Pain Killers: Getting off is hard to do...

How do I get off pain pills at home?


I saw a question from someone in a forum I belong to, asking “how do I get off pain pills at home?”. This is what the outpatient program is all about, doing it at home and not in a long term inpatient treatment facility.

This is why I put this report together for people to be able to get clean at home, and not have to miss work or school. It also saves people the embarrassment of having people find out that you have a drug problem, by being able to treat this at home.

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  1. barbee27 says:

    I’m 27 years old,I been addicted to pain killers for about 3 years. I started out with 1 tab then it just went up to 4-8 a day! Here lately I been doing roxy 30’s and Opanas (half moons) 15mg! It’s getting outta control 35-40$ a pop. The only thing I suffer is the leg syndrome, its crazy & sleepless nights! I really need to stop before it gets to outta control & I have them withdrawal bad! I just wanna be clean & normal again.

  2. TOM T. says:

    I want to try pot. Been on muscle relaxers and 120 mg generic fioricet/cod cap at 120 a month. I have had 4 surgerys on my neck. First one was @ seven years ago. Dr. told me ” thats the hand you have been delt “. I am 55 and know nobody that uses pot. Vodka works but its about to end my 35 year marrige. No medical pot in my state. Please help. Just want to give it a try. Even cookies,candy,or whatever. Never been busted and I am a Navy vet. Thank You ! Hope this works,but im not holding my breath !

    1. Larry C. says:

      You want to try pot for what? Give us a little more info on what you’re going through. If it’s muscle pain I’d suggest the Melissa Supreme and lemon jiuce in water everyday to change the alkalinity of your body. which is what helped my pain go away as well. This book helped me out alot:
      The Ultimate pH Solution

  3. Pat in Florida says:

    This is how i walked off of loratab 10s after 8 years on them from a Harley crash ! Today is one year with no pills ! Every month I would search to find some type of of opaite to help me handle the sleepless nights and witdrawing from the pain killers ! I tried this many times over the years and at last i put my mind to doing it .I had a few friends over dose and die from pills and this helped shock me into doing it! One month a year ago I set the pills out and and took less and less every
    week and stuck to this . Near the end of the month I was out of tabs and I was shocked that I got a nights sleep without being sick ? Wow was this nice at last !Now I handle the pain with no pills and the pain is less and less today after a year.I took the pills to get that buzz that they have ? FORGET THE BUZZ ! Take less and less till you are not sick and can sleep . I got 3 watsons 10 mg at the start per day . I cut down from 3 until I was only doing two. Then from 2 till i was at 1 per day . then down to 7.5 mg and then to 5 mg then none .This took 2-3 months to do but I did it When you get down to 5 mg and you have some as a backup. Try and stop at this point and see what happens ? All of this worked with me and I am glad it did.Don’t think you need the pills ! You don’t .Doctors get paid to hook you on these pain killers from drug co.I have 60 tabs looking at me now and have no desire to use them and i never will . I feel so much better and can think clear now. Good luck

    1. Larry C. says:

      That’s your typical taper schedule Pat, thanks for sharing. why not toss those l;ast 60 down the toilet, unless you plan on using them. A reservation?

  4. Sworth says:

    Seriously larry or whatever b.s. you are….i think your method is crap….why put all this nonsense if you are just gonna tell people to get on soboxone….your plan seems like b.s. and false advertising….especially to me…someone who to 180 mg of oxycodone a day and quit cold turkey

    1. Larry C. says:

      I don’t tell everyone to get on suboxone, I just relate to people my story, they can make up their own mind. I’m glad you were able to qui cold turkey, many people aren’t able to or have to work while they are kicking and need some form of help or support while doing it. Thanks for your honest comments.

  5. ontheedge says:

    Im 38 yrs old been on morphine and norco for 6 yrs now tired of living like this dont do anything anymore sick of lying around making excuses for myself im trying to wing myself off its real hard my worst is the leg pain and shaking i have noticed playing around online checking in on these web sites help a whole deal just knowing their is hope i have two sisters and two brothers that also us its hard to see what this does to your life and love ones around u i always said i need it to feel normal but the truth is i want to stop taking all together to be back to normal just need help with the withdrawls any ideas what is the best way to stop wing off them or cold turkey i hear so many different stories just dont know what to do

  6. marisa says:

    wait i think its the larry recipe not sure?

  7. marisa says:

    I am 35 years old and have been sober for 2 years now, and how stupid am I? I decide to play around with the pills only taking them on the weekend now I am hooked ant on my second day of cold turkey and I am doing this Thomas recipe and so far not so bad wish I would have known about this when I quit before!

  8. justbill says:

    Hello 44 and was taking pain meds for seven years.All started with my first knee replacement.Sence then ive had the other knee replaced.then a hip.started with the 5mg v’s then the 10s.then the percs then the oxycontins.for the last year i was takin 80mg’s the king of all pain came down to stop or die.I had a guy tell me he stopet by smoking pot.So i thought ill try it.well it worket.Wasnt easy buy no means.I dont like the feeling that the weed gave me.youll need to get something for the diarrhea.but what it did for me was let me lay in bed and sleep.and keep me from throwing up every time i drank something.I know its not for everyone but for the 6 weeks i was smoking the week it helpet in a big way.sorry im not much of a typer.good luck all.been there

    1. Larry C. says:

      Thanks for sharing your story Bill…

  9. brenda says:

    My boyfriend and i have been on roxys for about two years now. we are so tired of this life style. we really want to quit but its really hard. we have a child that will soon be two years old and i have to go to work six days a week.. there is no way i can make it to work or even take care of our child without haveing done a pill. is there even really a way to quit without blockers and still be able to function and do everyday things?

    1. Larry C. says:

      unless you do something like suboxone, probably not. But if your only doing the pills, then it should only last about 3-4 days for the worst part.

  10. Dan T. says:

    Also–what do I do after this for the back pain? I see a pm doc but he’s an a**hole. I hope to make my appt. this Friday (day 4) to see a doc who may fix me up with a spinal cord stimulator.
    Thanks again!

    1. Larry C. says:

      There’s an ad in the sidebar for the back pain institute, that’s where I went for my back pain. pain free ever since. click the link and email them and ask them some questions.

  11. Dan T. says:

    I have been on 15 mg. of oxycodone 3 times a day for a year and a half for neck and back injuries. A year and a half ago I walked through a sliding glass door at home alone due to low blood sugar and nearly died. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and while there, and having been knocked out for over a week they started me on this. Then they told me I needed it for the physical therapy I required in the hospital as all of my limbs were unusable. They are now fine–just lots of scars. I have just completed my first 24 hours of cold turkey and using Thomas’ recipe. I know I can do it and thanks to this forum, I have found the support I need. It’s already pretty bad. Can’t sleep and I’m shaking a lot. Did the sneezing and now diarrhea. Any further advice for the days ahead?

  12. chris says:

    I am a father and i’m tryin to get clean. I’m working and taking care of my family and my girlfriend is pregnant. She is encouraging me to get help, but I can’t afford to lose my job or my time with my kids. I want to try to get something like suboxone but does that require rehab???

    1. Larry C. says:

      No Chris it doesn’t require you go to rehad. if you have read over my website it would tell you exactly, that. I do however suggest you download and read my report on suboxne and treatment with Suboxone. It’s only 14.97 and will save you hundreds of dollars in medical expenses and prescriptions.

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