal thing you need to master. You have to make up your mind. You put a big red X on a calendar date and make a vow to yourself you will not take any more meds from that date forward. Then, stick with it.

    When drugs are readily available to someone, who else is going to stop you? YOU have to stop you. When you are tempted, log on and type a post. Just the time it takes to formulate a post on this site is enough to allow yourself some time to think about it. Then, others on this site, who know exactly what you are up against, will come on and back you up. You need friends who will back up your desire to stop, not friends who will give you drugs.

    Don’t go backwards man. Keep going forward and get determined.


  229. Mark says:


    You have great determination. Use that determination to get off forever. You seem to have an easy way to obtain the meds. That needs to be cut off.

    You are right, the temptation to take just one pill is very strong during the withdrawal period. You always know that that one pill will make you feel better. That “flying high” feeling you talked about will not be there once you are clean, so you need to become familiar with a new normal again.

    People around you always know when you’re on something. You just too energetic and high for it to be normal. But all your friends will certainly like to see the “normal” Ashley once again.

    I’m on my 3rd month now off and I’m enjoying every minute. So don’t go back. Real living is on the other side of this nightmare you were on.


  230. H says:

    Hey Lynn! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am on day 4 opiate free! Went to my doctor and he gave me some Valium. I wont abuse them because I don’t get high off of them
    They make me too sleepy. I am very happy about my progress and your encouraging words are so nice and help so much!!! I will keep you posted! Thank you so

  231. Lynn says:

    Hi Ashley, I am so proud of you for being on day six. Please hang in there and do not give up! My advice to you would be to start learning about nourishing your body at the cellular level. I don’t know what your lifestyle habits are as far as nutrition, but that plays such a vitsl role in healing and feeling well. We become what we consume. Most people that I know, know verry little about food, and heaing. Like Larry mentioned above, most of the population is acidic. One of my favorite pleaces to read and learn about hhealth and healing is Lots of great information there! Hope this helps you . Hang in there and don’t give up.

  232. Lynn says:

    Hi everryone! H, all I have to offer you is that you have got to really want to get off from these opiaters so bad that you can taste the desire to do so!! It CAN be done my friend!! I lived in fear of not having enough pills too and what a nightmare it woulkd be if I entered withdrawls. But I made the choice to do so because I was sick of feeling like crap! I wanted too feel good again. Detoxing the right way for me and knowing so much about holistic lifestyle and living it prior to pills is what helped me withdrawl. But still, it was not easy! I’m not going to sugarcoat here :-0 BUT, it was well worth it and it has saved my life! One must get over the fear and make the decision to do this. I also highly suggest finding a local N/A meeting for support. I went to my first meeting on Saturday morning and the people are very supportive. Find that support system. H, please try to keep us posted if you can. The best of luck to you!

    It’s now been a little over a week for me since my last opiate dose. I must say that I am doing very well now and my frame of mind is great! I’m starting to laugh again and I am out enjoying my life once again. I did pull something in my back while on my rebounder, but I am wearing tiger bakm for that pain. That too shall pass. My Melissa should be here this week and we will see if it helps the sleep issue. But at least I can lay down and not have to deal with rls now.

    Hang in there everyone. I am reading all of your stories here and intend to keep checking back on a regular basis. Take care my friends 🙂

  233. Ashley says:

    Hi everyone! 4yrs ago I had a friend who was taking lortabs(And shared) first 7.5mg then when up to tab10mg. I was hooked, an true addict.I never thought my life would turn out this way. Then someone else told me to try Roxycodone and IT WAS ON! Talk about a great time. I was flying higher and on top of the world. First it was once a day then two, three….then before I know it I was taking 15 a day. I could have died!

    After that I knew I had a problem, ok, a major problem. My boyfriend got a script of 180 (30mg) and 90 (15mg) and 30 Xanax. But even that wasnt enough…I got my own script of the same amount!!!I couldnt believe how easy it was! I wasnt in any pain! Cash only and here you go. My boyfriend didnt do any at first, but he did eventually. Good money maker, but cant make money if I do all the profit, duhhh, right?.

    I went into detox 4 times! You know how embarrassing it is when they remember you by name? I wanted to really quit but my boyfriend wouldnt stop selling so they were still in the house. Thats not good for an addict thats for sure. I always found away to either talk him into giving me more cause “I wasnt ready”. We all know that saying. I tried suboxone, subutex, methadone(never try that one)its hell.

    Ok, now for the better part of my story…..I detoxed at home cold turkey and im on day 6…and to tell you the truth I thought I was going to “kill myself” it was so rough. Going from 10 Roxy’s a day to nothing WOW. I actually wish I went back to detox, but I wanted to go through the pain so I know NEVER TO USE AGAIN. I’m still going through heavy detox, probably because of my high dose. Actually, I still fill most of my symptoms. When will it end?….I sure as hell hope soon.

    In not writing this just to tell my story. Its for people who read it can see how so hard it is and if you’ve been detoxed for four or five days….and the cravings are there do not pick up. ONE is to many and a 1000 is never enough and that is so so so true.

    Im still on the Xanax because they say its so much worse and im scared, really scared. Anybody have any suggestions? The only reason I took them is because the doctor just gave them to me. Pain management clinics should be shut down in my opinion. The have hospitals, well at least in Florida.

    Thank you guys reading your posts really helped me and everyone still detoxing good luck and have faith.

  234. Mark says:

    Mrs. Moni,

    Just read your post, #589. 10 to 14 pills of Oxycodone 30’s is a lot of pain meds. I first wonder how you are able to get your hands on that many pain medications. Any doctor giving that much should NOT be your doctor.

    Withdrawals occur because of one thing…… your husband must be reducing his pill intake. The only way, at this point, to stop that process is to take what he WAS taking and the withdrawals will stop. You both need to talk and figure out who’s taking what. You say he’s on day 13 and it’s getting worse. It sounds to me like he’s tapering down on his own. On any withdrawal program, when you reach day 13, you should be starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and feeling better. He’s still taking the meds in perhaps smaller doses and that is prolonging the withdrawals. You either have to stop it completely and get clean, or go back on and stop the withdrawals. Those are the two choices.

    You both need to find some time off work, take some vacation time, or in some way find about 10 days to get off this stuff, and that means, NO MEDS at all during that time. Perhaps your husband’s employer will give him the time off to get off the medications. I’m sure his employer would rather have him off the meds than continue trying to work under their influence.

    There’s no magic pill if you read these posts. To get off, you are going to have withdrawals….. period. The biggest hurtle is you…. making up your mind and your husband making up his mind, which, perhaps, he’s doing that, that you’re tired of it and get off the stuff. Then, you won’t be worried about pills and trying to work, and when are the pills going to run out, etc. You’ll be clean and can go to work without fear.


  235. H says:

    Hello. This is such a great site. I haven’t taken any opiates for 2 days. I know the whole song and dance of withdrawal. It sucks. I am so scared of the PAWS. I have been on and off opiates particularly tramadol for 3 years. When my perscription runs out (very quickly because I take way more than prescribed) I am finding myself buying anything I can get from dealers. I am so sick of it. I want to be done but I am
    so scared of living without opiates because I am so scared of the depression. I am already on Celexa and Wellbutrin for depression. I can’t go to rehab and I can’t tell my family. What can I do so I don’t go and buy opiates as soon as my person gets some???

  236. Tyler says:

    Nisha, I’ve been here with ya every step of the way! I can’t tell ya how happy it would make me to read your updates and know you were staying strong and winning the fight. You’ll always be in my thoughts, along with everyone else out there! Larry, as always….much love!

  237. Nisha says:

    Hello everyone!
    There’s so much I want to say to everyone.

    Kat, I’m still here. Hang in there. It is worth it. I turned 30 years old on Nov. 30th, it was great by the way, it’s the first sober birthday I’ve had in years. I can tell you Kat it’s not easy but it’s worth it. I am finally enjoying life again. I didn’t think that was possible for a long time because I was so numb, so dead, for so long. When I did start to feel again, they weren’t happy feelings. It was constant depression. Thank God, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!! I don’t know how you’re doing but If you picked up more pills, put them down again. It took me many tries. You can do this!
    I don’t have a lot of time so I just want to say to everybody that it is awesome that you all are sharing your stories and people are helping one another. That’s what makes this site awesome! Keep up the good work everyone! I’m staying clean and loving it!! Take care all, God bless you!!

    Tyler, if you’re still out there, you helped save my life! I will never forget you friend. Much love, and many blessings to you!

  238. Lynn says:

    5 1/2 days now of being clean and I believe that the worst of this is over. I actually was able to get 5 hours of sleep last night for the first time since I started this. I’m waiting for my “Melissa” to arrive. I woke up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack, so that Melissa is going to be a real God send! My mind is really starting to clear as well…the fog is lifting more and more on a daily basis now. PLEASE, if you are reading this thread do yourself a favor and get off from the opiates! Life is so much nicer without them :-))) The pain and agony of the withdrawls is worth it!

  239. Lynn says:

    Thank you, Larry. I read this entire thread yesterday and I ordered a bottle yesterday off from Amazon. I will let you and everyone else know how it works for me. God knows that I need the sleep. Off to take a walk now. I need to get my endorphines working again. Everyone stay strong and take care of yourselves.

  240. Lynn says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to say that I think the insomnia is one of the hardest things to endure. I’m taking valerian root and slow release melatonin 12 mg and still no sleep for me. All I can do is to tough it out though. I do realize that I played and now I must pay for a while. Hope everyone is doing well.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Hi Lynn, try getting the Meliisa Herb extract, that will calm nerves and help with sleep too…

  241. Lynn says:

    Hi everyone,

    There are some pretty amazing and very helpful stories/information here! Thank you to Larry and everyone else for caring and sharing. My name is Lynn and I am now at the 72 hour point of my cold turkey withdrawl of taking the yellow Norcos for over a year. I was prescribed some vicodin after some dental work and that bottle of “nasty” is what led to my addiction. Prior to this, I would never even take an asprin or anything else. I was totally into juicing, rebounding and wholefood supplements. I never, ever want to go through this painful “HELL” again!!! Take my advice here…if you are doing this to yourself, PLEASE STOP!!! You are so worth it!!! Some of the things that have really helped me with my withdrawls are my magnesium powder and magnesium spray for my RLS and body pains. Also, lots of EFA’S to help my state of mind. I also am taking a good probiotic that has helped stop the runs. I’m on my rebounder for 5 minutes of every hour to help shake this crap out of my cells. I’m only eating organic toast and peanut butter and fresh fruits for the time being…it’s all I want for now. I plan on getting my juicer out in the very near future. Sleep is still basically next to nothing though, but I know that someday it shall be normal again. BTW, I was up to about 30 to 40 pills a day and I could feel the life being sucked right out of me. I knew it was not a good thing and thus, decided to just quit. I just wanted to share my story with you and give you all encouragment. I am 51 years old and I plan on enjoying my 3 grandchildren and being around for many more years…God willing. {{HUGS}} to each and everyone of you here.

  242. Ant says:

    I have been using lortab,norco,percocet for about 6 years now. I am currentltaking 250mg daily and plan on getting off soon. I have have detoxed before in 2008 but for some reason after weeks of not using I still experienced pain and cold sweats. I couldn’t stand it anymore and got back on thhe pills cuz all I wanted was to feel better. Has anyone experienced this before. I really want to get off these pills bad it controls my life and I hate it. Any advice is appreciated

    1. Larry C. says:

      While I didn’t experience the pain and such after a week, I was depressed and wanted to be happy again. That’s why I went back to the painkillers after being on them for over 3 years. When I had gotten off them for a while week again, they started calling my name and I refilled my script but before I took any I got a hold of my psychiatrist, and that’s when I was put on Suboxone. I have to say that after being on the suboxone, even though the withdrawal was worse than the regular opiates were physically, I had no depression or craving to go back on opiates when I was done. to me that’s HUGE. and I am still off them now, almost 3 years later.

  243. mrs moni says:

    Hi Larry or someone who can help me pls.
    My husband and I are on oxycodone 30mg, about 10-14 pills daily. All of the sudden he starts going threw withdrawal. It is now day 13 and its gotten MUCH WORSE! He is a laborer and is still going to works thru. It all. He will lose his job if he doesn’t. And we need money. But my question is why is this happening while he is on the meds? And when will it be over?? I read that it maybe his receptors are full. But he has even been taking less these days. He is suffering sooooo much! I just want some help for him. I’m scared for him. Pls help!!

    1. Larry C. says:

      the only reason for him to be going through withdrawals is either he has stopped taking them or he has cut down drastically.

  244. John says:

    Thanx buddy. Suboxone withdrawal is much easier for me as well. This site has been great for my recovery. I have been off methadone for over a month and don’t have any serious cravings. My life has almost returned back to normal, I am even sleeping again.

  245. John says:

    After the first week I drop to 1 mg per day before bed.

  246. John says:

    What is max and avg. Time someone might be on suboxone?

    1. Larry C. says:

      I was one I think 8mg for about 8 months. by that time I had enough and was ready to get off. I would say if I did it again, I would only do it for a week, if that. but honestly I wouldn’t do it again, however the saving grace suboxone did for me was I didn’t crave ANY opiates when I was coming off the suboxone, at all. I still have no craving. The depression was less than if I did a regular opiate withdrawal, but everyone reacts differently.

  247. Kat says:

    well my story begins 25 years ago after my daughter was born I developed DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) they almost cut off my leg got over that didnt become addicted at that time as time went by and age and injuries (alot Im a Cluts)and surgeries the last major injury was a grade IV ACL of my right knee due to Tae Kwon Do (a grade IV is a total rupture doc described it as shattered)in 2005 dont know why ( I had a PHX SUNS DR ) but it took 9 yes I said NINE surgeries to finally fix my body kept rejecting cadaver’s so here came the pills and in 2009 the blood clots came back in left leg so right knee bad left leg blood clots. and with clots the pain is so intense all I could see was literally white no vision Id rather have twins without pain meds and yes both of my kids were born naturally no drugs at all. the dr’s put me on blood thinners and pain meds well coumadin is a pill I developed more clots after going home I was rehospitalized and put on shots and that is what I have to be on for the rest of my life. because walking was so tough for so long my back and neck got involved now I have fused vertabras and pinched nerves at one time I was able to get pain shots in the spine that worked. but now because of the blood thinners I can’t have them I’ll bleed into my spine. and then to top it all off I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibermyalga caused by the epstein barre virus not kidding my medical records read like war and peace. so needless to say Ive been on alot of pain meds well I get sad because I can’t be as active as I once was I was able to feel normal one more and more and more because your body builds up a tolerance and I’m not kidding 5-6 norco 10’s at first and every hr or so a couple more until bed I could function but playing the game with different drs in this day of computers I’m starting to raise red flags every where different drs different pharamacy different doses I was always a good girl didnt even experiment as a kid but my dad is/was an alcholic sober now so needless to say I guess I have a addictive personality now I could get in trouble with the law lets face it at this point in my life I have pain yes but how much? and from where? My head? this is quite a tangle web i have woven for myself. I get worried that because of the tolerance I’ve built up if something happens to me what can they use to stop the REAL pain Dialadid? No Thanks I dont know the road Im on but right now for today day 7 no meds and starting to feel better attitude wise. Every one PLEASE keep writing
    It Helps by the way what happened to “lineman and Nisha”?

  248. Kim C. says:


    Larry was on Suboxone and from what I read it is way harder to get off of I dont think he would suggest you get on it at all. Read early on in the posts he talks alot about it. Kim

  249. John says:

    Hi Larry,
    How long is to long?

  250. Kim C. says:


    First I want to say I am so proud of you and you so can do this. Can I ask what your pain is from? Is this why you became an addict? I am 48 been on pills for 2 years never more than 5 a day. I am down to one a day ending all of this next Friday..I too have pain and another surgery that I need but unless I am gonna lose my leg I wont have it I want far away from these pills…You wont know your true pain level until your are clean for a while. I guess then you will be able to see what happens. I hope for your sake your pain is forever gone. Keep me posted. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK…YOU ROCK!!!!!…Kim

  251. Kat says:

    well another day without and its been hard but i know im better for it because i am able to consume alot of pills a bottle of 10-325 qty 120 in about 3-4 days alone wow thats alot I feel disappointed with myself I’m 46 yrs old and on this stupid ride that I put myself on good news tho my husband is in full support of me not going to dr on monday im not strong enough yet I do have some concerns tho if you have a true medical condition that gives you pain (all of my medical test prove alot of pain) how does one deal with it because that alone is very hard and then here we go again back on the ride..I dont like ride and want to stay away from the park totally. can someone help

  252. John says:

    Thanx Kim. I finally did it. I lowered my dose and waited long enough to start suboxone. It is definitely helping. My life is now almost bearable again. I still can’t sleep and I have nervousness, anxiety and boardism that comes and goes in waves. But at least I’m not crying wanting to die or going to the ER to seek out drugs. Thanx Giving was the first day in three years that I smiled, laughed and enjoyed my day. I am only 75% better and still have alittle more to go, but I’m almost there! I hope in a few days I will return to my regular ( pre addiction) sleeping habits.

    1. Larry C. says:

      don’t stay on the suboxone too long, it’s addictive as well and can be harder to get off for some people.

  253. Kat says:

    without for almost 5 days get very panicy very unfocused and tired not sleeping husband going through it too got to get out of this hole I can get another rx in 2 weeks but do I really need to or want to. right this minute want real bad but dont need I just want to feel Normal and for me my mind now is Normal on Norco’s HELP I/we were on coke many years ago and kicked it Im mad at myself and husband that here we are AGAIN I have a dr’s appointment on Monday I don’t want to go because I can bluff my way to a rx I dont want to so Im am going to try to hide from drs for a while I figure this habit is worse than any orthopedic damage I have going on right now thank god your here so I can turn to someone I know that the worst of w/d are over so mentally I have to be careful not to trick myself into this bullsh## again I know that I am doing this because Im unhappy but just dont quite know what about. Im at the point were someone will ask “What’s wrong? my respones is I don’t know” deal with it guys its a chick thing lol whats the saying once an addict always an addict I hope not I have drinks in the afternoon when I know i’m done for the day (I DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, funny how I wont endanger someone else but putting oxy or vic 10’s five at a time in my system and endangering me is ok)wow i’m screwed up but….. right now at 2 42 pm on friday after thanksgiving I am sober!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. Kim C. says:

    I am no help right now I cut down to one pill a day but I can tell you if you read thru these post you will find folks just like you. PLZ dont give up…I am here for you if you just want to talk..Have faith in the lord he will see you thru this. One day I kept praying asking him to help me thru the withdrawl as I cut down each pill one day I went 14 hours without one symptom I can only say it had to be the lord. We do have to go thru the pain so we NEVER pick up another pill..Plz msg me if you need to vent. Also take a few days and read every post here Larry did a good thing for all of us here….Kim

  255. John says:

    First off I think it’s great this site exists. It’s nice to know people give a shit. I have been on a ridiculous amout of pain meds for the last 2-3 years:: fentanly, oxy 30s, percs, and methadone for three months. Last month I weened myself off of methadone with oxy’s/ fentanyl. I had to because the methadone withdrawal was unbearable for me. Now I slowly worked down to a very very small amout of oxy. I did half a oxy 30 yesterday and one quarter of one today. I have some suboxone. When should I start it.?
    Suboxone use to work well for me but lately it just makes me sick. I think because I was on to much meds. And because maybe I don’t wait long enough. I hope it works this time. Also do u think that because of my excessive drug use it will take longer for me to detox? I usually withdrawal so bad that if the hospital didn’t help I probably wouldn’t want to live. Are some people’s withdrawal much worst then others to the point that it might be unbearable? I can’t imagine anyone feeling like this or taking up to 60 oxy 30s in one day. I think I’m screwed.

  256. Jeff says:

    Day 20, woot!! sleeps coming back and I found my faith
    stay strong it does get better.

  257. jasmine says:

    still sober yep. but having what i looked up as brain fog and depersonalization disorer. cant see, cant focus, cant see much, very light headed aqnd dizzy and im hoping this goes away because um i cant do shit. aaaaaand im sick of not doing SHIT!! has anyone been through this, how long will it last

  258. Nisha says:

    Hello everyone! I’m so sober and staying that way!! It’s been almost 3 weeks now and I have NO desire to go back to the pills. When I think about what my life was like and the way I was, and even the withdrawal period, I don’t ever want to go back to that. I’m proud of you Kim, you’re getting there soon enough. I’m proud of all of you. Keep up the good work!

  259. jasmine says:

    btw kim u will be uncomfortbale but fine i have faith in u luv.if I CAN GET OFF 150 MG OF ROXYS a day, u can do this. u have my unconditional support.

  260. jasmine says:

    welp, im ssssssuper tired and cant sleep. this sux. my mom however decided to take on my bills so i dont have to work for a little while while i finish school, and focus on keeping sober. i have just come to the conclsion that its been over 4 years since i have really stayed sober for longer than a month, with speratic recreational use. now im just done with it bc it has taken away much of my twenties and i have to start from scratch. fun. single mom recovering addict studying to be in the medical field, a regular nurse jackie lol. i think one of my triggers though is feeling lonely, so im going to get me some kind of a hobbie…like duck calling or something. 9 days sober and countiing…..hopefully for all eternity

  261. jasmine says:

    well i had a rough night in class im starting to really feel the mental effects of withdrawal depression wise. i feel like im out of it kind of in a zombie stage and i feelike my body isnt connecting to my thoughts… wierd. i wonder when ill stop feeling so low.. just chemicals adjusting i know but its really hard to stay happy

  262. Jeff says:

    Ah Kim ur a peach 🙂 Well all I used was nothing really but upped my protein intake and banannas with a gel multivitamin and been drinking water or powerade with fresh lemons squeezed and then stuffed into it lol. 15 days now. body is great but I think I have a sleep disorder now or something, I fell asleep last evening at 7pm awoke numerous times with a rise and shine time of 3 am, now its 2 pm and im dead tired lol.
    I never tried the melissa, I did ask for it when I went shopping,but they thought I was looking for somebody oO.I think youll be good with your tapering and the supps Larry suggested. . My friend swears by withdrawalease,but I have no experience with that.
    I will pray for you that you will have a smooth ride
    best wishes 🙂

  263. jasmine says:

    thanks for responding.. i feel as though this is the kind of na meeting i need, seeing as though i do not feel comfortable yet going to meetings. 8 days sober got class tonight but im still having a lot of stomch trouble, seems like everything goes right through me no matter what i take for it, then ill have a little energy then none. its driving me nuts because i am a type a busy body get it done project kinda girl and i feel so stir crazy. i know everyone says excersize but uh i feel like i have had mono so….not right now. you wil do great with your recovery just realize that even though the withdrawls and even post withdrawls are a pain in the ass, life is so good and you will catch yourself smiling at things you never use to because ur brain is producing its OWN endorphins. i felt like garbage, but my mental state has NEVER BEEN BETTER! you all have def contributed to me sobriety. thank you!!

  264. Kim C. says:

    Yes I am a GIRL!!! lol I am so happy to hear you are doing so well I hear it does take a while for sleep to come back..I will be cutting to 1 a day soon (TERRIFIED) I am buying all the things Larry talks about on here in preperation for the last day. I was on 7.5s when I had my surgeries then I went to 5s I was almost off of them by tapering then the new dr gave me 10s wth was I thinking to go from almost nothing to taking 5 to 6 10s a day so I know tapering is the way to go for me maybe just prolonging this idk I wish I was not so scared to just do it cold turkey like all the heros before did you use anything to help you like the meliisa extract or anxiety? I just ordered it should be here in a few days. I know I will need something to keep me out of the bathroom thats the first thing that hits me when I reach the 11th hour without a pill. Also when I cut to 1 pill I think I should take it at bedtime so I can sleep I will manage thru the day..I too have a script for the 20th but I refuse to get it I have made the last script last a long long time by cutting down and giving 40 away..Jeff keep me posted on how you are doing. God Bless you and your family !!!! He will keep you safe from these bad drugs have faith..


  265. Kim C. says:


    I for one am so proud of you. I have never sorted anything nor have I been on anything but the vikes. I am about to cut to one a day and I am so scared I know too well what the withdrawl is like. You made it thru the worst part and I have seen on here many times it is that reason that people choose to never take another pill. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and thank god you have your mother to help you..HANG IN THERE!!!

  266. jasmine says:

    hello everyone. im on day seven of complete cold turkey detox from oxycodone. wow what a ride. thank god my mom is watching my daughter full time and playing nurse. still have no energy, and having all the sleeplessness but i just cant wait to get my energy back. my story is long snd drawn out, and in know way a ploy to get sympathy. but after snorting my third 30mg pill in a row and laying on my back on my porch watching the sun come up, i realized what the fuck am i doing here? im in college single mom pretty smart and am living up to every person who thought i would fail’s expectations. problem was, i wanted to quit so so so long befor that but evrtime i set asude time, something else came up! thats why you just have to make you and your recovery NUMBER ONE REGARDLESS and make the plans in advance, but honestly there is really no good perfect time to detox. i started using again afer a long battle with it due to bein an exotic was the drug of choice to be numb. got sober, relapsed, got sober, relapsed. but this time, i know it sounds ridiculous, but im SO HAPPY I SUFFERED SO BAD because its has truly shown me how bad i was and that i never want to do it again. i had all the symptoms, not so much depression bc im on zoloft but man i cant wait to get energy back. im still a dancer on the weekends but go to school all week, this wekend shift will be my last as im sick of the hours and drugged up losers that go in there. unfortunatley , no one can truly lick this disease untill they just snap into reality that this is destroying them and their family or they hit rock bottom. and i DIDNT FEEL LIKE CONTINUING TILL I GOT ARRESTED KICKED OUT OR LOST MY BABY GIRL. pills were my crutch to deal with all my problems, now i communicate and write in journals. thanks so much for listening. find your trigger too. mine was my ex. now that he is out for good, i have no issues with needing my crutch anymore

  267. Jeff says:

    by the way kim if you a man I apologize, I had a step dad once named tracy so its hard to tell sometimes lol

  268. Jeff says:

    Hi Kim,
    I have faith in you! Im on day 14 now and feel better than ever,the only thing im struggling with is a lack of sleep 3-4 hours a night,but I know it will come in time. The best part is I have NO DESIRE for the pills anymore,if you can muster the strength to get through it,at least in my case im a new man,I feel really bad how I treated my family, I was hyde for along time,and now im jekyll and plan on staying this way.
    So yes I know others have borne much worse than I,couldnt imagine dealing with that for 30 days(u dudes r warriors)But RLS is gone the last thing is sleep now,im wondering how long it will take to get 6-8 hours naturally,but its really brought me back to the lord. And im thankful,please dont quit or give in,its so worth the pain and agony I have a refill of 120 pills on the 17th. But I have no desire for them at all as they made me a lifeless,soulless shell with no fealing for anyone but myself of which now im greatly ashamed.Hang in there girl You can do it!!!!

  269. Kim C. says:

    I found 1 oz bottles of Melissa Extract for 13.00 is that a good price and would I need this for the week I am in full withdrawl?

    1. Larry C. says:

      You say you are having anxiety, so use it whenever you have anxiety or feel it coming on. During withdrawal, after, whenever, but anxiety is a huge part of withdrawal, you’re goign to have to push through it but the Melissa will help.

  270. Sharon B says:

    So, I weaned off Subs slowly and when I went off completely, I could not handle the nervousness. It was too extreme. I was given 6 10mg methadone tabs and took 2.5 – 5 mg a day or so until gone…. about 2 weeks. I am still feeling such extreme nervousness I can’t handle it. I was on pain killers for about 10 years. I have started a job and I can’t do it! My nerves are sooo shot, I’m a wreck. I was given 10 percocets 10mg and they lasted a week but also put me behind the eight ball again. If I can’t rid this nervousness I’m going to scream. I ride a bike and walk but nothing comes from it. I’m really bad nerves wise… any thoughts? Oh no Dr., no support, no health insurance.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Try the Melissa herbal extract, people have had very good results with that and anxiety. I for one did, I used about 20 drops in a small glass of water in the morning and it lasted until about noon or so and then I did it again. works wonders. or you can go to a doctor and get an anti anxiety med. but all these opiates you keep taking to get rid of the anxiety is only prolonging your recovery. gert off and stay off, let you body heal.
      But really, try the Melissa.
      It really helps…

  271. Mark says:


    If your daughter is really trying to obtain surgeries for the pain medications, she’s in a really bad way. Many self-mutilate themselves, then go to the ER for pain meds. It just illustrates the power of these things, and also why a person will never come off of them until THEY make up their minds to do so.

    It’s good to see you are tapering still. Sorry, I thought you had gotten to one pill a day.

    With where you are at now, you should be feeling a little uncomfortable and yawning all the time. Those are initial symptoms. Bear in mind though that once you get to one pill, and then finally cut it off completely, it’s THEN that the full withdrawals start. So, just be mentally prepared for it.

    I am measuring my time off the meds in months now. I am about 1 and 1/2 months out. My brain is the last to kick in. It’s not yet a happy camper, and with no endorphin’s, anger seems to be a problem. I’m trying to catch myself and not explode on things, but sometimes it just happens. The brain is powerful.

    I’ve got peripheral neuropathy, but that might still be the brain adjusting, or it may be an autoimmune thing. I have to go to my OTHER (no pain med) doctor and discuss what may be going on. With no pain meds, it’s nice to feel exactly what my body is doing. I would have never known it being totally doped up. I’m using Neurontin for the neuropathy, and it works well, except it turns me into a Narcoleptic. I fall asleep at the wierdest times.

    Anyway, let me know when you cut the meds off.


  272. Greg says:


    Great Job!!

    I’m coming off 6 Norco 10/325 a day, down to 2 a day now, and in a week, will be down to one a day, with the help of some Tramadol 50mg every now and then.

    I know Tramadol is still an opiate based drug, but I have used it before and have gotten off it without any withdraws with the help of ‘tapering down’.

    My doctor and I decided yesterday that the need for Tramadolwas important, since I was experencing huge withdraw systoms in between the 2 Norco 10/325 I was taken and this will allow me to eliminate the Norco and then taper down the Tramadol after that.

    Sometimes Tramadol is used to taper off stronger opiates.

    I wish you the best.

  273. Kim C. says:

    Mark C.

    Thank you so much for such a informative msg. Well she is 29 and since I last wrote she has went back to the quack Dr that performed the last 2 surgeries and he is opening her back up This Dr has done the first surgery before the second surgery and now this surgery he had never preformed before. I pray she makes a full recovery she has already made it clear I am not to be there. I had cut her from 3 sources of pills she was still hoping my ex (her step father) would sell her some this friday so she was kissing some butt needless to say. I said you can not sell her any pills she has to learn how to make it thru on what her pain management Dr gives her well he agreed…Now him and his fiance are on her shit list and they too are not to be at this surgery. She is on facebook posting not so nice things not saying my name but def blaming me calling me a horrible mother. I could go on and on. She loves having surgery I have been in office with her for 2 of her surgeries when the Dr said (for her back) she had one bad disc and dr suggested therapy man did she get pissed he said people live with 5 bad disc she insisted on surgery..Hysterectomy at 23 not needed as quickly as she insisted on having it and she always has these surgeries on a holiday one on xmas eve one a week before thanksgiving one 2 days before mothers day and now this one 2 weeks before xmas she is very selfish she has 2 little ones that she has ruined every Holiday for. SHe has said so many times how much she loves the IV meds this last 2 surgeries they were so mad at her none of the IV meds were enough..The hate seeing her has a friend on FB that she met through a support group online for her disease I msg this woman because they had the same first surgery asking her about her pain meds because this woman looks like death a year after her surgery and I was worried about Amanda…BIG MISTAKE this woman has been an addict for 10 years takes double what my daughter takes so needless to say she was all for Amanda and caused a great deal of crap. I have no choice but to pray for her and hope someday she will be off these drugs and want to be my daughter again.

    Mark I am still on 2 a day I must have made a mistake on my last post to you I am doing 2 weeks of each time I drop a pill I have one more week of 2..Trying to stretch the time frame as much as I can tolerate. right now at 10 to 12 hours.. I am still proud of myself and I do feel the difference already I cant wait to be done so I am back to me I was always the person people wanted to be around..If there is a family function they all hangout with me and if I couldnt go they didnt want to go well the last 2 years changed all that..Oh they still love me and want me they As I am sure you know your not happy anymore your fuse is short I was the SWEET person who never jumped in anyones shit.well..NOT NOW…I am getting better tho.

    HOW ARE YOU MARK? how many days now 35-40? What symptoms do you have left? How is your pain and what are you taking to help you..

    I think God sent you to us on here and I pray for you every night..THANK YOU YOUR THE BEST!!!! Kim

  274. steve a says:

    Theese painkillers will drive you insane. I was on 40mgs of oxycodone for 6 years’And finally the novelty was gone. I thought that i was going to have a nervous breakdown. I am on day 16 without the drugs and i feel alot better. Going to the gym helps alot, and do yourself a favor GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Iam also attending NA meetings people there will welcome you with open arms. Iam still in a kind of fog,but thats normal. getting on a anti deppresent is helping me to. Remember everyone these pills are POISON.Thats why we all go through theese terrible withdrawls.They control our lives and I want my my life back Iam praying everyday for everyone that has to go through this. but we all can do this. I will never let a pill control my life again. I would rather be in pain than go insane. Good luck to everyone. And godbless you all.

  275. Mark says:


    You certainly have your hands full. I hope the best for you in the situation you’re in with your dad. Any questions, make sure you ask.


  276. Mark says:


    You are a younger guy who’s come to a very important realization. I’m happy to hear that. You said the “never” word, as to taking these things again. That’s the thing we all experience.

    It’s great to go outside and smell and feel again. It’s great that you had an understanding boss and allowed you the time off to get things right and then come back. Some have to push through work while detoxing, and it’s extremely difficult.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


  277. Mark says:


    You did it. Thanks for letting us know. It’s great to hear it when someone doesn’t bail and goes the distance. Kudos man.


  278. Mark says:

    …..sorry, I hit the return key by mistake.

    So, Kim, don’t hate yourself. We all got here because some doctor wrote the first prescription. None of us understood what lay ahead down the road as a result of starting these things. But as everyone here says, and I say it too, the education you have gotten on this whole experience has taught you that you will NEVER take another pain med again. Some other form of pain management will be needed.

    Please come back and tell us how you and your daughter are faring. I am here to talk once you hit that point on the calendar when you cut it off completely.


  279. Mark says:


    I am really sorry for your daughter’s problem. You didn’t state her age, but I assume she is an adult who is making her own decisions.

    From what you describe, she has stepped over the threshold to “using” the pain meds instead of taking them according to schedule. When a person does that, it’s no different than a heroin addict who begs and steals to find more drug before his withdrawal symptoms start in.

    A drug “user” is locked in a vortex of seeking, using, detoxing, seeking, using, detoxing. It goes on forever if they let it.

    Here’s the deal: (By the way, congratulations on your own success of getting down to one pill a day. It appears you are about to cut the cord. You’ve come a long way, so don’t give up.)

    #1 — Your daughter is the one that has to make up her mind that she’s done with the drugs. No one can MAKE her come to that realization. If it escalates and she really gets worse, family INTERVENTION may be required to shock her to her senses.

    #2 — Don’t blame yourself, your mothering skills, or anything else. You know personally how these pain meds get into the brain and then you lose your own identity and control. Your daughter is experiencing the physiologic ramifications of taking pain meds, but she hasn’t come to the realization that they are hurting her yet.

    #3 — PAIN. You asked if opiate drugs CAUSE pain. No. These pain meds are not the ’cause’ of the pain. However, and it is a BIG however, pain is registered in the brain. In actuality, there is no pain in the body itself. The brain is saying “I have pain” somewhere. Opiate pain meds foul up the pain centers of the brain, just as it fouls up your gut, your nose, your taste…. all the senses. When a person starts withdrawing even slightly, the brain takes any pain that is coming from any place in the body, and magnifies it 10 fold. So, if your daughter’s head is in pain at all, and she starts coming down from the pain meds, she THINKS its her condition that is acting up, so she wants more pain meds. In actuality however, the pain seems worse, because the brain is lacking the opiate drug, and it starts misfiring, registering MORE pain than actually exists. Your daughter is misinterpreting what she is feeling.

    Now, admittedly, I have no knowledge or her condition, and I am completely unaware of her pain or what issues she’s dealing with as far as her skull, etc. All I know is, even after 12 hours of not taking the pain meds a person WAS taking, that person will start feeling pain. It is NOT some physiologic pain from some problem in the body, it is pain the brain is saying is there due to the lack of opiates.

    It’s the whole endorphin issue. Anyone on these drugs is not producing endorphins AT ALL. So, the brains own pain control system is totally whacked out. Thus, you feel pain. More pain than actually exists. People feel that, think their disease or problem is acting up, so they take more pain meds, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. It’s hideous. To get out of the vortex, you HAVE TO WANT TO GET OUT

  280. Kim C. says:


    I am so happy for you I know you went thru hell and it helps me knowing there is light at the end of all this. I was only on 5 vike 10s a day but found myself taking so many naps when coming down I am a tired person anyway. I have dropped to 2 a day and I already feel a difference at the 10 hour mark esp at night I am in pain from rls and I start to run to the bathroom. I know for me tapering off is the best way for me I also know I will still go thru bad withdrawl and I so dred it. I hope we hear from you everyday and I hope you never turn back. Blessings and prayers coming your way..KIM

  281. Jeff says:

    Thank you larry and mark for your encouragement and kind words. Well yesterday I did feel better but was so tired I almost couldnt function. I went to the bathroom and there was alot of blood in my stool,so I called the doctor they got me in and I explained I was on day 7 on no norcos and went through the worst of the withdrawals but no sleep, he prescribed me 20 temazepam caps. I got 6 hours of sleep WOOT.
    SO today is day 8 and im still tired and groggy but for some weird reason i feel like I did when I was on norcos yet IM not on them like I didnt even need that SH7t to feel good. Plus I have no stomach pain for 2 days now!! Praise Jesus! I feel so much better the trees and mountains even look more clearer ,I looked out my window and was like I never saw that tree with red leves on it before WTF did that drug do to me. HAHA anyways I know THings are looking up and am only planning on using the sleep aid for no more than the 14 day mark then I think my body will readjust as its a benzo sleepaid from my understanding. NO more habit forming pharms for me.
    Thank every one of you for your stories and encouragement.But it does get better,but its a slow day by day process you will get well for me it was the 7 day mark but I was so tired I couldnt enjoy it but I knew my body was feeling better,so im on day 8 and if I feel this good now I cant wait for day 14 let alone day 30. The best part is I have no desire for that crap anymore I think the first week and everything that went with it saved me.
    Anyways I could go on and on,but I’ll spare you lol.
    Just hang in there,and if anyone needs prayer,I’m a christian,jusy say so and ILL spend some time on my knees for you.
    Thank you all.

  282. Doug says:


    I appreciate you responding. I am going to talk to my mother about putting him inpatient so he can be supervised. We work during the day and its hard for him to keep this medicine straight. I am prying he can do this. This is a great website and I do appreciate you responding. I wish my dad would have never been sent to that pain clinic, I would have never dreamed of him having to go through this.

  283. Doug says:


    Thank you for responding. I am going to talk with mom about trying to find somewhere for him to go inpatient. He needs to be supervised an we work during the day. He is acting crazy at times. I will definitely refer him here when he is thinking clearly.

  284. Kim C. says:


    I LOVE your post to everyone you are an amazing man and I wish you the very best. You should be a speaker at a NA group..just sayin…..Kim

  285. Matt says:

    This will be my first time posting on here, but believe me, I have been on this website many of times over the past 12 days. I would personally like to thank everyone that posts on this site and especially Larry. Though I did not interject about the sheer hell I was going through, reading these posts really helped me mentally get through the withdrawals. I will start with who I am. My name is Matt, and I am 28 years old and live out in St. Petersburg, FL. I for one never thought that I would have become the pill popping person that I WAS. The first time I ever bought pain killers was 3 years while I was in college. Loved them. I would over the next 2 1/2 years periodically take them with no physical symptoms when I would stop. Then about 6 months ago my addiction picked up 10 fold and I was popping about 6-8 per day. For some people that might not seem like a lot, but for me it was. It was about 2 weeks ago that I finally realized that I had to stop, FOR GOOD. The pills that were once fun, gradually turned dark. I started to become rude to any and everyone that was in my life. It started to really effect my work. I am a sales manager, and I deal with agents and clients all over the country. It was directly effecting my work to the extent that I got fired. Luckily, I am close friends with the owners, and other managers that I was able to recover my job, but under special conditions. They gave me 60 days off to get help. That led up to 12 days ago, Dooms Day as I call it. Days 1,2,3 were not bad at all for me. All I did was sleep, so I was naturally thinking I was good and had no idea what was about to happen next. Day 4, all hell breaks loose and rath of God is laid down on me. Extreme vomiting and the worst case of the runs known to man. I have never ever ever ever felt so bad and hurt so bad in my life. I literally thought that I was dying. On top of it not subsiding at all, I could not sleep. I figured it was because I never really was able to lay down (because I was in the bathroom curled up in the fetal position). DAY 5, still vomiting, but now it is all bile. Dry heaves and whimpers. I was able to lay down on day 5 in my bed, but it did not help. Extreme pains in my stomach and chest. I never really read about anyone having severe chest pains on the posts, but man did I. The worst part about this day wasn’t the dry heaving and no food. It was that when I would lay down I would get so fucking anxious and couldn’t stop moving (RLS). I felt like my skin was going to jump off my bones. Man it was horrible. Day 6 and 7 were just like days 5 and 6 besides I had a continuous headache that never went away over those 2 days. Mind this, days 4-7 I never ate or slept. It was not until day 8 was I able to sleep or consume any amount of food. Day 8 is the day I began to come back to life (out of my zombie-like state). Slowly, but surely over the next couple of days I reached the light at the end of the tunnel. One key thing that helped speed up my recovery is that once I could get out of bed, I did. Starting on day 8 I was able to get up for 3 hours. Each day after I gained more and more strenghth. Today I have been out of bed for 12 hours and feel like a new man. I am personally glad that I went through this, because if I would have known this is what happens when you stop, I never would have began taking pills. I will never ever in my life touch another pain killer, that is guaranteed.
    If there is one thing I can say of significance, it is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have to be strong and know that you can over come this devilish nightmare. When your in the shit storm, you begin to lose hope, but stay strong and I promise you that the dark clouds will subside and life will begin to take a new meaning soon.

    Sorry for the long post everyone, but I had to get this out of me.

  286. Kim C. says:


    Wonder why no withdraw this time were you on the percs a long time? The drs told me it takes 3 months to be addicted maybe your time away from your oxy was enough time and maybe you were not o percs long. Please for yourself stay clean..That is alot of oxy wow I am worried about my daughter she is taking 3 15s a day but dr gave scripts for 2 a day..But she is taking a good bit of vikes too and Klonopin Zoloft Ambiean Somas and not the persricbed dose she does have pain and I know she will be on something I was just hoping it would be what dr ordered we dont talk right. I need to get clean myself.

  287. Jbf says:

    I was on “no exaggeration ” like 10-15 80 mg Oxy’s a day for like 4 years. I then switched to methadone and was up too 240 mg a day. Biggest mistake ever!!  I weaned myself down just buying it off the streets. I went a month cold turkey and felt like hell. I relapsed. I know so stupid. Was doing around 10 perc 30’s a day. I recently, 4 days ago quit cold turkey once again and surprisingly nothing. No withdrawals. No depression no leg cramps. It can be done. 

  288. Mark says:


    Your dad needs supervision for sure. 15 years sets the brain in a whole new “normal” and now, stopping all pain medication, he’s telling the brain what the real “normal” is again, which was a long time ago. When a person has taken pain meds that long, the withdrawal will be commensurate with that length of time. NO, it’s not going to take 15 years to recover, but he is not going to recover in the magical formula of 72 hours. He will have to be dedicated, and dig his heals in.

    I am not sure about all the stuff the detox center gave him, but I would lean on them for the appropriate time to get off of it all. Those drugs are sedatives and so forth, to help with the withdrawal symptoms, but each one has it’s own set of side effects and if on too long, will have to be weaned off of also.

    I would say once your dad is at least two weeks out, he should start coming around and the hard withdrawals should be lessening.


  289. Mark says:


    To add my two cents here, I had stabbing knife like pain in my stomach during withdrawal. It felt like an acute attack of pancreatitis. I was thinking like you, that something else must be wrong. But, it was simply the withdrawals. Hang in there. These hard withdrawal symptoms will pass.

    I didn’t want to eat, but I forced myself to. Oddly enough, eating did not upset my stomach at all, but rather, it made me feel much better. When you stomach is empty for prolonged periods you get the feeling that your stomach is eating itself. So some food is good. And good for you also.

    Move your body as much as possible. Get out and walk, do some exercises, but move. It helps a lot.

    Sleep: That’s the last one you’ll deal with and will take the longest to recover. I did a month of 3 hour nights. It comes back, but slowly. I still wake up at 2 a.m., but now, I fall back asleep, which earlier wasn’t happening.

    You’ll get there. Believe me, and like Larry said, these are days you will never repeat again.


  290. Kim C. says:


    Tomorrow I drop a pill what I think is going to work for me is dropping every 2 weeks I have not been tempted to get into my bottle at all I have the ones I am to take a day in a daily med case it is working very well for me I dont cheat on the hours and try to go longer at night I find myself not sleeping much anyway but the rls is bad at night. Tomorrow will be every 12 hours and I know it will be a little tougher. I do rub my legs with icy hot and I take ibprophen to help with the regular pain I have in my right leg from all the metal…When I get to one pill a day I will start drinking lemon water and exercising my legs with my portable bike in hopes to get stronger among other things.

    What I wanted to talk to you about was my daughter she has has 2 brain surgeries (Arnold Chiari malformation) its where the brain slips the second sugery the had taken to much skull and she had what was called cerebellum slump so they had to build it back up with a plate..Anyway she is always in pain and has always been a addict of something.. Just since her surgeries of course she has been on lots of different pain meds finally they gave her oxy ir 15 2x a day and she is on other thigs for sleep and depression in the meantime she takes lots and lots of vikes she flys thru her meds and in 2 weeks she is out and buying buying buyig her family is suffering her and I have parted ways as of a week ago I asked her to not talk to me about pills that the longer I can go the better I am going to be she ust wouldnt stop I gave her 25 10s (vikes) and she ate them all in less than 3 days she was at pharmacy at 6 am picking hers up. She is an addicted for sure I didnt buy pills and I still know I am an addict she will not admit she has a problem she just gets mad if you try to talk to her about it claiming we dont know what she has gone thru and how severe her pain is she keeps going back to dr and he said tests look fine I know she is goig thru mini withdrawl because she does not have her good meds for 2 weeks..CAN THESE MEDS MAKE HER PAIN WORSE??? and what a horrible mother must I be to walk away I cant help her she wont let me and right now I must help myself…Any thoughts anyone??? Thanks and bless each one of you tryig to recover you so can do this..xoxoxo

  291. Jeff says:

    Hello it’s me again day 6, my brain is mush!last night wasnt to great really bad rls and couldnt sleep more than an hour or more at a time. I know im not getting the deep rem sleep I need. I thought I would feel better by now, but I know all this takes time. I am proud of myself for making it this far. I just cant wait for the day I awake from a decent sleep and say oh my god I feel great. I know its coming though. Ive read every post on this page and it took me three days lol. but its been a real encouragement .I have no support group except my fiance,she is a great comfort but has never been on pain meds for any amount of time to feel like shit!
    Were going grocery shopping today and im going to try to find the best foods for this,crapload of bannanas,fresh fruits and veggies (we have a juicer)but a little scared to eat all this new fresh fruit and veggies with my sensitive stomach,I can get bowel obstructions if im not careful.Maybe try to find that melissa stuff too.
    Anyways Ive seen some pretty recent posts,so any encourgement would be a blessing,and Ill keep updating on my progress,if anything this is a way for me to vent ,even if its only for my self. God bless you all, and thank you Lord Im learning my lesson well!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Jeff, the melissa will help you feel better, so will the juicing. juicing will help normalize your bodies PH and help with pain and RLS. Look at it this way, this is 6 days you won’t have to go through again. Unless you want to. If you can get some exercise, even if it’s just walking, you will start to feel better. I know t can be painful at first but once you start moving the juices get flowing and you will start to feel better. If you have access to a hot tub or jacuzzi, do it. I used to hit the gym and do the orbital every day through my 30 day ordeal once I was able to actually move around better, which was after about 5 days. I hit the jacuzzi after doing 20 minutes on the orbital, and another 20 of stretching. This also helped with my lower back pain immensely. Fresh lemon juice in water throughout the day will also help detox and clean the body, as well as help with the PH of your body. trying to have a more neutral PH the better. Juicing and lemon water will do this.
      Good luck and keep going, you will start to feel better tomorrow.

  292. Jeff says:

    I’m on day 5 of my withdrawal process from norco. I have had several stomach surgeries over the years most recent being this summer, gall bladder removal and hernia repair and 5 hours cleaning up scar tissue sigh:( anyways I went through my last 120 norco in 2 weeks and was like screw this im done. Anyways im depressed very cold and take 3-4 baths a day. just did about 20 minutes of low impact exercise, but i have really bad stomach pains throughout the day and I want to believe its my body getting back to normal, but Im also afraid its scar adhesions or other stomach issues, ive had a bowel resection and appendix removed as well( was run over by a log working in the woods when I was 18)So i almost went to the er last night cause my stomach hurt so bad,but i know they just give me a shot of dilaudid and a script for meds. IM so scared ill have to be on pain meds for the rest of my life. But at least at this point ive decided to tough it out for a couple of weeks depite the pain,to see if it really was the drug or is indeed cronic stomach issues. please pray for me..

  293. Doug says:

    My dad is on day 7 of withdrawal. He has been on some type of opiate for 15 years. He had a terrible accident and almost lost his foot. He was sent to the pain clinic. He has tried to get off before. He went to a detoxm center for 4-5 days only due to insurance. They put him on phenebartal? trazadone robaxin and Klonipin. He is still freezing and acting out of it. I dont know how to help him and am so scared for him

  294. Nisha says:

    Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits! Kim,
    I get mine from a shop near my home in AZ. The website for this place is and there is a phone number for the shop on the site. I would recommend calling, the owners name is Dave and he knows A LOT about e-cigs and would be happy to help you with any and all questions you may have. Just tell him Tanisha told you about the place, he’s a down to earth guy and really helpful. You may even be able to order the starter kit from him over the phone. I’m not sure but you can ask. He has a really great deal on the starter kits, the cheapest ones I’ve seen around actually. Just ask him what you want to know and what you want out of an e-cig and he’ll make it happen. Let me know how it goes alright?

  295. Mark says:

    Hey Larry,

    I was just wondering. At one month out, how was your energy level? I am gaining strength each day, but even at one month, I’m still much more weak than what normal would be. During the heavy withdrawals, my legs were like rubber bands. I could not believe how much the drug had taken out of me. Trying to work in that condition, being a contractor, was a nightmare.

    Were you still weak at one month? How long did it take to get back to a 100%?


    1. Larry C. says:

      at one month was finally the day I woke up feeling the most normal than ever. I wasn’t 100% but I was getting there. It took more like several months to get back to 100%, or there about. I felt good but was just lethargic but bit better each day. I also started taking male supplements too, like 25mg of DHEA (Amazon) to help increase testosterone production.

  296. Mark says:


    I just appreciate what you’ve done here with this site, as I mentioned to you privately. You and I were in deep. We went down to hell and shook hands with the Devil himself. I’m telling you, I know enough now about opiate drugs and their pharmacology to get a degree in medicine.

    Thanks for your recognition.


    1. Larry C. says:

      HAHAHAHAHA, I never looked at it that way but yeah, I felt like I did go to hell and shook hands with the devil. Man that was rough. but I will never have to do that again. Thank God.

  297. Mark says:


    How are you doing? Today is another day, where are you at with your “project?”


  298. Kim C. says:

    where did you buy your? I see adds for liquid not sure I understand what that mean I bought the pack before with the little things you put on the end and you charge this on computer I got mine from tobacco world. Thanks so much for all your help I am more than a pack a day smoker for

  299. Mark says:

    Kim and others,

    Tomorrow morning I begin day 30. One whole month. You won’t believe this, but my body is going to take a long time rearranging the brain. I still sneeze often, and sleep is still illusive. I starting taking some Neurontin the doctor gave me because he thought I had Restless Leg Syndrome. I really don’t, but my legs were reacting to the withdrawal symptoms. But the Neurontin really helps turn off the brain and allow me to sleep, so I welcome it. I was getting absolutely exhausted.

    But, no hard detox symptoms at all right now. Gut is normal, digestion is normal. I have a little peripheral neuropathy, which is more due to the autoimmune problem. But it doesn’t take a boat load of morphine to deal with neuropathy. Good Grief!

    Things are going much better and I’m happy again and can feel again. Man what a ride this has been. The overall experience took me two months. One month of tapering and one month of detoxing once I cut the cord. So the resounding question was: “HOW LONG DOES OPIATE WITHDRAWAL LAST?” — Right? Well, as Larry states elsewhere on the site, that’s a loaded question. In my case it took some time and I am still not done totally. I may be messing with this for 6 months.

    But I can truthfully say, in a matter of at least one full week, you are out of the woods enough where you can start to enjoy life again. Well, who in the heck can’t do one week?

    So all you people out there who hit this site, you got here because you are looking for help. There’s a lot of help here. Just read these posts and how miserable people have been on prescription pain medications. Pain management doctors should log on to this site and see the horrible problems people are having as a result of the prescriptions they write.

    If you want off, no matter what form of drug you take, I certainly am willing to help. Just another person who understands and someone you can communicate with is SO valuable. I’m going to check the site often, because I care about people and this was very profound to me. I was never a drug user. My childhood days and growing up as a teenager, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything about any form of drug. This is something I never thought I would experience. But I sure did. All because of ill informed doctors who simply write prescriptions instead of really trying to find out the cause of a persons pain.

    Any questions, come on back.


    1. Larry C. says:

      Mark, awesome man. Yeah my WD was 30 days to the day. So it can be done, a week is nothing compared to the 30 days I or you did, but not to say a week isn’t bad, it’s just as hard.. My daughter was 6 months old when I did my detox and I was so glad my wife knew what was going on and was there to care for my daughter while I was in bed much of that time. It was shear hell but I am glad I did it, I now have a clear head and both daughter to be grateful for.
      Keep up everyone…it’s so worth it.

  300. Nisha says:

    Hello everyone! Kim,
    If you scroll up a bit to #488 and 494 my story of pain meds is there. They removed the pre cancer and it was benign thank God! I do still smoke the e-cig, though, not nearly as much as when I first got it. I’m smoking it right now lol! I also smoked menthols, newports to be exact. There are two types of nicotine that they use, ones made with pg (propylene glycol) and vg (vegetable glycerin). The menthol flavoring made with pg is what I use. It is the strongest and actually makes you feel like you are hitting a cig. You probably had pg which is pretty weak and doesn’t taste much like menthol. You can google “nicotine pg and vg” and you will get more info on this. You also want to get (depending on how much you smoke) the right amount of nicotine. I get 24 mg which is the highest amount as far as I know and it is sufficient enough to support a pack a day habit. It also helps to have that high of an amount even if you don’t smoke that much, just because it keeps the craving down for a real cig. When I first started smoking them I was alternating between real cigs and the e-cig and was down to 3 newports a day, then to two, then to one because the e-cig actually tasted better than the real cigs. I no longer smoke real cigs and its been that way for about three months. When I do slip up and hit a real cig, it messes with my sinuses and makes my lungs hurt for the following three days, irritates my throat, gives me heartburn and just downright let’s me know how bad cigarettes really are for me. As far as the tapering down from the pills, the half of a pill way I suggested has been effective for myself and a lot of other veterans that I know. It reduces the shock to the body that removing a whole pill can produce but whatever works best for you is the way you should go. Again, whatever I can do to help with quitting the pills or the cigs, I will. Keep up the fight! When you said you were refraining from taking more pills, I also was patting you on the back! Good luck and God bless!

  301. Mark says:


    No injury. Auto-immune problem. I can fill in more later. I’m on my iPhone and it’s difficult to type long messages.


  302. Kim C. says:


    How are you doing today? I am not a good one to be talking to you right now since I am still tapering. I hope you have gotten thru the tough part which most say is the first 72 hours. The precious life growing inside you deserves a chance so please do this for gods child..He does everything in our life for a reason and I believe he gave you this gift so that you could get off the pills I am sure there are many more reasons but for now this is what I see. Plz let me know how you are doing..Bless you, Kim

  303. Kim C. says:


    You are amazing and seem so very smart with all of this how are you doing now prob 25 to 30 days for you..Did you have injuries that caused you to become addicted? I am going to msg you again tomorrow I have a big question for you its 2 am so going to bed. Bless you my dear friend, Kim

  304. Kim C. says:


    Thank you so much for all your help. I am so sorry to hear about you pre cancer. How are you doiing? Are you still smoking the electric cigs? I bought one a month ago and tried it for 5 minutes and gave it away guess I wasnt ready I smoke menthol didnt taste like it at all the are so darn heavy, I would like to know which you think are best maybe I just bought the wrong one. I do hhave to kick the pill habit first. I am doing 2 weeks on 3 then 2 weeks on 2 and so on I think I have to get my body use to that amount then drop a pill so I planned it to be done in 30days I am doing very well and am not even trying to take more and they are right here at my reach..(patting myself lol) Let me know how you are doing what were you addicted to and are you off now? Hugs, Kim

  305. Mark says:


    I am very sorry for your trial. But you are really doing the right thing. Unfortunately, the REAL withdrawals come when you finally stop the meds all together. Even little bits and pieces will stave off the withdrawals. But, you have to face the music at some point.

    What might help you during the day is: Start off with a hot bath, and linger in there for a while. Get up earlier to give yourself some time.

    You have to depend on Ibuprofen and Tylenol for relief. You might have an upset stomach, so you need some Pepto Bismol or Immodium to help with that.

    During lunch, to some walking. It feels like hell, but if you push your body it will spring back, and when you return to work you should feel better.

    Sleep is another issue. The brain has to reset it’s sleep center, and believe me, I’ve spent many sleepless nights staring at the ceiling. You can try some of the non-narcotic sleep aids available, but you still might find that you fall right asleep when you go to bed and will wake up 2 or 3 hours later. That’s the way it goes with this stuff.

    Hang in there. In 4 or 5 days, you will be over the worst of it, and there will be just smaller lingering issues left. It will come to an end, so don’t give up. And don’t go back to your meds. You HAVE to be dedicated to this, or it will fail.

    I hope you can pull this off. The best to you.


  306. angie t says:

    I want to stop taking my norco 10\325 but im really scared. how im i going to be able to go to work?

  307. angie t says:

    i really want to stop cold turkey but im scared of all the w\d.

  308. Allie C. says:

    I need encouragement!
    I didn’t think this would be so hard, but here is my story.
    I very recently found out that I am pregnant. At the time of finding out, I was taking 4-5 percocet 10mg/day. In one week, I’ve gone from that to nothing. Two days ago I had 3, then yesterday 2, today one. I split up my one into two half doses.
    It’s been 7 hours since I took that half, and despite my motivation for quitting being the fact that I want a healthy baby and to be a good mother, the mental demons are talking. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night in a horrible cold sweat. I’m not even sleeping now and am feeling it again.
    Granted, I wasn’t taking nearly as much as some people, but it was a year long, consistent habit. I have back problems, but to be completely honest with myself here, a lot was because of depression and anxiety.
    Anxiety yesterday and today has been awful, as well. I work a desk job, and within an hour of sitting there, the pain starts. I have no clue how to get through without them now, but I have to.
    I know this is the best thing for myself and my baby, but it is so hard. I’m taking tylenol for the headaches, which is helping.
    Is there anything anyone can suggest to help take the edge off?
    I know I must ride out the symptoms for at least a few more days, but how can I take the edge off?
    Thank you to everyone for posting their stories. They are truly inspirational!

  309. Nisha says:

    I had leukoplakia in my mouth, basically a fancy word for pre cancer and the doc said I HAD to quit smoking or I WOULD get cancer. Instead of the patch or the wellbutrin (I’ve been on both) I would seriously suggest the electronic cigarette. It takes away the harmful chemicals and tar in the tobacco. It still gives you nicotine so you’re not going through withdraw from it, you don’t have to deal with the weight gain etc…it has really helped me and if you get the right kind I believe it can really help you too! As far as tapering off, my doc always said to take your regular dose for 3 to 5 days and go down by a half of a pill every 3 days after that until you’re down to nothing. That should help you a little but you will still have to detox from whatever is left in your system but hopefully by tapering down by the half a pill every 3 days you will be better off then going cold turkey. If you’re considering the e-cig let me know and we can discuss the ones that work the best. I hope that is helpful for you and I wish you the best!

  310. Nisha says:

    We need more people like you in the world.

  311. Mark says:

    Ok, Kim, here’s how you go about doing it. This is what I did, and it seemed to work, although I was coming off of a LOT more drug than you are.

    When you get up in the morning, take one pill. Then, push it out as long as you can until you really start feeling bad. Then, take another pill. Never take more than the total you have gotten down to. You keep pushing it out further and further, until you’re down to 2, then down to 1.

    Now, I have to stress this next point: YOU CANNOT GO BACK AND TAKE THE AMOUNT SHOWN ON THE PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE AT THIS POINT. Many people have started to experience the withdrawal symptoms, and then bail out in desperation, and they take what THEY USED TO TAKE to help them out. The problem is: The old amount is TOO MUCH, because by tapering down, you lose the tolerance you had built up. Some have even killed themselves with an “overedose” when in reality the amount was what they USED to take, but they are not tolerant now, and so the amount was too much.

    Just to illustrate in my case: I was taking 4 60 mgs pills a day of morphine. I tapered down to just crumbs, like maybe 15 mgs. when I cut it out. If AT THAT TIME I was to take even 1 whole pill, it would have knocked my head off, and perhaps stopped my breathing (Michael Jackson syndrome)

    So, you just have to be careful, and ignore the amounts shown on the bottle, because that doesn’t apply anymore.

    At any rate, when you get down to 1 pill a day, and you can get through the entire day without any other amount of the drug, then you are ready to cut it out completely. Let me warn you, even though you might have felt uncomfortable tapering down, when you cut if off, you will NOW start full withdrawal.

    Again, I don’t think you will suffer too terribly. But all these drugs are basically the same, and the body reacts just about identically come off of any of them.

    I am on day 22 from when I cut it out, and I’m still withdrawing, however I’m am doing incredibly well now. You will not have that experience I don’t think, unless you happen to be particularly sensitive to the effects of the drug. You have been on it for a long time, so that will add a little more distress, since it’s had time to really become entrenched in your system.

    You can do it Kim. You won’t die, sometimes you think “Wow, I’m not going to make it.” but you will. Be aware that the temptation to take just “some” of the drug is great during withdrawal, but DON’T!! Dig in your heals and hunker down. In just a few short days you will be rejoicing that you pulled it off, and believe me, you WILL NEVER go back.

    I’m rooting for you.


  312. Kim C. says:

    Thanks so much for getting back to me I was thinking nobody could see my post. I know I will be going thru a little hell when I am finally off and I know once I have een thru it I will never return to pain meds I just want my life back. My question if you know the answer is how long on 3 before I drop to 2 and so on..I am doing very good on 3 but thats normal still a little grumpy ok maybe alot…lol I figured it out and I was taking more like 5 a day cuz I always get up at 3 am and take one so I dropped 2 pills a day not 1 and I started Monday..Thanks again..

  313. Mark says:


    If you do the slow taper as you have described, you will be fine. When you finally cut it off is when any withdrawal symptom’s come on. With 4 Vicodin’s a day, you should not have any heavy withdrawal symptoms and should be feeling fairly good in 4 or 5 days.


  314. Kim C. says:

    Can people see my post I know people post almost everyday on here but since my post on monday I have ot seen any activity. ust wondering.

  315. Mark says:

    Hey Troy,

    I hear what you are saying. Last night, I finally slept uninterrupted from 9:30 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. That was the night of day 19. So, my only suggestion is, make yourself as tired as possible during the day. When you feel yourself starting to nod off, fight the urge to fall asleep during the day. Then, when you DO go to bed, you’ll be more tired.

    What I found out, was the brain does a lot of repair work when you fall asleep. Unfortunately, when it’s doing that, it kicks in a lot of the withdrawal symptoms that cause discomfort, and that is what would wake me up. I went 18 days (nights) sleeping only 2 or 3 hours, some no sleep at all. But, last night, there was a noticeable change.

    You can get Lunesta or others, some of them are pretty expensive. There’s one called Alteril which is all natural and is over the counter. I didn’t try anything, I just figured when my brain gets tired enough, it will sleep.


  316. Kim C. says:

    The above post is to everyone!!!

  317. Kim C. says:

    Larry C.
    I need your advise but first I want to thank you so much for doing this for me and all the other you have helped you are my friend a blessing to us all.
    I am on 4 10mg vike a day and have been for 2 years I had a tibia platue fracture which made me not be able to walk for almost 6 months then I had to have a knee replacement after 6 months (work Injury) well the knee is 2 big and they suggest aother surgery but I just think I am gonna live with it I still cant go up and down steps normal but I can live with that. I want to get off of these pills I know what withdrawl feels like it happened to me 2 times when I was taking everything I could get my hands on then I made up my mind to only take what dr gave me which was 4 a day..I think I slip a 5th one in here and there depending on what I am doing that day. I started reading this a month ago because I am ready I am sure I am gonna be in pain from time to time.. Being unable to walk for so long made my muscles very weak and my back feels like it is on fire if I stand too long. I bought a portable bike to start getting stronger in hope that will help both my legs and my back. As I am sure you know the high is good for an hour or 2 then I have to take a nap I am 48 I have a 13 yr old 4 naps a days is toooooo many naps I want my life back I talked to my dr and she said to cut down one pill a month I just think thats to long to stretch it out. I started yesterday cutting down to 3 a day even doing that I had like mini withdrawl RLS is the first thing I get which sucks cuz most of my pain is my leg anyway…My question to you is how long should I stay at 3 then drop to 2 than 1 a day I need to do this in a way that I can get thru the withdrawl a little easier than quitting cold turkey I am affaid I will cave although I am the type of person that once my mind is made up I will stick to it. I also have to quit smoking like now but I read a post where you said pills first then smoking. I am going to ask dr for Wellbutrin and Patch I have read alot about that combination works well for quitting cigs. I remember reading things you suggest using before and during quitting pills could you please get back to me with some type of list of what I need and what you suggest about the time I should stay on 3 pills then dropping to 2 and so on. Bless you..YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!. Kim

  318. Troy R. says:

    I have been taking everything from Loratab 10’s to oxycodone 30’s for around 6 to 8 years and I finally put them all down about 3 weeks ago and went on a methadone regiment for about 7 days and so far, so good. I haven’t missed any work yet and haven’t really gotten depressed at all. My only problem I’m having is the sleepless nights and not really sure what to do. I have had maybe 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours and that is killing me. Last night, I put a heating pad under my knee’s and it seemed to help alittle bit. Does anyone have a clue just how long this will last? I’m trying to stay completely away from the doctors. Also, does anyone have anymore ideas of making this situation better. I take the hot baths for as long as I can take and it seems to work for maybe and hour or so and then it’s right back to it again. Again, I do and would appreciate any ideas and any help you can give me. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Greg says:

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR can be used aor a great deal of things.

    My uncle takes a small glass, maybe a half of glass of those small juice glasses with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR every morning and he’s 92.

    It can also releive the stuffy feeling if you over eat.
    And, it’s good to use while dieting.

    There are many uses for it.

  320. Tyler says:

    Yeah Larry the time is just melting away! April 23 was my last oxy and April 29 was my last sub. I’ve gotten so far past the problem that when I cracked two ribs 3 weeks ago, I wouldn’t even let the doctor write me a script. It’s weird to say, but I enjoyed feeling the pain. It was kind of like my victory celebration, lol. Larry you are the man, keep up the great work!!-Tyler

  321. Tyler says:

    Nisha, I’ve been clean for 6 months now, but I still check in here every so often to see how people are doing. When I read your story, something told me I needed to write to you. You can scroll up through the posts and you’ll find my story and my play by play of my withdrawal experience. I understand what you’re going through, and it’s hurting my heart to know you’re suffering and there isn’t anything we can do for you. Just please, please, hang in there! I caught something you said about being commited to doing something when you work up the nerve, and it made me cry. I beg you to please try to be strong. If I could, I would sit with you through every agonizing minute until we got you through it. And although I’m not physically with you, my thoughts are going to be with you from here on out. If you need anything to help you through, or just someone to talk to, just say the word and I’ll be here for you. DONT EVER get so down on yourself, everyone here is on your side and wants to see you better and happy. Nisha, please, please stay strong. -Tyler

    1. Larry C. says:

      6 months already? damn time is flying by, that’s awesome and great response Tyler.

  322. Nisha says:

    Thanks! I will look into the book. As far as 90 in 90 I have to say it was hard making myself go to the one lol but I’ll give that a try as well but I can’t make any promises. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out! 🙂

  323. Mark says:

    I’m just wondering, at day 18, the body pains are lessening each day. However, the biggest thing currently I’m dealing with is sleep. I literally am getting 2 or 3 hours a night, the rest of the time my brain is totally awake, and I can’t nod off for anything. The idea of taking a prescription sedative is not to my liking. As the days go by, I’m getting more tired during the day, due to no sleep. But I can’t FALL asleep. Weird.

    Anyone having success with this problem?


    1. Larry C. says:

      what were you taking?

  324. Mark says:

    Beat Up Lineman,

    When you start a new post with “Hey Everyone” that really sounds great. It appears you’re dedicated to this effort and you really pulled it off. Reading posts like that and like Nisha’s above help me keep pushing forward.

    I’m starting Day 18 now, still dealing with issues of WD, but when you know others are out there pushing through also, you feel like you’re part of a team, and we’re in the locker room giving ourselves a pep talk.


  325. Nisha says:

    I went to my first NA meeting last night. It wasn’t bad. I was 43 hrs sober but I relapsed today taking 45mg oxycodone for pain. I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, IBS, and injuries that I sustained from a car accident. The pain was bad but not unbearable so I really let myself down by giving in to the pain. I WANT TO BE STRONGER!!!! I wake up every day at a pain level of about 6 out of 10 and it either goes up or stays the same so it’s hard to say no to the oxy’s and the voice of addiction that says “come on, you’ll feel better” but I know the truth is that I’m only masking the problem and making myself feel like shit emotionally when I try to quit and oh no…withdrawals! It sucks! I wake up feeling miserable physically and emotional. Every morning I say to myself “oh God not again”. I know it’s horrible but it’s the truth. One good thing though, when my aunt learned that I have major depressive disorder (and PTSD) she told me to take a walk outside and get some vitamin D from the sun. So today when I woke up feeling like shit I heard her voice and said hell why not try it. I went outside and stood in the sun for 15 minutes and to my surprise, afterward, I felt so much better. My mood went from really shitty to pretty damn good. So for those of you that are feeling down, if you can, get in the sun for 15 minutes and tell me how you felt afterward. Tell me if it helped you because I would like to know if it was really the vitamin D or if it was my wishful thinking. I want to say that I am proud of all of you that are staying clean and sober. Really, GOOD JOB!! Also, those of you who are toughing it out and going through wd I just want to say that I believe that you can do it and you’re doing a wonderful thing for your life. Now if I could just get a hold of that faith in my own life….keep trucking everyone!! You inspire me to be a higher me!

    1. Larry C. says:

      Glad to hear, I suggest 90 in 90. That’s 90 meetings in 90 days…
      a great book that will help get rid of the pain from fibromyalgia is:
      The Ultimate PH Solution
      Helps me with my chronic pain, but FM is specifically mentioned in this book.

  326. beat up lineman says:

    ……but still not taking the oxycodone! Ive only taken 4 5/500 vicodins since tuesday, and 2 of those were after the doc pulled almost a pint of fluid out of my knee with a needle that looked like a wiffle ball bat!!!

    I guess im just paying for all the fun i had playing sports as a kid! This is crazy! Oh well….one day at a time!

  327. beat up lineman says:

    Hey everyone…..

    Here’s a new wrinkle to my situation. Ive been exercising a good bit lately, well…..every morning, 30 minutes on elliptical machine on hills setting, then 3 sets of 15 push ups and sit ups, followed by another 10 minutes cool down on elliptical. On day 6 my knee was hurting pretty good, swelled up big so i iced it on and off thru the day. Next day same deal. Day 8 much worse….and every day it just swelled bigger and bigger. Well…make a long story short…i have been grinding the bones away since my last surgery in 2001…but the last 4 years i didnt notice how bad it was getting because of all the meds i was taking! The orthopedic doc i saw today was blown away by the amount of damage, and asked why i put up with so much pain for so long…i had to tell him my story, and now he knows how i made so long. Problem is now im probably looking at ANOTHER SURGERY. IM TOO YOUNG FOR A REPLACEMENT, its so frustrating that i want to go back into training, but now that the heavy doses of oxy are gone…i feel all the damage thats been there for years getting worse! I have to laugh….so people listen….just another reason not to medicate long term! You cant tell whats broke if you dont feel the pain! I guess ill work out on 1and leg,1 arm, bad spine

  328. Ron S says:

    Hello there;
    Last evening while struggling with the growing pain and uneasyness of not having taken any opiates since morning I happened to take some vitamins at supper time. Less than an hour later I suddenly realized that I felt greaaat. I believe that it was the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR tablets that I took that made the withdrawal symptoms disappear. I took two more later in the evening, two more at 3:00AM and began taking them again this morning when I got up.

    I’ve been on opiates for 6 years now and have tried to cut back and to quit, but because of the pain from withdrawal and arthritis I have never been able to. I hope these will work as good for you as they seem to be for me.

    They are cheap and available at any drug store or walmart.

    1. Larry C. says:

      I changes the acidity of the body. Most pain is associated with an acidic body due to our diet here in America.

  329. beat up lineman says:

    Ok everyone…a quick update.

    I saw the doc tuesday….and he was FLOORED that i went 8 days without meds, was exercising, lost 11lbs, and my b.p. was 132/73. (It has been much higher the last 3 he had put me on clonodine a while back).

    Without boring everyone with all the details, heres the gist of it.

    We discussed EVERYTHING, but for the first time I vocalized to him that i finally realized how depressed i was over my injuries, and that i was not only over medicating to try to do the things i could before i got hurt, but also to dull the emotional pain of KNOWING i couldnt do some of those things without massive amounts of meds.
    i told him i thought the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He agreed.
    he gave me the green light to begin any training program i wanted, as long as i promised to start slowly….being mindful that i could cause more problems if i wasnt smart and cautious. The thing that suprised me the most was that he was INSISTENT on giving me scripts for more pain meds! His point was that with the increased physical activity,my pain would increase initially…and he wanted me to be able to push through it and not give up…that he’d rather see me doing it medicated than not at all. I get that…but i told him it wasnt what i wanted. If he had to give me something, change what he was giving me. So after some more argument

    He wrote me #60 of Vicodin 5/500 and #90 oxycodone IR 15mg. I was taking 240 of the oxycodone a month. When i got home, i gave my wife the 60 vicodin and the unfilled script for the oxy. Itold her that she could be the judge if i needed the oxy to get thru my strength training, and i would use the vic’s only if i needed it to sleep. She doesnt know how im going to do it with my injuries….but i said anger is a great motivator. So since then, i took 1 pill. Its been 11 days no oxy.

    Ill keep posting as i go, but i feel real good about making this change, i know it will be really hard at times to deal with the pain without going to the oxy….but i cant wait to just do something different than i have for years! Once i get my weight down, strength up…it will start to get easier, and it will be nice to do some of my old routines without having to count how many pills it takes to do it!

    Thanks everyone for listening!
    Beat up (but not for long) Lineman. 🙂

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s great news, and to think just a few days ago you were not all that happy and now your in a much better way.
      Hey one thing I have found to help relieve pain is by alkalizing your body. Lemon Juice in water throughout the day, and juicing freshly expressed juices, not bottled. A great book to read is:
      The Ultimate PH Solution
      Cheap and full of info on reducing pain the natural way. I was floored when I started back to my hiking my calves hurt so bad from lactic acid, but after doing some lemon juice in water for a day and a half, not only did the pain when I hiked go away completely, but so did the lower back pain I have always had. Definitely check into it!
      PS keep up the great work!

  330. Nisha says:

    I was on oxycodone for four years. I was taking 200mg a day when I decided that it was getting ridiculous. Mainly because I’m a veteran and the VA’s max prescribe amount is 10/325 mg and I was taking 20 at one time and that had me at 6500mg of acetaminophen a day. Thankfully and surprisingly my liver is still in tact somehow after years of this abuse. I quit for two months cold turkey and got the urge and ordered the oxy’s again. I only took half of my normal dose 100mg and overdosed and actually died. I woke up in the ER to very angry family members. They were fed up with my addiction long before the od. Needless to say the VA will no longer prescribe opiates, even when I go to the ER in extreme pain they do not help me. So I decided to get clean. I got on suboxone for almost 8 months and got off of it back in July. I was okay for a while but pain started to come back and depression hit really hard and I regret it but I took oxy’s (purchased them from a guy I know) and have been on them for about 3 weeks now. I never had problems with wd until now. I have suboxone but have taken it a couple times. I don’t want to get back into an increasingly bad habit. It’s been 17 hrs since I took percoset and by midnight tonight I will feel really shitty as I have been every night and give in to taking percs to feel better but I am out and don’t wish to buy more but must admit that I am weak and still suffer from my many pains. My sleep is fine thanks to trazadone but I stay up anywhere from 4-6 in the morning and wake up at about 3 pm everyday. I have been feeling very suicidal and still intend to commit to it when I work up the nerve but this site and all of you guy’s stories make me feel like there is hope and that I should hang in there and tough it out. Thank you all for your posts and advice, it has really made me feel some encouragement on the matter. Thanks all!!!

  331. letgo says:

    just to confirm co-codamol stopped after few days of use and lofexidine still in use being tapered as so symptoms do not rebound (it is a non opiate BP med for those that dont know) really good stuff! much love and success to everyone!

  332. letgo says:

    hi all! Just wanna say this is a very inspirational space! I finally have the option to stop using as i have moved far away to a place which is difficult to get out and back in the same day plus its miles away from being able to score! Although irrelevent, this works for me! 10 days clean from subutex only after 3 days i started taking OTC co-codamol 8/500… plus lofexidine which helps loooads!!! I think lofex is key to dampen withdrawals! Aaanyways… 10 days! feel much better! peace & love to you all!

  333. Greg says:

    I have a date set….on day 31 there will be no Norco, even though I have some, but that’s the day I stop taking 2 a day.


  334. Mark says:

    PS, B.U.L.

    There’s a number of sites that discuss things to charge the brain’s ability to start producing endorphins. Excercise is premier. Even eating some candy causes the brain to produce it. I found getting out there, pushing my body, and making it move really helped.


  335. Mark says:

    Beat Up Lineman,

    You gave us great news. I knew you would feel better by this date.

    The pain you are feeling is not necessarily your body pain. It takes a while for the brain to figure out where there is real pain and where there’s not. My back was SCREEMING up to just a few days ago. If you were to ask me, I would have said the pain was my disease coming back strong. Not so. My brain has magnified any pain signal 10 fold, and the pain I’m feeling is actually the withdrawal symptom of pain.

    I would go to your Doctor and talk about the options. There’s got to be a better way than just throwing drugs at it.

    Good job man. You pulled it off.


  336. Mark says:


    Any plan that puts you on track to getting off is a good plan. We’re all different, so the main thing is that you are doing SOMETHING. You are basically tapering down, which is what I did to get off the 240 mgs. of morphine a day. But at some point, you have to cut the cord. So, just mark your calender and set a day to do it, then just cut it off. You HAVE TO PAY THE PAUPER, not matter what, so you might as well get going. But, it really does pass quickly and you’re soon on the road to feeling great.


  337. Greg says:

    well, I’m feeling better and I’m in my 5th day of the first 14 days of cutting back to 3 Norco 10/325 a day. I was on 6 a day.

    I have my moments, but it seems to be getting better and I think cutting back little by little is working for me.

    Another 9 days and I’ll cut back to 2 a day, and then none.

    We’ll see, if I still have major withdraws by then, then I’ll just stop.

  338. beat up lineman says:

    Im no expert, but from what I just went through, id say just stop altogether! Why prolong the withdrawal symptoms? I was using way more meds (8-12 15mg oxycodone ir) a day for the past 18mo. And once I stopped cold turkey/ran out, the worst was over in 72 hrs. Plan to have your last pill one morning….get imodium ad, some benadryl, and ride out those 3 days. Im exactly 7 days in. The worst is behind me, as far as the withdrawal, and I feel good. I wont lie…I HURT! All my injuries are still there, but im managing with aleve, hot baths, heating pad….whatever.

    Im now trying to get my brain to start making endorphins and dopamine again naturally. Exercise, music, shooting my guns, sex…..anything for a rush. It does help.

    Ps….I haven’t missed a day of work. It helps to have distractions the first few days. Just do it……good luck.

  339. Greg says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve been on Norco 10-325 for the past 3 months (6 pills a day) and Lorcet 10-650 (6 pills a day) for almost 3 years until they switched me to the Norco.

    I’m now trying to withdraw and my RA doctor suggested I start with a pill (Norco)in the moring, than the next pill would be a Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg, then another Norco. So, basiclly I’m cutting the Norco in half, one every other time with a Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg in between.

    He stated to do this for 2 weeks, then for the next 2 weeks do a Norco in the moring, then one in the late afternoon, with Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg in between, when needed. So that would be 4 of those (Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg) and 2 Norco a day, then come back and see him in a month.

    Does this sound like a good plan? I have all the withdraw signs, the runs, headaches, chills, can’t sleep, restless legs, but I’m functioning and going to work. I’m on day 4 of the first 2 week period.


  340. beat up lineman says:

    Hey everyone…..
    im at almost 7 days….and feeling good. Other than the feeling of having to grab myself by the belt buckle and drag myself through the day. Physicals seem to be mostly gone, immodium ad is great! Lol! Last 2 nights I slept 6 hrs….that’s great with a2 yr old. The problem is the pain! Drying out has shown me where all the issues are that started me down the painkiller path in the first place.
    I know about how opiates suppress endorphin production in the brain, and also how it can take months or yrs to come back….I also know that I am sick of every month going through most of my meds in the first 2 weeks, then rationing what little is left to the end of the month. In the beginning, every 6 months my doc would up the strength or dose on my meds. For the last 18 months I didn’t let him do it. I got myself to a point where I was having to overmedicate for relief. Also…I think I’ve been depressed about my injury’s and not being able to do what I one time could,so iwould load up on meds and try to do it anyway…then need more meds to relieve the pain. I think im done! Will leave it up to doc tomorrow, but were going to have a serious heart to heart. Im on the path to recovery….(I think) 🙂

  341. I also agree with Mark, if you make it 8 days, DO NOT GO BACK, you made it through the hard part. It’s a vicious cycle & leads you to nowhere with no-one, depression, isolation,-it runs your life. You are basically a slave to the drug & deep down you know we are right or you wouldnt even be having withdrawals. I had an addiction to loracet & xanax and just finally got the help I needed because I realized 1)I was putting my life in danger & 2)You may be alive, but not “living”. Straight up homeboy!

  342. Suboxone is not the miracle drug everyone is making it out to be-all it is is another addiction because you cannot go without it once you have been taking it for a while. I know this 1st hand because I was on it for 11 months & was in pain without. This time around, I used librium for 5 days & am just fine. I do agree Suboxone helps, but should NOT be taken for an extended period of time because you WILL become dependent on it. Trust me.

  343. Mark says:

    Beat Up Lineman,

    I was thinking about what you said. I want to give you a little bit of a reality check here:

    1. Oxycodone is highly addictive. I was on it for over a year. It’s more addictive than the morphine I was on. The morphine is harder to get off of, but is more mellow to your over all nervous system, and you don’t get the constant urges to take more.

    2. Oxycodone is easier to get off of than morphine. Morphine is the same as heroin, which is the gold standard of pain killers, but the body does not have to metabolize morphine, it goes right in. The body has to metabolize Oxycodone and it turns it INTO morphine and then it is able to use it. Therefore, you are way ahead of the game at day 4 in getting off of it.

    3. You said you were 4 days in at 72 hours. You also said you get the prescription filled in 4 more days. Now, think about man, you are 8 days ahead of schedule according to what is printed on your Oxycodone bottle. You are taking more than prescribed. I am telling you, you will not stop this process unless you make up your mind to do so. Living life like that will end up very badly. Basically, you are “using.” If your pain is such that it requires more, that needs to be discussed with your doctor, but I believe you are probably looking for the “bang” you get by taking more than you are supposed to. You will ALWAYS run out before the end of the prescription due date.

    If you are at day 4, hang in there. By the time you go in to refill, you will be filling better and have a clearer head, and maybe then make up your mind to quit this treadmill you’re on.

    Got it? Believe me, I know your pain, and I know why you are at where you are at. I understand the whole deal. The biggest hurtle is your own commitment. Just do it.


  344. Mark says:

    As I mentioned to Doug, I’m at day 10.

    My symptoms are at this point are aches, much less flu like in nature, and sleeplessness. When I do fall asleep, the brain starts healing itself, and then at some point I wake up in full withdrawal, sweeting, upset stomach and so forth. Once awake, the symptoms go away and I’m fine. Then I fall asleep again, it all happens again, and we start over. I’m doing this 3 times a night. I am assuming that the brain is trying to repair itself during the REM stage of sleep, and this will improve as I keep moving forward.

    I am finally coming out the other end of the tunnel. I will make no statement that this was not that bad. Not so. However, if you are like me, and have been on prescription opiates for 6 months to years, you can still get off. Challenge yourself and test the water and see if there’s even a valid reason that exists for you to take so much opiate medication.

    I can imagine that if you have been on opiates for a long time, your dose has risen over time, so that it might well be a very high dose. Discuss tappering down with your doctor. If he says he doesn’t want you to do that, find another doctor.

    This is a big job, but it is doable. You just have to decide to do it, and then stick to your guns. You are going to experience something that will make you a better person on the other side if you allow the full course to take effect. You will be a person who is expert in drug withdrawal and can deal with people in similar situations understandingly, just as Ms. Understanding is doing.

    If you want a mentor, I’m here. You can contact Larry C on this site and he has my email address. I’ll hang on to your hand all the way through it. If you found this site, you are looking for help. The help is here. We’re all waiting for you….. to make up your mind.

    My experience:
    The things I experienced are this, listed in somewhat order of what occured:

    At 32 hours:
    Hallucinations (while trying to sleep, not while awake)
    Bad taste in mouth
    Bad smells in the nose
    Body odor

    At 48 hours:
    Stomach upset
    Upper gastric pain, very strong.
    Stomach bubbles and you belch often
    Sick to stomach, but don’t vomit
    Body pain. A “Heebbie Jeebbie” tickle/pain in every cell.

    At 72 hours:
    Heebbie Jeebbie’s are less
    Finally can sleep
    Legs settle down
    Feel flu like, but aspirin and IB’s help.
    Gut still not right, but it’s much better.

    At 96 hours:
    Finally starting to feel human again.
    Have a headache.
    A little disoriented.
    Pain, but much less.
    Actually hungry now.
    Not out of the woods, but much better.

    Day 5 to 10:
    Had a relapse of all symptoms. My body was saying, you’re not done yet dude.
    Upset stomach
    Basically, very flu like.

    By day 10, I was doing much better. Have a ways to go but I’m making huge progress on a daily basis now.

    So, at this point, I know I’ve beaten it. This was not easy. And I have a ways to go. I was on a horrible amount of Morphine, FOR YEARS!!!!! AGAIN, 240mgs. a DAY. That is NUTS! So, in my case, I can’t expect to detox in the way you read about, and in 72 hours all well be fine again. Not so. BUT, I have made huge leeps forward and I know now it can be done. I did it without a doctor’s help. Actually, my primary care doc told me, “Mark, it’s ok, you can take these drugs, that’s what they’re for! So stop feeling bad about it.” DO NOT LISTEN TO SUCH TALK!! This doc is a pain management specialist. I listened to him for years. I finally wised up and decided to do this on my own.

    I did not want to do the Methodone or Suboxone because that just prolongs the agony. I say get it over with. So PLEASE, if you are in my position, please please please stop. You have to stop. Now is the time. You have real life ahead of you. You don’t want to worry about running out of pills when you go somewhere forever do you? Come on. Do it. YOU WON’T DIE! You will come out on the other side of the tunnel and there’s streams of water, sunny days, fishing, camping, having wine with your friends that you couldn’t do because of the drugs. So please, do it. Please read this and understand that it’s truly possible.



    PS – I FYI’d my doctor who prescribed all the MS Contin just to let him know what I was doing. I felt that was a wise move. His office just called, wanting me to call in. I wonder how that conversation will go?……………………………………………………………..

  345. Mark says:


    Thanks for the encouragement. Today I enter day 10. WAYYY better. My poor shaking legs are finally getting some strength. I ate my first full Italian meal with my wife yesterday and ate the whole thing, I was famished. I took that as a good sign.

    I agree, in my case, it will take a month or more. But the acute phasse is over, and I have seen no evidence of the PAWS phase even in me. It’s hard to have an psychological attachment to something you hate so much. But, thanks for the plug. I’m on my way that’s all I know. This is really great. I’m going to spell out my conclusions later.


  346. Mark says:

    Beat Up Lineman,

    Talk to your doctor before refilling. If you are at 72 hours you have made the hump, please don’t stop now. I’m going to update my case. I’m on day 10 right now, and WAY better. Don’t stop dude. You can’t waste your mind.

    There’s a lot of other options to deal with pain issues rather than throwing drugs at it. So, take the time to investigate, is it your spine or something else. Look up the information. But at least try.


  347. Doug says:

    Hi Mark,

    I understand your pain. Years ago I had to face withdrawal from about $75.00 per day in heroin (using IV). I have been off of that for over 7 years now but have had many bouts with Vicodan/Norco. Morphine is similar to heroin when it comes to withdrawal. It just last longer than pill withdrawal. Some comforting words…. After about 7 days off the heroin I started to feel a little better, not much but you can definitly tell that you have stepped into the right direction. It will probably take a full 30 days for you to start really feeling normal again but if your 7 days in I would say you have jumped your tallest hurdle with the physical withdraws. Keep posting…we care that you are doing good with your journey!!

  348. beat up lineman says:

    Hello everyone. I have read every post here, and I wish you all the best. My story is the same as everyone else’s ….just a different flavor I guess. My life has beat me up pretty bad, from years of football, ice hockey, bar room brawles,bad women, and 15years of hard work. Its left me with a laundry list of physical problems from knee surgery’s to a spine fusion. I have lived off vicodins and oxycodone for the last 6 yrs….if you can call it living. Im no greenhorn. Almost 40. Wife 2 kids.

    Im at 72 hours clean right now and I feel like shit! Shakes, chills, the worst shits ever. I’ve gotten 6 hrs sleep in 3 days…but have gone to work every day. Not easy.

    My dilemma is I can get my scripts refilled in 4 days. Im not detoxing by choice, but because I ran out. I know someday I have to get off the merry go round….just not sure if its now.


  349. Mark says:

    In Day 7 —

    Pushing forward. Appreciating at this point that 240 mgs. of morphine a day has allowed it to get intrensicly placed into every tissue and brain fiber. I’m still in full withdrawal. But I am still determined.

  350. Southpaw says:

    Hello Everyone?

    I’m on day 24 without Morphine ER and things are pretty much back to normal. Still wake up at night but able to fall back to sleep. I’m so glad that I am no longer dependent on Morphine ER. My life is so much better without it. When the pain is bad I take Mortrin and it does the trick. To all of you still going through withdrawal symptoms, hang in there. It’s a much better when you realize that you can do without the pills. Take care and keep moving forward without Morphine ER.

  351. Mark says:

    Started Day 6 today.
    Boy, this thing has a hold on me. Heebie Jeebies last night, electric shocks in legs, crying, intense diarrhea, and my back is screaming.

    Not there yet I’m afraid.


  352. Mark says:

    So, Day 3 into Day 5:

    I’m at 96 hours right now. I am still withdrawing, but I feel much better. At this point, for the first time, just some Ibuprofen takes away the pain. I do not feel the spine pain that I felt in 2005. Yes, my spine was wrenching coming off of this, but I knew it was the drug and not some disease or physical problem.

    I see light at the end of the tunnel today.

    To all those out there who might be trying to come down from a heavy dose of pain killers, I can tell you, you CAN DO IT. Yes, it will be hell for about 4 days, you just have to resign yourself to it, but I am living proof that it can be done.

    Experience next:

  353. Mark says:

    Miss Understanding:

    Thank you for your response. Let me give you and everyone reading a little more information. I have nothing to keep private.

    I was diagnosed with a Lupus/Scleroderma condition. It’s not the prettiest picture, but it is manageable. In 2005, I complained of pain. It was centered in my spine. My Primary Care doc gave me Vicodin to help with it. Well, to say the least, that led me down a 6 year road of using opiates for pain.

    The reason I wanted off was because at this point in time, it was impossible for me to tell if the original reason I took Vicodin was even there. Plus, I feel a strong moral impelling in me to stop. It’s just not right. I’ve been a dope for many years, not making sense in my conversations, driving to take care of work under 240 mgs. of morphine, which is totally insane. I would nod off at traffic lights. I am so disgusted with it you can’t even comprehend. I truly hate these things. I have a full prescription of a month’s supply of MSContin sitting right here in front of me on my desk to remind me of what I hate. I haven’t even taken off the cap once.

    I am doggedly determined to do this. Yesterday was extremely difficult. I had to go to work and work until 11:00 pm and I was in super withdrawal with pain and my gut wrenching all during the time. But when I got home, I fell asleep and slept the whole night undisturbed.

    I’ll post the follow up next.

  354. Miss Understanding says:

    PS: From what I understand, “smelling and tasting metal” are indicative of an acid imbalance, possibly sulfur-based. You might want to pick up some activated charcoal tablets next time you’re out. Any drugstore, grocery or healthfood market carries these; in fact, last time I was at Target I think I saw them there.

  355. Miss Understanding says:

    Hi Mark,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I found it very thoughtful, honest and sensitive. I am sorry to hear about your autoimmune condition. So many things about our frail-yet-strong-and-miraculous human bodies are a mystery, to ourselves as well as the medical “experts.”

    I was just wondering what the reason is you decided to reduce/eliminate your medications. If you would rather keep that private, I completely understand and respect that.

    Best wishes tou 🙂

  356. Mark says:

    After reading quite a bit on this site, it is very valuable in seeing that a lot of people are in the same condition, and many through no fault of their own.

    Larry, thanks for doing this site.

    I am 59. A working man, contractor, and have been diagnosed with some form of autoimmune disease. I have been prescribed by my doctor, starting in 2005, Vicodin, then it went to Norco, then it went to Oxycontin, and then finally as of the last year, MSContin. I am attempting to come down from 240 mgs./day (4 x 60 mg. pills/day) of MSContin.

    That is a boatload of morphine. That is twice the lethal dose if given to two different non-tolerant people. Good grief.

    I knew that I could not cold turkey quit that much morphine. So over the past month, I’ve been tapering down, so that I finally arrived at the point that I can no longer tolerate even a single whole pill. A 60mg. pill now would knock me out.

    I broke some of them up into little crumbs to continue the process. I know, you are not supposed to break a time release morphine pill. But, I am very aware of the way this stuff works and I was only taking perhaps 15mg. of “crumbs” of the MSContin.

    Now, I have begun the full on “get the monkey off my back” withdrawal. No more. No more. My moral stance is helping me give vent to this awful addiction.

    Day 1, takes me to 24 hours.
    I took some crumbs in the morning and made that my last. I was ok through the day, but by nightfall, I was already feeling bad.

    Day 2, takes me to 48 hours.
    I slept ok, but by morning, I was not good. I hung in there. Got through the day. That night was the start of hell. No sleep at all. Sounds, noises, I smelled metal, I tasted metal, thrashing, turning all night. I got up and was really wrung out. At least all the hallucinations were over. The metal taste was horrible. Body odor was putrid. That night, no sounds or seeing things, but the “hibbie jibbies” or whatever you want to call it were coming on strong. It’s a tickling/pain mix in every single cell of the body. God, what a horrible night, again.

    Day 3, takes me to 72 hours
    Pain everywhere. I am hopeful that I will turn the corner soon. But I realize I was on a LOT of morphine and this may take a while. This is where I am now. I’ll let you know as time goes.


  357. Miss Understanding says:

    Hi Brandon,
    Congratulations on what you have achieved! Since you said your goal is to stop painkillers, I would suggest the following, as this method worked well for me:
    1) When you’re hurting, try anything and everything EXCEPT taking an opiate analgesic; but,
    2) If your sickness is dominating your life, you can try a fast taper. You need a very sharp knife or blade, with which you may cut the tablets into 3-4 doses per pill. Wait until bedtime then take just one portion so you can sleep. Every few days, cut it back to “a portion of a portion,” until you are well and can just stop altogether.
    Please Note: Just because this worked for me doesn’t mean it will for you. If you feel you have no control and can’t stop yourself after just one segment of pill, then please do consult a medical professional.

  358. brandon says:

    Hey guys I’m. A 20 year old who has been addicted to oxycodone I was doing it recreationally for about a year I quit for a few months and went back to it then I decided to try and quit again I went 4 days without it then last nite I decided to do a 10mg oxycodone I was just wondering if this would starft my whole withdrawl process over again? I’m pissed but hoping it doesn’t

    1. Larry C. says:

      in some respects it does. You feel better until you start withdrawing again.
      Good luck, come back let us know how you’re doing.

  359. Miss Understanding says:

    Dear Larry and readers, Thank you so much for your help and support during the time when I was forced to reverse my body’s dependency upon painkillers. I am very pleased to report that all my withdrawal symptoms are now gone, after approximately 2 weeks of careful tapering and the past 4 days with zero meds. Emotionally, I am still (frankly) angry with my doctor, the DEA, and the so-called “practice of medicine” in general; ON THE OTHER HAND, I do find myself smiling all day long and laughing frequently, which feels good. I had not noticed before, but a loss of smiling and laughter was a side effect of being on painkillers. I suffer with chronic pain and will continue to pray for relief while doing what I can to not exacerbate my condition. Best wishes to all of you out there. I want you to know (if you’re reading this in midst of struggle) that even if you don’t even WANT to quit opiate analgesics, YOU CAN STILL DO IT! For me, it wasn’t any worse than a typical bout with the flu–maybe a little bit more back pain/RLS than with flu, but nothing unendurable. I also want you to know that each day that you are able to reduce or abstain from the medication, you may notice (as I did) DRAMATIC leaps forward in terms of symptom abatement.

  360. derek says:

    Amen sister

  361. Eric says:

    Hi everyone. I have been clean from hydroco for 9 days now. Was using them for about 6 months or so. Went through the physical withdrawal part around day 5 or so. Been able to exercise pretty much everyday, so it has helped out wonders. Still have trouble sleeping throughout the night, but everyday it gets better. I took a Motrin 200mg last night (along with all the herbal remedies from the thomas recipe) and woke up around 3 feeling like I was withdrawing. I am ok this morning, but I was wondering if that feeling could be caused by the Motrin? I know it’s minor post, but just to see if Motrin or ibproperan are ok to take? God bless you all!

  362. Miss Understanding says:

    In other words: Life of unmitigated pain and suffering, HERE I COME 😉 I surrender to my Lord in All Ways. He gave me this condition for a reason. I will go forward into it with both eyes open, heart open, and probably in all honesty it will strengthen even further my prayer life and relationship with Christ. Peace be with you :))

  363. Miss Understanding says:

    Well, I’m not sick anymore and certainly not “craving meds,” which is good based on what I’ve read here. I think for me, I need to make true peace with the fact of my pain. It will be chronic. It’s not something I asked for thus nothing to feel ashamed for. However, since the healthcare system seems to not wish to prescribe these types of medications due to widespread public misuse of them, I (being a nonaddictive, law-abiding, doctor-respecting person) must comply and fit into the world as it is, not as one may or may not believe, it ought to be. My personal philosophy is that every medication should be available to any adult of sound mind; whomever chooses to not exert their own God-given right to willfully control and moderate their lives (balance in every thing) will sooner or later, adapt or die. I just feel happy that I, today, have life (albeit limited by pain) and choose to focus on what my blessings are rather than the infinite game of “What If’s.” This board is such a great resource, thank you for keeping it!

  364. Miss Understanding says:

    Went to sleep last night ca. 11. Woke up at 4:30 in excruciating sciatic (low back/leg) pain. Tried stretches, praying, didn’t work. Took 1/3 of a 10/325 norco after a 0.5 ativan (in hindsight, taking both wasn’t intelligent but as we know, decision-making-during-sleep-deprivation is FAR from perfect 😉 Ended up still not being able to sleep so cleaned house, went to gym (ran 3.5 miles, wanted to do more but ran out of time), got to church for Sunday service. I still can’t decide if I’ll resume painkillers when I see the doctor this month. This experience has been interesting as I always took the meds as prescribed for 4 years, never ran out, thus really virtually never missed doses till a couple weeks ago when I lost healthcare. So, I guess if nothing else, it’s incentive never to abuse these meds (ie: run out early/go without) because now I KNOW EXACTLY how crappy and sick I will surely become. God bless all of you reading this, may He have mercy on each and every soul.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Many people never abused their pain meds, took them as prescribed and got hooked just because they are addicting. period. No matter how big or small your habit is, a habit is a habit. So they stop taking their meds and like you they get sick and go rightback on them because they are scared of the pain and depression. Then they start feeling like shit because they now know they are addicted.
      Keep on keepin on….

  365. Miss Understanding says:

    Update: So yesterday was my first day without any norco in 4 years! I did take 16 mgs codeine though. I jogged 4 miles around 8 pm then sat in jacuzzi for 10 mins, hoping to stave away the godawful low back pain that’s plagued me for the past 5 nights (and kept me awake till sunrise), drank some oj, and slept without pain. Hallelujah! Of course, I still have the nerve pain (neuralgia) but as a chronic pain patient I expect to suffer with that for the rest of my life. I still would not have willingly chosen to get off painkillers but I can say my mood is better today and I’m no longer in dependency/withdrawals.

  366. southpaw says:

    I am on day 14 now without Morphine ER and almost feeling 100%. I started taking pain killers after a back surgery 15 years ago. 2 years after the first back surgery I had to have a second back surgery, so the pain meds continued. After several years on Vicodin my Dr changed me over to Norco. She was concerned with the amount of Acetaminophen I was taking with Vicodin. After several years on Norco my Dr put me on Morphine ER for long term pain management. I started with 15 mg of Morphine ER 2 times a day then it was upped to 3 times a day then up to 4 times and then up to 5 times a day. At the beginning of 2011 I started exercising and working on my core and swimming. I noticed that my back pain had decreased, so I dropped my dose down to 4 then 3 and finally 2 a day. I asked myself if my back pain had gotten to a point that it could be managed without pain meds. So I dropped it down to 1 a day. I did this for a week and then stopped. I thought that this would make it easier. Well was I wrong, the first week I was a mess. I had most of the symptoms of withdrawal. I called my pain management Dr. and told her what I had done. She said that she could prescribe Clodine and treat the other symptoms with Advil and Imodium A-D. I decided to do without the Clodine since a week had already gone by and I should be on the downside of the symptoms. Each day got better and I started to feel like myself again. I still don’t sleep all the way through the night but I get around 5-6 hours total sleep. The night sweats are getting better. To all of you out there I just want to say, YOU CAN DO IT. I found a great mediation tape and when things got bad I would go listen to it. This helped a great deal and also assisted in helping me fall asleep. My only concern is I have read about PAW (post-acute withdrawal) and wonder how this is going to be. I know that I can handle that as well. This form also helped, reading all the stories gave me hope and the strength to continue on the path free of Morphine ER. I know that everyone if different and has different levels of pain but I would try to see if you can manage your pain without any pain killers. I know it’s still early for me but I have faith in myself and know that I don’t want to go back down this path again. Good luck to all of you out there.

  367. Miss Understanding says:

    Wow, thank you Larry, for your quick and very nice reply 🙂
    I forgot to say, I was not able to qualify for Medicare nor any other state or federal healthcare, but I do have an appointment at a clinic (for homeless and other “slipping through the cracks of society” types, like myself 😉 on Oct. 10th. The reason I went to the ER last Sunday was because my script was running out and I was trying to keep continuous care till my appointment.
    My pain is neuralgia due to repeated nerve trauma/injury, FYI. When I took Lyrica, I gained 75 lbs, plus the joys of obesity and sciatica. When I switched to norco, I was able to get adequate pain control enough to lose the weight/exercise etc.
    One last question: In order to endure this suffering, I hVe been telling myself little sayings. For example, “It’s good to hurt and feel XY&Z withdrawal pains, because all the while you’re feeling THAT, your brain/body are working to re-set the deficiencies in endorphins, etc., and you are one step closer to being ‘over it.’ ” Is that true? Or is my tapering actually just prolonging things? THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂

    1. Larry C. says:

      yeah tapering is a form of prolonging it but some need to taper as the withdrawal would be just way too much, like from suboxone.

  368. Miss Understanding says:

    Hi and thanks to all who not only shared their story here, but especially those who come back in often to help, support, guide and yes, cheerlead (!) others who are suffering. My problem is this: I took 4-6 norco daily (prescribed) for 4 years. Got laid off, lost healthcare. I refuse to “doctor shop” nor resort to any illegal behavior to obtain meds. I did the only thing I knew to do which was go to ER, where I was utterly humiliated and made clear I would not be able to continue on my regimen. I had ten norco left which I cut into thirds, plus about 30 codeine left over from dentist. Took last full norco doses on Sunday. Last 4 days, endured withdrawal symptoms mainly excruciating low back pain (esp. in bed at night), sneezing, headache, watery eyes, and grumpy. Anyway, I don’t know how to feel because I never wanted to quit in the first place. The norco I was using was never abused, had NO ill effects on my work, relationships, nothing bad came from them. On the contrary, they were a godsend for me and really helped me lead a more productive and pain-free life. The past three days, I have done a taper wherein I consume 8-24 mg of codeine as needed to stave off illness, benadryl, a third of norco tab to quell the back pain/RLS to sleep a few hours each night. I’m exercising, eating etc., and not concerned nor worried about getting “more opiates.” That being said, if I never felt I had a problem, only quit because forced to by asshat MD, how should I approach this going forward? What do you think?

    1. Larry C. says:

      If you’re done, then be done. By get back on them? there are ways of combating pain besides pain meds.
      the back pain ad on the side bar over there—> is how I started relieving the pain. and I am now pain free from some basic stretches. Most peoples pain comes from not leading an active lifestyle and living sedentary. Desk jobs are the worst.
      The other thing I did that really helped relieve the pain is to drink lemon juice in my water, stop drinking things with sugar or soda. And I got a juice extractor and started juicing everyday.
      The acidic diet that Americans eat contributes immensely to chronic pain and back ache. It seems so simple that people don’t try it and continue to live in pain.
      If I had known the things I just told you 68 years ago, I’d have never become addicted to pain meds.

      ok so when you run out completely don’t get anymore, just cold turkey tough it out and you will be done. Also going to the ER is doctor shopping in a sense, ER doctor shopping. 🙂

      Check back and update us.

  369. Crystal says:

    Sorry I was 16 I’m fixing to be 26

  370. Crystal says:

    Im 25 now iv been on oxy contin 80mg and oxy codone 30mg for 10 years now it started by me loosing my only child when I was 17 yrs old I got into smoking dope but it wasn’t for me so I flushed it and I never been a pot smoker so I just stoped every thing but then I got into a bad car accident were a drunk man hit me and my husband went threw it with me every step I did he was there to well he got put on oxy so we started snorting it then it changed in formula were it can’t be abused honestly it didn’t bother us bc we took it right every day except in the morning that’s when we would snort it to get it in us I have 3 herniated disks in my spine my husband has 4 we’ve been between methadone codone contin and morphine for 10 years now but the thing is i only take it now bc I don’t want to go threw withdrawal iv been there 32 times it’s not that I didn’t want to stop it’s the suffering I dread I have seizures I go threw throwing up blood my legs and feet and hands hurt so bad I cry so much iv got no energy 24/7 I’m TIRED of this crap iv been tired for so many years now I’m only 25 I feel like I’m 50 years old the thing is my mom my sisters my dad my mother in law my husband my ex husband my brother in law and my sister in law are all on the same pills I’m trapped

  371. Matt says:

    Just a word of advice, from someone on day 31. Guess what has WAY more potassium than bananas or supplements? ORANGE JUICE and YOGURT. You wouldn’t believe how much of both I’ve been consuming! It does wonders. My doctor told me it’s something the banana industry would prefer not to advertise, but it’s true. Check it out yourself, and keep going, everyone! There’s an end. There’s always an end.

  372. kevin K says:

    methocarbomal,clonodine,uhm feb somthing (they give to alcoholics alot ) uhm not too much i was taking the least amount i could while i was in there

  373. kevin K says:

    like what they gave me?

  374. kevin K says:

    hey i have a question i went thru a detox and have been out of detox for about 5 days but still have the chills.. and headaches and such how long will this last so total i have been clean 11 or 12 days/

    1. Larry C. says:

      that can depend on your detox regimen. What did it consist of?

  375. Susan says:

    Larry, have you heard of Vivitrol, the once a month shot that is supposed to help an addict (post detox) stay away from drugs and minimize the effect of any drugs they might take? The detox place my daughter is at, suggested this for her? I have done some research on it, it all seems positive. Wondering what you may know about it?


    1. Larry C. says:

      Yeah it’s called Naltrexone:

      Here’s something you need to think about. The person who is the addict must get clean for themselves. They can’t do it for anyone else, otherwise it will not work. So giving this to an addict who really doesn’t want to quit may help so she doesn’t get high, because she can’t, but once she is off it, she may relapse. It’s like giving an alcoholic antabuse.
      It may well help her too, give her the added boost she needs to really get her head clear and clean and see the light.

      Let us know how that goes.

      1. Larry C. says:

        what she really needs is a 12 step program to help her get over what’s keeping her high. The way 12 step program works is they work a program of 12 steps. Each step leads into the next and gets to the root of the addicted thinking and why they keep getting loaded.

  376. shar says:

    very frustrated right now I’m currently on my 4th day of being clean and the RLS is either become manageable or I’m just use to it I got total of 6 hours of sleep last night which has been way better than the 1 or 2 hours the pervious nights. I’ve been exercising even if its just easy stuff to get my heart rate up and get some endorphins pumping trying to use all the little dopamine I have left to send out signals to send more! I actually found out we recycle dopamine and when you are using the same over and over it will send signals to produce more. I’ve been stretching got some vitamins and got potassium gluconate which i guess is the same but it made me feel weird so thats out and bananas are in, calcium and magnesium. My current problem is like I said before my boyfriend and I are going through this together he hasn’t been doing as well and hasn’t even been trying to stretch with me It gets so frustrating because its hard to encourage someone and show them love when you don’t even want to be touched and I have been a little bitchy the passed days me and no sleep is not a pretty sight. HERE IS MY BIGGEST PROBLEM. HE TOOK A PILL he found on our second day and is currently out to go get more, because he thinks he is back to day one now of the withdrawal processes I’ve been googling everything please please tell me this isn’t true! He figures since he already took the other pill and has to work this week that he should just get more pills take them and take the next week off work to go through the withdrawal process again. I TOLD HIM THOSE ARE ALL JUST EXCUSES AND HE NEEDS TO REALIZE THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM AND BRINGING THOSE PILLS IN THE HOUSE COULD CASE ME TO RELAPSE. IS THERE any way please that him doing that one pill didn’t set him back to the beginning I need someone on my side!! Also Larry thank you for all your advice and all of these wonderful and helpful stories I’m journaling my withdrawal so I will post it when I start feeling better.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Well technically he is back to square one of being clean. he is not back at the beginning of withdrawal although it will drag it out a LITTLE it’s not that bad, and yes those are his addict head rationalizing things to go get high.

  377. Jess says:

    Atleast knowing eventually things will feel right again helps and gives hope. I started the wellbutrin about 2 months before given my first pain meds (tylenol w codein) got the wellbutrin for the depression from pain and not beig able to measure up to my own expectations. that was all about 7 years ago now so yeah i guess logically it should take a while to equalize. Its just so much easier said than done. Really im afraid of the NA stuff because of the assault to my ego having to b the pregnant junkie everyone thinks is so pathetic disgusting sad. Just like those pregnant and… Shows on discovery. I guess technically, unfortunatly that is my situation. But its really not the images one congures when hearing my truth. I got in this predicament with all the best of intentions i just wanted to b the best i could b. I never realized the whole time not only was a monkey or a gorilla growing on my back but now that i stopped i feel like im in an unarmed blindfolded battle against king kong, and since its all in my head i wanna run and hide from my self. And the 3months of serious physical illness i went through getting of the damn patches i wanted to literally jump out of my creepy crawly yucky feeling body and now my body is better i just want out of my head! For years i wondered y the dr.s made it sooo hard for patients to have the medicine they need to b a productive happy member of society, oh my have the tables turned now. Now i wonder how it is legal to prescribe something so addictive that when u dont have it anymore u cant stand this other brain/body that you r left with. To me it feels like my brain
    body self whatever u wanna call it was left at home, but i went on vacation (to p ain killer land)and loved vacation sooo much that i never realized the whole time my real self was at home withering away,neglected, starved and totally falling apart. And now vacations over and im left with my unintended self created hell. So for anyone contemplating continuing pain meds longer? U must realize at somepoint u will b trapped in the shell of a person that u create the whole time ur on pain med vacation so think hard really hard its like bargaining your soul to the devil whether u agree to the terms or not.
    Sorry guys not trying to b a drag but if my pain and anguish can help even 1person not go through such hell than atleast some good has come of it.

    1. Larry C. says:

      The only assault on your ego is your own head trash. You will not get judged at an NA meeting like you would at church. Everyone has their own story. If your ego is not your amigo, get rid of it. Hit an NA meeting and check it out…

  378. Jess says:

    I used the patches sublingually instead of transdermally and would do so prior to anything physical, emotional within second i was on point i could do anything really i could be so productive i was supermom superwife, just very happy friendly patient loving. Its like i got addicted to being that person and now im stuck being tired,lazy no patience with my son, cant even hardly keep dishes done, mouths fed, and clean clothes on family. Much less the rest of the house and my husband is working 70 hours a week to pay for all the baby stuff we need so i cant ask him to pick up the slack. I need to feel that inspiration to get stuff done and so i can again be proud of who i am and what i can accomplish. But i dont know how to get the inspiration with out the meds anymore. Before the pain and body problems started i was definatly and overachiever. Always tried to b perfect friend, student, daughter, employee etc. So when i realized the meds enabled me to be that person again, i was back. The meds enabled me to physically accomplish but now i realize they destroyed my natural drive to want to accomplish will i get back that natural inspiration and drive that i had b4 the meds? Or have i totally fried those receptors? Or brain just cant remember how to produce these chemicals?Mayb my mental addiction to who i can b is stronger than the physical? Anyone else out there going through this or have gone through the anguish of not getting to b the productive great person u that u settled into being? Thank u to everyone your posts have been motivation for weeks it helps to know others are fighting the same battle

  379. Jess says:

    Hey larry awesome site has mentally helped lots. I was on 50mcg fentanyl patches up to a patch a day for 2-3weeks a month the last 1-2weeks i took a total of 60 percocets and 20 20mg oxycontins i did this for 2 years and the 4 before that i had the 75mcg patches. Im at 1 month no patches and15 days no percs or norco (switched to norco to get off patches. Did not use subs. Im no longer sick. Still very tired and still constantly want the meds especially when i have to get things done. I jave pain issues which is what started all this but i am very pregnant now and even though dr. Says i could still take norco i stopped everything and would like to keep it that way but i still 15days later want it bad enough to search my house for one i may have missed and think constantly about telling dr. I want the script. How much longer before the intense cravings for the evil meds go away??? Will they ever b totally gone? Obviously what is best for baby is most important i get that thats y i stopped but the mental warfare in my head is making me crazy and i already take wellbutrin. But i got so used to feeling good that now no exercise or sex or candy sugar is helping. When can i hope for this mental battle to subside? Anything else that will produce some endorphins? Thank u this site has helped me get this far and kept me strong at my weakest points but i have been through so much and gotten so far but im so scared of relapsing and i thought the hardest part was over so y is this still soooooo hard?

    1. Larry C. says:

      Please read this:

      I’d also say get the Melissa but you can’t take it, you are pregnant. SO DO NOT take that.

      You’ve been doing this for a few years right? it’s going to take longer than 15 days to get through the PAWs. It will take a little while before you start feeling the craving go away, but one day you will realize you went through the whole day without thinking about it. GO TO NA. Get some support from others who have been through it, not from here from a meeting, real physical people who will stand with you and hold your hand through the difficult stuff.

      You need more support than you think, an addict alone in their head is in bad company.
      Exercise is the fastest way back to normal that I know of. walking, breaking a sweat, elliptical, whatever the doctor says you can do while you are pregnant. That will bring back the endorphins, that and time.

      You also have to remember you are pregnant so your emotion are going to run wild. Just bear with it and live it. Feel it. You will get through this.

      Come to think of it now, when my wife was pregnant her extra hormones…uhhm yeah, best sex ever, if you can have really good sex that too will bring back the endorphins. Sex, exercise, more sex, more exercise.

      BTW I’m on wellbutrin too, great stuff…how long have you been on it?if not too long depending on how you react to it it might make things worse?

      Please stay connected here and keep us all posted on your progress….


  380. shar says:

    Hey larry I have a couple questions. So my boyfriend and I have this horrible addiction together! We started using 30mg of oxys for fun then it turned into a horrible habit. Because I’m small(5’3, 100Ibs)and have only one kidney I would only take around one a day or 2 at my complete max, I know thats not a lot considering the amount that most people or my bf takes which is like 8 a day to 10. What I’m wondering is if my withdraw symptoms would be not as bad for me because of the dose or if it would be the same because i did 60mg every day for a year and that was my max dose i could take. Also what kind of exercise do you recommend? We just started to quit cold turkey because we had started before and ended up relapsing due to the extreme RLS pains in our legs and sleepless nights, so instead of tapering down we again did all the pills so we are day 2 into the withdraw and am in complete hell. I heard the 4th day is the worst? However, I thought that after 5-7 days you will be better. Do you know any vitamins that will help with the restless leg, and anything to take for sleep?! I dont have anyone to talk to and I want to get us both through this so we can live happy and healthy lives, so any advice you can give would be very helpful! Its hard to be the strong one when I too am going through the same pain. Also i almost forgot on the first time around my bf was in the worst pain from the RLS I thought he was going to lose it the only thing that got rid of it was a hot bath but thats so hard to keep doing all day/night and early morning long im just so exhausted. So anything you know that you know that can help with the RSL i feel that is our main problem because it makes it impossible to sleep and suboxone isnt an option for us. Thank you.

    1. Larry C. says:

      Read this for RLS supplements:

      as for the habit you have, as my junkie friends would say a habit is a habit no matter how big or small you used. if it was continuous your body still got used to it and changed it’s way of being. so you could be just as sick as he even though you took less for the same amount of time.
      Let me also add with the potassium for RLS use also magnesium, which could make your diarrhea worse but i will help relax the legs and muscles.
      Good luck and also try a few NA meetings, you guys may find some new friends and support. Keep us up on your progress.

  381. Susan says:

    Proud of all of you, I am a mother of a 27yr old daughter who just entered detox for the first time. She has been using for 7yrs. Started with Oxy, now Suboxone. I am reading these entries to try and understand what her detox will be like, I hope she can do this…..she is strong.
    As a Mother, know that you are all loved, and if there is anyone on earth who believes in you, its your Mother/Parent.
    Just reading your entries, makes me proud of all of you…..feel the hug I am sending to you. This too shall pass, and on the other side of your detox, is someone who waits to hold you and love you again.


  382. derek says:

    thanks man for the support if thats for goin.just wanna feel normal

  383. Matt says:

    Back with an update.

    Day 26 without OxyContin/Percocet, and day 21 without Suboxone, and I still haven’t had a single craving for the drug. I’m beginning to think that if you really, truly want to stop, then so will the cravings, because you genuinely have no interest in continuing the abuse, or going through life with that hazy, false sense of well-being.

    I had my first solid stool a few days ago. I felt weak and apathetic on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday felt pretty good, Wednesday and Thursday were very achy all over, and today (Friday) I feel almost completely fine. I have a feeling I’m at the on-and-off stage, now, where the PAWS comes in waves. A few bad days, a few good days.

    And really, what better sign of progress? To have a solid stool sometimes, to go through a whole 30-60 minutes without even thinking about my condition, to have an entire day where I don’t daydream about sitting in the tub and cutting my legs off by hand with a band saw.

    Even further, I am now sleeping! I’m averaging between 6-7 hours a night now which, let me tell you, has a significant spirit-lifting effect after going weeks (literally, weeks) with 3-4 hours a night. It tends to break the catch-22 cycle of daytime lethargy and nighttime insomnia.

    So, I just wanted to say that I am improving, and that I really did do it. I’m not going back to the drug. In fact, during my last doctor’s appointment, I handed back my last two unfilled scripts of OxyContin and, as a symbolic gesture, they were torn into little pieces and thrown in the garbage.

    Which, really, is just where they belong.

  384. Bill says:

    I have a question, I’ve was on norco 10 mg for 18 years for back pain. They were prescribed 4 times daily but I only took 1 a day and always @ 300 in the afternoon after all work was done. I’ve been off them for 60 days now, sleep well, eat good and generally happy but, when ever I drink something sweet like fruit juice, pineapple juice, sweet tea with lemon, I feel withdrawl 10 minutes later. It makes me want to smoke cigs like crazy….for Gods sake its been 60 days now!! how much longer will this go on? I recently had a heart attack so I must walk 1 mile everyday but this dosent seem to be helping it go away. I’ve already made the desision to face the back pain and deal with it, now I just want my life back drug free so what am I looking at here? 6 mths, 1 yr, several years to recover and be withdrawl free?

    1. Larry C. says:

      “when ever I drink something sweet like fruit juice, pineapple juice, sweet tea with lemon”

      maybe it’s the sugar? I would ask a doctor about that. doesn’t seem right…

  385. derek says:

    day 5 rls AND a terrible migraine last night fun shit..real naucious and just over all pretty shitty feeling today.but still clean.

    1. Larry C. says:

      keep going , this 5 days you don’t have to do again…

  386. PatJ says:

    Day 18 and still going strong friends, I pray for all of us! Still have anxiety, a bit of depression, and my sleep is still messed up but we are getting stronger everyday! Take it one day at a time and don’t break!!!

  387. Benji says:

    I have stopped taking 30s for 5 days and have had a little sub over that period so I can survive. Does this just pro long my 5-7 days of physical withdrawal? Or will it just be all mental after this

    1. Larry C. says:

      Depending how much Sub you used it might last a little longer. Maybe not. Yeah you will probably have to deal with some depression after the physical…
      Keep us posted how you are doing.

  388. derek says:

    day 4..feel pretty fuckin’ good.might b a pink cloud

  389. derek says:

    i have thought about it but im not good with people and social things like that..i can make it the whole day it just sucks obviously..just thinking how much better id feel if i used.welp goin to my girls dance rehearsal sober wow wierd..its gonna be hard not having that calming feeling especially through this ha..thanks

  390. derek says:

    today is day 3,i feel the worst is over but im really really wanting to use,thanks for the support.

    1. Larry C. says:

      yes that’s par for the course. have you thought about hitting an NA meeting to get some support?
      this is 3 days that you don’t have to go through ever again, unless you want to.
      see if you can make it another 5 hours.
      then check back…

  391. derek says:

    this is why i went back to using last time,i can’t sleep.i just want to sleep.

    1. Larry C. says:

      This is why sleep deprivation is used with great success in torture. 🙂
      You will get back to sleep, just keep going you can do it. how many days now?

  392. derek says:

    Funk You RLS!!!!Funk You..time for another movie i guess..

  393. derek says:

    Yeah i been doing that don’t seem to help much at all.Day 2 still clean tho.not gonna lie if i wasn’t broke id’ probably go get some shit but fuck it..little achey still naucious but hanging in there and i do feel better than yesterday.STILL Can feel my joints in my hands and legs fiending for drugs..,really hope that goes away and i can get some descent sleep hoping.last time i attempted getting clean i took subs and had RLS for 6 nights couldn’t take it anymore and ended up coping again..seems a little better for myself going cold turkey..hope it works.

  394. derek says:

    Thanks im tryin but not sleeping/rls blows

    1. Larry C. says:

      get some magnesium and some potassium, if nto eat a bunch of bananas, it will help with the RLS and the diarrhea.


  395. derek says:

    been taking basically lortab 10s or whatever i could get any where from 6 to 10 a day for about 2 years(not as bad when i first started of course)ive tryed to kick it many times but always wanted to go back even tho ive withdrawled many many trying again its day one,feel like shit but im manning up..wondering if it would hurt any to take a methadone?small dose?thankyou,derek

    1. Larry C. says:

      Methadone will prolong your agony, is harder to get off than heroin, and is way worse for your body…Man up and tough it out. 🙂

  396. PatJ says:

    Thanks Larry, I never had anxiety or panic attacks before I became addicted so I’m hoping its just part of my addiction and will clear up in time! God Bless You all and keep taking it 1 day at a time! were getting stronger everyday!!!

  397. PatJ says:

    Larry, I’ve never posted before but I have read each and every post after I stumbled upon your web site looking for answers while on day 3 of a cold turkey Vic, norc, wd… During the 1st week I had all the classic symptoms, diarhea, body aches all over, moodiness, insomnia, chills, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Depression, sneezing, etc. Well I’m currently at day 15 clean of a 2 year habit! I’m feeling better everyday and never want take another white or yellow devil again unless I have major surgery or something. I can’t thank you enough Larry for helping me get through this. You see my problem was a private one and I couldn’t talk with family or friends about it. You and everyone posting are my light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing I was taking during WD was Ammodium AD and a B complex vitamin, I also took a few Xanax for full blown anxiety attack. Still got some depression and anxiety at day 15. Will this go away soon? I know it can linger a bit but I’m not sure how long. My greatest fear in life now is what if these anxiety attacks don’t leave me? I know it may sound irrational but it will subside eventually right???

    1. Larry C. says:

      Pat, while this stuff is usually normal, some people really do have anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t know if you are one of them but yes, they should go away and lessen with time.
      Glad you found the site.

  398. KOLfan says:

    Oh b.t.w. I quit cold turkey. Without any benzos, just lots of vitamins. I didn’t really eat for three days, but made sure to keep myself hydrated..

  399. KOLfan says:

    I would just like to post that after reading everyone’s stories on here, I believe it’s what has gotten me through this hellish time of my life.
    I am a 29 year old stay at home mommy, and have been addicted to vicodin for almost three years. As of 11:00 a.m. today,I am 5 days sober 🙂
    And I don’t know if I’m soome kind of superhuman, or just have tremendous willpower, but now that the withdrawals are over, I have no desire to ever take another pill. And I’m already almost back to feeling 100%.
    So I just wanted to say thank you to each, and every one of you who got me through this. <3

  400. Tyler says:

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to say to Mary- keep it up! It only gets easier. I’m around 5 months clean and at this point I can’t even believe that was me living that life. But if me going thru it and posting about it helped even one person come off, then it was more than worth it. Everyone out there- Stay strong! Every day is a lil better than the last, until you can’t believe that was you. Life is night and day different, you may not realize it while your on them but you certainly will when you come off. People aren’t just being mean when they tell you you’re not the same person anymore, YOU AREN’T! kick the pills and take your life back! I don’t believe much in heaven or hell, but I always tell people pain killers are the devil! Best of luck to everyone, I know you can make it through this:) PS- Larry, as usual you’re the man, keep up the good fight! -Tyler

  401. Help wanted says:

    Thank you for your comment. The doctor is aware of my concerns of addiction and that is why I have refused to go on anything higher than the vicodin or percocet. I am looking into accupuncture and other means. I am between a rock and a hard place because my disease will end up crippling me within a few more years so the doctor is concerned about my health and being as comfortable as possible.

  402. Help wanted says:

    Hi, this is the first time I have ever posted on a board. I am in my 30’s and was diagnosed about 2 years ago with a rapidly increasing arthritic disease. Besides the biological medications my doctor gave me large qty’s of vicodin and percocet, 90 – 120 pills a month for years. Besides the fact that my pain is still insane and these meds don’t do anything, I have decided to get off of them before I am a addict. What can I do that will be the safest? How long does it take for the weight gain to come off??

    1. Larry C. says:

      It sounds like with the statement of being on the pills for years, you are already addicted. I wouldn’t worry about the weight gain right now, just worry about getting off. Have you talked to your doctor about this yet? What did he say?