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Courtney Love wishes daughter happy birthday on Twitter after losing custody


I breaks my heart to hear this, I mean I guess I should be ok with Courtney Love wishing her daughter happy birthday, but on Twitter? and this because she lost custody of the little girl in 2003, after an accidental overdose. I kills me sometimes to hear these things, families torn apart by drug and opiate addiction. How does this make YOU feel?

“Courtney Love took to Twitter to wish her daughter Frances Bean, a happy birthday.

Love wished her daughter – the day after her daughter turned 18 and inherited her dead rocker dad’s massive fortune.

Bean is her only child with the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

“Happy 18th I got you something so bloody awesome, finally. i love you hard day for me,” the New York Post quoted her as tweeting.

Bean can now gain access to the multi-million dollar trust fund set up for her after her father’s 1994 suicide, reports The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Love, who fronted the rock band Hole, lost custody of her daughter in 2003 after being treated for an accidental overdose.”

If it were me wishing my daughter happy birthday over twitter because I lost custody, I would feel like the biggest loser.

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