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Social Distortions Ex Drummer OD’s in Front of Son – WTF?

Ok I am just really bothered by this, and I am sure that if I was high it wouldn’t but since I am not, I am REALLY bothered by this.

Casey Royer, Social D’s ex drummer from back in the day(Royer launched his career in 1979 at age 21), overdosed in front of his son while the two were watching TV. Now I am not clear if he was shooting dope while sitting in front of his son while watching TV or did the dope somewhere else and then came to watch TV, where he then succumbed to the overdose.

So Royer is now in jail with no bail, his son may be taken away from him, and what a great example he just set. If my daughters were taken away from me, the miracles of my life, I would be so heart broken. Not to mention my daughters would be heart broken too to see their dad arrested, taken to jail and then not being returned to me, because of drug addiction.

Hi Son, 12 years old, ran tot he neighbors and called an ambulance and the police. Royer was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors were able to revive him, while cops at the scene found drug paraphernalia, including needles. Soon after being revived Royer was arrested and taken to jail, and faces serious consequences including child endangerment.

All of you still on the pills, trying to survive with children, do them and yourself a favor, and get off. Please?

Casey Royer, Social D's ex drummer OD's

Casey Royer, Social D's ex drummer OD's

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