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OxyContin Overdose Kills 13 Year Old Boy in New York


A 13-year-old upstate New York boy has died of an apparent overdose after taking the powerful prescription painkiller Oxycontin. A painkiller that is claiming more and more lives lately.

Police say Matthew J. Kappelmeier was found dead in the backyard of a friend’s house in Nedrow on Sunday, about 5 miles south of Syracuse. The friend called 911, and no foul play is suspected in the teenager’s death.

Sgt. Susan Lockyer says some of the boy’s friends told investigators that he had recently taken Oxycontin, a brand name of the drug also known as Oxycodone, also known as HillBilly Heroin. The powerful narcotic drug is used to treat ongoing moderate to severe pain. Police are trying to determine how the boy obtained the medication.

Kappelmeier was supposed to be entering eighth grade at Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School. Another sad story where prescription pain killers were involved, and most likely could have been avoided.

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  1. lisa homer says:

    hi iam matt kappliemiers closest friend we went to ocs together i lived on 238 west roswell ave and i could not bieleve this would happen to him cuz he was the nicest person ever and it was a sad thing to had happend

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