Pain Killers: Getting off is hard to do...

Addicted to Oxycontin


I find it funny that they call it hillbilly heroin, but it’s a problem in America. I added another sales page for my report here:

I am very happy with the success of this report and how much it’s gotten out there because it means that people are finding their way off of the crap.

I was talking to someone earlier this week, who was having trouble getting off the crap and found my report. She was able to get to a doctor the very next day, and entered the outpatient program and had her Suboxone within 2 hours. She emailed me later that day to tell me how much of a miracle drug it was for her too.

She was in her 2nd-3rd day of withdrawal and right after taking her first dose, the pain was gone, the anxiety and depression was gone, her attitude did a 180 degree turn around. She also said for the first time in several years she felt as if there was hope for her. That she would be able to do this thing called getting clean.She hasn’t taken any pain killers since and is on her way to recovery.

It really makes me happy to hear these things from people who email me. This is what I felt too when I got on the program with Suboxone, I felt like I had hope and was able to get off that shit. Man, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be off of that stuff. It controlled every aspect of my life. It was not cool.

Anyway I am going to go enjoy the rest of the day and take my daughter for a walk to the park and push her in the swings. That was something I couldn’t do before without making sure I had some painkillers with me on the walk. Freedom from active addiction is such a wonderful feeling. 🙂

I hope everyone else has a great day!!!

Larry C.

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  1. dsmith says:

    i got diagnost with early arthithis and they send me naperson, they coulnd do more becuase i dont have insurance,so, like alot of dumb young kids like me,i started bying it “over the fance”and now a year later I DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE, HELP PLEASE

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